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Should You Trade Bitcoin Or Just Buy & Hold?

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Grab my free Bitcoin trading course here: http://chrisdunn.com/bitcoin-basics I'm not a financial advisor. Make your own trading and investment decisions! I've recently seen a lot of comments on my videos and some people saying, "Don't trade bitcoin, just buy and hold and you'll get rich." Well, if we look back in hindsight over the past few years it's obvious that if you bought Bitcoin in the $200's and were still holding above $2,000 that would be an incredible return. So yes, the "buy and hope" strategy works well when markets have incredible gains - and bitcoin has been the best performing market on the planet for the past few years. But if we look at the total number of people around the world that own bitcoin (which I have no clue exactly how many people there are), the fact is that only a small percentage of those people bought and held bitcoin from below $200's. There's a large majority of new people that have purchased bitcoin for the first time above $1,000 - that's why the price went from $1k to $3k in just a few weeks. It didn't just magically happen. People had to buy at those levels for the price to go up. And because of human nature, people tend to buy into something when it's hot or popular. That usually means when the price is high. And a very high percentage of those people that buy high end up panic selling when bitcoin's price falls by 50%+. ===== Connect with Chris: Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ChrisDunnTv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisDunnTv Instagram: https://instagram.com/chrisdunntv/ Make sure to subscribe to ChrisDunnTV so you don't miss any of the future videos: https://www.youtube.com/chrisdunntv Check out my personal blog: http://www.chrisdunn.com Learn valuable skills from expert mentors: http://www.skillincubator.com ===== Best Bitcoin charts: http://chrisdunn.com/coinigy Free Bitcoin basics course: http://chrisdunn.com/bitcoin-basics Bitcoin mentoring: http://chrisdunn.com/crypto-mentoring List of cryptocurrencies: http://coinmarketcap.com/ Buy Bitcoin at Coinbase: http://dunn.ly/coinbase-free ===== Disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor, and nothing I say is meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Don't invest money you can't afford to lose. My videos may contain affiliate links to products I believe will add value to your life.
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Chris Dunn (1 year ago)
What's your favorite type of trade setup?
f4t130y123 User (1 month ago)
Can anyone help me out my 4 year old brother is suffering of leukemia😭😭😭and my parents can't afford his treatment please anybody send me some bitcoin to help my brother out,any amount is useful here's my btc address "33zocdgcRH21KT8LYpQRiKg26L7wuZAtHP"
Victor Marquez (2 days ago)
adress, strategy of NOT spending too much cash on the highs, and Dollar cost averaging down, such that you don't have extra cash to purchase at the ATLows. Ugh!
4173 (16 days ago)
amazing video personaly i think dayly trading is better for me but if someone wants to invest in a longterm you need to invest and forget your money becouse if you keep checking dayly and wake up at night in hops that the price will go up you are absolutely doomed because of course if you see more of 50% deecrease you will panic so this is my opinion of course its easy to say if someone is incesting 200$ and someone who is investing 10 000$ but you know this is how the way works prices have ups and downs everytime it's normal
Steve Brule (23 days ago)
Traders are Traitors
Frank (25 days ago)
You mean hodl right? Not hold?
We3K1ngs (1 month ago)
Thanks Chris your opinions and knowledge if appreciated.
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello We3k1ngs do you trade?
Garry Chua Cj (1 month ago)
Don't buy and hold Bitcoin ever!
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Garry, do you trade?
Garry Chua Cj (1 month ago)
Don't buy and hold Bitcoin ever!
Ben Philias (2 months ago)
Wow! The best performing market! Great video. Thank you!
Unifii Crypto World (2 months ago)
I trade btc with signals which buy from a company and result is satisfactory.
Michael Mwakazi (3 months ago)
Great video
John Homles (3 months ago)
Buy and sell bitcoins in your local currency, securely and fast at Cryptoexmart. You get paid instant when you sell and charge very low fees.
Fabrice Manzo (3 months ago)
if we HODL email in the '90, instead using it. internet wouldn't be that great now. so USE it! we need mass adoption
Jacob Broughton (4 months ago)
Great overview man! Love your videos. I'm intrigued to know where we are in the market cycle currently. Hey man think you could take a look at a couple projects, maybe on video? Fr8 Network and Muirfield IP. They look wildly interesting and i'm sure you'd take interest to them as well!
Joseph Todd (4 months ago)
To trade these tokens I chose HITBTC exchange, they are the first to list new projects and are always ahead of their competitors.
stocklock (4 months ago)
All you need is one good strategy
antextra300 (5 months ago)
this video is more informative now, than it was when posted, history has repeated itself. I could have sworn the chart in the beginning was $4k to $20k, then he said "high of $3k" and I about shit myself, It looks exactly like today's chart. What would the price have to do in order to make the last run to $20k look like a little blip, like $1k to $3k looks now??? $100k??? market cap and adoption is still very early and low, the last rise to $20k will be a little speed bump in a year from now. Buckle UP Buttercup!! :-) Thanks Chris Dunn, great video as always! Can't wait till I can afford skill incubator, to better my skills!
Dat B Da me (6 months ago)
So Question if I let my Bitcoins sit in my wallet will it Gain interest and if not how do I adjust invest that way without trading and selling?
frizzy payan (3 months ago)
Watching this video reminds me of how pretty much i earned so much after i met Mr Duncan and invested with him with his advice's and tutorials i was able to raise $14,800 with $700 just in 2 weeks, so amazing. Mr Duncan Thank you feel free to become a success email contact {[email protected]}..thank me later
Black Tiger (6 months ago)
No you let sit on wallet ,it should make gains or loses..
Tiffany Bursley (6 months ago)
I like gig9 team. Researched through their linkedinprofiles . quite impressed with the team and whitepaper
Psaikodelik (6 months ago)
You say shorting, but don't explain what it is and how to do it. You say scalping and swing trading but don't explain how to do it...
Dave the Wave (6 months ago)
The problem of looking at a linear chart....
F M (6 months ago)
CryptoScam will survive till the last idiot will lose everything.
Dimissimo (6 months ago)
Thank you Chris
Andy M (7 months ago)
As soon as traders and wall street got involved in Bitcoin the whole deal went to shit with the same ole controllers moving the numbers with large blocks of ownership. The ONLY way to keep this from happening is to buy and HOLD bitcoin. If no one sells these people do not profit and they will go away. If your a dumb ass they will hang around and take your money.
88Kasher (7 months ago)
In my opinion BTC utility is to trade with Altcoin that are emergent like XVG and wait some months holding them. Then trade back to BTC while we have a gain
Genji Mccorkle (7 months ago)
BOTH Have an account to trade and another for investing. If you are going to HODL you need to believe in what you are buying and believe it will go up with the money you are ready to lose or else you are simply going to just panic sell.
Talia Vo (8 months ago)
I'm not quite sure about buying bitcoin and holding it, but in other investing crypto games, like CryptoCelebrities, not trying to hold the smart contract of the celebs is the way to make money and profits.
Terlanjur Tampan (8 months ago)
i hodl my bitcoin , but day trading to increase the satoshi , smart enough
Jack Daniel Vithal (8 months ago)
Excellent shrink analysis total expert.
Supaket (8 months ago)
GREAT GREAT VIDEO..LOVE THE OBITUARIES LOL and the excellent heads up thank you for a great video chris
Gale Robinsons (8 months ago)
Very great information and explanation. Keep up the great vids!
rafmann (8 months ago)
Haha, watching this video now, that spike of Jun 2107 is just a tiny bump on the grander scale
monstersince (8 months ago)
i punted £10.000 i didnt need into crypto currency years ago to see what happened. i treat the millions i have now as real/fantasy. i dont realise it as i dont need it
monstersince (8 months ago)
bitcoin was introduced as a non governmental controlled currency i am a multi millionaire from investing in its conception not selling holds its value. the dollar is worthless as it has no backing. trade is faith
ِAhmed Atia (8 months ago)
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adams chloe (8 months ago)
i want to sell my btc
The 22 (8 months ago)
Trading all my bitcoin to alts
jayson mariano (8 months ago)
What website do you use to short bitcoin?
Jason Morgan (9 months ago)
Great information. Thanks
Hill Charles (9 months ago)
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jake horvath (9 months ago)
Ok so I am looking to day trade alt coins and invest in bitcoin longterm. Where do I start? (especially with the alt coin trading)
cathyangd (9 months ago)
Do a new video about what’s going on with bitcoin!! :/
Bitcoin Broker (9 months ago)
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Serger Goedhart (9 months ago)
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Lexa Terrestrial (9 months ago)
one of the best bitcoin videos i've come across. I just started up in the last month. I am soaking in as much as i can. I thought to myself it was too late. But i am in this for the long haul and am doing micro increments
Jagan Sree (9 months ago)
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Aus Digital Media (9 months ago)
Chris just tell when to buy and when to sell, charge us a BTC fee. I’d be happy to give you a go
Nugroho Nugrif (9 months ago)
I stumbled upon Rob right after my Crypto Mid-Life Crisis! Good Stuff. First channel that helped me understand to keep my emotions in check while trading. I'm trying to focus on enjoying the journey through the Rabbit Hole instead of whining about missed opportunities. For me, 2018 is about being grateful for living in a time of such. Thanks also to him [email protected] .com for his BTC trading strategy, It's the most accurate stuff I've seen
Fake Cheater (9 months ago)
really nice trading idea, i wish i would have seen it before fews day then i could have been save my $500. i bought on lowest and sold on top , 2 times.
Kostadin Andonov (9 months ago)
Why not buying every month.
Anson Grehams (9 months ago)
Junk Rally? for the first time ever, the micro cap crypto currencies ( non-top 10) breach 15% of overall market cap. For everyone trading with Rob beyer's strategy ( [email protected] com) , Keep chasing out . For me I'll just shy off with my $1800+ profits just for today.
aris080484 (9 months ago)
I will buy and hold 50 years
Isaac Kendall (9 months ago)
aris080484, have you bought now??
Skifty Kitty (9 months ago)
Omg u sound a lot like keemstar im sorry 😂😂
magnumhoff (9 months ago)
What app or website is being used in this vid?
Kuroosh Surkheh (9 months ago)
If anyone buy it for short terms I promise he or she will lose all the money he invested
INDIAN STOUT (9 months ago)
Rising Cryptocurrency All cryptocurrency users are welcomed. https://t.me/risingcryptocurrency
dan connor (9 months ago)
BTC will be around 120,000 USD by the end of 2021... so, one might recommend purchasing and holding.
yourpersonalgrowth (9 months ago)
Great video.
Emma Richter (9 months ago)
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Al-Jamal MobiTech (9 months ago)
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Andrew Smyth (9 months ago)
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Gary Lewis (9 months ago)
If I'm down 80% on something I've been holding long term, there's no point selling it for that 20% back.. just assume it's a loss and hold it just incase. If you sell it that low, you lock in that loss.
Deborah Haley (9 months ago)
Ty, awesomeness
Ulu Ulug (9 months ago)
By December 20, 2017 , in 1 second, 3 or 5 Bitcoin transactions are processed (confirmed) whereas 1000 transactions are processed with Visa card in a second. If people start to use Bitcoin as they claimed to buy daily commodities, coffe, cars and houses then it would take weeks if not months to confirm each Bitcoin transaction which would be inconsiviable and stupid. Even now, for 4 days my $1400.00 Bitcoin transaction is not confirmed on Blockchain wallet!!! Already by December 18, 2017 there is an unbearable congestion!!! Hence miner transaction fees increased to stupid numbers. Blockchain wallet asked me to pay $67.00 fee for a $120.00 Bitcoin transaction !! Buyers started to dump impractical Bitcoin now!! Hence it's marketcap fell down to %47 than %54. Bitcoin's extremely slow blockchain has no place in the future! This is the reality which should be addressed!! I have replaced all of my Bitcoins with Bitcoin cash.
Emma Richter (9 months ago)
Bitcoin cash is the best way for you... do you have a broker ?
Jack King (9 months ago)
Hey Chris what's the best trading platform to use in trading and buying cryptocurrency
Jack King (9 months ago)
Isaac Kendall I haven't used any trading platform and also there's been rumors of banks stopping the charges when people try to cash their coins
Isaac Kendall (9 months ago)
Jack King, have you found a new trading platform now??
Zinzi Period (9 months ago)
ChinaCache International Holdings (CCIH) is up 120% today.. bought in at $1 and riding the wave. Per my research, still a lot of climbing to go!! Thanks for the hints and tips I applied from this video!
Steven LeBlanc (9 months ago)
Completely free Bitcoin, you'll never be asked for a penny, from a trusted source that has been in business since 2013. https://freebitco.in/?r=9287641
Redox (9 months ago)
i bought bitcoin, put it in a wallet, deleted all my passwords and private keys so i cant panic and sell the bitcoins. one day when it is high i will then sell
Norberto Gonzalez (9 months ago)
Can you lose money by holding bitcoin or investing?
Norberto Gonzalez (9 months ago)
Like be in debt
atl beatz (9 months ago)
what is that program. i wanna buy and hold bitcoins
Isaac Kendall (9 months ago)
Leo, how are you?? Happy new year. Have you bought now??
David sunil Kumar (10 months ago)
best btc trade https://yobit.io/?bonus=vWupQ
Awesome Steve Private (10 months ago)
not enough volatility.. what about margin trading using leverage? would u not do that?
izzzzzz6 (10 months ago)
Amazingly and luckily for me it is still climbing for me. I bought it the other day and it's 8% up for me right now. My theory is that it is only just going viral now. Otherwise it would have dropped already. We know that BTC holders cashed in large amounts of BTC to invest in the exploding cryptos. If they did this it would have dropped off. So that means that it is the new investors who are stabilising  BTC. The newbies who don't know much about the game but they know the name. Interesting times. Could the banks collapse if enough people withdraw funds at the same time. With this and christmas at the same time the banks will be struggling to find finds. I'm guessing they will go overdrawn themselves. They might even have to borrow money from Cryptos if it gets even more viral.
amina oum (10 months ago)
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Alfia lestari Syahfira (10 months ago)
Halloo guys,,, the most convenient and profitable trading place https://coinut.com/?r=t4u trus me..
Pipe Inc (10 months ago)
So it's basically like investing investing ..just wait and you shall prosper (hopefully)
jeff mays (10 months ago)
Simple answer: if it loses 50% you don't sell, you buy buy buy buy.. Sell on a low? Do people actually do that? HAHA!
juan duran (10 months ago)
Why do BTC, ETH, LTC exchanges on Coinbase have different buy and sell prices then what shows even before they add fees on top?
Wally J (10 months ago)
what is the point of selling at a 90% loss? you've already lost basically everything, may as well hold onto it and see what happens?
Johnny D (10 months ago)
good stuff man
musmos busabos (10 months ago)
Hold. I buy and trade only to increase my bitcoin then hold. Aint losing much anyway i bought my btc when it was $22 😁
lee penkman (10 months ago)
Awesome video, definitely corresponding to hype and interest and good to see your charts/google trends Checkout the live prediction charts at https://bitbank.nz tutorial here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9httSKXpT1w Let me know if youd be keen to do a review! id be happy to talk profit sharing and we have a referral program where anyone can earn .003 BTC per paying user :)
Pete F (10 months ago)
Sayidomar Mahmud (10 months ago)
It is $17k now 🔥
Dark Rogue Wolf (10 months ago)
17000$ today
erick ramos (10 months ago)
what program are you using in the video? is it a free software?
Obedience to flow (10 months ago)
Aquire one bitcoin. Google why bitcoin is better than gold, Youtube the History of Money. You sell. I buy. You buy, I buy. Get one bitcoin, once adopted, you’ll be in the 1%, but “ don’t dance” movie The Big Short!!!!
Crypto Nation Bitcoin (10 months ago)
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Stefan Prace (10 months ago)
SRV. 123 (10 months ago)
I like your work. However you were wrong to say people lost 50% of their investments. You were talking about those who got in low. Actually those investors lost 50% of their gains. You should know better. If not then you are just learning yourself. Nothing wrong with that. Try to be a bit more clear and you will do better.
Titanbrah Cunt (10 months ago)
Lost shitton of money today even though I bought the perfect DIPS
Gopikrishnan Venkatesan (10 months ago)
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init4dawin (10 months ago)
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bnmawaty (10 months ago)
Hey Chris and everyone else, is it safe to hold, and buy Bitcoin on Blockchain? I would appreciate some help, thanks!
javierg602 (10 months ago)
Great video
Daniel Owen (10 months ago)
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ITotallyMadeThis (10 months ago)
Very helpful! What are your thoughts on todays market? Can you make a video on that?
OrchidLab Investments (10 months ago)
Hey chris. Which platform are you using for technical analysis?
Don Pietro (10 months ago)
Now we are at 13000USD ;)
Tristan Evans (10 months ago)
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