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The Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency According To "Experts"

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Text Comments (119)
Alex P (2 months ago)
Robert Harris (3 months ago)
I swear they said it was the best time 2 months ago. 😂 Experts suck. Just buy the dips and HODL 🤑
Bart Rosol (3 months ago)
I give him 4 months before he quits. You can tell his attitude towards crypto is starting to diminish. I don't see crypto market increasing in the short term. I don't believe he'll keep making these videos soon.
Thomas Scott (3 months ago)
Vio Dea (3 months ago)
Be carefull friends in this bear market; because trading sharks are being fed with your hope and dreams of a better life!
John Pesente (3 months ago)
down 600$ in the last 10 minutes , this is so manipulated so we give in and the big money comes in , I got buys at 50$ for ltc and 5588 btc
Chandan Singh (3 months ago)
viewer chandan kumar Singh village-bhojpur city-deoghar state-jharkhand India pin 814152
Simple Tricks & Hacks (3 months ago)
*Best time to buy ALQO is now! super undervalued!*
Ten Four (3 months ago)
best time to buy is at the ATH
T Dub (3 months ago)
I was just thinking, if everyone set there Browsers Start-Up window to open up at the result of searching for "Bitcoin" , then the number of Bitcoin searches will go up tremendously, in turn causing the price to move up some?? Just a thought!
Travis Schaefer (3 months ago)
#475 like, thank you for being the crypto news station!
Facts4Fun (3 months ago)
Bitcoin will reach 30k in december! buy now!!
Pep Pep (3 months ago)
FYI - many libraries, especially University libraries, will have access to the research papers via databases like EBSCO for free.
Danish Haider (3 months ago)
It may be the case... But closer we are the more riskier it become. One might lose the bote. It takes only a day for these market to shoot
Monkey Tron (3 months ago)
Google trends are NOT an indicator, they react after the move has already happened. Just learn TA.
Anto Yau (3 months ago)
Bought 100 odd omg, 300 odd xrp and 4000 odd fun yesterday while it was super low . Any news from cliff high? Don't seem to hear much from him these days? Great video as always!
Arn zar (3 months ago)
Here's our two cents and our credentials to back them up... but we aren't giving advice or anything.
Jeff N Connie Davis (3 months ago)
Now's the Time to quit scratching your balls and grab them.
Josep Maria Vila (3 months ago)
If you study at some university you can get the paper. I put the email that I have at the University and they sent the paper to me for free.
keyboards ss (3 months ago)
Falk Mattern (3 months ago)
there was a time where WARREN BUFFET experienced a COCACOLA stock crash and he said that he just went out on the street to see if people still drink COKE.And they did so went on and bought more stocks from COCACOLA...i ask you guys where do people use NEO or anything like it? not saying crypto is dead but there is no real value behind any token that did not got mined.at least for now...so prices can fall further
OWEN (3 months ago)
Great video, thanks for doing this for us. Have you heard about the alternative swift? The financial system on the blockchain. Feniks finance.
Joe Andujar (3 months ago)
Lol scammy,bot comments
DYLAN 22 (3 months ago)
Hi guys, I generally think this is the best project of the year! I'm guessing that feniks finance has all the chances to overtake bitcoin in market capitalization.
ADAM (3 months ago)
I heard that banks are already interested in the project! Bankers have been talking about this for a long time. I think there will be partnerships.
Richard E (3 months ago)
Balina not only told about feniks, feniks first place on pitch! There were many interesting projects, but in feniks the best of them.
LUCAS Brooks (3 months ago)
feniks is very promising, even Ian Balina spoke about it.!
Just Another Minority (3 months ago)
Break out your grandma's credit card fellas
tigerpark135 (3 months ago)
NO WAY this will work. Just a couple whales could come in an destroy this model in seconds!. Thanks for the vid though.
Henry Goh (3 months ago)
Please tell us when to sell crypto
Roland Senn (3 months ago)
thanks for this News.
Jo Smith (3 months ago)
I usdt at .32-.33 now I'm down a couple $ , should I just take the lost and buy back in or wait it out? Thoughts anyone?
Cj James (3 months ago)
lol i made a post it on my pc on krypto to buy like I'm going to the grocery store
Ash Jones (3 months ago)
If the "Experts" say it then it's not the best time
CRYPTO 420 (3 months ago)
No one talks bout GOLEM
Trancender (3 months ago)
Most of the comments say this is a "bad time" !! Did someone hear of "Contrarian View / Approach" ?!?!?!?!
R C (3 months ago)
Buy everything now!
SincerelyWilliam (3 months ago)
Everybody chill: we're all going to be rich as fuck soon, and laugh at the craziness that was 2018.
Jeff Rome (3 months ago)
Go big or go home at these prices
Jeff Rome (3 months ago)
+Not Me not me. 😁👍🏻
Not Me (3 months ago)
Jeff Rome Go big or go homeless 😂
jay pal (3 months ago)
The best time to lose money.
Walalal Hahaha (3 months ago)
jay pal lol
Donill Trumm (3 months ago)
Jason (3 months ago)
Great information as usual...thx MI
Adept Of Truth (3 months ago)
BTC will first drop to $5500 before it breaks out in September. Wait until then to buy!!
Adept Of Truth (3 months ago)
Danish Haider: we have not reached the bottom keep watching.
Danish Haider (3 months ago)
I don't think so....
Kudos2Kawaii (3 months ago)
Source? I believe this too but I’m just guessing
Mouss Mouss (3 months ago)
Bro are you still standing behind your statement about xrp reaching 5dollar end of 2018
petrzalkai (3 months ago)
Mouss Mouss i am standing behind my 5cent prediction
Mouss Mouss (3 months ago)
Bought some bitcoins and xrp yesterday at .322
Crypto Sigma (3 months ago)
Be greedy when everyone is fearful! Hodl on, crypto fam!
Working Money Channel (3 months ago)
"Expert" in quotes is classic. Lol!
T F (3 months ago)
SincerelyWilliam (3 months ago)
haha, i thought i was the only one to catch that lol
Tim Koss (3 months ago)
Thank you
cefrio (3 months ago)
Thats it i'm banning myself from looking at my blockfolio for 2 weeks! Coinmarketcap also! Who's with me?
Liquid Nitrogen (3 months ago)
What about SALT crypto
cefrio (3 months ago)
Liquid Nitrogen check his previous vid..
J K (3 months ago)
Well I've been buying for the last 7 months - no money left. Anyway we'll go lower - every time you think we can't possibly go lower, guess what...we go lower
knots2kurlsgirl (3 months ago)
J K absolutely
J K (3 months ago)
Think things will pickup eventually, but looking at next year now, 2018 is a write off
knots2kurlsgirl (3 months ago)
I'm with you J K...I entered December 2017 and have lost about 65% of my portfolio...so afraid as we continue to bottom, my portfolio will devalue to zero. Crypto is NO JOKE!! I believe ALTS will be destroyed & BTC to $3k. It sucks when you don't know how to day/swing trade or know how to protect yourself in this market. I've invested in pretty good coins (mostly top 30), and I've HODLed and still losing. I'm not investing another cent into this market. Some coins that I have I've already bought significant amounts.
David Castro López (3 months ago)
based on my research!!!! (listening moder investor among other), i've loaded my portafolio heavily with more coins! thanks Modern investor for your good content and your time!!!! see you on the moon
justin wang (3 months ago)
When they tell you to buy... you wait
Pep Pep (3 months ago)
So you're saying I should buy now, because you're a regular dude and a lot of regular dudes agree with you?
Keemstar Love 420 (3 months ago)
No this is the worst time to buy.
AllEyezOnMe AA (3 months ago)
Keemstar Love 420 delusional
Keemstar Love 420 (3 months ago)
mike james the crypto tried to go back up twice and failed. Now it's having a insane crash. Crypto needs to stabilize,
mike james (3 months ago)
Keemstar Love 420 ???????
Brent (3 months ago)
best time to never buy is always
ryan (3 months ago)
crypto is on sale!
martin savage (3 months ago)
The best time to buy cryptos is when you have the money.
martin savage (3 months ago)
The best time to buy cryptos is when you have the money.
Simple Tricks & Hacks (3 months ago)
lol indeed, I'm out of cash because I'm fully invested into ALQO coin, super great time to buy now very under valued.
jeffrey exposito (3 months ago)
SEC insider says 99% chance of CBOE approval. It is looking very good. Hang on guys.
jeffrey exposito (3 months ago)
stephandoan You are an idiot banker troll. Go back to your cave.
edwin c (3 months ago)
It will happen! Canada is looking to do their own ETF..and it will pass soon.. USA will not let Canada do the ETF before they do.. or at least I hope they are not that retarded to let other countries beat them to the punch!
stephandoan (3 months ago)
No. The SEc told me 2020. 😂
justin wang (3 months ago)
... fud
jeffrey exposito (3 months ago)
stephandoan No. The latest is March 2019.
Sonic (3 months ago)
Ripple cripple di ripple di dooooooo
Mark Oliver Badelles (3 months ago)
when do you think were going to know sec btc etf approval?
lindsay lu (3 months ago)
Focus on bakkt
jeffrey exposito (3 months ago)
Mark Oliver Badelles An insider who correctly predicted the delay from the SEC is now saying based on his information he is 99% sure the CBOE etf will be approved.
Daily Crypto News (3 months ago)
Not even gonna lie when i see red im calm, When i see green i panic.. either im broken or im lost lol !
Daily Crypto News (2 months ago)
Woah chillix man im not spamming anything
Mkultra90 K (3 months ago)
Barsick don't be mad cuz you bought at all time highs no one put a gun to your head force you to do it you did it with your own will
Barsick (3 months ago)
stop spamming your stupid comment
Handelaar (3 months ago)
Nikolas X (3 months ago)
ADA isn’t dead. Cardano is a great project and its here for the long haul. Bought more at 11cents. Not sure about EOS, not a fan. If you are, great, go for it. NEO isn’t dead either. The whole market is down. Bitching and complaining will not make your project survive.
young Crypto (3 months ago)
I buy btc now i will look later
Vasileios Kozakidis (3 months ago)
You soar!
Anthony Cannella (3 months ago)
I’m nervous when these type of recommendations come out. Bc typically they are used to fill short orders. Hope not though!!
tigerpark135 (3 months ago)
There is no way I am going to HODL if the market goes parabolic again like it did last December. I will most def. take some profits next time.
Rfdusty (3 months ago)
Buy little by little (DCA), that way you don't lost if price goes lower. Good luck!
whatever_it_takes (3 months ago)
I listened to your earlier show today.
Telmo John (3 months ago)
We shall see...
Mark jackson (3 months ago)
crypto is unpredictable
D Based (3 months ago)
Even though it's obvious it has to be stated. Especailly for those that stare at charts and make they're moves based on some triangles they draw up
stephandoan (3 months ago)
You’re so SMART!!! Wow

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