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TOP UPCOMING ICOS IN 2018 Top upcoming icos in 2018. In this video I bring you my top ICOs coming up In late January/ early February. Also I bring a few things to your attention and talk about binance. INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/cryptoellis My steemit page https://steemit.com/@cryptojack94 My dtube videos https://dtube.video/#!/c/cryptojack94 My investfeed page https://www.investfeed.com/CryptoEllis My twitter https://twitter.com/JackEllis2345 #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #binance #bittrex #coinbase #gdax #kucoin #substratum #litecoin #investing #blockchain #ico #thekey #wepower #gonetwork
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Richelle Adams (20 days ago)
How about Plentix?Pre-sale opens soon
Eze Emmanuel (3 months ago)
Yeah I also think Asura Coin will do great The tokensale is in 5days June 2. Its The World's First Self-Sustainable eSports Platform Powered by NEO.
barnet kattel (7 months ago)
amazing videos! - Question: I just find out new ico runecoin and I wanna invest 1-3k can you please review and tell me if its worth. Would love to follow you on that.
gary chua (7 months ago)
LOL, all these hyped coin. Restart Energy Democracy is much better than WEPOWER.
Van Elisabet (7 months ago)
G H (8 months ago)
We power is a Waste of time compared to Power Ledger
WePower Network (7 months ago)
WePower is very different from Power Ledger, especially in the implementation part. For more differences, please refer to the Medium post. We want to enable investment and trade in renewable energy, and when volumes of energy are there than support P2P trades so no dirt energy is needed to be involved. Going directly to P2P will not work to the full potential if renewable energy volumes are low. In addition, WePower has easier access to larger energy markets than is the case for Australia’s Power Ledger, a key point relative to future growth potential. The White Paper of PowerLedger, point 1.4 clearly states that it is: a trading platform that allows monetizing excess supply by selling it. From a European perspective, most countries allow selling energy surplus to the grid already. Our intention is to solve other problems that exist. We invite you to watch these 2 videos and check the article: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82IKRvN_1lk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4S_nv1or1U - https://medium.com/wepower/wepowers-position-in-the-new-energy-landscape-e1da5aa5439a
dbcrypto (8 months ago)
Why's that?
G H (8 months ago)
U talk so much kak
G H (8 months ago)
G H (8 months ago)
me2018 (8 months ago)
whichone u will choose bee or wepower?I like them both and cant make decision and choose one of those..can u help me?
Roman Mikaelian (8 months ago)
None of those ICOs are accessible to the U.S. residents.
Rey Rosario (8 months ago)
You should check TRAVELER FLEX
Jack (8 months ago)
Interesting analysis on why you chose these ICO's, but in my opinion this is still a big risk because they could be a scam just like many other ICO's. I would rather invest my money into something that already exists and has a working product, for example in the privacy niche we have Monero and the upcoming DeepOnion. I would rather put my money in this kind of coins than in something I have no control over!
WePower Network (7 months ago)
You can ask us and/or familiarise yourself with information provided on our web http://www.wepower.network also we have some pretty cool articles here https://medium.com/wepower For the full scope who we are you can take a look at our Twitter or any other social media channel listed on our web.
Joe smith (8 months ago)
You have GOT to do a review of titanium ico as well the partnership between titanium and electroneum!!! This is going to be massive!!
Kenneth Watson (8 months ago)
KuCoin SLAYS Binance. Pays fee bonuses IN THE COINS TRADED! Get into EVERY coin they list, as they list them in proportion to their volume. It's crazy! If you sign up, use my code which enriches me a tiny bit and costs you nothing. Enter code 13uhu
dbcrypto (8 months ago)
How does Kucoin slay Binance?
Richard Forero (8 months ago)
bolt the doors, the noobs are coming!!
The Black Amour Magazine (8 months ago)
the yoyoyo is not necessary for a crypto channel, yo yo yo is for gamers and vloggers, crypto channels are for grown up investors
ALTCOIN ADDICT (7 months ago)
It's his choice mate
stilkus (8 months ago)
Please do your Due-Diligence for GONETWORK !! I was whitelisted till I found out their scan so I am not investing. https://github.com/ico-check/ico-check/issues/12
rockanore g (8 months ago)
Ellis! You will make some $$$$ with these i think. Please could you take some time to look at ITC CHAIN, it looks huge and I would appreciate your knowledge and thoughts , it really does look like a sleeping giant! Keep it up!
Roeuge (8 months ago)
Thanks for the vid. Could you check out obsidian (ODN)? I feel its one of the most undervalued coin for Q1. Would be great to hear your thoughts. Cheers, Leon.
Matjaž Plausteiner (8 months ago)
Definitely one of the best crypto related YT channels...KEEP UP WITH THE GREAT WORK!!!
Jack Sparrow (8 months ago)
Hey Thanks for the info! I can not enter THEKEY website. any ideas why or how? thanks
Bene88 (8 months ago)
Hey thanks for cool Video! What does it mean to get Whitelisted could you give me an example how to get whitelisted for Gonetwork`?
millyionnnn (8 months ago)
Enjoy the cruise!!

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