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DASH in a Nutshell

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As the DASH conference right around the corner, I'm releasing an express summary of what the key features of DASH, including master nodes, bnstantsend, privatesend, dash evolution and more! ♨️Social: http://boxmining.com Steemit: https://steemit.com/@boxmining Twitter: https://twitter.com/boxmining Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boxmining 🤑 Buy Bitcoin: https://www.coinbase.com/join/590c3a1c8bfa31012ffacf87 💰 Secure your Crypto with Hardware Wallets: Ledger: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/428b Trezor: https://trezor.io/?a=6xd5fhdqqjng 💪Donations: Bitcoin : 13EvsPm3YhiCPGksQQdvQUFtsbF8FoU6Cz NEO: AHMMavFxwPA1jPB3HiF5Hq8JxeJ2soWvDW Ethereum: https://etherscan.io/address/0x58d98516363D2A5f93CE6aB4A4a909599C3EEC3a DASH: XcAREQEEunvv6rJza9LKDzdyjZ1BwBN2iK Litecoin: LXeXUr2Hr3ePgHb9aDjr4QdqA4DPXoTarU NEM: ND6WRNN2W2AZLON65EGI3Y46M4TWP3HNKSB4BGW2 Decred: DsgsSqYF2oSZ5MJeoqiEMyeJdWhdvWk8A4s 👩🏻‍🚀 Save on Amazon with Purse.io https://purse.io/?_r=Fxj40g 💱Software Wallet: Windows/Mac/linux: http://exodus.io
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Text Comments (130)
Boxmining (11 months ago)
Keep your Crypto Safe - Ledger Nano S: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/428b Ledger supports DASH too!
Silver Warrior (11 months ago)
The Ledger Nano Sucks. I already have a few BTC,BCH,LTC and ETH on mine and it wont let me load DASH because it says there isnt enough space and tells me to delete some apps to make room??? Are you kidding me? How small are these things???
Cipher Oceanus (1 month ago)
Why not just use US dollars 💵 why use this!
M S (1 month ago)
Mohomed Dain (4 months ago)
Dash dash dash who hold get rich...
weeds sativa (4 months ago)
give me some dash:Xqy9S1ZJ1WQ4PBVVyQtVNbJGMQ8ipXfRDw
RONALD PETERSON (6 months ago)
Quero participar dessa empresa de DARKCOIN oque tenho que fazer ? me chama no whatssap +5531994918516 eu pretendo fazer palestras e implantar no Brasil...
RONALD PETERSON (6 months ago)
Quero participar dessa empresa de DARKCOIN oque tenho que fazer ? me chama no whatssap +5531994918516 eu pretendo fazer palestras e implantar no Brasil...
RONALD PETERSON (6 months ago)
Quero participar dessa empresa de DARKCOIN oque tenho que fazer ? me chama no whatssap +5531994918516 eu pretendo fazer palestras e implantar no Brasil...
AVLRECORDS (7 months ago)
the masternode scammers :)
RabDaBruce (7 months ago)
Why does no one talk about dash anymore?
Qsi Consulting (7 months ago)
What I'm finding is that you give good evaluations from the abstracts of the white papers but I don't think that you truly grasp the purpose of decentralization and its application. - appears to me to be a scam because when I go back and look at the history it is way too shady how the initially went to cloud mining with a bug in it that allowed them to Create Over 2 million coins
Qsi Consulting (7 months ago)
You need to learn about the history And how this crypto was developed early on and how the shady founders basically turn this into a scam. I still don't understand how you think that this is a good thing by having something that appears and actually is centralized it is not decentralized with master notes there is absolutely no need to have master nodes
Alan Lanzoni (7 months ago)
Snayzix (8 months ago)
Jesus china microphone are trash ....
JTA (9 months ago)
danielzopola (9 months ago)
You should post correction around 1:20 mark. 1000 Dash cannot be revoked. As long as the owner of these coins possesses private keys, he/she have control over these coins.
João Vieira (10 months ago)
Hey boxmining, what do you mean with the word NUTSHELL thank you
Robert Olson (10 months ago)
The main problem with Dash is that ONE individual owns 11% of the coins!
Shane Singleton (11 months ago)
The dash difficulty has gone through the roof recently. 3 months into a tiny Dash contract on Genesis and it's paying less than 10% what it did back in July.
Shane Singleton (11 months ago)
True but that doesn't decrease the difficulty. Just means you have to keep buying more hashpower. And the dash difficulty is going up so fast it'd be a toxic investment to do so with cloud mining. Interestingly that Dash contract was based on your recommendation and using your code and was my first cloud mining purchase.
Boxmining (11 months ago)
bitmain's next generation hardware is out. the d3 miners. came out of nowhere.
KK (11 months ago)
#chaincoin masternode get one before its too late
Gene Everett (11 months ago)
Dash is not a crypto currency, it's a centralized token company
Gene Everett (11 months ago)
Dash is something I hold, but anyone wondering it is not decentralized
Tuong Le (11 months ago)
DASH in a nutshell: SCAM stay away ppl
Doeke Koedijk (2 months ago)
NONSENSE! https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OC/pages/19759164/Dash+Instamine+Issue+Clarification
Glenn Lassen (4 months ago)
Antti Kaikkonen (11 months ago)
1000 dash masternode collateral can't be removed by the network if a masternode doesn't function properly. You also missed the 0.01 privatesend denomination.
dRichardK (11 months ago)
So what is this https://github.com/dashpay/dash/blob/master/src/spork.cpp#L76
Crypto Wealth (11 months ago)
Love your info on Dash. Great education, I didn't really understand the masternode situation. I appreciate the explanation!
Crypto Wealth (11 months ago)
I meant I didn't understand it prior to your video.
Boxmining (11 months ago)
thanks will try to explain better!
Noise Sauce (11 months ago)
On bitcoin cash and why not just go for Dash? Couldn't agree more - I guess it's only the name.
ikeo net1 (11 months ago)
Good overview.. Thanks for sharing...
syang yang (11 months ago)
Great job.
Alex Morgan (11 months ago)
I love dash. It is so fast and the governance makes a lot of sense.
CryptoKnight10 (11 months ago)
Boxmining you must be a really BIG bag holder of DASH because your ass pushing it like theres no tomorrow, your credibility is out the window man.
Glenn Lassen (4 months ago)
Obviously you're a Dash hater, so your credibility is out the window. Shame on you
Boxmining (11 months ago)
ironically no, I think i got a lot of people who were critical about this video and I recognise that. I've been supporting DASH for a long long time and I will try to form a more balanced opinion!
R P (11 months ago)
Glenn Lassen (4 months ago)
Hater comments like your's tragically scares the community from giving honest personal opinions. Shame.
Boxmining (11 months ago)
Feedback acknowledge. I've been a dash supporter for a long time and I'm glad you pointed it out.
Gene Everett (11 months ago)
This looks pretty Dash sponsored honestly. Are u selling out on us boxmining? I've been a fan for a while I mean no disrespect! We would like to know if Dash is paying u though
excusesbegone (9 months ago)
Gene Everett ....
Gene Everett (11 months ago)
If you are on a trip paid for by then it's still important to mention. I'm just letting you know how it looks to many. I respect the heck outta you and I mean no disrespect
Boxmining (11 months ago)
dash sponsored part of the cost for my trip to the conference. The video itself is not sponsored and I did it myself
Scott Striker (11 months ago)
not the explanation I would have given but it's all good. there is no coin out there working harder than the DASH nation to see their coin being accepted as a currency option to the masses.the day is coming that your phone will also be a wallet for small transactions to get gas, a cup of coffee,lunch etc. I sent 100K a couple of months ago to another PC and it took less than 4 minutes and cost me 3 cents. no other method is as easy, as fast or as cheap. had I used Bitcoin my time and costs would have been greatly increased.
Simon Feay (11 months ago)
A great explanation. Thanks for explaining the DAO, arguably it's strongest feature.
Crypto Stacker (11 months ago)
Lots of people here love your nuts.
Melvin Reyes (11 months ago)
Dash mining reward can manipulate anytime, also the inflaction, DASH is like a company with a current, we need to trust on company instead in matematics algorithm
Stephen (11 months ago)
You can do coin mixing to get increased anonymity with Bitcoin and master nodes sound to me like the Lightning Network, so I don't really see the great advantage of Dash over Bitcoin in the long-term.
crypto kronos (11 months ago)
Stephen There are over 4600 masternodes which makes it relatively more decentralized then other coins. Bitcoin has over 8800 full nodes but has a larger market cap. Bitcoin would have to have 170,000 full nodes to have a similar level of decentralization as dash. Masternodes are numerous because they are incentivized to serve the network and bitcoin nodes are not.
Stephen (11 months ago)
Yeah, and how many of those 19 million coins did the Dash founder pre-mine and keep for himself? Satoshi Nakamoto's coins are still sitting idle and have not been used for his personal profit.
Stephen (11 months ago)
Better governance? The whole point of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular is decentralization. I've seen video of the Dash developers and they do not instill much confidence. Also what's the double spend issue with Bitcoin?
Bitminer (11 months ago)
It also has 19million max coins (less than btc), a lower marketcap, far better social relations & management (no us vs them), a more efficient governing system, way better marketing, is way faster and moving forward quicker, etc. Bitcoin is a shitcoin which is only kept up because it is the base for alts.
First Light (11 months ago)
Better governance and no double spend issue.
Rusty Debier (11 months ago)
Dash is the future of money. It is one of the most undervalued coins on the market when you consider how much growth it can get.
Tuong Le (11 months ago)
It's a scam, I hate for ppl to get tricked believing. Plus this was sponsored
Minus (11 months ago)
It is undervalued for a good reason. Google: pre-mine DASH
Mark Ford (11 months ago)
Dash Labs is also doing general blockchain research, especially regarding scaling in the future.
Noom (11 months ago)
Noom (11 months ago)
Awesome :) love your channel man keep it up!
Boxmining (11 months ago)
oh wow will do that! good idea
Aaliyah A (11 months ago)
Don't like sponsered content, please don't play with your credibilty....you are one of my favorite Yter....
AVP (11 months ago)
I agree. Especially since DASH seems a lot like scam (MLM) when you do dig a bit deeper. Anyway DYOR don't listen to me.
Minus (11 months ago)
He has no idea how hard he can fall on Youtube after one single video. One like these and I will pretend Boxmining never existed.
alex ginting (11 months ago)
hi michael nice 2 meet you im alex from indonesia i just want to ask you...do you sell any mining hardware...cause in indonesia is so hard to find the hardware and the price is so high....
Johan (11 months ago)
Can you do a video about NAV coin please? I think this coin has a lot of potential!
Gene Everett (11 months ago)
They have to pay him like Dash did :)
pistazius (11 months ago)
I also would like to see him covering NAV. Would be great to heat about the functions and potentials vor annon DApps and the coin pro and cons
chindokumon (11 months ago)
2m of the 20m coin limit was premined. That's 10% of the possible nodes that could ever exist. It can't really be a democracy
crypto kronos (10 months ago)
Robert Olson You're right it is public info and I have done my research and I'm sure most whom have invested in dash did they're research as well which is why we've invested. I've looked into all the rumors about dash and have determined for myself that mistakes were made but were not intentional. Otherwise I would not of invested. The fact that Even Duffield is still working hard on the project says a lot. I have no problem with people presenting facts with links to back it up. You have not presented facts just heresay and BS. Anyone can say anything they want but if there's nothing to back it up it's heresay not facts. If you care so much about people having the facts make it easier for them to get the facts if they are facts. You say it's a controlled coin because a few people control it. This is false and here's my proof. Go ahead and fact check it all you want. Check out litecoin looks way more "controlled" to me. Bitinfocharts.com Wealth distribution stats reveal dash’s distribution is similar to or slightly better than other leading coins despite being newer or having had less time to become distributed. RICH ADDRESSES TOP10 TOP 100 TOP 1000 DASH 10.1% 17.1 % 30% BITCOIN 4.7% 17.0% 34.4% BITCOIN CASH 6.1% 18.8% 36.7% LITECOIN 20.8% 49.8% 71.3%
Robert Olson (10 months ago)
It publicly available info. Do some research. If you believe in Dash that is your call. We are just presenting facts about Dash that all buyers should know. By the way I am not chindokumon.
crypto kronos (10 months ago)
Robert Olson Show and prove these so called facts with something to back them up like links, otherwise no one cares what your truths are. If we all believed the BS trolls like you spew Dash would not be where it is and that's a FACT.
Robert Olson (10 months ago)
Facts are facts. It's a controlled coin.
crypto kronos (11 months ago)
You sound like a broken record player, no one gives a sh*t about the premine because the devs asked the community if a fork was needed to remedy the situation. And the community said NO NEED. Case closed, so if you don't have any dash then stfu already you don't get a say in the matter.
sam b (11 months ago)
ZCASH Next plz
Boxmining (11 months ago)
+sam b that sounds interesting !!
Crypto Miner (11 months ago)
MS84R (10 months ago)
Thumps up from me, people have to make money, many hours go into making videos, making a little money on the side doesn't harm anyone.
CryptoKnight10 (11 months ago)
Rafael Vargas is a dick rider it looks like, hes plainly pushing DASH to his viewers its obvious.
Crypto Wealth (11 months ago)
Micheal I have no problem with sponsored content. It helps keep your channel profitable and keeps you bringing great content. You clearly work hard to keep integrity in this cryptocurrency space. It's obvious to me you are far from a liar; and your intention was not to be misleading. Thanks bro.
CryptoKnight10 (11 months ago)
Boxmiming you are a bold faced liar Bro.
Gene Everett (11 months ago)
I agree ! I've never down voted boxmining I always do thumbs up but this looks so bad
Jeremy Ng (11 months ago)
Thank you for the explanation in details about DASH transaction updates.
mentugo (11 months ago)
I'am interested what news the conference will bring!
Ralph Buttigieg (11 months ago)
Just getting into cryptocurrency . i'm convinced Dash is the way to go . Am downloading the walet as i wrte.
crypto kronos (11 months ago)
Minus That's false. Dash had no premine and did not have an ICO. However, due to a problem with the mining difficulty adjustment approximately 1.9 million dash were mined in the first 24 hours - a”fastmine.” The community was asked if this should be corrected by hard fork. But the community decided to leave it as is. A distribution analysis shows a large portion of the quickly mined coins were simply dumped by the miners. This is reflected in the very low price between February and April 2014. Again from April to December of 2015 dash traded for around $2 so it’s hard to argue that no one had a chance to get in while it was cheap. Evan Duffield, Dash creator and the purported beneficiary of the instamine, controls no more than 256,000 Dash and will give away 80% of that to fund DAO’s to support the community. He is still working hard on the project today. Evan also controls NO MASTERNODES OR VOTES For more info see the wiki entry on this topic at dash.org
Minus (11 months ago)
China just lost control over BTC price. They sold all their coins. Not ot mention DASH masternodes are owned by the insta-mined coins holders.
crypto kronos (11 months ago)
Gene Everett It is more decentralized then bitcoin that's for sure. Bitcoin's mining is mainly in China concentrated between a few huge mining companies. Miners control the entire network in Btc. Dash has over 4600 masternodes which makes it far more decentralized then btc and other coins. Btc has over 8800 full nodes but has a larger market cap. Btc would have to have 170,000 full nodes to achieve a similar level of decentralization as dash. Masternodes are numerous because they are financially incentivized to serve the network and btc nodes are not.
Ralph Buttigieg (11 months ago)
Oh, I am. My investment in Dash will be very modest.
Gene Everett (11 months ago)
Do research , Dash isn't decentralized
Lovejinder Singh (11 months ago)
what will happen when internet connection lost during staking any coin?
Boxmining (11 months ago)
+Lovejinder Singh masternodes need to be online. They provide core features for the network
Linkefrank (11 months ago)
When i this hear dash must be number one
Jeroen Playak (11 months ago)
Is your coverage of Dash sponsored by Dash as well? Would be good to know for the audience here :)
Alan Lanzoni (7 months ago)
Tommy Z Agree. I downvoted the video at first, but I changed my mind after I read his answer.
Tommy Z (11 months ago)
Yes but at least he's honest about it, you cant possibly get better than that
R P (11 months ago)
So your opinion here is naturally biased.
Gene Everett (11 months ago)
You should start telling us this upfront , it looks bad if u don't. Put yourself in our shoes , we watch your videos for long time, Dash pays you and then 3 videos in a row your pushing Dash , you understand why it seems shady right? You should start of a video by telling us Dash paid you
Gene Everett (11 months ago)
Exactly what I was wondering It seems so obvious but I want to give him a chance to explain before I bail
Dash continues to pave the way
"it's a scam, look do your research man" - I have done my research. This includes communications with Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor. Would you like to meet in person and you can show me the research?
The ability to fund projects and devs is a great thing. Yes, this is feature that paves ( or pays ) the way.
Gene Everett (11 months ago)
Pay the way is more like it
halfasheep (11 months ago)
Payments focused. There are many parts to Dash. I became much more interested this year. I am impressed with the team including Dash DAO CEO Ryan Taylor. Dash has dramatic improvements to come with the Evolution roll out. I am looking forward to this conference stream. I see the need for open and private blockchain transactions. Very impressed.
Brian LO (11 months ago)
"Dash is digital cash"
Gene Everett (11 months ago)
No it's a company Very different from bitcoin
M KIM (11 months ago)
Yo did you heard about eboost coin?
johnnyolchap (11 months ago)
hi michael. when will proof of stake be put into place for ethereum?
Gene Everett (11 months ago)
Martin 2.0 (11 months ago)
First comment eyy
gadaffi1000 (11 months ago)
Harry van der Veen (11 months ago)
Quickly! Go tell your friends!
Jorge Saragoca (11 months ago)
1st yah!!!!!!
8K Satoshi (11 months ago)
JorgeYazmin Saragoca #DASH is and will be. Just missing scripting or similar features

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