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What Is Dash? How To Set Up Dash Wallet & Where To Buy Dash

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Dash.org ~ Download Dash welovedash.com ~ Merchants that accept Dash purse.io ~ Use dash and other cryptocurrencies to buy goods ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ BTC: 1AjxGVE6d5q1xiPGzzmBsWED4ASMxHcgBA ETH: 0x6fFDA70ff78FEC16b97906F870Be842D14112861 LTC: LdcsQo1UbKgydNn5pVETxL853PnyZDsPZd 20% OFF by shopping @PurseIO! Sign up and get 0.01 BTC free: https://purse.io/?_r=b6S6cA Shop Amazon: http://amzn.to/2C0TNez Thank you for your support!
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Text Comments (46)
centerice (9 days ago)
Man, Mark Wahlberg sure knows a lot about cryptocurrency.
AutoVlog10 (5 months ago)
How I wish to get a little currency Dash my address : Xqz49ZUUHot5SKL4wBz2s7PrNVVxwqHs4W
bitorg Producciones Sl (8 months ago)
hello can yo send me dash please? mi address is : XoMbFjXGHhg8KxfRu3omwVojYhWTV8KbjH send somenthing, thanks RESPONDER
Leda Blue (9 months ago)
Sorry, not informative to me.
0MN1 R0M (10 months ago)
where is my dash adress!?
Clash Kerala (1 year ago)
ok I'm new susbriber now
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
Thank you!
richard m Mears jr (1 year ago)
thank you
YoumsRS (1 year ago)
can i mine with a hd 6450 1gb ddr3?
Michael Brennan (1 year ago)
hey man, i'm new the the cryptocurrency thing and i recently got started with coinbase. what are some precautions as far as fire walls and security options i should look into prior to building my dash wallet. also this video has been very helpful. thanks man
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
Hi Michael! Thanks for commenting and viewing my videos. On any exchange you definitely you want to set up 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), where you will be in control of your phone and the password changes every 30 seconds. I use AUTHY on my iphone. If you are looking to hold long term, make sure you get a hardware wallet and take those coins of the exchanges. Hope this was helpful!
Jamy Fox (1 year ago)
Simple question: is there any system that upload your local computer DASH wallet to a secure cloud ? Thx
yo eddy (1 year ago)
i got the wallet but dont send it, the wallet is at my phone, how i get it to my usb stick ?
James Nichols (1 year ago)
I have been search forover an hour ( Iam a beginner mind you ) and cannot find out how to purchase anything.....I wanted to learn how to get into Dash. To no avail......I am lost. Help me, Please....
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
Hi James! Thank you for reaching out to me.Email [email protected] to sign up for Crypto Trading Session 1. Step by Step guide to setting up an account/purchasing crypto currency....$50/hr 2. Basic trading session....$50/hr 3. Chatroom membership $500/yr or $1000/lifetime
Aron McNeal (1 year ago)
thoughts on xem?
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
XEM has a lot of potential, but it will be a long term invest before you really see a good return.
Illuminati is Trash (1 year ago)
PIVX has potential
Roman Apollo (9 months ago)
Illuminati is Trash aaaand there it's gone now
Illuminati is Trash (1 year ago)
hope you bought PIVX its about to hit 2 dollars
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I just set up Bittrex. I also have Gemini, Coinbase and Poloniex.
Illuminati is Trash (1 year ago)
Use bittrex.com. right now its trading at $0.52, i feel like it will double in no time. Also Poloniex will soon offer it, that'll in theory will give the price a kick.
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
Yes, i have heard that many times from people in my live stream. I have to find an exchange that offers it. Let me know if you know of one.
Maximum Axiom (1 year ago)
Dash rimes with trash!!!LOL
Maximum Axiom (1 year ago)
Yeah I kind of see that. I am looking for stable crypto, I like the whole idea of breaking free from control system. so I guess BTC is my best bet.
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
They will Pump it and dump it. But as a trader, if you can get in early and ride the pump up, there is money to be made. I don't trust any altcoins, I just try to use them as a trading vehicle.
David Hicks (1 year ago)
Thanks for this. Have you looked into Changelly for buying crypto with regular fiat currency?
Amti Klagenfurt (1 year ago)
David Hicks I prefer poloniex its simply cheaper
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
Or $21.46 for 1.00021687 Dash, I believe shapeshift is better to use to convert to Dash
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
Hey David! Thank you for watching. I have looked at Changelly and I just didn't like the extreme price mark up. I also did not like the fact that the final rate would be given after the transaction was processed. I like to know what I'm paying/getting before I hit that submit button. Right now it looks like I would have to pay $41USD to get a little over 1 ZEC
databaseexpert (1 year ago)
"Your transaction history and balances will never be available to the public on the block chain" - well in the case of Dash, that is not true. Dash offers privatized transactions as an optional feature. The user must choose it. This means that Dash is offers both publicly viewable and obscured transaction types.
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing databaseexpert! I should have mentioned that. I appreciate your input.
Ike A. (1 year ago)
buying from WeSellCrypto is a joke. They sell dash at a 16% premium.
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
It will take time for it to get to that point. There is a proposal to get Dash on a major exchange for trading with fiat end of Q1 that will be a step in the right direction. https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/proposal-business-development-major-exchange.12881/
Ike A. (1 year ago)
CryptoTrader To be honest until I can go to a local gas station, shopping mall, or just any major retailer whether online or physical to use these currencies. I don't see any fundamental reason for value to increase apart from speculation, and that is a dangerous situation. I hope merchants start using it by the 100,000+ not just 153.
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
ViSee3 I agree about Shapeshift. As time goes on I believe Dash will have a bright future. I use Coinbase and Gemini for trading and I've emailed both of them about Dash, Monero and Zcash. No reply from them yet.
Ike A. (1 year ago)
CryptoTrader no problem. Shape shift is the best at getting dash close to market value but you have to buy bitcoin. I don't see dash truly flourishing until they have a solid US based fiat to dash exchange/wallet like coin base.
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
That's a crazy markup! Thank you for sharing and posting that.
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
Posted by studi0z Dash coin Emission : Dash Detailed : Is There a Maximum Coin Supply in Dash? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vZDclyqh5Y For some reason youtube put this in my spam folder and would not allow me to approve this comment. Thank you studi0z for sharing this.
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
Thanks for notifying me of DailyMotion. I just started posting there.
studi0z (1 year ago)
another reason to change from YT to DailyMotion
studi0z (1 year ago)
Dash coin Emission : Dash Detailed : Is There a Maximum Coin Supply in Dash? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vZDclyqh5Y
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing! For some reason youtube put this in my spam folder and would not allow me to approve your message yesterday. I re-posted it to this message board for others to see. Thank you once again and welcome to my channel.
I think Dash has the largest upside potential of all coins at the moment, maximum supply of dash is no more then 21 million, but will likely not go over 20, its a treasury reserve that gets released, but does not have to. The 21 million is a hard limit.
CryptoTraders Room (1 year ago)
Hey UK Economic Review!! Thank you so much for watching and contributing that to this video. With mass adoption, which I think it has already started with merchants accepting it, I agree that it definitely has the potential to be something great.

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