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BITCOIN CRASH BTC ALTCOINS LATEST PRICE UPDATES HINDI BITCOIN PRICE ANALYSIS ALTCOIN PRICE UPDATES BTC PRICE UPDATES HINDI ========================================== telegram channel link https://t.me/cryptoNotesMohsin ============================================ Important videos links Future of cryptocurrency***** https://youtu.be/OYkZO0p6cqI crypto portfolio management ***** https://youtu.be/8fD56mzSJsM best trading strategy **** https://youtu.be/pDizCST77Xk top 5 cryptocurrency coin big profit https://youtu.be/xT3ZLcrGRX8 trading technical analysis ***** https://youtu.be/R8D1vUNa-8g **************** YouTube channel Introduction *************** Very Reliable source about Cryptocurrency Knowledge and Bitcoin Market. On this channel you will find useful information about cryptocurrencies and altcoin. I try to make every video very simple so that viewers can understand every point very easily. Altcoins cryptocurrency reviews , bitcoin latest news and price updates , trading technical analysis , useful trading tools and indicators are commonly contents of my youtube videos. DISCLAIMER, THIS VIDEO IS JUST FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES BASED ON MY PERSONAL VIEWS. I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISER. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN STUDY BEFORE INVESTING IN ANY CRYPTOCURRENCY BECAUSE THIS IS VERY RISKY BUSINESS. I WILL NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PROFIT OR LOSS.
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Text Comments (79)
Sohail Atiq (1 month ago)
Sir plz answer me k agar market 1 trillion tk jata hy to altcoin apna all time break karengy m bht lose m hn mere coin ki ye list hy Imt,ubex,tron,ada,xem,xlm,xrp,pundix,zilliqa,sia coin,ethos
Sohail Atiq (1 month ago)
2019 tk hojaygi market trillions ki ?
Crypto Notes (1 month ago)
Then definitely ALTCOIN will touch all time high
True Story TV (1 month ago)
Hello . This is our humble request to all . Hum kuch log hy saudia arabia my . Company is not paying our salary from last 6 months .. we want to go back in our countries but we have no money . Please help us ... But please help uss .. admin bhai and all of you please help us . THANK YOU
DARSHAN SIROHI (1 month ago)
Sir ji Tron kitna price ho sakta hai December 2018 Tak please reply
DrChandrapal Thakur (1 month ago)
Or bhi down aayega kya market
pradeep koinex (1 month ago)
everyone is talking about bitcoin .. what will be the future of etherium .. can u explain abt etherium . what will be the effect and does etherium rise?
Pravesh Pandey (1 month ago)
It will not be able to get the money
Crypto Notes (1 month ago)
Please see my video on ethereum future . 2 weeks ago I have uploaded
Harsimran Singh (1 month ago)
with the help of ur training in TA i already predicted this massive dump and sold all the alts before this down move. now bought ADA and quiet positive about it.
shahid dauwa (1 month ago)
Sir telegram se hame bahut madad milti he thanks
abdul wahid bhatti (1 month ago)
Mohsin bhai bitcoin dominance barh chuka hai kya is time crypto me invest ker sakta ho
Crypto Notes (1 month ago)
Yes u can
It is time to invest in GRAM! This is the real applicant for growth in 100X this year icostarter.site/telegram
Pargat Singh (1 month ago)
Thanx for info on telegram
Qasim Shahzad (1 month ago)
Salam. Sir send me your paid group link. Wanna join to you for signal Thanks
Qasim Shahzad (30 days ago)
+Crypto Notes brother add me 03338405151
Crypto Notes (1 month ago)
Premium channel entries has been closed for this month. Will open next month ( 27 Oct) Thanks
Rayan Cold Chain (1 month ago)
U.S Stocks Lower in Wall Street more than 2 Percent in last 48 hours due to increasing interest rates and trade war....
Raghavendra Bhimaraj (1 month ago)
Dear sir, if you don't mind please note: in your recently videos windows color scheme change alert message coming regularly, why not you choose anyone option and clear this?
Crypto Notes (1 month ago)
There is a glitch , Everytime when I change it , it appears again.
Dinesh Bhawani (1 month ago)
Good Mosin Bhai aap achhe tarike se samjhate ho.. love you brother
Arvind Yadav (1 month ago)
sir DBC coin me invest kare kya
azmath baig (1 month ago)
Thanks for information
Santosh Santosh (1 month ago)
Sir please key. Vet
SIM SIM VASIM (1 month ago)
Aapka ye video sabke liye ek motivational video hai jis kisi k portfolio down hai. Aur haa ek like to Banta hai boss
Virus (1 month ago)
China fud aa rha h phr
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Jai Bandari (1 month ago)
Good Video Bro 👌👌👌 Thank You 🙏🙏🙏
Jaiprakash Jaishwal (1 month ago)
Gud sir ji
Fayaz Ahmed (1 month ago)
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarkathahu very nice thanks you sir
Crypto Notes (1 month ago)
Нелли Бурда (1 month ago)
Whay don't anynobody speak about ICON (ICX) ? This year I predict a strong growth!! I have already received 25 000 tokens from airdrop airdropmaster.info/airtoken/icon-icx
Dinesh Bhawani (1 month ago)
Ankit Yadav (1 month ago)
Sir aap great ho Sir coindcx ke bare me bataye kaise hai please please reply
Moiz Khan (1 month ago)
munaf don 9052 (1 month ago)
Good information..👏
This year token Telegram will grow in price as well as bitcoin in due season. Now GRAM costs $1, but also 100 and 200 dollars are quite possible in a couple of years! I advise to buy and hold for a few years icovilla.ru/telegram
Dmitriy Kustachev (1 month ago)
I know that many of you store DENT on a long term. So, do not miss an opportunity to increase the number of your coins using a free distribution of DENT - go to www.goldtokens.info/DENT/DENT
Jitendra Pal singh (1 month ago)
Sir xvg coin ka analysis bataye
Rupinder Singh (1 month ago)
Bai bittrex and poloniex k coin k signal v dijiye
Sourav Giri (1 month ago)
Thanks for best update sir ....
Va Lo (1 month ago)
I share my portfolio for 2018: EOS, ADA, ONT and still I want to buy tokens icostarter.site/telegramcoin Telegram
munirparis munir (1 month ago)
Good and right investment information Thanks
Gurinder Singh (1 month ago)
Yeh sala dislike kaun kar gya? Shayad isne btc spare Nahin rakhe honge
Crypto Notes (1 month ago)
BATYR JORAYEV (1 month ago)
The situation on today's market is bad :( My investment portfolio bleeds cash. I bought ICO TELEGRAM- tokens on www.x-crypto.info/tokentelegram I think the token price will precisely grow at 5-10 times.
Himanshu garg (1 month ago)
Crypto Notes (1 month ago)
LISK , qtum and Etc are good
Zulus Zulus (1 month ago)
ICO telegram sets records! Almost all tokens were divulged just in few days on www.x-crypto.info/ton-gram
Pargat Sandhu (1 month ago)
Hello friendz Me hu apka dost Moshin Ali.. Keep growing brother.. Achi si good investment btado For long term 2-3 years with good potential with real working product coin..
Crypto Notes (1 month ago)
See the long term safest ALTCOIN video
Jasvir Singh (1 month ago)
Very knowledgeable video Mohsin bhai
Holders of ICON (ICX) tokens, do not lose a chance to increase the number of your coins on www.vipairdrop.info/go/icon
sabu sarmah (1 month ago)
Mera v portfolio kafi down ho gaya bro, sal var ho gaya,
alenka p (1 month ago)
I share my portfolio for 2018: EOS, ADA, ONT and still I want to buy tokens icostarter.site/telegramcoin Telegram
rozina maqboll (1 month ago)
bohot wait keya but umeed thi ky ap video laye gy.thanks Beta jee God bless you.
Ashik Khandakar (1 month ago)
Virus (1 month ago)
Hello sir hope you will fine
AMARJIT SINGH (1 month ago)
hello sir I have been lost 70% in btc and altcoins
reyes martinez (1 month ago)
Get a move on to receive coins! Hurry!) At the moment you can receive them free of charge. All info is here- airdropmaster.pro/air-tokens/DENT
rahul kumar (1 month ago)
O bull run kb aayega jb portfolio 2 to 5x hoga...
rahul kumar (1 month ago)
Bro mai apka channel pe tbse hu jb apke pas 1.8k subscriber tha...aur mai aise v youtubers ka channel subscribe kiya huaa hu jiske pas 100k aur usse v jyada....bt ak bat hai bro...apke pas jitna knowledge hai syd aur kisi me ni hai....really dil se bol rha hu...kvi kvi to mujhe aisa lgta hai ki aphi market ko manupulate krte ho😂😂😂..fir mai sochta hu a ni ho skta..really u r great bro... aaj mai jo v paisa market se bnata hu o apki wajah se..wrna syd a possiable ni tha...u r god for me bro🙏🙏🙏🙏
Crypto Notes (1 month ago)
Very soon
rahul kumar (1 month ago)
Nice information bro....really u r great❤❤❤❤
SanJiD AhMeD (1 month ago)
Ncash keya good investment hee? Apka opinion?
SanJiD AhMeD (1 month ago)
+Crypto Notes agar btc 25k jatahe too ncash 20cent jasaktahee?
Crypto Notes (1 month ago)
For short term , not for long term
Avtar Singh (1 month ago)
thank for update sir
Zabi Malik (1 month ago)
Hi Naeem from Pakistan.6
DARSHAN SIROHI (1 month ago)
Kuldeep Singh (1 month ago)
Grt sir G
Mr. KHAN (1 month ago)
3rd ❤️❤️
Help for you (1 month ago)
You are 1st
Anil Sanu (1 month ago)
Tech Viral (1 month ago)
sir VET ka kya hoga plz video bannai
Tech Viral (1 month ago)
Crypto Notes (1 month ago)
Yes you are the 1st viewer of today ❤️

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