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3 Most Undervalued NEO, Origin Trail, Ontology | $NEO, $TRAC, $ONT

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See our 3 most undervalued crypto's NEO, Origin Trail, & Ontology. 0:21 NEO - Neo Article https://goo.gl/dLAufN 3:32 Ontology - Ontology Whitepaper https://goo.gl/Mdg8Cu 11:53 Origin Trail - Origin Trail Article https://goo.gl/zyyHVf Here at Alt Coin Crypto Tree we educate people on the Crypto Currency Industry, news, companies and ICO's. To Get Started: 💰Join Coinbase with a $100+ Deposit and Get $10 Bitcoin Free https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a3ce9e... 💰 Join An Exchange To Select Your Coins Join Binance at https://www.binance.com/?ref=21637601 To Help Us Grow with Donations Via Crypto Coins; BITCOIN - 1N1b6uLdigpkGuDhhUaWttoTMfNyGSRojq ETHEREUM - 0xfe4334acbcb3a6cc2cb77d62f3166e7ce697c590 NEO - AXRt6QgUGD2xj3dLmofJqVk1mJicqd63Bb DASH - XpL6yMmsjBHNgYqnqWqLGUZwjDPD1UEThy To see our video on; Nucleus Vision: https://youtu.be/qggqVieQ1mk Tron: https://youtu.be/6QSpbvt4n_0 Trinity: https://youtu.be/eQyLULPmVaU Beginners Guide To Crypto's https://youtu.be/7rsI1aSHMZc How to Use Coinbase https://youtu.be/fzrGHw2kpC8
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Text Comments (25)
Douglas H (3 months ago)
Excellent video thank you
Chaa Ka (4 months ago)
Hi mate great video just want to say neo has 100 mil max sup.keep doing videos.grt
Alt Coin Crypto Tree (4 months ago)
Chaa Ka Thanks!!! And I will keep making them 👍
CRYPTO_NOMICON (4 months ago)
Jus sub'D great video seem very well informed! Keep up the good work
Dominic Bennett (4 months ago)
Great Content...you have a new subscriber!
Kyle MacLean (5 months ago)
Thanks for the video. I'm excited about Origin Trail, great value, big future, just invested last week.
Róbert (5 months ago)
Nice video mate
Theoklez (5 months ago)
I'm picking some up this week.
James Morrison (5 months ago)
First off Brilliant info. 2nd I cant help but keep thinking how much you sound like Dave Chappelle!!
Alt Coin Crypto Tree (5 months ago)
Shameless Facts (5 months ago)
You forgot omg and aion
OriginTrail (5 months ago)
Thanks for your review! 💪
Alt Coin Crypto Tree (5 months ago)
You're quite welcome, keep up the good work!
Jackal 007 (5 months ago)
NEO has gotten its dick punched. 190 to 47 now.... awwwwww 💩. Soon as Weiss came out and gave it a A- it’s gone down lol.
John V (5 months ago)
Very professional video.....I also like neo
JonM (5 months ago)
Check out Nuls 👌
SW (5 months ago)
Opinion of OT announcement regarding staking/nodes?
SW (5 months ago)
I'm talking more so about the staking vs. tiered node system that everyone in the OT community was angry about
Alt Coin Crypto Tree (5 months ago)
My opinion is they are waiting for the market to turn bullish b4 they announce. What do you think?
Harry M Ugheli (5 months ago)
Nice video
Alt Coin Crypto Tree (5 months ago)
Thanks Harry!
HelpDonavan (5 months ago)
Love ur vid man as usual...never heard of trac im taking them into consideration now....also u should check out.. OCN & TKY gonna be big
HelpDonavan (5 months ago)
Alt Coin Crypto Tree yeh just did a deal with OBIke have had a few releases in the last week and so cheap on kucoin
Alt Coin Crypto Tree (5 months ago)
I knew about TKY but did not know about OCN... will have a look

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