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SwachhCoin ICO Review: Decentralising Waste Management | New ICO 2018

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This is SwachhCoin ICO Review and Decentralising Waste Management video by Crypto Pafi. What Is Swachhcoin? Swachhcoin wants to revolutionize the waste management industry using blockchain technology, IoT, adaptive intelligence, big data, and other advanced technologies. The goal is to maximize the creation of value from global household waste. Obviously, waste is becoming an increasingly important issue in our modern world. We’re generating too much waste, and all of that waste either needs to be repurposed or safely stored. Swachhcoin aims to address this issue while increasing profitability and efficiency in the waste management industry. The ICO for Swachhcoin Tokens is expected to get underway in Q2 2018. The company’s private sale for tokens began in April 2018. What Problems Does Swachhcoin Seek To Solve? Here’s how Swachhcoin explains the issues they’re trying to solve: “Throughout the world, mankind is facing a massive problem of too much waste and scarcity of resources. The amount of waste being produced has kept on increasing over the years and the trend is expected to continue aggressively. According to some estimates, annual global waste generation is expected to reach approximately 2.5 Billion Tonnes well before the year 2030.” The amount of waste isn’t exactly the issue: the issue is that we’re not very good at converting waste into usable materials: “The amount of waste that being recycled or processed to make useful products out of it has completely failed to catch up with the waste generation levels,” explains the official Swachhcoin whitepaper. How Swachhcoin Blockchain Waste Management System Works Obviously, solving the global waste management industry’s core problems is not an easy endeavor. How does Swachhcoin plan to solve these issues? Swachhcoin understands that many people will not repurpose waste simply out of the kindness of their hearts; instead, people need a financial incentive to do so. With that in mind, Swachhcoin seeks to incentivize people monetarily in order to properly dispose of their waste. With that goal in mind, Swachhcoin will create a global ecosystem that uses big data, blockchain technology, adaptive intelligence, internet of things (IoT) and other technologies to optimize the waste management industry. This ecosystem will revolve around the use of Swachh Tokens. Follow Us: Facebook: Www.facebook.com/cryptopafi Telegram: Telegram Group: Https://t.me/joinchat/epj2jkqearqlgtdiggudpq Facebook Group: Twitter: Www.twitter.com/crypto_pafi Instagram: Www.instagram.com/cryptopafi Business Email: [email protected] Subscribe: Www.youtube.com/channel/uc0wzbdmqwen8drsphjl3ovw ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Please Note, I Am Not A Financial Advisor, And Any Information Contained In The Video Is My Own Opinion And Is Not To Be Taken As Financial Advice. Please Do Your Own Due Diligence Before Making Any Investment, And Never Invest More Than You Are Willing To Lose. #dyor More related search in youtube: SWACHHCOIN, SWACHHCOIN REVIEW, SWACHHCOIN ICO REVIEW, SWACHHCOIN ICO TOKEN DETAILS, SWACHHCOIN ICO FULL REVIEW, SWACHHCOIN ICO SCAM, SWACHHCOIN ICO VIDEO REVIEW, ICO VIDEO REVIEW, POST ICO REVIEW, INDIAN ICO REVIEW, ONGOING ICO REVIEW, BEST ICO OF THE MONTH, BEST ICO TO INVEST, CRYPTOCURRENCY & BLOCKCHAIN, ICO TOKEN NEWS, TOKEN NEWS, ICO NEWS, CRYPTO 2018, BLOCKCHAIN, SWACHHCOIN CRYPTO MINING, BITCOIN EXCHANGE, ICO SERVICES, CRYPTO, MINING, ICO REVIEW, NEW ICO 2018 , BITCOIN, ICO TOKEN, ICO REVIEW 2018, BEST ICO, BTC,
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Crypto Pafi (2 months ago)
*Join NOW:* https://swachhcoin.com *SUBSCRIBE and leave a comment about SwachhCoin/My channel with your ERC20 address for a chance to WIN 200 NOVA TOKENS*
Советую всем
Не покидаю эту программку весьма крутая
Хорошо этак содержать
Very cool and useful video. This video helped me a lot and I think that it helped other people too. Thank you so much. Cool channel, I signed up and put like
kaew pongsrichen (1 month ago)
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basketball fan (2 months ago)
Cool stuff CP, looks like awesome platform! 0x7B5D0c5DB8B5Bb8730e30626E1Cc1B845021BCAC
Palanero 007 (2 months ago)
Cool one Pafi! 0x195530Ce6062dbf95576fD7Ab609Fa8d77606c54
Justin Literature (2 months ago)
Hey, cool review just saw this when was checking videos about new icos. Im actually looking for reviews about scidex and wemark icos. Can you make one?
RICKYY201 (2 months ago)
Swachhcoin the green project of the future , keep it up guys . 0x9bcA16A3e1c723197D81Ec2Ef48c8368c7db7d32
Bitcoin Info (2 months ago)
cool brother platform looks great! good day! :)0xF89632aEc90FA9dfF4D7145838419Cf61b9d5F22
Desert Dan (2 months ago)
Interesting video, thanks mate!  Erc20   0xA5A298CFEFfEFc9eB8e82F65C0402fe38cC7532d
Crypto Whisperer (2 months ago)
damn looks awesome bro, nice review again!
alex makis (2 months ago)
I see potential in this Ico! 0xDf87Cce4E846199ccE157906AE194DCBEd749CBb
Gamer Dude (2 months ago)
SwachhCoin to the Moon! 0x8918f57EDD261b687c3631126f53601e7536610a
Crypto PaulyD (2 months ago)
Cool project no doubt about it! 0xaB02a3062866697Fe071739BdED4D03663D14625
satoshibobby1659783 (2 months ago)
Awesome content CP I enjoyed it! 0xDb8ED4237332180409af8F056f822374bbbefCC7

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