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The 4 Most Important Words In Crypto (And Why Bitcoin Has Value)

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Text Comments (155)
chrisreilly85 (6 months ago)
The US abandoned the gold-standard in part because it could not finance war based on a finite supply of gold, so the gold-standard was abandoned and we switched to fiat currency to help finance war. In a hypothetical world where Bitcoin was the only currency, how would a country handle this same war financing problem?
Ahmed Abdelmutti (9 months ago)
One of the absolute best, simplified and coherent breakdowns of bitcoin iv heard so far, great work guys!! I'm not new to this space but for any family or friends that ask me about cryptos going forward this will be one of the vids il be referring them on to.
fortunateone3 (9 months ago)
I was searching for an informative channel like this. Thank you so much, you put an incredible amount of work into these videos and it is much appreciated.
Gary du Plessis (9 months ago)
Great topic for a video. Sorry but am I the only person on Earth that thinks cryptos like Bitcoin are not scarce. There are 1000's of them and more popping up every day. There is no limit to the supply and all of them can be copied. Look at the BTC dominance number and tell me if you think it will ever get back to 80%. I agree that blockchain and other more efficient tech is here to stay but the market cap will be diluted among millions of there assets. It makes no difference how much Gold is mined, there is only a finite amount on our planet.
A B (9 months ago)
Just want to point out the limited supply in crypto is totally fallacious...how many cryptos are on the market again? How many new ones can be made? Do you honestly believe you could convince the entire market to use just one crypto and stop there. Obviously that's ridiculous because it already doesn't happen. This is basically money printing on crack and still just one gold.
Spartacusse (9 months ago)
Hi, I'd like to understand why do you think cryptocurrency has scarcity... Yes, one crypto in particular may have, like bitcoin, but if it's to be seen as money, and many other cryptos can be used as money, as well the Fiat money can begin to operate on blockchain, isn't bitcoin just more money? Unlike gold that can't be joined together with other metals and call it simply "Metals with different colors", because of it's chemical structure. Or do you think bitcoin will be valuable just because it is bitcoin? (PS: I'm not bashing bitcoin or anything, on the contrary, I have some money invested in it, I really want to understand the logic behind why bitcoin is going to continue to increase in value, and not become, just more money.)
Brandi Durham (9 months ago)
Love your videos as always! Thank you! Getting a little frustrated here though, I have total belief in Crypto and I did hold during the latest drop but it seems like I'm losing more and more every time I look at my portfolios and I don't look often anymore and yes I'm a newbie, only a few months in... And yes I had the money to invest so im not upset about that, just frustrated and wondering when the heck the market is gonna stabilize.....
Christopher Antoun (9 months ago)
"Limited supply, Unlimited demand" LOL.... Someone bought the Altuchier report
Matt In NJ (9 months ago)
Brilliant. “If every millionaire wanted a Bitcoin, they couldn’t have one” It is beachfront property. Climbing my way to 1BTC.
KryptoGamer (9 months ago)
best crypto channel going around. great work guys!
larry kapaloric (9 months ago)
so whos gonna buy bitcoin after the last one is avaiiable , why would they want it and what would they do with it wouldnt you want to take profit before that happens
J R (9 months ago)
Hey, me be lovin me some Charlie and Doc ... fantastic job guys. Really professional, great analysis, and love the great images and cool beats. I am all in. Hey ... want to point you to the Hashgains ICO ... HGS ... would love to see a write-up on it in the Pro-module. I am thinking of getting in. Keep up the great work!
Sean Roberts (9 months ago)
I came here for the intro. I stayed for the content!
Crypto Fire (9 months ago)
I follow a lot of crypto YouTubers. I have a number of favs. Been subscribed to your channel for about 2 weeks now, and you're right up there with the best. Keep up the awesome work!
John Michael (9 months ago)
you’re the only crypto channel I follow.. and I’m really proud to say that. Thanks for what you do in the crypto community.
technozombie (9 months ago)
I think it is important to differentiate between value and price because people often use the terms interchangeablly. If the price goes up that doesn't mean the value changed.
FreedomAtRisk (9 months ago)
Congrats to Blockstream for killing BTC as means of exchange! Good thing BCH fork exists to use as peer to peer digital cash. BTC and LN is a corporate takeover of Satoshi’s innovation
Dion DiFelice (9 months ago)
Your videos and content are outstanding ... however one argument I'd like to hear your feedback on is the "scarcity" and "limited supply, unlimited demand". The analogy of crypto to real world tangible items is a bit off, like the "tulip", unlike non-digital products that CANNOT be indefinitely split into smaller increments and still have the same use case or even same fiat value, digital products like crypto tokens can be split into smaller pieces (1, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001, etc) and still be used for all the same real world scenarios. The scarcity and limited supply is actually a bit of an illusion that we are looking at through a "traditional" lens. This one of the main issues when people try to understand digital products, is that they don't work by exact the same rules and principles as non-digital products. I would love to hear your thoughts :)
Mike Skuthan (9 months ago)
SOOOOO well done. Cheers!
AnthoniusNico (9 months ago)
Great episode
Joe Lego (9 months ago)
Amine Sila (9 months ago)
Very educational! Keep on.
Desertek (9 months ago)
Thanx for HD quality and information provided.
Tackleqb (9 months ago)
Whoa!!!!! I just found this gem of a channel!!!! 😎
I'm ready for the explosion to 100,000 BTC and ethereum 10 to 20,000 kaboom!!! 👍
Cesar Sosa (9 months ago)
Lol, your unbiased analysis is basically gold is a pretty rock, crypto is awesome.
Charlie Hopkins (9 months ago)
Good motherfkcn quality video right here! Keep it up!
Anderson Cooper (9 months ago)
Bitcoin transactions are dead expensive...Long live RIPPLE XRP!
Jo Murphy (9 months ago)
Thank you for a very informative video. It should be widely shared to cut across the propaganda which says bitcoin has no value. I am concerned about the impact of future forks upon bitcoin. Do these forks extract value from bitcoin? I read a fascinating article a few days ago which contends that bitcoin's futures price is in backwardation due to the omipresent threat of forks whereas gold futures will spend more time in contango as gold cannot be forked. Can the bitcoin community do anything to stop future forks? From my limited knowledge they seem like plain simple money grabs. The link to the article is below: https://www.bullionstar.com/blogs/bullionstar/bitcoin-backwardation-gold-contango/ One last request please could you do a future video on wallets especially for tokens that use the etheruem platform? Keep up the good work!
lemireray (9 months ago)
I appreciate the education
Raza Daza (9 months ago)
This is one of your best.. great video!
Robert S (9 months ago)
"Limited supply, unlimited demand." Love it
Brian Weller (9 months ago)
Jake Watts (9 months ago)
Couple you share your views on EBTC in your next vid please?
Swaptak Das (9 months ago)
Great video. I was beginning to wonder if you guys would continue creating great content or be distracted by your paid services. If I can make a suggestion, I would like to see more videos on specific altcoins. Maybe you would also consider comparing coins such as NEO vs ETh or IOTA vs ADA. The biggest value of this channel to me is your intelligence and research. That’s why I subscribe. I think an YouTube channel that does excellent reviews of great projects would really do well. I know it’s a lot of work... but the people that would subscribe and view would really make it worth the time investment.
Eric Cannon (9 months ago)
Truly appreciate your empirical analysis and insightful perspective. Thank you!
Todd Vance (9 months ago)
The main problems with your videos are that there is simply too much genius in most 10 second clips for 95% of us to digest... I'm still trying to work out the whole "tulips are not durable, scarce, fungible, programmable, verifiable and are hard to transfer... but please tell me more about your analogy" through my brain so I can actually legitimately USE that someday. SO AWESOME>
加藤みずっち (9 months ago)
Best crypto informative videos, top notch, such quality much wow
jack32322 (9 months ago)
Appreciate your efforts...
Dana Nhem (9 months ago)
Aviad Omessi (9 months ago)
love this oppening song!!!
SkillGame (9 months ago)
Great Stuff, subscribed
Anthony Pike (9 months ago)
Excellent! An outstanding presentation. Without doubt the best quality analysis in the cryptocurrency sphere.
Ricky Tershak (9 months ago)
Bet the important words are “buy low sell high”
💪 (9 months ago)
great video! good job :D
Mark Ford (9 months ago)
In crypto, the most important attribute is relevance, and every day bitcoin is losing relevance. Numerous examples exist; for example, Stripe recently announced it's dropping bitcoin support, citing lack of interest from both merchants and consumers. As for store of value, that can only be achieved if you have both depth AND utility. In contrast, other cryptos are gaining utility, maintaining low fees and rapidly growing in depth. Increasingly, exchanges and services are using other cryptos (such as ethereum) as their base currency, and in some cases not supporting bitcoin at all. Expect to see more of this in 2018. So now I ask, who cares of "limited supply" if a crypto lacks relevance? Of course, there will ALWAYS be bitcoin die-hards, but honestly, no one wants a horse and carriage anymore.
coffee at three (9 months ago)
BTC actually has no value except the value ppl give it. The scarcity advtanage is easily duplicated by other coins. The 1st to market advantage will be eroded over time as ppl grow more accustomed to crypto. In the end a generation 1 coin cannot defeat superior tech generation 3 coins which will give considerabally more benefits to its holders/traders. BTC can go high in terms of price but eventually will come down and become a collectors piece like Bronze or Silver statues, stamps, or old fiat currency that goes out of circulation.
Sb Win (9 months ago)
Bitcoin the new water? lol
Chase Mueller (9 months ago)
You are literally the man.
Lee Adkins (9 months ago)
I like your style and content, subbed :)
Scruffyballs (9 months ago)
Supply is by no way limited, blockchains can be easily forked and therefore supply is also unlimited.
Gary Davis (9 months ago)
Awesum Vid presentation and loved the vids of New Zealand. Thank you.
Sheri Beltran (9 months ago)
legit. You put out the best content. Thank you for all your hard work!
Kristian (9 months ago)
Please join Steem and post your videos there. I hate ads. Thank you😉
Todd Vance (9 months ago)
poor little lamb...all stuck outside the fence. :(
Zazens (9 months ago)
Nice work on this video. Very informative and straight to the point.
R Sellers (9 months ago)
Extremely high quality content! Great job!!
Jesus Taveras (9 months ago)
Thank you for all your good advice and clarification translating crypto language so anyone can understand
Rafał Sobczyk (9 months ago)
"Guessing a bitcoin private key would take longer than the universe has been in existence" So you're saying there is a chance... ;)
Onowakpor Randy (9 months ago)
u guys are wonderful
TP G (9 months ago)
These Bitcoin forks are money grabs just as much as many of these Altcoin ICOs. What are your thoughts? 💭 I seriously think they will undermine Bitcoin’s value in 2018 as opposed to being seen as dividends in 2017 Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-23/bitcoin-may-split-50-times-in-2018-as-forking-craze-accelerates
Thomas Freiling (9 months ago)
Thanks for covering steemit. I didn't know they had an inflationary policy. 0xb489C0CC63Aa36cE6eE147ec3DD96286766f95Ce
Stacy Substance (9 months ago)
You are very smart!!!
Ruben Paolinelli (9 months ago)
Thank you for your service guys!
scotty86 (9 months ago)
Nice video, but Walton is still pure speculative, there is no working product and rfid technologie is far away form how it has to work, to make waltons vision become reality. Wabi is in the transition from speculative to utility value. They have a working/used product and how they use rfid, is (obvious => running product) more realistic.
pd craft (9 months ago)
Thhh-ank you, or “Thank you”? Great vid
vincezyx (9 months ago)
Great video and lots of thanks..
Mihir Shah (9 months ago)
This is a phenomenal "big picture" overview of the value and future trajectory of crypto. I've been in the space for 10 months and even I did not think about it quite like this. Eye opening. Thinking about joining the subscription.
albisanz (9 months ago)
More real news! Thank you!
John Dodge (9 months ago)
Always blown away by the information you provide and how you deliver it. THANK YOU! J.
Ray Boyd (9 months ago)
this is a great video! appreciate the information
paul kutsar (9 months ago)
Good job man I like how you lay everything out and ur info thx .
Alexander Regueiro (9 months ago)
The big problem is, as Bitcoin gradually loses its inherent value (that is, its wide acceptance and use as a currency for transactions) – likely thanks to increasing transaction times and costs and other technical issues – it won't matter how scarce it is, it will become more and more worthless. The issuance halving algorithm to combat inflation is also far too simplistic (this is why central banks exist). These are fundamental issues that most don't realise.
Alexander Regueiro (9 months ago)
coffee at three Right! Additionally, the flaws of first generation cryptos are well-exposed and studied, whereas newer generations at least offer hope to their solutions.
coffee at three (9 months ago)
Alexander.. Totally agree. It actually has no value except the value ppl give it. The scarcity advtanage is easily duplicated by other coins. The 1st to market advantage will be eroded over time as ppl grow more accustomed to crypto. In the end a generation 1 coin cannot defeat superior tech generation 3 coins which will give considerabally more benefits to its holders/traders.
lolade lawoyin (9 months ago)
Alexander Regueiro good for you. Then don't invest in it. Simple!
Jason Mills (9 months ago)
This is like the Wikipedia of crypto, knowledge base. 🙂
TMG Mark (9 months ago)
This is from the cryptoassets book, right? Good read
ndjinu kau sinni (9 months ago)
Did you produce the beggining track? It is so inspiring.
George Donnelly (9 months ago)
This is really well done, kudos!
CAn you make a video on what you think about bitcoin being ban forever by countries and if they decide to make it ilegal in order to protect their economy, and then create their own coin of whatever you wanna call it.
Binary Sunset Chaser (9 months ago)
That was excellent. Well done. Hi from Sydney, Australia 🍻
Samson Harp (9 months ago)
Good morning everyone
GeniusUnleashed (9 months ago)
Gold has serious utility. It's use in pretty much every tech device in the world and has high value. It's the main reason it's still mined today.
GeniusUnleashed (9 months ago)
Exactly. We can't wear crypto. Fingers crossed we can get the blockchain to become more influential and necessary in internet infrastructure, but gold does have actual value outside of an investment asset.
TP G (9 months ago)
GeniusUnleashed Electronics only account for 6% if demand for Gold. Most of the demand for Gold is for Jewellery, followed by demands as an Investment assets, followed by demand from Central Banks. Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-23/gold-market-mulling-blockchain-to-secure-200-billion-of-supply
DoffMan Crypto Queers (9 months ago)
Great video for non believers. I just had fun listening and reinforcing my love for Cryptos..!!
Nice video friend
Jeffry Ulmer (9 months ago)
*mic drop*
179kevin (9 months ago)
Cool video intro!
Leif Cid (9 months ago)
I am writing a script for a video where I lay out the case that Bitcoin's value is also in teaching you and everyone who is involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem. My thesis is that Bitcoin teaches everyone about freedom, personal freedom, responsibility, replacing your notion of Money with Value and how to think in terms of value instead of Money is exponential better for humanity. Subscribe to my channel for updates.
Sandeep Kumar Shivapuram (9 months ago)
very informative.. well explained!! Thanks!
Carl Pierluissi (9 months ago)
rolando kin (9 months ago)
The music playing in the background is super annoying and distracting.
ndjinu kau sinni (9 months ago)
Hussein Ibrahim (9 months ago)
You are the best crypto youtuber with no doubt.
Bahira Ra'essa Bey (9 months ago)
Thank you for the video.
Sarvdeep Matharu (9 months ago)
How do you explain the hard fork as being a copy of the digital asset?
Dan H (9 months ago)
Fantastic explanation for me to relate to people who don't get it! Now can you do one for Blockchain???? thanks :)
Paul Solomon (9 months ago)
Best Bitcoin explanation ever!
Hussein Ibrahim (9 months ago)
Always very valuable content. Thanks a lot
Flying Dutchman (9 months ago)
Ofthen replay intro 3 x before watching the clip ?
tim young (9 months ago)
2 thumbs up
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Charlie D (9 months ago)
Man, you hit that right on the money, now only if everyone else in the world would see this. Perfect explanation of Bitcoin. Keep up the great work.

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