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Harry Raymundo (7 months ago)
i would suggest buy KEY, and HODL for a long period. it will boom soon.
fionns da (8 months ago)
Subd, would love to go for a coffee and chats some time
Didi (8 months ago)
Bill Kahn (8 months ago)
SelfKey is sold out in 11 minutes -- so ,,,, *FUCK IT* WEPOWER -- Americans are not eligible to participate ... so *FUCK IT* EThorse - Americans are not eligible to participate .. so again ....... *FUCK IT*
L2design (8 months ago)
L2design (8 months ago)
SELFKEY is sold out
TeamDM24 (8 months ago)
Have you looked into SNC (SunContract) like you said you would?! I still would love your opinion on it :) I think it has a great future and once it gets added to more exchanges, it will moon hopefully!
impatient potato (8 months ago)
sounds a bit horse (not)
impatient potato (8 months ago)
how many icos fail?
Kasyful Anuar (8 months ago)
11 minutes late :(
Pygoz (8 months ago)
Got my SelfKey today :)
Vic (8 months ago)
You are 11 minutes late on self key ico . Website cliams sold out .
Kenny Thompson (8 months ago)
does selfkey have coins? if so, what exchanges
king stalen (8 months ago)
Richard Phillips (8 months ago)
Thx for your info on these ICO's Skytalk.
Vic (8 months ago)
Is that state of Georgia? Or is the country of Georgia?
Johnnytturbo (8 months ago)
WeePower? Sounds like a hydro electric urinal haha
impatient potato (8 months ago)
gurudeclan (8 months ago)
I'm interested in Sether and EOS. Self key does seem interesting too.
Dwayne Campbell (8 months ago)
Hey Sky check out Cybcsec, it's a cybersecurity focused coin
William K (8 months ago)
Your voice is amazing btw.
Fin O'Suilleabhain (7 months ago)
+ Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid ... I was thinking that as I was doing it, but then to have explained it would have been even more tedious and time consuming. 😝
Fin O'Suilleabhain Typing the sentence saying you wouldn’t type my name is longer than actually typing out my name. 😝
Fin O'Suilleabhain (7 months ago)
Could very well be. (If you think I'm going to type your name again btw you're mistaken :o)
Fin O'Suilleabhain or the other way around
Fin O'Suilleabhain (7 months ago)
Abdelmelik Farrooq Alwahid ... Trying to place it. North American with more than a dash of Irish?
Billy Birdy (8 months ago)
I only just realised that SelfKey and The Key are two different ICOs doing similar things and both open to buy in. The Key is based on NEO, sounds like SelfKey is an ERC20. Explains why you didn't mention Catherine Li who is very well respected. She is CEO of The Key. I went to register for The Key and couldn't understand why they wanted an ETH wallet. Esp since I never buy ERC20 tokens. I had unexpectedly been registering for selfkey.
Ikenna Oruche (8 months ago)
What do u think about digitex sky?
Crypterium is a sleeper!
Billy Birdy (8 months ago)
I reckon that crypterium looks like a really winner. Can you still buy into crypterium or is the ICO closed? I had a look at the website and wasn't quite sure.
Inform New Hampshire (8 months ago)
My scam alarms are going off with the Wepower company
Ton-Up Recycling (8 months ago)
I agree, but people can still profit of this project.
Inform New Hampshire (8 months ago)
Good to know, I'll check them out. Check out these two guys at Cryptosomniac (youtube) they do great analysis as well.
impatient potato (8 months ago)
yep. its hard to tell. i thought of maybe paying to a youtube channel like suppoman or crypto love. they seem to find the best ones and are always in profit.
Inform New Hampshire (8 months ago)
I would guess that you could still profit off the ICO. I just have a jaded view of the alternative energy field when they start claiming Co2 credits, knowing the whole "Co2=man made global warning" is a fraud. We are entering a global cooling faze which has been known for decades and the earth is near record lows of Co2 in the atmosphere. Best wishes and as Kevin said, decide for yourself.
Kevin (8 months ago)
If you listen to other deciding your investment why not just give the money to that person? do you see the logic in my speech here? decide for yourself else you'll never become wealthy.
isa modibbo (8 months ago)
Hi Sky! I'm interested in SelfKey, ..i'm in
Ryan Finchum (8 months ago)
Now do a video on ICOs Americans can participate in, please! SelfKey is out.. So is wepower...ethorse is closed due to hitting hard cap..
Eliseo Sandoval (8 months ago)
Hey check out titanium blockchain solid team
Jamy Fox (8 months ago)
Hi Sky, i also Saw these ico but After days of research (yeah days!) Only these are really worth: 15 janvier pocketinns 1 February MedicalChain 1 February We Power 1 February Vice
r wilhelmus (8 months ago)
Jamy Fox I
DBS Fanatics (8 months ago)
Jamy Fox vice😈🙈
Leomar Davila (8 months ago)
I’m waiting for Deep Brain Chain to go off :( me losing money
cust0mx (8 months ago)
Did you buy it after she put out the video on it? It was up for a few days but has dropped over 50% in the last few days
Gloeiworm (8 months ago)
Rumour is out that Voxels is teaming up with Xbox
ashman 11 (8 months ago)
great vid, selfkey and wepower are definitly on my list. pls take a look at medicalchain, it has very good rating at icobench
Lee Shawn (8 months ago)
TpBrass0 (8 months ago)
SELFKEY holder here, this idea can be applied on a lot of domains not only exchanges. Even it's only applied on exchanges that is already a huge market, so this ico has a big potential imo.
daniel gonzález (8 months ago)
it´s totally sold out.... too bad
Richard Appiah (8 months ago)
Join this HOT lending ICO ending soon https://www.chrysoscoin.com/register?ref_=r4yJRM6y0w

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