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What is behind Bitcoin's surge in value? - Inside Story

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The digital currency Bitcoin has moved from the fringes to more of the mainstream in the past few weeks, mostly because its value has risen at such an extraordinary rate. And just like a surging stock, it's left a lot of people wishing they'd either got in earlier, or wondering how they can jump on board now. But as ever, there are questions about how safe it is, how to regulate something which by its very nature is decentralised, and if it is just another bubble waiting to burst. So, what is behind the sudden rise in value of Bitcoin? Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria Guests: Garrett Hileman - Economic Historian at the University of Cambridge and London School of Economics. David Vaile - Co-convenor of the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre at the University of New South Wales. Joerg Platzer - Owner of Room 77, a restaurant and bar that first accepted Bitcoin in 2011. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/
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Text Comments (182)
Mark Green (6 months ago)
Terms in HitBTC are quite normal, not worse than others offer, and money withdrawals are faster than many competitors make. I like there are no tricks, consistent profit withdrawals.
Rabiya Rabiya (6 months ago)
Ahmd Ali Hakm
Emperor Scott Yee (8 months ago)
"No one can steal your bitcoin" what a dumbass! Before and after this interview came out, bitcoins have been stolen.
To Day (9 months ago)
I got in on bitcoin in 2009 with $20,000 ....you folks coming into the game way too freaking late
Writing Board (9 months ago)
Claims bitcoin transfers are traceable, yet it's highly susceptible to hacking; that is, transfers are untraceable. Bitcoin values will fall.
Salman Alshawi (9 months ago)
Litecoin = Great investment
FORCE CLUB (10 months ago)
world is changing.. world is growing fast and bigger i think we all accept the changing world.. technology growing..country changing and peaple are changing.. everything is changing we cant pull back we cant stop it
anony mouse (10 months ago)
The vacation commercials for the acceptability aspect of the value is all over American advertisements...
Ian Siow (10 months ago)
When you can't convince them... You CONFUSE them. Joker...
Johnny Veritas (10 months ago)
No fees LOOOL
s3xyScorp (10 months ago)
Bigest SCAM yet,,imo..buy it up suckers
unrealspetznaz (10 months ago)
People will want to know how it technically works before using it? Seriously? As if people knew how the fing banking system works. No, you only need to have early adopters, and from there, if it works, it will reach the rest.
Fucking President (10 months ago)
Volatility of Bitcoin reduces its appeal as a stable currency. You won’t know how much you will be worth after a year if you keep your savings in Bitcoin. Nobody likes uncertainty.
Bubbi (10 months ago)
Can someone please donate me a Bitcoin? Bitcoin address: 1B53xzzmuHjeXTcoXyUCCDGNMin7HqQZZU
Alfred Malam (10 months ago)
Virtual means, something that is not real, nothing, its not there. this is bound to fail.
redzed (10 months ago)
Would it not be better to buy a gold bar and keep it under my pillow? No matter the value I have a 101 uses for it. With bitcoin I feel i'm giving someone my money to use while i'm just holding a coin as an assurance. If the bitcoin is like shares in a company it makes sense BUT i need to be fully furnished on how it's operating, I need a paper trail. Now if you say it's paperless and anonymous, then I have just put a belt around a tree expecting to retrieve my pot-o-gold later
Ed Madio (10 months ago)
Part of the system that will eventually kill Bitcoin currency is its finite amount that will peak at 21 million encrypted code. If 1 Bitcoin reached the hyped value of a $100,000.00 and buying a $1 burger will amount to Bitcoin currency 0.000001, then that deflationary valuation of counting how many negative zeros before paying will be the no-brainer. The consuming public will scratch their head first before completing a transaction. If this kind of second thoughts exists in the market, then the currency will eventually lose its appeal, because the success of an encrypted currency is the ease of its use among the common public...
Aran Kumar (10 months ago)
When bit coin will its just matter of time but it wont disappear i will be there but this 20k bs will be soon gone..
Adzarul Buqary (10 months ago)
By the end of this interview David bought some Bitcoins.
zoe fofo (10 months ago)
I don't trust it
Dennis Menace (10 months ago)
who physically makes them and where? what's to stop them making as many as they want? and if they did wouldn't that make them decrease in value
Shohag Ahmed (10 months ago)
Debating the usability of cryptocurrency is like debating with a 60 years old about online banking.
Shohag Ahmed (10 months ago)
Yes first you all have to understand when you have a discussion in his general public like this people talking about Bitcoins, what they're really referring to is the entire cryptocurrency family. Now there are cryptocurrency in the market such as IOTA, which solves all the problems that previous cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin head such as transaction fee Network congestion and etc. Now let's talk about the usability when you ask a question why people are not using Bitcoin as much as they're using cash it is completely foolish and dumb, because you are comparing a technology which is about 5 to 6 years old with a form of payments which is ever more than a thousand years old. And I went to respond to that folk who said email is not as important as Bitcoin because you aren't dealing with $$. Let me tell you this, get a an email from Donald Trump, I'll give you more than what Bitcoin worth right now.
Since blockchain can't be hacked meaning store of value is safe from any gov't control to seize, or increase to use for gov't purposes not told to us makes Bitcoin destined for real life success when inflation reoccures like in 2008.
Kwame Palavin (10 months ago)
would you say the british pound or the american dollar are perfect for illicit payments. Would You? Since both are and have been for many many years now. what you fail to grasp is the fact that the central bank concept is flawed and promotes usury and global wars and striff
Sean McConnell (10 months ago)
Bitcoin "perfect for illicit sales" should be changed to worst currency for illicit sales. When will media stop playing ignorant that Bitcoin is public ledger technology? I like the piece mostly but I can think of many currencies better for illicit sales, both crypto and traditional.
Macshil ah (10 months ago)
This sounds good, thanks to new technology. But I don't see any bubble if it's virtual in the first place. People have been using coins for ages out of fear of the king. But now they are using Bitcoin for better security. This has gained currency mainly because of it's growing acceptance monetary transactions. And the traditional institutions representing the king, fear this Bitcoin phenomenon.
Rhona Ann Proxenos (10 months ago)
What drives Bitcoin is the general Public's need to break the strangle hold of central banks and governments that do nothing for the people but impinge our freedoms, milk our coffers and bleed us dry.
Azadirachta 79s (10 months ago)
The most expensive part of Bitcoin is tranfer/send fee. Sometimes can be up to 100% of the bitcoin transfer itself. Always exchange to cheaper coins before transfer, usually I use Doge coins. Btc kept as a commodity only, use when really in need.
Kenneth Ferland (10 months ago)
I've been following Bitcoin for years now and I can tell you it is a horrible idea with an even more sleazy group of people around it. This is the 4th massive bubble this thing has gone through, each one has resulting in a >90% collapse. No one in their right mind should touch it.
unrealspetznaz (10 months ago)
Kenneth Ferland maybe, in the meantime, some of us are filling our pockets
naewd (10 months ago)
Hope Bitcoin doesn't turn out to be a baitcoin - it's too good to be true!!
Moses Kamuru (10 months ago)
naewd. So you want to coin a word!
sita sofia (10 months ago)
sita sofia (10 months ago)
because the protocol doesn't unregulated this the main point there is the most dangerous crime
sita sofia (10 months ago)
is mafia,capital robber
sita sofia (10 months ago)
simply gambling chips used on the public !is dangerous for government to allowing this
big jessy (10 months ago)
100% spoofing
Swapster .com (10 months ago)
Most crypto currencies have very low, near free transaction fees. The problem with Bitcoin is that the network is currently overloaded due to the design/configuration of Bitcoin... the software. The network is very capable, but there needs to be changes to Bitcoin the software to make transactions cheaper. Right now, transactions go into a mempool and back up.... and highest fees get processed first. This is something that will be fixed.
Jonathan Silva (10 months ago)
You can still make money off altcoins like cardano
Maruf Hasan (10 months ago)
Love the USPS add...
Ariya Josheghani (10 months ago)
Great conversation 👌🏽
Robert Almeida (10 months ago)
James Muldrow (10 months ago)
“People want to know how it works because it has to do with their money.” How does your bank account app work? How does an ATM work? What happens when you give your FIAT to the bank teller?
Yiling Cao (10 months ago)
u go into to a bar, no internet, stone age?
Thunder Foot (10 months ago)
Why do they always have a panel that knows nothing about Bitcoin and the blockchain tech in general? Blind man leading the blind man.
wuppas (10 months ago)
The people want to know what this phenomenon is all about it, and nobody knows what is going and what will happen, but they know that they have to eat every day, and they know that they have to work every day as well, and they know that Bitcoin will not free them neither from eating nor from having to go to work.Until the currency comes that frees the people from having to eat and from having to go to work nothing will make the people happy.
Mark Vianen (10 months ago)
Bla bla bla, get bitcoin!Don't listen to bought media, bla bla.
vincentyeo88 (10 months ago)
Malaysia's central bank has announced that it will regulate all cryptocurrencies in 2018.
vincentyeo88 (10 months ago)
2018 is just around the corner. let's be patient and wait for that central bank to make its move.
Remlat Zargonix (10 months ago)
vincentyeo88 .....and how, exactly, will they do that?....easier said than done.
vincentyeo88 (10 months ago)
that's correct, one of the guests has said the government could regulate Bitcoin through the banking system. ultimately, the banksters are in control.
KM Tang (10 months ago)
U dont know the workings of bitcoin Yet u invest?
Tshepo Letlhare (10 months ago)
U don't know the workings of YouTube, yet u comment, lol
David Ardron (10 months ago)
Fake news. As a matter of fact Bitcoin is already regulated by banking. Anyone who says it isn't is a barefaced liar or an absolute moron. All you bankers fools haven't even the brains to see you are initially purchasing bitcoin with bank money & selling it for bank money. You greedy fools have no clue bank money is a purposed misrepresentation -- making your precious bitCON a further misrepresentation. The bankers own you all. They own all that you possess. They own your politicians & the media. Most if not all of you cant, or flat out refuse to see you are getting robbed just spending money today even your bitcoin.
vincentyeo88 (10 months ago)
absolutely correct! the name of the game is control and enslavement. yet most of the people can't handle the truth.
Noah Namey (10 months ago)
Call me crazy, but I think Bitcoin is being purposely set up as the next Tulip Mania by way of banker types driving up the price. By all rights, BC should just be steadily rising (in relation to the erosion of confidence in GovCoin) - which it was.. which I think was intolerable to TPTB.
Morgan Freeman (10 months ago)
Noodly Appendage (10 months ago)
Bitcoin has nothing that a national currency could have. Whats the point?
Hoki Doki (10 months ago)
Like Venezuela😂
Max F (10 months ago)
exactly right. That is the whole point :)
Matthew Wyman (10 months ago)
Safe is a very subjective term in this context. It is perfectly safe in that all transactions can be verified. Is it safe to store your money in it as it is built right now? No. There's no guarantee that anyone will give you the same amount of money that you put into it. Most places do no take bitcoin. so claiming it is easy is kinda... dumb. None of the guests understand how bitcoin technology works so they all just spout hyperbole. -_- Bitcoin has very serious scaling issues that will limit expanded use until we figure out more of the technical challenges that are limiting bitcoin from processing more transactions quickly and with all the conveniences that we take for granted with traditional banks. Investing in bitcoin is you saying that you don't think that someone else (say the World bank) decides to start using crypo-currency to track all their transactions. It would be a great way to show that nobody is cheating for them and kill bitcoin at the same time. The underlying tech will be very important for a long time assuming we fix the current issues (block sizes and transaction speed/bandwidth afaik)
wuppas (10 months ago)
The fix must start with getting new brain cells inside the brain where they can give humans the ability to fight scams of any kind and take over the whole money business for the common good, not for profit speculation and perversions known ''' i want to get rich '' while others will be poor.
Denguju Magula (10 months ago)
iPhone X
Tyran Mathurin (10 months ago)
Damn....I wished I'd invested in bitcoin back in 2009!
Tyran Mathurin (10 months ago)
roger ashar If I'm not mistaken, I read an article that seem to suggests its value have flucuated in the past. And, still, today, bitcoin is worth nearly $20k. So, this isn't any different from stocks which value tends to go up and down.
roger ashar (10 months ago)
Tyran Mathurin thts a general sentiment now.wait for a fall in value it will change in no time.
Hass Chapman (10 months ago)
Most people fail to understand that we are currently at the very start of a classic adoption s-curve. As we approach the top then the price will stabilise and the volatility decrease. Together with the lightning network, which allows the BTC network to scale and cope with demand, this will allow BTC to replace fiat as the common method for value exchange.
wuppas (10 months ago)
And that happens you will become the instant millionaire that you were dreaming all your life ?
Rather than call it deep "wierdness" he should say deep complexity. It is indeed exceedingly complex: you need advanced PhD level math skills on top of very solid network programming skills. Plus, there's a good number of finance principles thrown in to boot. I purchased bitcoin long ago for it's use, not because I understood or predicted that it would rise the way it has. I always assumed that slowly, as people became familiar with it's great utility, the price would rise generally over time with slight fluctuations.
tom mi (10 months ago)
No fees ?? Really ??
Rof Lhard (10 months ago)
BTC is not a usable currency. BTC, for a very large number of people, can no longer function as intended. Transactions below $1,000 can now only happen economically via exchanges because onchain fees are above USD $20 per transaction. Effectively, for most people, BTC is centralised.
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ (10 months ago)
no thanks to bitcoins ....never NEVERRRRRRRRRR!
Sherry Spectre (10 months ago)
Blah blah blah
Forrest L (10 months ago)
Sydney was a doofus, Cambridge was pretty chill. Al Jazeera needs to practice pronouncing bitcoin.
dan connor (10 months ago)
"People are still centralized"? Who is this yank. I really need a Ecuadorian passport now.
zoezoe610 (10 months ago)
Is it the way the globalists will move us into a cashless society then they will create more bitcoins and push the value right down to a normal currency level. Nobody knows.......
dan connor (10 months ago)
The american a paid stooge for apple. Viva the bitcoin revolution!
dan connor (10 months ago)
Oh for C#### sake, the dullard Ozzie in the middle... the typical knuckle-dragging red functionary that hinders innovation, growth and freedom across the five-eye's countries.
deja vu (10 months ago)
Bitcoin or eventually a "big-con", no one knows for sure just now.
D Beddows (10 months ago)
Get your facts right.. Massive transaction fees! Due Diligence AJ !!
Loaded Ptyltd (10 months ago)
Bitcoin = pure bullshit
Serhan Aktas (10 months ago)
it has better foundation than U.S dollars and it doesnt require nukes to subjugate the world economy.
login211 (10 months ago)
Serhan Aktas bitcoin had no intrinsic value. Food, shelter, land have intrinsic value. Gold is only valued because of the past, it has no intrinsic value but at the least you can hold it. Bitcoin poses only imaginary value; it is only worth what one is willing to pay for it.
Dardania Lion (10 months ago)
Why do people invest in this? A currency without rules or laws. It's amazing.
dh41400 (10 months ago)
In the world of crypto people owning the coins are the ones that take care of how secure their money is. I personally can live with that, because there are rules to follow for your money to be very safe and if you don't follow those rules ... well you get what you ask for. As for bank responsibility, I've experienced the situation when the bank goes broke and couple of million people become pennyless and have to sue that same bank and wait for 20 years to get small portion of their money back. Most of the time, when big crysis happens, small customers get hurt and they still have to pay for those banksters mistakes and bail them out eventually. So yes, I can live with the crypto security, because at least I know it depends entirely on me and not on somesone's mercy, willingness and judgement.
Dardania Lion (10 months ago)
Banks belong to the government or are connected with governments. What ever happens to you or your money, banks can help. If someone steals your money from these banks of cryptos who takes responsibility? No one?
dh41400 (10 months ago)
Why do people pay bank fees to store their money in those banks? And then that money is lend back to those same people only for those banks to make even more profit (with interest rates) from the people that gave them the money in the first place. That is what centuries of rules and regulations will provide to sheeps :D
eric vulgate (10 months ago)
'they might not have internet' and 'no one uses smart phones to pay for stuff' are arguments? both those things are coming along just fine- soon there will be few places on earth where internet and paying for stuff with your phone won't be commonplace.
Masterr Laster (10 months ago)
Bitcoin as a currency currently has failed (in my opinion) transaction fees and times are very high. Also the high volatility of it means people don't wanna take it for payment (you may wanna gamble with your money some people don't). I used to pay for stuff in bitcoin all the time ever since it jumped in price this year nobody takes it anymore. As an investment I think it's overpriced to get into @ near 20k for one coin. If you wanna get in on it look to alt coins. They are cheaper to buy into and returns look better. Also they all use blockchain tech which whats really important. The media puts to much emphasis on bitcoin. Some people still think there is a real coin because of this. The blockchain and how it will be used in the future is whats really important.
Rael Kaz (10 months ago)
You can still make mony in altcoins like Litecoin
Android Phone (10 months ago)
bitcoin is a ponzi scheme i sold my 3 bitcoin right away once i realized it.
D Mack (10 months ago)
How is the market for Beanie Babies holding up?
Cash Facts (10 months ago)
I have minus $200 in my bank account, no job, no car, no assets, and owe $13000 to friends and family. Yet here I am watching this video which doesn't help my situation.
wuppas (10 months ago)
It is a scam to make money to get rich on the fly and a scam that will not solve nor help you out in any way right now.
wuppas (10 months ago)
2 years ? you must be mad to start with, because the guy is hungry now and needs to eat today not in 2 years time to be alive.
tom mi (10 months ago)
Cash Facts yet u have cash in your name and a picture of a cat that means fortune . How ironic
dan connor (10 months ago)
Cash Facts Ask your friends for 100 each, invest in bitcoin, wait two years, and then you will thank me.
dummekopf (10 months ago)
the R word ; regulation ..... cringe.
Millennial Pop Culture (10 months ago)
the cambridge guy and the sydney guy are hope killers as well the majority of commentators chill u people and let the people have a trust on what they doing. As a millennial I'm making a good amount of money from bitcoin then my 80k job
1manuscriptman (10 months ago)
So you are basically telling the rest of the world to support your incredibly risky (and in my own opinion, quite foolish) investment without asking questions or considering their own risk. What a nice guy.
Duke Temz (10 months ago)
Millennials rock n roll It’s BETTER to spectate and SCRUTINISED anything you invest in instead of throwing all your eggs in a basket.
Ofty (10 months ago)
Zidane Steiner (10 months ago)
I would buy shitcoin if and when it comes to market
dan connor (10 months ago)
Youre like my grumpy grampy in 1998 talking about email.
roger ashar (10 months ago)
tom ofty if u don't own it.
Victor Hugo (10 months ago)
so why don´t the criminals convert it back to fiat so they don´t get caught with it? are countries letting it spread so they can round up criminals? It seems logical that each country should just blockchainerize their existing national currency (as in Dollar blockchain, Euro blockchain, etc.).
norman studebaker (10 months ago)
Victor Hugo. In Australia they have crypto included in the terrorism & money laundering legislation. For the very reason you spoke of. It is subject to capital gains tax on over $10000 worth. Can be traded as a currency but any large cash outs would raise red flags with the feds & the taxation department from what I understand. If there is a pie the Australian gov will have their fingers in it. Pay them their cut & all is good.
James Nicholl (10 months ago)
Of course bitcoin is regulated, it's just not regulated by a democratic state. So we're replacing democratically controlled currency with currency controlled by a cartel of network owners. The people supporting this are profoundly naive anarchists.
dan connor (10 months ago)
sgtsnakeeyes11 Im an expert in symmetric-key cryptograohy, I get paid by mafiosos at various central banks ;)
Max F (10 months ago)
An open source protocol is hardly a cartel controlled network. LOL
sgtsnakeeyes11 (10 months ago)
dan bitcoin isn't truly decentralized, james is right, i'm not going to waste time explaining it to you try google
dan connor (10 months ago)
James Nicholl unless you are a mathmatician, cryptoghapher, or physics major, id suggest you delete your post.
SixSixteen Sevens (10 months ago)
'Unregulated?' What about the $ prining press ?😂
David Johnston (10 months ago)
"no transaction fees" lol
sita sofia (10 months ago)
don't go in it !it just simply capital robber take away your money!it just gambling chips goes public
Tom Arnhem (10 months ago)
your a bit of a mug if your paying fees lol. Bit like how people buy a EHIC card
Robert Rusu (10 months ago)
I've paid 47 Euro in fees to transfer 53 Euroes worth of BTC
Rei Lem (10 months ago)
Joerg platzer, very well spoken, great points
Nico Ras (10 months ago)
Nonsense the transaction fees are ludicrous currently.
dan connor (10 months ago)
You arent using wallet to wallet then.
Hass Chapman (10 months ago)
That is solved by the lightning net
which makes it difficult to act as a "currency" ... but it still has utility
Christopher Grandison (10 months ago)
The volatility of bitcoin's prices makes no sense when using it as a payment method. When you pay in bitcoins and the value of those coins rise the next day or hour, it's like you just got overcharged.
Adzarul Buqary (10 months ago)
Timing is key my friend!
Kenneth Ferland (10 months ago)
Bull, it has grown a million fold and is still ludicrously volatile, their is NOTHING in it's design that anchors its value to anything at all and thus speculation is the only value it has and speculation is inherently volatile.
Thunder Foot (10 months ago)
Christopher Grandison Just goes to show. Normies only know of "Bitcoin", because this bitcoin thing is being talked about by everyone. Anyone who's already involved in the industry will tell you that its a terrible form of payment. Have you tried paying for something in gold? calculate the fees on a gold transfer, security and transport. As a form of currency, gold is absolutely terrible, just like bitcoin. Theres other far better, faster and cheaper alternatives. But you wont be told of that because these guys sitting on this panel are normies themselves, who've probably only been exposed to this industry over the past few weeks.
dan connor (10 months ago)
1manuscriptman Because there is a finite supply. Its like owning a share of an original famous work.of art, like the mona lisa. Art prices will always fluctuate, but they beat the stock market. Bitcoin is better than gold, it has a very clever limit built into it. In the (not too.distant future) all national.currencies will have to be based on it. Go home, lay down and read satoshis original paper.
1manuscriptman (10 months ago)
dan connor What exactly are you saying, if anything? How can Bitcoin possibly be usedd as an instrument of credit with it's present volatility?
jeffdre (10 months ago)
There are transaction fees.
Zeeshan Ali (10 months ago)
I am no one to judge but as far as the risk of losing bitcoins is concerned not physically even though it does not exist is kind of tricky. Very few might like being regulated for a reason (for me its a good reason) through banks. But banks does not puts you in dark room. Knowing nothing one must know the purpose for its uprising against banking system. It might bring out some devastating results what if a single hacker detroys the economy of a country within no seconds. For a pure relationship it is the philosophy of trust which empowers a change. At the end no offense to anyone. May the best one win. Thanks
zak Sarwari (10 months ago)
Something that I don't get it eitherway... mE~>- I want my wealth to be tangible... ;)
Ailer Aguilar (10 months ago)
You know it okay as buyer to bu y a kilo of coke and weapons lol
abz998 (10 months ago)
Qatari sovereign fund is trying so hard to get the price down.
Cringe Sniper (10 months ago)
Bitcoin is backed by nothing. The US government could declare it illegal and put a gun to your head for using Bitcoin whenever they want so don't tell me the US dollar isn't backed by anything. Actually it is. It's backed by 380 million tax payers and a 700 billion a year military budget.
wuppas (10 months ago)
If you don't, then , keep it that way, and stop spreading inside your brain the lies of the Bitcoin witchcraft magic power.
Sean McConnell (10 months ago)
alright. I dont care
wuppas (10 months ago)
Stop using words of manipulation and come back to the point: are you a scammer trying to make some big money, yes or no ?
1manuscriptman (10 months ago)
Sean McConnell That has nothing to do with my argument. My point is that just because something is rare does not make it desirable. I work in rare books and manuscripts, and many rare things have no value because they are not wanted. It is a cardinal mistake to confuse rarity with value.
Sean McConnell (10 months ago)
1manuscriptman yeah but any dumb dumb can copy your autograph. Wake up.
strong foot (10 months ago)
Bitcoin is a total fraud and all investors will be shocked.
strong foot (10 months ago)
Highlighted reply: SkrillaKing: For you I just say:" no, I am NOT in any danger from this Bitcoin and this is for sure at 100%.:". For others who commented on my comment, I say:" thank you all and I can not answered everyone individually. God bless:".
dh41400 (10 months ago)
What I'm shocked is that people still trust banks and their government. So many times people have been skinned to the bare bones, left pennyless, tricked countless times or were lied to shamelessly, and yet they still come back for more. There is a word for this phenomenon - S.H.E.E.P.S. :D
SkrillaKing (10 months ago)
Not really but certainly you are in danger with Bitcoin now.
Rochelle El (10 months ago)
LOL....a comment that comes from someone who uses fiat currency which isn't backed by anything of value....but Bitcoin is a fraud? LOL
Mohammed Medhat (10 months ago)
World is changing
Funki (10 months ago)
B for Bitcoin.
KM Tang (10 months ago)
Crab. U want to pay 16000 ti buy my bitcoin?=

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