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How to buy bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)

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Today is a run down of how to buy bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, or whatever other cryptocurrency you hear about and want to invest in. Links: MY ETHER WALLET: https://www.myetherwallet.com/ COINBASE: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5923260ea0e26e04219fcac0 BINANCE: https://www.binance.com/?ref=12287517 My patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tommycallaway ------------------------------- My Camera Gear - Main Camera: http://amzn.to/2FdRrM5 - Main Lens: 18-35 f1.8: http://amzn.to/2Hulgsu - Adapter for 18-35 lens: http://amzn.to/2GpLR8R - Smaller camera: http://amzn.to/2F8r9ee - Long Native Lens: http://amzn.to/2C8yfRv - SmallHD Focus: http://amzn.to/2HkCvfR ------------------------------- My Audio gear: Blue Baby Bottle Microphone: @ http://amzn.to/2zuuH6P Rode PSA1 Boom Arm: @ http://amzn.to/29wRUxj Mackie ProFX8v2 Mixer: @ http://amzn.to/2j06mOA Zoom H6 (recording from mackie output): @ http://amzn.to/2iLb1pW ------------------------------- MUSIC: Blue Wednesday https://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday ------------------------------- My twitter: @tgcallaway
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Text Comments (52)
Tommy Callaway (11 months ago)
You guys want me to do a video explaining bitcoin mining?
tall32guy (18 days ago)
Tommy Callaway please do because just the other day I heard about it and want more info about it!!!
John Gonad (4 months ago)
Please. And also, what requirements are needed.
Bri Goose (8 months ago)
I thought for mining you needed 1 hell of a right..for most impossible
Eagle (10 months ago)
I'm still trying to learn and a video about avoiding fees or at least not paying much when going from coinbase to an exchange and to your wallet would be great!
maranatha84 (11 months ago)
Bitcoin mining is probably a lost battle for ordinary people. You could give us some insight on most feasible coins for minning.
There are drives that store information well. They are USB connected and have the property of carrying. This is a good option for storing information, but I think you know about it. The video itself as information is useful for people who are new in this field.
Joe Joe (7 months ago)
can i transfer my bitcoin to bank account? if not than leave my dollar alone and he will find his way home
XSI5 (7 months ago)
Great video. I still don't get why do I need a wallet. Buying bitcoins from Coinbase should safely store the amount I buy, isn't it?
mrdave2112 (7 months ago)
I am confused: why are we using currency (dollars) to buy currency (bitcoin) and then converting it back to dollars? The value of a dollar stays a dollar but the value of bitcoin doesn't retain its value. Any help would be appreciated.
Tom Johnson (7 months ago)
How do i know my either wallet isnt a scam?
big boss (8 months ago)
nice add
miqel timmerman (8 months ago)
Why don't I let my bitcons stay on coinbase?
Snapshot Edits (9 months ago)
Why are the Coinbase reviews so bad on TrustPilot?
BigWater59 (9 months ago)
Mastercard and Visa have blocked coinbase. They currently cannot process CC transactions.
Zak Phipps (9 months ago)
Yngve Lindvåg (10 months ago)
I don't understand why you should store on a "wallet". When you buy at coinbase you say its insured up to 250 000$. They take a transaction fee, do they also take a fee for holding your currency over time in their system....so if you wont sell fast you should put in wallet?
superdinamite live (3 months ago)
Yngve Lindvåg if you don’t get it you shouldn’t be getting into bitcoin
Wiz Bangg (10 months ago)
Is coinbase a wallet or is that different?
Tommy Callaway (10 months ago)
Coinbase is an exchange, they retain ownership of all your coins until you sell them or send them to your own wallet.
David Cook (10 months ago)
Great video!!
skinny55772 (10 months ago)
04:00 Isn't it only insured for US dollars held on Coinbase, not for any of the coins?
Tommy Callaway (10 months ago)
All digital currency that Coinbase holds online is fully insured, all Fiat currency is insured up to $250k.  If you have questions feel free to read it yourself: https://support.coinbase.com/customer/portal/articles/1662379-how-is-coinbase-insured-
UXXV (10 months ago)
Not the greatest video explaining things about offline. You should make MULTIPLE copies not just one hard drive or USB drive. If you lose it, there is a fire, it breaks and stops working you are hosed. Multiple copies, encrypted, off site!
UXXV (10 months ago)
Thanks for the reply, you are so right and even with lots of knowledge theres still so much to learn! :)
Tommy Callaway (10 months ago)
Couldn't agree more. This was more of a video to help convey some understanding. There's just so much to cover with bitcoin, people are afraid of too much information.
Gragnak the Bold (10 months ago)
Storing your wallet/private keys on external data drives is slightly better than on your internal hard drive, but if your computer gets compromised, your coins will be stolen the moment you reconnect that drive. Better would be something like Bitcoin Armory or a hardware wallet such as ColdCard, Trezor, or Ledger, and I recommend you look into those if you have significant amount of coins.
Age of PC (10 months ago)
I'd like to know where i can download that matrix screensaver from, other than that great video :)
Tommy Callaway (10 months ago)
uselesscreations.com costs $4. Worth it.
afri boy (10 months ago)
P (10 months ago)
Just came across this channel and I highly appreciated your videos! Trying to give a little advice here. I'd say it would be better to avoid animated screensaver in the background, because they are distracting (atleats for me) when you do all these jump-cuts. Just something I noticed and thought worth mentioning as feedback :)
Tommy Callaway (10 months ago)
Thank you for the feedback. Always trying to improve. :)
Mitch Rogers (10 months ago)
Absolutely great video
maranatha84 (11 months ago)
Very informative. Thanks!
Tommy Callaway (11 months ago)
Glad I could help :)
Alex Reitz (11 months ago)
Good video but it would have been better if you talked a bit more on the compatibility of wallets with alt coins. If I buy some alt coins from binnance or some other exchange, can I store them in a wallet like electrum? What are the best wallets for alt coins and which ones don't support alt coins
Alex Reitz (11 months ago)
I will watch those videos
Tommy Callaway (11 months ago)
Totally agree. I tried to keep this video a bit condensed - people get freaked out if they see too much info too quickly - I'll do a couple more videos to deepen the understanding of different kinds of wallets, alt coins, and cross compatibility.
Irene Sunshine (11 months ago)
guys what do you think about Deep Gold project? as far as I understand it's a decentraland clone isnt it
harry flander (11 months ago)
Can you make a video on how to mine bitcoin?
Gurjot Bhullar (11 months ago)
Very nice video
Mecks089 (11 months ago)
Wait, so if you have a computer that literally doesn't have any relations of digital wallets or any online-transactions, that means you don't have a bitcoin?
Crypto Lark (8 months ago)
Mecks089, did you successfully purchase your bitcoin ?
Tommy Callaway (11 months ago)
I'mma be honest here - I don't understand your question. You can just buy and sell on coinbase if you want. Watch the video and I explain why you should have a wallet.
Zack Holihan (11 months ago)
Nice man! good to learn a bit more about the subject. I feel like a lot of people would love to know how to mine coins if you made a video about it. (bitcoin or litecoin are prob what people want too see the most)
MrDyl666 (10 months ago)
Zack Holihan it's extremely expensive Not really worth the investment
MrDyl666 (11 months ago)
What you want to use is gdax
MrDyl666 (10 months ago)
Tom H use Coinbase and just keep trying. Once you're verified on coinbase it automatically gives you a verified gdax account :) gdax will let you avoid all the fees that other sites have
Tom H (10 months ago)
When it actually lets you verify your account!
MrDyl666 (11 months ago)
Tommy Callaway definitely worth using for the British people like me especially as it links with your coin base account
Tommy Callaway (11 months ago)
Another great option!
Sam B (11 months ago)
This might be wishful thinking since I don't know how YouTube uploads work, but I really wish that I could watch new vids in HD instead of 360p.
Tommy Callaway (11 months ago)
If you hit refresh it's in HD now. Youtube processes things slowly.

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