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🎓 The Beginner's Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency (Tutorial) 🎓

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Join the Crypto Collective Facebook Group for tips on what coins to invest in: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1838157219809551/ This simple beginner's guide covers everything you need to start investing in Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, NEO and more. We go over how to keep track of the market. How to buy your first bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. What cryptocurrency wallet to use. How to track your personal portfolio. How join supportive communities of cryptocurrency. Where to get your news and hat cryptocurrency YouTube channels to subscribe to and even some investing strategies. This guide is for noobies, those brand new to the world of crypto.
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RR rr (2 months ago)
sincere question- if the dollar fails- what happens to the value it purchased in crypto?
Daniel Aker (2 months ago)
There is several apps concerning bitcoin...all they asked for is my email,and them I’m signed in instantly...are those trustworthy?
Romeos Sandorini (2 months ago)
Zane, can you also review and explain how dual token decentralized Kowala kUSD by Kowala.tech stablecoin comparing with centralized stablecoin like single token USDT stablecoin by tether? Make nice guide for nobiews :) Thank you 😊
RB-30 (2 months ago)
You explained this investment strategy really well
lyzzy Maria (3 months ago)
Wow great!😀 I’m making huge profits already!
Gary Gordons (3 months ago)
lyzzy Maria A huge thanks for this contact lizzy! He’s a great guy to work with!
lyzzy Maria (3 months ago)
Okay you can contact him at this address [email protected]
Gary Gordons (3 months ago)
lyzzy Maria I’m new to all this crypto ish I need such help too how can I contact your friend? I’m interested.
lyzzy Maria (3 months ago)
The video was very helpful it elevated my interest then I met an expert who put me through and even makes trades for me! I make profits each week!
Hissa Amarria (3 months ago)
lyzzy Maria don’t you care to share?
Abdelwaheb Dhouioui (4 months ago)
Thank you :)
Gryffindor Seamus (5 months ago)
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Paul Faryna (5 months ago)
Hey Zane, Thanks for the video, you had some nuanced insights and great recommendations. I work with Benthos Labs on a free cryptoasset management tool called Shrimpy which I believe would be really interesting and useful for your target demographic. Our main benefits include automatic rebalancing based on user-defined allocations and simplified portfolio diversification. We’ve also done research on hundreds of thousands of portfolios to see how different portfolios perform relative to each other. Summary: rebalancing diversified portfolios over the past year could have increased returns over 230%. We think that’s a huge bonus in addition to not having to worry as much about your allocations! I’d love for you to try out Shrimpy and if you like it, let the world know! We’ve had fast user growth and a lot of interest so I believe it would drive extra excitement for your video/viewers. We have a Beta that is available for you to use if you’re interested so you could try out any new features before they’re released. If you have any questions for us please don’t hesitate to reach out. If it’s not the right time for this type of review, but you’d be interested in some other type of project (portfolio research, interview, etc.) we’re open to ideas! Thanks, Paul
karren vee (6 months ago)
Mr BTCKYLE is the best teacher in cryptocurrency as for now!!!
Caroline DD (6 months ago)
i started last week ..earning 0.2BTC every 11.3hours straight to my wallet ..he is a genius
Broyka (6 months ago)
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ROOT (6 months ago)
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Jesse Deluca (6 months ago)
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Thanks, Great video for newbies .
PP Melo (6 months ago)
Thank you very much for your time to make this GREAT video. :)
Justin aaq Long (7 months ago)
Zane, im new to this crypto, how do l go about invest $50 to bitcoin?
Ideal Real Estate (7 months ago)
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Oscar Dyler (7 months ago)
The best form of investment is investing in cryptocurrency and binary trading , this has changed my financial status over the years and i hope it changes yours too.
David Rezal (7 months ago)
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Gregwinson Gregwinson (7 months ago)
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Alex Jerome (7 months ago)
wow, i gained 0.7btc from [email protected] in 72hours.
Angela Landow (7 months ago)
Thank you!! I have learned so much from this video.
Broyka (7 months ago)
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Christopher Garcés (7 months ago)
thank you man
chris claim (7 months ago)
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Shabi_no_Samuri (7 months ago)
I Have A Question ! can you review bitcoinritch-com on amtv alternative media television ?
Shabi_no_Samuri (7 months ago)
extra security like bodyguards
Chani Bhinder (7 months ago)
Brilliant tutorial Zane; you're a born trainer! Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge an experience, in a way that's easy to understand. This gives beginners the tools and confidence to dip their toes in to the cryptocurrency minefield : ) Hopefully, one day I'll have enough knowledge to create a video! Look forward to seeing your next one : )
Capsules for You (7 months ago)
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francis hilton (7 months ago)
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Triglav (8 months ago)
3:31 Are you kidding me? 10x4500=45000 you retard.
Fred Carson (8 months ago)
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lamfilipos (8 months ago)
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interesting useful video
aahiggy (8 months ago)
You couldn’t be anymore wrong about dogecoin
mrdave2112 (8 months ago)
I disagree with the very beginning of your video. There is a faster way with even less risk to make quick money than with cryptos. In Las Vega there is a table game where you pick a card from a deck and if you bet $1,000 and the card  is black you win, red you lose. You double your money in literally seconds, $2,000 from $1,000. Cryptos can't give you those kinds of returns so quick, and cryptos  have even more risk than this game in Vegas statistically. There is a mathematical algorithm to prove this and algorithms can be trusted because they are decentralized; there is no human bias. This transaction is peer to peer, you and the dealer. I am a direct testimony: I made a lot of money doing this.
jmbalaguer1 (9 months ago)
Thank you!!
Jessica Rubio (9 months ago)
Alexis Johnson (9 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!
Tino Ape (9 months ago)
Really helpful video bro. Especially the recommended subscriptions at the end and how helpful theyll be. Cheers
Dr David Jeremiah (9 months ago)
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Ben Cathy Blair (9 months ago)
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Shawn Crosby (9 months ago)
https://discord.gg/t9QARQN Great signal group
stephen kingsdale (10 months ago)
Thanks brother, from down under~~!!!! Great crash course
Cat Williams (10 months ago)
Great info! Thanks so much for covering all of these different aspects of CC.
Alkhaf Alkhaf (7 months ago)
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Decklan Mhaiki (10 months ago)
Great Video with good information. Thanks
Having Fun (10 months ago)
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Trevor Jennings (10 months ago)
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Kaino Haipinge (10 months ago)
How do I get in touch with you if I want to start investing?? You could be of help.
Sergey Lol (10 months ago)
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Glenn Nolan (10 months ago)
thanks so much this is hugely helpful for me as a newbie!
William Nogueira (10 months ago)
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Rio Kerr (10 months ago)
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Niels Mikaelsen (10 months ago)
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DrColleenAnne Smith (10 months ago)
I really enjoyed this video Zane. Do you have a course for beginners by any chance? You are easy to understand! Thank you.
Zane Bacic (10 months ago)
Hey @DrColleenAne Smith, Not yet but I'm working on a free email course which should be ready for you guys soon :)
Abdullatif Abdulloh (10 months ago)
exactly what i was looking for
P Q (10 months ago)
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greek show (10 months ago)
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IQ Profit (10 months ago)
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maxima scott (10 months ago)
my wife was skeptical about me doing this but i am glad i did give his software a try though without his knowledge, with just $2000 and in 42 hours i made $8500
shiva vig (10 months ago)
he is the man for the job love his sincerity and guidance
chaser 81 (10 months ago)
i havent made any money from his software but i have made my capital back,i am very excited
Broyka (10 months ago)
can i trade every week??
monwabisimngxaso (10 months ago)
Hey Zane, great informative video, Thanks Mobs in South Africa
john reman (10 months ago)
I cant believe that now at my 12th hour of researching a completely new thing that i actually click on this tutorial and just like that its really making total sense. What to do, how to do it where to find it and who to listen to... just amazing please continue to make these tutorials I'll be eternally grateful.
lord Lancelot name (10 months ago)
john reman convince me that they are going to stay not the blockchain i know its going to stay but bitcoin
Aaron Evans (11 months ago)
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v Tube (11 months ago)
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Aphmau Lover! (11 months ago)
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Jon Mills (11 months ago)
Thank you from Florida! Subscribed!
smilo chonco (11 months ago)
Hey Zane. please recommend the site for me to use to buy bitcoin I'm in South Africa. It seams like the BitcoinMarket.net is only for Australians.
smilo chonco (11 months ago)
thanx for info.
PANTTERA1959 (11 months ago)
Quality instruction mate.
benard lorin (11 months ago)
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Lal A (11 months ago)
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Allan Vargas (11 months ago)
Actually 10 bitcoin would’ve been 45,000 😆😂 you multiplied the old price with the new one, not the 10 btc you were talking about. Great video though 👍🏽 10 btc would be 150,000 now though 😃
Billy The Kid (11 months ago)
I have about 1000 to make my first investment. Should I buy a 1k sliver of bitcoin or spread it out a bit?
Bambiana (11 months ago)
I love u
Danaz Sdiq (9 months ago)
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Festus Oba (11 months ago)
Thank you mate. Stumbled to this video by luck and it to out to be the best 40min i've spent staying up last 2am in the UK. Thank you so much. i can now start looking into going into crypto big time and with caution. God bless you and Much love!!
Regina Decker (11 months ago)
Thank you so much! Great video!
tings9 (11 months ago)
Thank you so much.. Simple and easy to understand how this works. I really enjoyed it ..this is a great video.
Mccarty Duffy (11 months ago)
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Zuwana Ricki (11 months ago)
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vitamink3 (11 months ago)
One of the best and the most detailed videos here. Amazing explanation with loads of educational resources which pointed me to in the right direction. Thank you for uploading this.
Ashley (11 months ago)
Wish I knew about this video 2 months back when I got into crypto! Very Well thought out with no fluff talk.Will be sharing this with mates :)
Brendan heyman (11 months ago)
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Venyhair (11 months ago)
the best tutorial guide I've ever come across!
sjormasklin (11 months ago)
great video..... so If I want to buy for expl ADA.... I need to buy BTC and than transfer, would you recommend binance or something else
Zane Bacic (11 months ago)
that's right, I'd definitely recommend binance. I use it
Gavin Dippie (11 months ago)
Great video best 40 minutes iv spent. Im new to crypto and its a minefield out thair. This helped me heaps thanks
Sof K. (11 months ago)
earned my sub and got my like, thank you for this detailed starting point!
Absolutely amazing video. I was an absolute ignorant regarding crypto before watching it and now i feel that i have a start point. Thanks a lot
Shabi_no_Samuri (7 months ago)
for real . you are realy cool man :D
Zane Bacic (11 months ago)
Thanks so much Luis, nice to be able to make an impact :)
Grandpa Bitcoin (11 months ago)
Cool video Zane! Subscribed! I made a helpful website for those wanting to get into Bitcoin and even get $10 Free bitcoin. https://grandpabitcoin.com
Eurlan (11 months ago)
Great video, the audio went a bit weird there though.
arz sh (1 year ago)
if i buy bitcoins from coinbase, do i still need to send them to a personal wallet?, what happens if i don't? because it takes too much fee.
Zane Bacic (1 year ago)
You dont 'need' to, as long as you're ok with your coins sitting on a public exchange. If anything happens to these coins, you are solely resonsible.
jezza themofo (1 year ago)
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RKF Search Results (1 year ago)
Can I use this if in the USA?
vikram sah (1 year ago)
what if we dont transfer the cryptocurrency to the wallet and keep it in coinbase itself
Alkhaf Alkhaf (7 months ago)
vikram sah The great place to trade cryptocurrency http://bit.ly/2riRocv
NewNow4u (1 year ago)
And your channel is one of the best also :-) So 6 valuable channels
Monty Greenthumb (1 year ago)
Sam Atmore (1 year ago)
Thanks dude, super helpful!
Edward S. Carr (1 year ago)
Hello Sam, how as trading been for you so far?
Andrew J (1 year ago)
Finally an Aussie perspective. Such a great clearly presented video, thank you man. Your video is the first that has helped me to actually get set up with some great recommendations.
sharylc (1 year ago)
Well it is now 12/13/17 - only 2 months later than your video - and Bitcoin today is over $16,000 per 1 Btc. I heard that many banksters and Wall Street is investing in Bitcoin. I think since they have a lot of money to invest, they could in essence, manipulate the cryptocurrency when they see fit to. Not a good thing if they can still control everyone's currency.
Zane Bacic (1 year ago)
sharylc well they have but your talking about the recent news where they are trading futures. Thats like betting on the future value of the coin. They don't trade the actual currency and so the amount of bitcoin in circulation doesn't change.
113703 (1 year ago)
Zane, I'm totally new to this and I've bee searching the net and youtube for good information about BitCoins and so far you beat everyone hands down. Thank you for sharing. I'll definitely will be reading your other post.
Edward S. Carr (1 year ago)
Hello, with the look of things, you shouldn't have to stress yourself or worry about, waves or other little hindrance when mining crypto currency. I'm a miner and I invest in a mining company that mines purely Bitcoin. the fact here is that i do it effortlessly by just investing and wait to cash out to my bitcoin wallet, I think you should do same so that you won't have a reason to worry about the fluctuation and possibilities of not profiting.How as trading been for you so far?
IamSnipaa (1 year ago)
Here at 16k
BurnNWO (1 year ago)
Brilliant, I’m starting today!
BurnNWO (1 year ago)
Edward S. Carr haha yeah thanks but no thanks bro
Edward S. Carr (1 year ago)
Hello Burn, with the look of things, what i can actually say is that instead of you going by it yourself, why don't you invest in a company that mines and trade crypto currencies. that's how i go by it myself, all i do is to fund my wallet after that i instruct the company to do whatever i want either by reinvesting or mining, it will all be handled by them and at it due time i wait and cash out which will be sent directly to my wallet or local bank account. and i have all these done effortlessly. You can as well contact me on [email protected], so i can put you through in becoming successful and profitable.
BurnNWO (1 year ago)
Edward S. Carr well I haven’t lost anything so far. I bought in and started studying crypto currency. At some point I plan to try some day trading, that’ll be the real test I suppose.
Edward S. Carr (1 year ago)
Hello Burn, how as trading been for you so far?
GPMUSICWORLD (1 year ago)
Great vid mate!
SmartBit (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing the knowledge!
Hetep Ashu (1 year ago)
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