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7 Reasons Why Dash Is A GREAT Long Term 📈 Cryptocurrency Hold [NOT SPONSORED]

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Dash has been all over the news lately, and understandably so considering what has happened to the price since the 7th of November. https://btcmanager.com/dash-nears-600-jumps-to-another-record-setting-high/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/dash-hits-usd-record-570-on-2mb-block-upgrade-zimbabwe-deal https://themerkle.com/dash-price-reaches-new-all-time-high-of-574/ http://tradebeat.com/dash-surges-due-to-zimbabwean-internal-crisis/ Dash chart from https://www.coinigy.com/?r=16171fe8 So here are 7 major reasons why I think this is happening. 1 - It Knows What It Is The name Dash is derived from the words ‘digital cash’. It is being developed as a payment network to replace the likes of PayPal. The Dash community know exactly what they are building, why they are building it and who they are building it for. This makes development much faster since decisions are made based on whether it makes Dash a better or worse payment network. Which brings us on to reason number 2. 2 - The Dash Network Runs Like A Business The Dash community are not primarily obsessed with ideology, neither is it overly politicised. Dash are building a product for the relentless demands of the consumer, which is where the majority of their energy is spent. Which brings us on to reason number 3. 3 - Dash Stays Focused On The Actual Users Of The Product Being absolutely clear that Dash is a payment network allows the community to then focus on making the best product for the users. This again helps decisions be made much faster due to the level of clarity on the outcome that they want to achieve. For example, Dash is working on a joint venture with KuvaCash https://www.kuvacash.com/ a project aimed at resolving the out of control currency inflation in Zimbabwe. Another example is the series of Dash conferences being held in Venezuela, another country experiencing a currency collapse. The first Dash conference was attended by 600 people who were hungry to learn about a real solution to the currency problem their government has failed to solve. Which brings us onto reason number 4. 4 - Dash Improvement Proposal 0001 https://github.com/dashpay/dips By the time you view this video, an upgrade to the Dash network will likely have activated. This upgrades increases the Dash block size to 2 MB while at the same time reducing transaction fees by a factor of 10. With transaction fees less than a penny, Dash takes aim at third world countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela who can’t afford $1 transaction fees that are charged by the Bitcoin network. 5 - An On Chain Governance System https://www.dashcentral.org/budget https://dashvotetracker.com/ Dash pioneered the idea of having an on chain voting system that would allow stakeholders to vote on the direct the network should evolve. This allows Dash development to move many times faster than it’s rivals since decisions can reach a conclusion quickly and progress can continue. This is how the increase to 2MB blocks was decided and how future changes to the Dash protocol will be made. 6 - A $3.5m Monthly Budget https://dashvotetracker.com/ 10% of all newly created Dash is set aside for the Dash treasury. People submit proposals for work they would like to do which will add value to the Dash network. Using the on chain voting system, these proposals are accepted or rejected and the worker is paid in Dash, giving them a huge incentive to do their best work. Even with companies like Blockstream funding the Bitcoin Core developers, I doubt they would be happy to invest $3.5m per month of their own money developing a system they do not own or control. This allows Dash to pay it’s developers and anyone willing to do valuable work, rather than relying on volunteers and donations. 7 - Ryan Taylor https://www.dash.org/2017/10/09/interviewryan.html Ryan Taylor is the leader of the Dash core team. Before working on Dash full time he covered research for the payments industry in a multi-billion dollar New York hedge fund. Ryan’s whole job was to understand how the payments industry works, what the leverage points are and why new startups in the payments industry succeed or fail. This experience ties directly into the focus on Dash being a payment network to replace the likes of PayPal, and you have a leader whose experience is in perfectly alignment with the direction Dash wants to go.
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The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Get unlimited access to all my step-by-step online courses by becoming a patron at: https://goo.gl/zXwKrV Send Dash tips to XpxMVnC1zLNgotZNPJBv5uvhx3i2JSxM8C
Shyamsunder Reddy (7 months ago)
top earning site of dash coin only once in a day : https://youtu.be/zkr4wWl9mws
Pega sus (7 months ago)
This guy come across as a worker for Dash because his information is too in dept with facts instead of opinionated. Seemed to get paid to this ad to me
Nikolay Rebrov (7 months ago)
I will tell about one ICO under the name TokenGo. Very smart and perspective project from ambitious developers. The finite purpose - creation of own independent crypto platform. The road card is labeled, white paper read and understood that it is that project in which it is worth investing)
The Monero Man (8 months ago)
Dash has a 10% mining tax and is run on democracy. Democracy always fails.
Kamil P (9 months ago)
DASH explode soon
Dany M (9 months ago)
Do you think that right now, with Dash at $694.46 it´s a good idea to buy Dash?
Bitcoin (9 months ago)
Dash is better than "bitcoin core".
Bitconnect Millionaires (9 months ago)
dash to the moon!
Ibby Benali (9 months ago)
Pleaaaase do SingularityNET!
Frederik Harmer (9 months ago)
can you explain to us how mytherwallet.com saves ERC20 tokens for us? how does this actually work? does mytherwallet have access to those other tokens than ETH then or not? MANY want to know that, yet nobody asks! Good content for another good video I guess.
stebo5562 (9 months ago)
Price is increasing due to huge increase in mining difficulty
Stephen Hill (9 months ago)
Excellent countdown video, thanks Chris.
Savvy Millennial (9 months ago)
I really appreciate the advice you give and the succinct length of your videos. Do you by chance have plans to review SingularityNET at all? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
That Guy (9 months ago)
how many dash you got for making this video?
Jakob Schultheis (9 months ago)
he was always and openly a fan of dash.
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Deemantos (9 months ago)
I thought Cryptoverse said he didn't like DASH. You failed to mention that DASH can scale up to 45 MB. It is far superior to BCH as a payment system.
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
I failed to mention a lot of other things as well
Barry Dutton Sells Homes (9 months ago)
It really was a stellar TLDR overview! Thanks Chris.
Repz (9 months ago)
Should have bought dash when it was 10usd...
chillipops (9 months ago)
same prog on both vids
Tuck Fheman (9 months ago)
Larimer says Dash can't scale. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
฿rian (8 months ago)
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Everything can scale it's just a question of how far :-)
Martin Zwigl (9 months ago)
Don't agree with the negative-comments. I think it is a great video. Thx for your opinion and thoughts on the current steep climb of Dash
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Thank you. Whether you like Dash or not this video was a work of art :-)
Ron Waltz (9 months ago)
I tried hitting the skip ad button didn't work. SMH
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
You have probably run out of skips
Everyone I come into contact with I ask them if they know about Bitcoin and today I had an engineer in my house who claims to be your brother Inlaw , what are the chances of that , my daughter loved his purple hair
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
He called me right afterwards and told me the story about your conversation :-)
The Financial Drive-Thru (9 months ago)
Great video. Love what you are doing. Keep up the good work
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Okay, but just for you ;-)
CryptoBoss (9 months ago)
My one big regret was not getting 1000 dash for a masternode early this year
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Yeah me too. I probably could have afforded one when Dash was under $10
Algolxxxxxx (9 months ago)
How much dash paying you?
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Dock of the Bay (9 months ago)
Always EXCELLENT! Thank you, Chris!
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
You are very welcome
halfasheep (9 months ago)
Ryan Taylor is a major asset to the Dash Core team.
Rgb Rides (9 months ago)
good call. exodus shapeshift ... eos to dash! ...9 minutes
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Exodus is excellent
Martin Green (9 months ago)
Would you consider doing this for other coins? If you did it might seems less advert like which I am sure wasn't your intention.
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Yes I would consider doing this for other coins, it was just an opportunity to capitalise on a trending topic
CloakedCedric (9 months ago)
It's more like "7 Reasons Why Dash Has Great Prospects" than why it's skyrocketing. I would consider this clickbait. I was expecting going through the current News related to Dash instead...
autohmae (9 months ago)
A good quality video can use a little bit of a click baity title and I'm OK with it.
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
It was click bait. I have to use a bit of it every now and again to boost the numbers. It's a consequence of too few people being willing to support the channel
Mr Wolf (9 months ago)
Still zimbabwe uses......Bitcoin...
Todd Warner (9 months ago)
Really? What percentage of the population? Why would they at this point? Stupid expensive. I just sit on what Bitcoin I have left for diversification and that is it. I used to actually pay for things with it. But now... Forget it unless it is an expensive item. It's ridiculous and unfortunate.
FKINGLAG0 (9 months ago)
The only reason why DASH is going up is because the price is tied to Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin is the raising tide that lifts all boats. Clickbait in the title, look at the charts, instead.
Kevin Schmitt (9 months ago)
FKINGLAG0 I wonder if Dash ever had a year with greater returns than Bitcoin?
Oleg Izyumenko (9 months ago)
Really great summary of Dash strengths, Chris. Well done! The only uncool thing about this video was the animation of a monkey, when you were talking about high transaction fees in African countries and their residents' inability to pay them for every microtransaction. Using monkey as an illustration for your point was insensitive and unthoughtful, in my opinion.
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
The metaphor was that even a monkey could understand that paying a one dollar transaction fee for a five dollar transaction is ridiculous. The fact that you associated the monkey with African people is on you. It never entered my mind.
thinkofwhy (9 months ago)
Oleg Izyumenko what other globally recognized symbol would you use to represent Africa? Everyone knows large apes, like chimps and gorillas, are unique to Africa. Here in Canada it's either a Maple Leaf or a beaver. So, you're either hyper sensitive or virtue signaling, which, in either case, means its up to you to adjust, not others.
Frederik Harmer (9 months ago)
Ridiculous, dont be a sissy, god damn political correct crybabies
Solid money (9 months ago)
Thank you for the video, this awesome video, I am glad to see more and more youtubers starting to understand Dash :) One side note do, it almost look like that Dash sponsored you for this content, please make sure you add a disclaimer or something, because we did not :) If any other coins deserve this kind of video's, I hope you can bundle them together, so I can watch all of them in one sitting with the fear of missing one of them.
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
I only need a disclaimer when it is sponsored
Arnas Jagminas (9 months ago)
You know why the price made a significant move and it's 'palm beach confidential' pump group.
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Yes but it's confidential ;-)
Rock22809 (9 months ago)
Best explanation from an investor stand point I have seen. Great video and only 5 mins. Bravo!
Maksymilian Fuglewicz (9 months ago)
scam shill rly?
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Sour 🍇 rly?
f f (9 months ago)
Sounds like a commercial - you should mark is as such..
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
That's why I didn't mark it as such.
o Ðjeezus (9 months ago)
This explain nothing, its like saying a footballteam won the match because they have legs, a brain and a coatch. Ok cool.
Jakob Schultheis (9 months ago)
i think he meant couch :p a team needs a good chill from time to time.
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
What's a coatch?
Hermann Schmidt (9 months ago)
Most of your reasons are true for a long time already and they didn't help much for 7 months (measured in BTC value, USD is another story). The only reason for the November spike are those sneaky bastards at Palm Beach Confidential, who leak names of coins every once in a while (before: Ripple).
Neo Usr (9 months ago)
Feels like a sponsored video. Chris if i see another video like this im done with the channel.
฿rian (8 months ago)
Tim Perry (9 months ago)
Boo hoo. Dash is brilliantly positioned for mainstream adoption. If you don't like that, don't buy it. Chris promotes what he thinks are good investment, and I 100% agree with him here. Dash has been one of my most reliable holds since last year, and I will continue holding because I like to make money. I believe it's one of the most likely projects to survive long term and see wide-scale adoption. The delusional people are the ones who think a PoW-based Bitcoin will be the money of the future. PoW is unsustainable. Most developers working on blockchain technology despise inefficient technology, and the mainstream consumer will shy away from Bitcoin when the shocking realities of energy use and network congestion sink in. More efficient alternatives that focus on the mainstream user, like DASH and ETH, will be the protocols that actually see wide scale use.
Neo Usr (9 months ago)
The Cryptoverse But there are Youtubers that make better consistant calls. Then to add this vid which gives the overwhelming impression of being a promotional piece for Dash. Nothing wrong with it but it feels wrong, especially given your promotional history with Dash.
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Tell that to my accountant ;-)
Neo Usr (9 months ago)
Dash shills gonna shill. Chris 90% of your investment calls are totally wrong dude.
Crazy Wolfgang (9 months ago)
Why this strange format? Is this payd content? Some Dash marketing guru is doing his magic on youtube lately
฿rian (8 months ago)
he got paid for a sponsorship ad a long time ago. it was a few seconds at the first of his videos. he did not get paid to make Dash videos.
Crazy Wolfgang (8 months ago)
He got paid to promote Dash on his channel, he stated it multiple times in the comment section of his dash videos. No surprise really, he's a sellout anyways, sponsoring avery scam out there from shitcoins ICOs to cloud mining...
฿rian (8 months ago)
+Crazy Wolfgang Boxmining was paid to do translation work for Dash in china. He was not paid to promote Dash on his channel. I think it lasted a month or 2.
autohmae (9 months ago)
People can't be enthusiastic about Dash for any other reason than they are getting payed by Dash ? Please, think again.
Crazy Wolfgang (9 months ago)
Of course Dash is paying him, this is a blatant infomercial. It's a common practice they use, Boxmining for example is another youtuber who's being sponsored by Dash by his own admission.
Jeff Christopher (9 months ago)
I wish you'd a told me this a month ago. Fuuucccckkk! I want DASH for $350!!
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
Dash ran sponsored ads on The Cryptoverse in January 2017. I got grief for it.
Rusty Debier (9 months ago)
I got in a few months ago at $200 wish I bought more
Joel Aigner (9 months ago)
Great work btw Dash IS Cash baby
LogicalDeduction (9 months ago)
Not going to by this.
฿rian (8 months ago)
you got rekt
Joel Aigner (9 months ago)
Grateful for you...
The Sapien (9 months ago)
I've loved Dash for years, thanks to Amanda. Such a practical and smart community. Dash ought to be on Coinbase. Someone make that happen, please.
halfasheep (9 months ago)
Prob happening in 2018.
Nelson Perez (9 months ago)
So DASH has a CEO? I didn't know that
halfasheep (9 months ago)
Dash Core has CEO Ryan Taylor. Dash Core can be fired by the Masternode network. The masternodes are decentralised.
Roman Treutlein (9 months ago)
The Dash Core Groupe has a CEO. Dash itself is decentralised and controlled by the MasterNodes. Who decides which proposal get funded including the Dash Core Groupe.
Dash Force News (9 months ago)
Excellent video Chris 🙂👍 I'll share this with the Dash community. Cheers - Mark
Fabio Bossi (9 months ago)
Excellent Video!
Barry Dutton Sells Homes (9 months ago)
It really was a stellar TLDR overview!
The Cryptoverse (9 months ago)
My man :)
Emil Samsarov (9 months ago)
A lot of advantages compares to BTC. I just bough a stable pack of DASH on 550
InternetCitizen (9 months ago)
if you compare amount of transactions from dash and litecoin, you can see litecoin has 2.5 times the amount of transactions than dash. i dont see dash solving any problem better than litecoin so far tbh. but i am confused by the dash´s government like system. maybe the dash government like system is rly that good, that it is worth to 2.5 the market cap of litecoin. i would have missed an opportunity to go in then.. but tbh cryptos are about a non government payment system. maybe the dash government has something in their hand about the scaling problem, that would justify the high price in my eyes. but if they dont have any better 2. layer solutions than the other cryptos i dont see why a currency would need a government.
฿rian (8 months ago)
"just look at the amount of transactions with litecoin. there you can see the purpose of litecoin" litecoin transactions only recently went up and that was due to it being on coinbase and people using it instead of btc because btc transaction fees went to high. when Dash is added to CB it will quickly outperform ltc transactions because of its instantsend/ instant transactions feature and cheaper trans cost. Dash was also ranked higher / had a higher market cap than litecoin until just recently. ltc went up because it was on coinbase and people had no other options, especially when eth transactions stopped working due to crypto kitties and other erc20 tokens clogging the network before that. litecoins days are numbered IMO.
crypto kronos (9 months ago)
If Dash was on coinbase that would not be the case and that is why coinbase doesn't add dash. To keep litecoin relevant. It's a decentralized government and it's needed to avoid the kind of turmoil bitcoin has gone through and still goes through. Dash will stay united and never split into 2 or 3 different coins because of governance. You get it now?
Solid money (9 months ago)
I have always liked Ethereum as an experiment and testplatform, but I always viewed it as dangerously expensive one due to the fact, lots of things can go wrong with it, but people don't seem to care about that things can go wrong with it, so even if bad things happen it's still not a bad investment. , I view it a multi-tool, that can do allot of stuff, but you need be careful with it,this goes both for the user, and knowledge that there are many open doors to be hacked. Therefor I do not view it as viable option as a currency, but for a great many other things I think it could be great, invested in multiple ERC20 tokens running on the platform such as SONM, PTOY and EDG. Just to be clear I view Dash as a high quality signal purpose tool* and when it comes to using something for money, I want it to be the highest quality possible, as long as it can preform all the functions money should have. *still lots of work to be done on it, just like all other crypto's
Twistr (9 months ago)
cdffff what are your thoughts on ethurem?
InternetCitizen (9 months ago)
just look at the amount of transactions with litecoin. there you can see the purpose of litecoin :)
maz shaun (9 months ago)
hi Cryptoverse , Is Dash a centralised currency or is it decentralised. there are many m,ix comments regarding this. thanks
halfasheep (9 months ago)
Decentralised. The masternode voting system can stop funding Dash Core. The Masternode owners are decentralised.
Chuck Williams (9 months ago)
It depends on your definition. Dash has miners decentralized throughout the world. But also has a 2nd tier network called the "masternode network". Here's a map of the 2nd Tier ( Here is a map of all locatable nodes: https://bitinfocharts.com/dash/nodes/. As you can see, there are miners and masternodes in many decentralized locations. I would define this as a "decentralized network". However - the contention from many is that the *control* of the Dash network is "centralized" - which is true in some *very specific cases*, like, for instance, The Dash Core group has control over these things called "sporks" which enable and disable parts of the network (like InstantSend, for instance) so that upgrades and improvements can be rolled out without disruption to the network. Also, Dash Core Group, Inc - is a "decentralized" corporation "centralized" around ideas. All core team members are employed by that corporation, and all Core team employee salaries are paid from that corporation. Corporations are centralized in nature by way of coming to human agreements and focusing on work of specific types. It is the organization and division of labor that enables the corporation to work with it's decentralized employees (who live throughout the world including America, Ukraine, Germany, China, and many more places). I would define this as a "decentralized group of humans that has formed a centralized corporation around a set of ideas." However, every month, the Dash Core Team's Salaries are voted on by the "decentralized" masternode network owners, and in this way, they approve The Dash Core Group, Inc's salaries, and also *all other* budgets paid out from the now $6.6MM monthly "Treasury budget" (https://dashvotetracker.com/). My favorite thing, as an employee and UI/UX Tech lead for Dash Core Group, Inc. is that all the work and intellectual property is being released under MIT open-source license, and will be owned by the masternode network. I expect cities and counties of the future to be masternode owners, and fund a new governance model that better represents the future of mankind.
Anonime Eminona (9 months ago)
but...but...we already have paypal with free and instant transactions to friends and family
Todd Warner (9 months ago)
PayPal? Then why bother with cryptocurrency at all? Anyway, yes, there are places in the world where fiat works well enough. Today at least. If you are curious about the basics of cryptocurrencies and the value they bring, I would start reading. Wikipedia would be a good place to start.
Anonime Eminona (9 months ago)
How is Dash not just another more or less centralized electronic payment sistem with shareholders(masternodes)? How can it outcompete higher Bitcoin layer solutions and atomic swaps? Has Dash adopted a sweet spot in decentralization level? Marketing is cool and important, but it may just pump value of a coin if there really isn't any. Like Bitconnect. Yeah, fiat goes down. And cryptos go up a lot, for now. That may change in 2 years.
Solid money (9 months ago)
Uh, I am sure what your are actually saying but I do know your mixing things up, and your getting the Dash treasure all wrong 2. Basically ever coin needs funding to pay for certain things such development of the core software, and integrations into certain 3th party products, user education, a bit of marketing as well. The question is how are you going to pay for that and how is going to pay for that ? In Dash the coin pays for itself, but only pays what it needs to pay. For example if Dash is asked to be added to Apple pay, but Apple wants 1mil for the software development, Dash masternode owners either vote yes or no. IF the vote yes apple get's paid. If they vote no, the coin will not even be created at all. As for stability, yes the Euro and the Dollar both win hands down, but I much prefer to hold a coin that is going up in value over time than one is declining in value 2% per year, where my bank-account cost money, and am not receiving an interest on either. But even if you choose dollars of dash for, the reason of stability please understand that many people in the World have a much less stable currency than that, and does currency's go down very fast. Dash is way beter option for does currency such as the one in Zimbabwe
Anonime Eminona (9 months ago)
Isn't a 10% treasury in Dash more expensive than paying around 3% fee for a reputable escrow service, which may be added to Dash merchands as well? Also don't forget liquidity and relative stability of the dollar....
Solid money (9 months ago)
Yes you do but not very one in the World is so lucky, also merchants pay a high fee for accepting it, and they have risks with paypal as well such as chargebacks. Merchants will in time offer discounts to people how will choose Dash offer Paypal. In fact you can have 15%discount via dash on everything on Amazon.com if you buy giftcards via the website bitcart.io
anyghost (9 months ago)
Reason number 8: Koreans. It's always Koreans.
Andrew Marenich (9 months ago)
^^^ that and palm beach - the ONLY two reasons. If markets taught me anything, is that the product, team, technology, potential are all great and such, but stand way beyond hype, FOMO and pumps when it comes to price :) Nice video nevertheless.
Rod Johnson (9 months ago)
I've been watching Dash! They even have a debit card too! Lots of use cases and definitely customer centric‼️👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 Dash to the moon‼️

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