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How To Buy/Sell Bitcoin In Canada! Easy Steps For Beginners | Quadriga

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Quadriga Website Link ► https://www.quadrigacx.com/?ref=jeij7xqh3zc3f2bx2sk262uw 💻 Email Me ► [email protected] 😃 SUBSCRIBE ► Dolfski Today I am covering Quadriga Coin Exchange (based in Vancouver), my NUMBER ONE platform I use daily living in Canada. Several features and easy banking account funding are not supported on other exchanges. This makes buying bitcoin, selling, withdrawing funds, and trading bitcoin a breeze! Contact me with any questions, share with friends and subscribe for more videos like this! //SOCIAL ✏️Steemit - https://steemit.com/@dolfski 📺 Instagram - https://instagram.com/dolfski 📔Twitter - http://twitter.com/dolfski Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, this is for entertainment only and strictly an expression of my thoughts and opinions based on my personal experiences. This channel does not provide investment advice.
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willem ben (9 hours ago)
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Grant Lacopo (9 days ago)
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Sandra Petterson (30 days ago)
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Sandra Petterson (30 days ago)
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Nicole Miller (30 days ago)
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Tyler Mckenzie (30 days ago)
Its amazing to know she's been helping a lot of us, her services and strategy is top notch
Richard Taylor (30 days ago)
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IzSlasher (1 month ago)
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shawn harmony (2 months ago)
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John Gonad (3 months ago)
Don't Canadians use Paxful too? It's a good platform.
Mr. northside (4 months ago)
do u have instagram or snapchat because I would like to contact you
Dr Bob Gregson (4 months ago)
furcoins.com is a better bitcoins exchange platform that I use in trading. It is cheaper, faster and more reliable.
shadow run (4 months ago)
can i buy flexpin in Ontario, variety stores?
shadow run (4 months ago)
why is it asking to deposit 100.00 using my etransfer? and ts a 2.5 percent interest? do i get interest back on it?
Mariam El-rafih (5 months ago)
check out https://ndax.io/
Chenxun Jiang (5 months ago)
got a question, If I sell and cash out, money goes in my bank account. How much I gonna get taxed? depending on my income? Is this part of income I make that I need report to CRA?
Chris Michalkow (5 months ago)
jude Massi (6 months ago)
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Brandon Jr. (7 months ago)
Is this site safe to send your personal information (example:passport, driver's liscence) to get verify and how long does it takes?
Dolfski (7 months ago)
I did and many others have but the decision is up to you! Thanks for watching
princess Alyona (8 months ago)
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Julia Parkinson (8 months ago)
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Amrita Bala (8 months ago)
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Charli D-T (8 months ago)
Am I the only one to have time verification issues with Quadriga? :(((
Best Motivator (8 months ago)
In Canada, the best website is www.quadrigacx.com this allows you to buy directly from your checking account, and also with a credit card or with an email money transfer. In USA www.Coinbase.com is the best option.
Norman Osgood (8 months ago)
They lost my trust. Refuse to verify accounts. Waited well over six weeks and nothing. Also who would trust somebody whose office is a mailbox? A lot apparently. Well not me. Customer service is virtually zero. I can't recommend them.
Joe Mel (9 months ago)
My question: There is 2 of us (family) that are doing/investing cryptocurrency. (One) does the buying at the exchanges and the (other) one takes care of the Wallets. He plans to send altcoins to my Wallets from the Exchanges. So, can I make wallets for altcoins at their sites, save it, and the next day have my family send me altcoins from the Exchanges?
Aerox (9 months ago)
*I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info*
K M (9 months ago)
Thanks for the video man. Canadian getting started and this was helpful.
Maganey (9 months ago)
since this video Quadriga has changed many of the CAD Account Funding to get their hands in the proverbial cookie pot. as a result there are higher buying, bank wires are no longer free and vouchers are not being sold currently.
Hallam Hope (9 months ago)
I like how you presented this.It's clear and slowly takes you through the process. Hope you can help with my query despite all the information provided.
Hallam Hope (9 months ago)
My daughter is studying at Western in London. She tells me there is little familiarity among her colleagues about bitcoin. I am interested in understanding whether banks in London do take bitcoin and basically how I could send her bitcoin and get it cashed out in her vicinity. She has accounts at two banks. nice video which I liked and subscribed to. [email protected]
cora lia (9 months ago)
I'm new to this opened a quadrigacx account still not verified. ..almost a month now I'm in Canada so what about coinbase I can buy there but can't sell
smegma (9 months ago)
so do you send your big ico hits to quadriga for withdrawing? im a fellow canadian and wondering if its quad is a legit withdraw source. i've deposited and it worked, just want to know about withdrawing
Dolfski (9 months ago)
Yes it is the best to withdrawal using Quadriga
NGV TV (9 months ago)
Cash out bitcoin here http://www.bitcojm.com @bitcoin_To_Cash
OCEAN (9 months ago)
Bitcoin me
Dan Tetreault (10 months ago)
What about a wallet? I hear so much about a wallet? What is a wallet?
Dan Tetreault (7 months ago)
How are you making these tutorials? Camera, software Camtasia?
Dolfski (9 months ago)
A wallet is where cryptocurrency is kept
D Bourne (10 months ago)
Hi, does anyone know why i can't fully setup a base coin account? i'm in calgary alberta..
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Did you follow the verification process?
birandyonder (10 months ago)
I've registered QuadrigaCX account 2 weeks ago and verification is still pending.That's why I can't fund my account. I've opened 2 tickets and call their office number. Nobody answers emails or phone. I am looking for another website that I can buy BTC or ETH. Do you have any suggestion?
Norman Osgood (8 months ago)
Go anywhere else. I use Coinsquare. No issues with them what so ever.
Dolfski (10 months ago)
As you can imgaine, they are extremely backed up at the moment with crypto exploding. Others are coinsquare, coinmama or paxful (use at your own risk, I recommend waiting for Quadriga).
Michael Mannucci (10 months ago)
I'm absolutely fuming at how difficult it is to buy Bitcoin. Coinbase is literally the only place that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin and yet they have a $250 limit. Meanwhile, XRP went down to almost $2 and I couldn't but because I couldn't find a single place on the entire Internet that would allow me to buy Bitcoin as easy as Coinbase.
Dolfski (10 months ago)
You can buy with Coinmama but their fees are high and it's with a credit card. I've known some to use paxful as well, but use at your own risk.
Jay N (10 months ago)
So I have question when buying and selling stocks when would you transfer it to your wallet? New to all this.
TK Crypto (10 months ago)
CDN will BLOW UP in 2018. Canada Ecoin.. CDN.
Geoff Dick (10 months ago)
someone has been warning me about keeping control of my online wallet. I've asked a lot of questions about this but I still can't grasp how it works. Does anyone know where I can learn about wallet security and why it pertains to me when using a trade platform?
Angela D (10 months ago)
No. 2 of us were looking to buy from Amazon and we were told by someone familiar with what was happening to these wallets as you are purchasing from a 3rd party. Someone else had also seen quite a few warnings that some of these secured wallets had malware. I just took the advise of going directly to leger.com that's all.
Geoff Dick (10 months ago)
Angela Dodds ...do you work for ledger?
Angela D (10 months ago)
Becareful about purchasing these items from Amazon. I've been advised by a few people that they can come with a malware. I personally went directly to leger.com and ordered directly from them. The cost is 79.00eu
Geoff Dick (10 months ago)
Dolfski thanks again!
Dolfski (10 months ago)
The device stores your cryptocurrency private keys offline which keeps them safe, do some research on them :)
Ryan T (10 months ago)
how would you get your hands on tron in canada? without binance, as it's not taking on new members...
Dolfski (10 months ago)
that is correct :)
Ryan T (10 months ago)
any idea how long it will be? my buddy got in from the states just a few days ago, gave me tip and finally decided to jump into this, sucks as ive worked online for geez 17 years now... seeing all this happen and just ignoring it... i like toys, and this crypto, can bring many toys it seems lol ;)
Dolfski (10 months ago)
lol fair enough. Binance is worth the wait
Ryan T (10 months ago)
ya ive been told, i was gonna do liqui but its failed login formed made me think if they can't code a correct login form, how they gonna protect my moola lol ;)
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Binance is how I buy it, just wait until it opens back up.
Umar Tariq (10 months ago)
how do u transfer btc to binance. can u plz make a video on it
Umar Tariq (10 months ago)
So when I use the interac e option to withdraw. The money shows up in my bank account with in 2 days. Can you please make a video on how to transfer money(btc) from Quadrigo to binance and how to transfer from binance to Quadrigo. Thanks. I appreciate the help.
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Yes it does. Direct bank transfer is a transfer pulled directly from your bank.
Umar Tariq (10 months ago)
Does interac e allow u to transfer money through debit. what is direct back transfer
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Yes, watch the video when I go through the "withdrawal" options
Dolfski (10 months ago)
I go through this in the video in detail
ErieViews (10 months ago)
Clicked the link to Quadriga and opened an account. Thanks for the info.
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Thank you!
benzo Muse (10 months ago)
Does quadriga sale personnel information to any other party ?
Danny Greene (10 months ago)
REGRET buying only 1000 bitcoins in 2010 -11,should hv bought more..IOTA will be the next buy
dream big (10 months ago)
I have one question for all yaa !! How can you transfert a big amount like ( 250k per exemple ) from bitcoin To your bank account ??? Im from canada btw thank u ☺
Netz Nonz (4 months ago)
How much is the charge in biz?
dream big (10 months ago)
Danny Greene are you sur?
Danny Greene (10 months ago)
you can not transfer BITCOINS to your bank account
dream big (10 months ago)
Dolfski isnt a scam?
Dolfski (10 months ago)
There is no app
Canadian Bitcoin (10 months ago)
Hey the best and cheapest way in canada is https://www.binance.com/?ref=16717197 for alt coins. i use quadrica but it can get expensive and they only carre certain coins.feel free to message me with any questions!
benzo Muse (10 months ago)
Canadian Bitcoin Yeah
Canadian Bitcoin (10 months ago)
lol thought so....no they dont. you would have to send btc or ltc to https://www.binance.com/?ref=16717197 and you can buy almost any cryptocurrecny there. quadrica takes forever to verify aswell. are you looking for over $200
benzo Muse (10 months ago)
Canadian Bitcoin Lol I meant does quadriga carry ripple ? Austria was error
Canadian Bitcoin (10 months ago)
theres a few programs out there to purchase btc. and tons of money to be made. if you have any questions feel free to follow and ask away
Chung Dao (10 months ago)
To buy/sell bitcoin and other digital currencies, QuadrigaCX is a good fit. Register here: https://www.quadrigacx.com/?ref=8pznsyqm3cbbycx0ebbm3twr
Fraser_02 (10 months ago)
I’m in Surrey!!!!
Dale Val (9 months ago)
Eienstien exchange is in Vancouver i use them, easy to use and low trader fees
Danny Greene (10 months ago)
Hows the shootings out there?
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Super close!
nk pont (10 months ago)
is there another option other than bittrex for canadiens that is another good option...
Mansajan Singh (10 months ago)
try binance
Dolfski (10 months ago)
For trading you can use poloniex as well
Hengyu Fang (10 months ago)
can I sell bitcoin from bittrex to Quadrigac by input quadrigac address? cuz I brought bitcoin using coinbase and they dont support CAD anymore
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Hello Hengyu, yes you can send Bitcoin from Bittrex to Quadriga by putting your address in Bittrex (it is shown as XBT on quadriga which is the same as BTC)
Ut3 (10 months ago)
If i wanted to sell my xrp and get cad i would have to exchange the xrp for btc then send that btc to quadriga and sell it then i can withdraw from there is that correct?
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Yes exactly! Good luck and thanks for watching
WarnerTechCorner (10 months ago)
How long does it take for the money to get transferred to your bank account
Dolfski (10 months ago)
There are multiple ways of transferring, some are 1-3 days (with small fee) and others are 4 - 7 days (no fee)
Cameron Anderson (10 months ago)
How can I buy if I’m under 18?
Kevin Mclnerney (3 months ago)
It does not matter about your age is all depends on what you want i can teach you how to buy and invest your bitcoins and make huge profits contact me @ [email protected]
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Get your parents or someone over 18 to make an account
Shad (10 months ago)
You sir, have yourself another sub. Fellow Columbian, but unfortunately I am from The Wack... Extremely knowledgeable with the ability to convey informative material in an easy to understand manner.
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Thanks Shad!
Dr Bob Gregson (10 months ago)
Maybe you should consider trading bitcoins with https://furcoins.com, I do transactions with them and it is amazing and fast. It does not matter where you are from!
Sahand Keshavarz (10 months ago)
can you transfer from quadrigacx to bitconnect?
Sahand Keshavarz (10 months ago)
Dolfski thanks
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Conversion service is just another name for a fee, no matter who its paid to, you need to pay it when using their service.
Sahand Keshavarz (10 months ago)
what do they mean by conversion services
Sahand Keshavarz (10 months ago)
will do & I found this on their website doesn't that mean they don't charge fees to buy and send bitcoin? (Coinbase does not charge fees to use the wallet services to send, receive and store digital currency. There will be a "miners fee" assessed when sending digital currency to external wallets. This fee goes to the network itself, not to Coinbase. Coinbase charges fees to use our conversion service, which will vary based on your location and payment method. )
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Coinbase charges a fee to buy bitcoin and also send bitcoin. But if you send to coinbase, the charge is only from the platform you are sending from, not from coinbase.
KBROS (10 months ago)
If i have bitcoin on coinbase can i transfer i to quadriga and sell it from there?
KBROS (10 months ago)
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Yes you can. Just get verified with quadriga :)
bhupesh giri (10 months ago)
is it for only bitcoin ?
Leon Oliver (10 months ago)
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Andre Condarcuri (10 months ago)
Hey man great video, I just have one question. If i choose to withdraw my btc to cash and i choose an option that takes 4-7 business days, is my btc locked for those days? By this I mean, if btc crashes in those 4-7 days while it's transferring, am I affected by it or do i keep the same amount of money? Thanks
Andre Condarcuri (10 months ago)
thanks man
Dolfski (10 months ago)
No you need to sell your BTC for cash before transferring it into your bank for the 4-7 business days so it doesn't matter what the BTC price does since your money will be in your currency after you sell the btc.
Gabrielle T. (10 months ago)
I provided the required documents more than a week ago but still haven't gotten verified. Would you say that's normal?
Gabrielle T. (10 months ago)
I just want to sell the bitcoin I already have on Quadriga
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
You welcome, if you don't mind me asking, may i know where cryptocurrency you wish to invest on?
Gabrielle T. (10 months ago)
It's been solved now, thank you!
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
No grabrielle, it does't take that long, which platform are you registering on?
MARK HE (10 months ago)
I like your video, it's a very useful one. I have a question, do our bitcoin wallets at Quadriga basically belong to Quadriga, Assume Quadriga bankrupts or something, our coin would gone with it? If so, is there a way I can store bitcoin at local coin wallet?
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
you withdraw your bitcoin and save in Blockchain or Coinbase and subsequently send for trading. are you looking to invest in Bitcoin?
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Yea there are other wallets, check out nano ledger (offline), exodus or blockchain.info
TTC (10 months ago)
Is there one for Canada that doesn't require you to send in a bunch of scans and photos? I did the Equifax verification but still can't fund my account and don't have all the scans/pictures they want. Is there any other option?
Dolfski (10 months ago)
The only other one is coinsquare, you check them out (but they have higher fees). Let me know how it turns out, cheers :)
TTC (10 months ago)
Please respond
SIncere Muzic (10 months ago)
Why not Coinbase is this better for Canadians I'm not far I'm in Kamloops BC ?
J K. (3 months ago)
EzBTC easy verification with lots of Altcoins located in Canada. They have far more traffic than all Canadian exchanges, just check their Alexa rating and they been in business much longer than the others except Quadriga but Quadriga is limited when it comes to Altcoins https://www.ezbtc.ca/register?referral_code=sdc8vql9diio
123abc (9 months ago)
Canadianbitcoins.com is not accepting new verification at the moment
123abc (9 months ago)
Actually you can fund with Coinbase using a credit card. The fee is 4%
Jecaholic (10 months ago)
I bought bitcoin in coinbase and I’m from Canada. Hopefully sooner they have sell feature here. btw. If I signip in Quadr. would I be able to transfer my bitcoin from coinbase to quadrig
CCAROmusic (10 months ago)
I am new to bitcoin and I bought my first bitcoin with Coinsquare...is it really that much different than quadriga? What are the major differences or advantages of quadriga?
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
Pardon my manners , where are you located?
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
hello, i have not used Quadriga, but from my investment i can say Bitcoin is the right decision. I bought my Bitcoin and invested it in a mining institution and i am currently making 10% daily profit from that investment .
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Pretty sure coinsquare has higher fees, but other than that they are very similar.
Mandy McFlye (10 months ago)
Are you still using Quadriga or has something better come out since your vid?  Thanks
Mandy McFlye (10 months ago)
Wow, thanks for the quick response .. setting up this weekend!  thanks
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Quad is going to be the best for a while, it’s actually a solid platform once you get used to it! Cheers
Leovoss (11 months ago)
hey i would like to bank wire but ive been reading some issues concerning this. when you did it what extra info did you give them?>
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
Hello Leovoss, it depends on the platform you wish to invest on, which platform did you register with?
yaz yazmo (11 months ago)
quadrigacx use xbt is there a way to get BTC in canada and not xbt?
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
hello Yaz, yes you can get from exchangers or mining Institution. where in Canada are you located?
Dolfski (11 months ago)
As I say in the video, XBT is the same as BTC :)
Svaanand Umbarje (11 months ago)
Those bookmarks on your web browser are pain to my eyes. You can actually use Bookmark Folders to organize your bookmarked pages. Like Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), Studies (HTML, Java), Investments (Bitcoins, Bonds) and likewise.
Olexiy Tizenberg (11 months ago)
Thank you! Great video! Could you please tell where to buy other cryptocurencies? There is much more there..
Dolfski (11 months ago)
Watch at 7:30 into the video and imagine im saying "bittrex" instead of "coinbase".
Olexiy Tizenberg (11 months ago)
Can you please also explain how to transfer founds from bittrex back to quadriga. Thank you again!
Dolfski (11 months ago)
Thanks! On bittrex
Corporate Slackr (11 months ago)
When converting Crypto currency back to CAD into you bank account how are you reporting that for taxes? Once it enters your account again there is record of the transaction and income. I am curious so I dont get caught out in a bad way.
Joseph Bailey (9 months ago)
@KrimsonDragon96 Yeah uhh..Explain better than that please.
el hokey (9 months ago)
that's alright but do well to consider investing more and more in bitcoin as it is gradually becoming the future of finance or conventional money. www .freedominvest. cc or www.profitfast .online are sites to help you grow your bitcoin. Thank me later
Hewhomustnotbenamed (10 months ago)
Corporate Slackr so by using quadriga I’ll have to pay taxes on my capital gains. What’s the work around?
Corporate Slackr (10 months ago)
LINFIZZLE this is why I'm trying to work it all out ahead of time. My account seems to be ok with it. Thanks for all the replies.
LINFIZZLE (10 months ago)
From a website I found this... Canada: Per a 2013 interpretation letter, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) declared cryptocurrencies are “commodities” under Canadian law—just like silver or natural gas. This means here your crypto will either be taxed as business income or as a capital gain (or business loss and capital loss, respectively). So if you decide not to claim it, you better be prepared to deal with CRA at some point.
Ess Van M (11 months ago)
Great video. Thanks for sharing this information. Couple of questions. I want to open a separate bank account just for this. Which bank should I go to? I would like to buy other coins like Dash and ripple. What is the difference between quadriga and bittrex? Couldn't I just go to bittrex and buy from there? And a wallet is separate from quadriga? Hope these questions aren't dumb. Lol. I literally just started looking into this today.
Dolfski (11 months ago)
Get an RBC or Scotia bank account with a non-visa debit card, they are the easiest to fund through Quadriga. The difference between quad and bittrex is that quad is a method to fund your account with CAD, then buy BTC and transfer it to Bittrex to do actual trading (dash, ripple, etc). After to withdrawal you send btc back to quad and then into your back account. There are wallets on both platforms.
Anton myers (11 months ago)
You need a better mic otherwise great video thanks,
joan v (11 months ago)
what is the best wallet for canadians? is there a fee to transfer back and forth from quadrica to another wallet?
Apricot Theory (9 months ago)
Wade Varela wade who the fuck are you and why do you say "pardon my manners" like a fucking robot every time?
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
Pardon my manners, which cryptocurrency are you looking to invest on?
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
Hello Joan, the best wallet is Blockchain and you transfer fee depends on the platform.
Dolfski (11 months ago)
Best wallet is a ledger and yes there is a fee to transfer bitcoin.
EC (11 months ago)
Also, on top of the fee Coinbase charges, they buy the stock at the price with 5k added on. Does QuadrigaCx do the same???
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
$1 bitcoin is not a good investment
EC (11 months ago)
This might be a lot to ask, but if you have money on a QuadrigaCx account could you purchase 1 dollar with of BitCoin. And then do the same for CoinBase and compare the two please?
Dolfski (11 months ago)
I have no idea you can contact them if you want :)
EC (11 months ago)
How would I get charged if I wanted to buy bitcoin through EFT? Would I have to pay for the stock's value at that moment? or would it be the stock's value in 5 days?
EC (10 months ago)
buy ripple. but I fucked up big yesterday and lost half of little I had so I moving it to cardano hoping i'll win big and the next few years. but i'll really swing for the fences because I haven't done any research like I did with ripple
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
i mean did you just buy ripple and wait for the price to rise or you actually invested your ripple ?
EC (10 months ago)
sorry. what do you mean?
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
what investment process do you wish to invest with?
EC (10 months ago)
Kosovo Report (11 months ago)
This is good, but are there any other Canadian friendly exchanges with higher volume?
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
you also have GDAX, Satoshi Counter and CCF. i will suggest you use CCF. where in Canada are you located?
Vito D (11 months ago)
coinsquare has High fees
Dolfski (11 months ago)
Quadriga can handle a very large amount but another Canadian exchange is coinsquare
Thomas Williams (11 months ago)
What's the difference between buying on the dashboard menu and buying on the trade menu?
Dolfski (11 months ago)
The trade menu gives you a selection of trade prices and shows the quantity
Ut3 (11 months ago)
Srry i am confused i cant sell etherum in quadriga just bitcoin?
Dolfski (11 months ago)
Yea just switch the tab to ethereum in the top right dropdown menu
DIY Drain Troubleshooter (11 months ago)
good info!
jose zonio (11 months ago)
did you start bitcoinn with less amount of money without job? Like for instance 500 cad ? just gettng some insights in your startup thanks.
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
Pardon my manners where are you located?
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
Hello jose, i never started with such low funds, but you can still start with that and let it grow, the growth process may be low but it will grow.
jose zonio (11 months ago)
i see well i've already incurred a huge loss from gambling either case so was just thinking if it would be profitable to start it up with low capital still tryng to learn it cause it has pros and cons and i see some gettng to jail in us for doin so in trading it but it ws lke 2013. So im still currntly amassing knowledge for now and doin some thinking thanks for time though for answering noob questions.
Dolfski (11 months ago)
No thats not what I said, you asked for my personal route. Anyone can start with any amount of money, even $100 and run it into hundreds and thousands since cryptocurrency is extremely profitable with the right knowledge (but also has risk).
Prince Boateng (11 months ago)
Im 16 , I would like to sell my bitcoin, I obviously dont have equifax and all that, but I do have bitcoin to sell. HELP!!
TorontoCrypto (10 months ago)
blockchain and a hardware wallet
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
Hello Prince which wallet did you save your Bitcoin with ?
Dolfski (11 months ago)
Have your parents register on quadriga and sell it for you
Jackson Le (11 months ago)
Hi awesome video. What is your review on Coinsquare? How does it compare to QuadrigaCX? Which site would you recommend for starting out trading cryptocurrency?
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
hello Jackson ,i suggest you trade with a mining firm this way they get to invest your currency for and add the profit to your account. which cryptocurrency are you looking at investing on?
Mojdeh Shaikhi (11 months ago)
Is there anyone here lives in Victoria Canada, dealing with investing bitcoin/ Bitconnect? If yes let me know. We can help each other perhaps. Thank you.
Larenzo Jensen (8 months ago)
SafeZombies (8 months ago)
haha how was the scam buddy?
Mojdeh Shaikhi (10 months ago)
Thanks but i am doing something else now. Thank you anyway.
Hewhomustnotbenamed (10 months ago)
Mojdeh Shaikhi I’m in Vancouver, but we can exchange info
Leon Oliver (10 months ago)
There's a great way to celebrate this festive season. Invest from a minimum of $50.00-$500.00 upwards and enjoy 100% bonus on your investment instantly . Offer expires on 23/12/2017.Check the link below. https://goo.gl/Bc6oum http://www btcincomeinc com
PATRIXVAk (11 months ago)
i went to a bitcoin atm, for 20$ i got 18,5$ worth of bitcoin
Jordan (11 months ago)
Do you need a bitcoin wallet on a separate platform? Or can everything be done through this?
John Homles (4 months ago)
I strongly recommend you buy or sell bitcoins at cryptoexmart. com because they provide great and fast services without the hassles of registering to all cutomers worldwide. I buy and sell bitcoins and they have never failed me!
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
have you invested in Bitcoin?
Jordan (10 months ago)
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
pardon my manners friend, where are you located ?
Wade Varela (10 months ago)
you can open a wallet with Blockchain and then transfer to any platform for investment. i did my investment in a mining firm and i am making 10% daily profit till when i chose to sell.
passtheBuck Canuck (11 months ago)
I can't set up my bitcoin wallet at coinbase or bitcoin.com without giving a credit card number...Can someone please help me I'm getting super frustrated here....im in Canada and not a happy camper
Dale Val (9 months ago)
they have bitcoin atm, in many casinos and some malls, just google were, you need to set up a wallet, i use enstien, don't get frustrated cuase now you can but bitcoin at a lot less than you could when you posted this 2 months ago, get in fast it's timwe, stay on it, best you get a credit card, but you can wire money from your bank to einstien in BC, call them if you need help, they have a toll free number, no more excuses now, learn how to be a trader, buy low, sell high, tons of training on utube, it's stupid easy man, why fret, go get em, good luck
passtheBuck Canuck (10 months ago)
nick pontarellli thanks..found one and an exchange to deal with I like....thanks for the reply
nk pont (10 months ago)
the blockchain wallet..is it same as a ledger wallet
Colton (11 months ago)
How do I get a bank statement or utility bill if I still live with mommy and daddy and don't pay rent? I have a cell phone and credit card bill... would that do?
EC (10 months ago)
who exactly is "you" tho? the original comment?
Amit Thakur (10 months ago)
are you from GTA
EC (10 months ago)
good luck brother
Parth Patel (10 months ago)
No clue its been a while since I was on there, but the 250 weekly limit is another major reason i stayed awayin from cb. I am going to RBC tomorrow in hopes of getting a interact debit.
EC (10 months ago)
how high was very high?
Horse From Hell (11 months ago)
So I’ve had multiple people get bank shut down because they saw them using coinshare. Have you encountered this?
Dolfski (11 months ago)
No I haven’t heard that, I just use Quadriga and seems to be going solid :)
ThatHandsomeCanadian (11 months ago)
2 months ago it was at 5700 lol, today 11 grand fuck...
Moe Ghouti (10 months ago)
man its a fucking bubble. when you keep blowing air into a bubble it gets big really fast , and then it gets sooo big that it POPS!!!!!!! bitcoin is showing all the "clues" and "symptoms" of a bubble market, it's only a matter of time before the bubble pops and bitcoin is worth below $1
Gener Robinos (11 months ago)
100k in 2020
M Bandiera (11 months ago)
23k now
jeywas_here (11 months ago)
16 grand now
TheEasyInvestor (11 months ago)
Hey one more question man, so would it be smarter to fund my account on quadriga with bitcoins or Canadian dollars to trade on bittrex? So essentially what I’m asking is can I still buy other coins if I were to fund my quadriga account with bitcoin or can I do it both ways with Canadian dollars and bitcoin ? Thanks again Sent from my iPhone
Canadian Bitcoin (10 months ago)
Yes forsure its [email protected] (That is a zero)
Hewhomustnotbenamed (10 months ago)
Canadian Bitcoin I have quite a few more questions. Do you have an email by any chance
Canadian Bitcoin (10 months ago)
yes forsure, depending on where you are located in canada you can buy it from us directly and discreetly. But all quadriga gives you is assurity and saves commission percentage. Most places charge 10-15 percent
Hewhomustnotbenamed (10 months ago)
Canadian Bitcoin I’ve tried signing up for Binance, but they currently aren’t accepting any new registrations. What’s the benefit of using Quadriga as opposed to purchasing Btc another way and transferring the coins to Binance. Wouldn’t I then be able to avoid the capital gains tax easier as the transactions have no connections to the bank?
Canadian Bitcoin (10 months ago)
if you need a walk through we can help you. you first need to sign up with an exchange where you can purchase btc (quadriga). Then you would send it from your qaudriga wallet to your binance wallet. At Binance you can buy all your alt coins. Have you signed up as of yet? binance link is above. I can also give you our quadriga link. (all referrals are appreciated) Thanks
Ian Ledda (11 months ago)
Hey there, i just wanna ask if its possible to buy bitcoin here then i want to send it to my bitconnect account? Thank you
Leon Oliver (10 months ago)
There's a great way to celebrate this festive season. Invest from a minimum of $50.00-$500.00 upwards and enjoy 100% bonus on your investment instantly . Offer expires on 23/12/2017.Check the link below. https://goo.gl/Bc6oum http://www btcincomeinc com
Dolfski (11 months ago)
Just for security before
Ian Ledda (11 months ago)
And after i put my 4 digit pin , do i need to type it again when i receive it on my bitconnect wallet? Or its just for security purpose on quadriga before sending that bitcoin? Thank you for your help
Dolfski (11 months ago)
Mr Ed (11 months ago)
Buying some Etherium, Bitcoin is too expensive now. Ether is the next big thing
Dolfski (11 months ago)
If you say so :)
Jonh Doe (11 months ago)
When you sell the bitcoin do you have to wait for someone to buy it or it will sell immediately ?
Dolfski (10 months ago)
Withdrawal from quadriga straight to your bank account as show in the video.
soumayya mahamat saleh (10 months ago)
How can the money go to my bank account?
Dolfski (11 months ago)
Just make sure you click a “buy” order and then click your available balance (in that order). Then click sell. This will make it go through instantly
Alberto Tomba (11 months ago)
If any Canadians are wondering what domestic exchange to use to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin, try this: https://www.quadrigacx.com/?ref=2oqgxsitb1ybiam8fbmgnebb QuadrigaCX is Canada's longest running cryptocurrency exchange and since its inception, has never been hacked or compromised. They also have an active presence on the subreddit /bitcoinCA should you need to get in contact with them. If you're looking for a slightly easier and cheaper way to buy Bitcoin, you can also try nTrust https://www.ntrust.com/bitcoin/, they just recently came onto the market and so far they've been way better than most other Canadian exchanges in my opinion, both in terms of overall price and fees, plus they have great customer service that got back to me within 24 hours of e-mailing them a question. They have a variety of funding options, including being listed as a "Payee" if you're with a Credit Union. You can use my ref code where you and I both get $2 for signing up, so it's a win-win. My ref code is: ern83 If you decide to use my referral code and/or address, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to do so!
Jayden Lauren (11 months ago)
what wallet do you used to hold your bitcoin?
Marsel Vitti (11 months ago)
@Duncan Rumak its all the same
Duncan Rumak (11 months ago)
What are the benefits of these wallets as compared to blockchain?
Dolfski (11 months ago)
Exodus or ledger
Dacos (11 months ago)
What kind of crypto coins can I buy in Quadriga? Can I transfer them from Quadriga to blockchain or Bittrex?.
Dacos (11 months ago)
Thanks bud
Dolfski (11 months ago)
You can buy, bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum off quadriga and then yes you can send to blockchain or Bittrex.
lululu lu (11 months ago)
takes forever to verify the fund
TheEasyInvestor (11 months ago)
Hey great video. Would you say this is a great platform for Canadians to say trade it daily ?
TheEasyInvestor (11 months ago)
Dolfski thanks mate great videos btw keep it coming
Dolfski (11 months ago)
No I recommend using Bittrex because it is better priced. This is good for funding, buying bitcoin, then transferring it off to another exchange to do real trading.

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