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Hitler finds out Bitcoin's value has collapsed

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Parody created by HRP using clips from Downfall (Der Untergang) HRP Discord: http://hitlerrantsparodies.com/chat Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hitlerrantsparodies EpicLee (My other channel) http://www.youtube.com/user/EpicLeeGaming Facebook Group & Page https://www.facebook.com/HRPDownfallParodies https://www.facebook.com/groups/hrpdownfall/ Vidme channel https://vid.me/HitlerRantsParodies Hitler Rants Parodies Forum http://www.hitlerrantsparodies.com/forum Subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/HitlerRantsParodies Twitter Accounts https://twitter.com/HitlerHRP https://twitter.com/HRP_Parodies https://twitter.com/ReichNews Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hitlerrantsparodies Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/hitlerrantsparodies Hitler Rants Parodies Wiki http://hitlerrantsparodies.wikia.com Fegelbook http://fegel-book.biz
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Text Comments (162)
Hitler Rants Parodies (9 months ago)
Hitler jinxed Bitcoin by investing in it xD HRP Chat: http://hitlerrantsparodies.com/chat
Marios Rouggeris (7 months ago)
Hitler Rants Parodies Do a hitler finds out gpu prices have skyrocketed
Alvinsland2 (9 months ago)
MY FAILURE UM we most inform you that hitler needs a haircut
Daniel Zuk (24 days ago)
I don't have any bitcoin.
ThePurpleUFO (7 months ago)
Karis AsaNi (7 months ago)
Frankly I'm not surprised with this. What comes up must come down.
areumap1 (8 months ago)
you not going to create a new video,with Hitler reacting to Bitcoin price going upward now?
Jonathan_407 (Minecade) (8 months ago)
This sounds like the Great Depression. Oh god Roaring 20s again.
John6yt (8 months ago)
Nazicoin? I’m in...where can I get some?
I quit discord
MaxThePotato Alt (9 months ago)
Nooo! Not my house in Queenstown dream
Victor A. (9 months ago)
i love bitcoin is the best cripto currency, fuck you people who dont know how it works
RandomStuff (9 months ago)
Poll: NaziCoin or SovietCoin? Comment below.
Bran Edey (9 months ago)
When you invest in something that isn't even physical and you're surprised when it fails.
Fyan Muhamad (9 months ago)
Hitler finds out about Filthy Frank left us... please XD
hyou zan ren (9 months ago)
Problem with bitcoin is it's 100% speculation! You can't use it other than to speculate it's price will up or down!
Karl O'Brien (9 months ago)
This year has been the year of putting Stalin in all caps. I love it!
I knew this was going to happen.
Shaise Surname (9 months ago)
Is it worth buying them now?
Alfred Jodl (9 months ago)
I object to Bitcoin's
Rainer Gerdes (9 months ago)
Natasha Gina (9 months ago)
That's exactly how my husband reacted... He has invested a lot in bitcoins...
Tongireth (9 months ago)
I think Gerda was crying because she couldn't get a graphics card for her gaming pc.
Cross Z (9 months ago)
This must be fegeilen doing by his antic power :v
PanupanCheungtrakarnTube (9 months ago)
He should mash up with that Bitconnect guy lol
Deimos The Badass (9 months ago)
I had a ad about Bitcoin, and now here am I. :D
*nothing i do goes right* hahahahahah
Davian Thule (9 months ago)
Which parody is playing at the end of video, far bottom right one with the lightsaber. Link it someone please.
Beater (9 months ago)
It was written on the walls. The hype about the Bitcoins was too overinflated for something with no real backing. Too susceptible to the eddies and flows of the market itself. Like a leaf in a hurricane it went up... enjoy the landing procedures now. Hope you invested on a landing gear. Assume crashing positions. KYAG. Sure, those who bet on it early on became wealthy selling everything off as soon Bitcoin became so over-inflated... making a fortune and subsequently causing its collapse by overselling, were smart and were able to be there on the right moment and making a bet that revealed itself to be a winning one. I admire the guts of those who bought Bitcoins when they were sold at a hundred or so, or even less, and I grin with them, and even approve their decision, when they sold everything off at 20.000, leaving the upstarts and late comers with a fistful of flies. I'd have done the same in their shoes. What I seriously question, on the other hand, is the intelligence of those who entered in this particular struggle when Bitcoin value was already well over the four zeros. By then it was WAY too late to really hope for real gains. Even my imaginary dog knew it. What did they hope, for Bitcoin really reaching the millions? Naive idiots. One doesn't need to be a genius to know that EVERYTHING on the market without a real HARD value behind is susceptible to the old law: What goes up, sooner or later MUST come down and the higher it goes, the sharper the dive and the more spectacular its crash back to earth. Enjoy the travel back to earth. Idiots.
Kaiser Wilhelm II (9 months ago)
I Know that this Bitcoin would cause a New Crisis on the Stock Market!
Stephen Rushton (9 months ago)
Literally poor old man!
American patriot R (9 months ago)
Let me tell you das is good
Unbox Flix (9 months ago)
Atopico8 (9 months ago)
I missed these good old Failüres parodies.
Bitcoin is one of the reasons why I got rich in the first place.
Beaumont The Frenchie (9 months ago)
Am I the only one who would invest in NaziCoins??
Alfred Clean Jodl (9 months ago)
lol Poor Old Man xD
Kyle Reese (9 months ago)
I love these Parodies!! I love them!!!!!!!! 🤣
Eisenshower (9 months ago)
Welp, nothing lasts forever.
Ironmaidenportugal (9 months ago)
doesn't surprises me, the exorbitant value had to fall anyway just like the bank shares from the Great Depression. 1$ to 10000$ was only creating inflation.
dsagent (9 months ago)
They are laughing now but sooon *MY LAMBOS WILL BLOCK OUT THE SUN!*
Lieutenant Scrotes (9 months ago)
I have a friend who purchased three GTX 1080s last month to mine Bitcoin. Now not only will the value of those cards crash, but the cost of electricity used to run those cards 24/7 will be almost as much as he could make from mining!
mitchell hobbs (9 months ago)
Man you guys are Great ~
Hitler Rants Parodies (9 months ago)
Bitcoin has dropped by $1,000 since this parody was uploaded.
Sue Elias (9 months ago)
I blame Stalin.
MaxThePotato Alt (9 months ago)
Well soon it will be kids mining it for a laptop to play the Sims 2
Khayre Samatar (9 months ago)
Adolf Hitler (9 months ago)
Also, spambots r attacking bitcoin, and spreaded latest yt videos
Gamezone X (9 months ago)
Donot invest on bitcoin it suxs u
rklewis2 (9 months ago)
The only thing to improve this video is to have that crazy drunken laugh permeate it right near the end. Other than that:  Flawless!
QuebeC VR (9 months ago)
NaziCoin is best coin
cmdrnate (9 months ago)
HRP, the only source of news you can trust
Fantasy Fury (9 months ago)
My dad also bought some bitcoin and wanted to get from it some money... but now that bitcoin is at low price I think he rants just like Der Failüre. :(
Lieutenant Scrotes (9 months ago)
It's the same kind of risk/reward dynamic as investing in the stock market. Except Bitcoin is more unpredictable and the fluctuations in value more dramatic.
Fantasy Fury (9 months ago)
This is reaaaaly bad :l. Imagine that you buy a BitCoin and you want to get some profit from it one day, but suddenly booom and BitCoin is half of it's price, wouldn't you be pissed of? I would... 😣
Joseph Lawndale (9 months ago)
I knew that Bitcoin would collapse. It had been an unstable investment, still many bought the idea of buying it
Hongkong Ball (9 months ago)
Thats why you shouldnt buy a bitcoin
Nasha Naufal (9 months ago)
$20 Billion!? What was Hitler thinking Lol 😂 it seems Hitler was really going all out with buying Bitcoin. When bitcoin had its first fall in late December I knew it would be the end of it and sold my bitcoins.
British Imperialist (9 months ago)
Bitcoin will soar after February
Herbert Orendorff (9 months ago)
Think about it folks I just might be onto something it makes sense
Herbert Orendorff (9 months ago)
Here's an odd theory now I could be wrong or I could be right why is it an every video the one soldier that keeps pulling at his color looks like he has something to do with every single one of these downfalls think about it yet feigelein keeps getting the blame because the officer pulling on his collar looks like he just very well might be guilty
Eternia (9 months ago)
Herbert Orendorff Watch the movie, its burgdorf Also, its hot in the bunker
Nexus- (9 months ago)
Adollar HitCoin
ชิว ชิว (9 months ago)
Innovation required risks.
Jodl (9 months ago)
I object to Nazicoins!
Instrumental Anthems (6 months ago)
Jodl Its Reichmarks.
ElCid48 (9 months ago)
If he bought the "Petrocoin" from Venezuela he will lose even more. Beware of that chavista scam. That country is utterly bankrupt.
Darius Guran (9 months ago)
Finally, people can buy graphics cards again
Commander Rex328 (9 months ago)
Darius Guran bro I was joking..
Darius Guran (9 months ago)
Commander Rex328 search for gtx 970 or r9 290 on ebay they are the best gpu's price/performance
Commander Rex328 (9 months ago)
Darius Guran I'll be stalking nvidia for a pre early gtx 2010
Ali Aydinel (9 months ago)
Best :)
James Lawman (9 months ago)
Jared Fogle (9 months ago)
This is good for bitcoin
Hermann Fegelein (9 months ago)
I swear I didn't do this I use bitcoin too to buy Antics at FegelBay
Hermann Fegelein (9 months ago)
Kristoff Bjorgman Antics of Doom?
Kristoff Bjorgman (9 months ago)
Say Fegelein, aren't you the leader of the AfD in the movement against the United Reich party in Hitler's Bundestag?
DJ Rainbow Toxic (9 months ago)
Adi Geo my friend is telling the truth,he would never make bitcoin worthless because we buy antics at FegelBay by using bitcoin.
Hermann Fegelein (9 months ago)
Adi Geo I told you it wasn't me why would I make the bitcoin's value so low if I use them to buy Antics I bet is one of my brothers/clones who did it
Hermann Fegelein But how did you succeded to make it so low?
ImperialMeridian (9 months ago)
Has hitler heard of experience points? He should check it out and at least invest 20 dollars.
FD_Stalker (9 months ago)
Wait a sec, I thought he rant on bitcoin scam once. Why would he buy it
Werewolf Fam Guy (9 months ago)
I forgot how powerful this movie scene was
PJ Max (9 months ago)
Classic example of tulip fever.
Tomas Ferko (9 months ago)
More like example of a bubble. Comparison of something digital that can't be copied to a plant than can be grown in unlimited amount doesn't make sense.
Michael Hanson (9 months ago)
$8k?! I cant even buy 1/10th of a bitcoin, even after the collapse. How the fuck is this supposed to work for anybody not flush with cash?
Tomas Ferko (9 months ago)
Michael Hanson becouse you can buy 0.00000001 bitcoin if you want and nobody can force you to use it and nobody can force you to not use it.
karan kapila (9 months ago)
"buy Bitcoin to save me"😂😂😂😂
The political gun nut (9 months ago)
And that's how the third Reich lost it's economy not by losing the war and paying reparations but by The Fuhrer investing in bitcoins
tran nhan minh quan (9 months ago)
peacekepper x (9 months ago)
This is of course fegelins doing
caroline0204 (9 months ago)
I've been considering getting Bitcoin for a while, although I don't know if I should especially with the value of Bitcoin dropping drastically.
Phant0mGetsuga993 (9 months ago)
0:20 I laughed my freaking ass off xD
TotoFrancey (9 months ago)
I don't know why, but I just love watching Hitler keep getting screwed over and over again. Maybe it's my age. My children in their 20's really don't know who Hitler really was.
Sam Foster (9 months ago)
Mein Führer... Steiner... Steiner has reported that the Eagles have won the Super Bowl... They are now the national champions...
GarlicPudding (9 months ago)
HA! Where's your "alternate currency", now, hipster shitbags? That's what you get for buying into an internet scam. Eat it! EAT IT!
GarlicPudding (9 months ago)
Tomas Ferko Amen!
Tomas Ferko (9 months ago)
GarlicPudding I'm in no way hipster and I hate these people more than you, so I welcome the crash to see them suffer. When I was buying for 800 I never thought it can go to 19K in a year. That's clearly bubble. 8K is still amazing.
Adolf Hitler (9 months ago)
ThatGuyWithTwoNames (9 months ago)
"BiTcOiN iS tHe FuTuRe"
turkish Thanksgiving (9 months ago)
Meh, Bitcoin was a fool anyways.
jennylover456 (9 months ago)
I always knew to trust my gut and my gut said bitcoin is a cunt
1M0RTAL_CH1CKEN (9 months ago)
The only people who made money was the original bunch who cashed in their bitcoins when it skyrocketed. All the bandwagoners got fucked over
Tomas Ferko (9 months ago)
1M0RTAL_CH1CKEN :D for now anyways. It's bitcoin, you can't kill it. It would die only if everybody losses interest in it or ignores it. The volume after last dump seemed promising along with the charts. Should be back above 10k soon. Then it's a question of whenever it can stay above 10K. If yes than it will likely go for new ATH. If not then it's probably going down to 3K.
1M0RTAL_CH1CKEN (9 months ago)
Tomas Ferko lol you are right
Tomas Ferko (9 months ago)
1M0RTAL_CH1CKEN Not really, it was under 1000 at start of 2017. Only the last bandwagoners buying above 10K got rekt. Those who bought at 19K are super rekt :D
KakashiBallZ (9 months ago)
One does not simply invest in FegelCoins. :D
Commander Rex328 (9 months ago)
no prob... ure gonna be one of the most classic members of HRP forever...
KakashiBallZ (9 months ago)
Commander Rex328 Man I am always in awe by the long term memory of the HRP community. Thank you!
Commander Rex328 (9 months ago)
KakashiBallZ said by the legend, Sean bean Also ure alive?!?! U made that Hitler eats cheetos? That parody always hungers me
Xenofag Uprising (9 months ago)
Well at least we can buy GPUd for dirt cheap from homeless people now.
Adam Langfelder (9 months ago)
The funny thing is, my coworker bought shares in bitcoin. I’m showing him this at work.
vortex light (9 months ago)
Adam Langfelder howd he react?
fan of animatio (9 months ago)
It's a fegelcoin
Yannick Oliveres (9 months ago)
Fegelein is always up to antics.
Downfall Adolf Hitler (9 months ago)
Fuxi (9 months ago)
Eiinnd (9 months ago)
Otto Günsche (9 months ago)
Another great video
Otto Günsche (9 months ago)
Adolf Hitler I must inform you that fegelarse is going to antic you
Adolf Hitler (9 months ago)
Otto Günsche i now regret thinking this is a good thing
Adolf Hitler (9 months ago)
guess its good to find you here
Grab a meme on the go (9 months ago)
I say eagles are winning, how about yall?
Boss RC1138 (9 months ago)
This is how I found out x__x
The Ghost Hunter (9 months ago)
Never ever use bitcoin.....
Tony Liu (9 months ago)
Bitcoin exhibits the same trends as a pyramid scheme. Now I'm kinda glad I never bought any.
areumap1 (8 months ago)
that what people been saying since 2013,and bitcoin price is going upward. So,this video is outdated
PkGam (9 months ago)
I had a feeling this video was coming. XD
Ak47 (9 months ago)
i like after how many years and so, you still making videos
Sean Bell (9 months ago)
I don't agree with bitcoins , its fake
Victor A. (9 months ago)
Thank you bro, i did knew that, fuck bitcoin !!!
Victor A. (9 months ago)
i love bitcoin is the best cripto currency, fuck you people who dont know how it works
CarlosNL (9 months ago)
Sean Bell it was going to be HUGE before but now it's just fake news. Let's see if the wall will fall too...

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