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How to start a Blockchain business | 3 things you NEED

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What's up! I am the founder a 5-person digital marketing agency serving clients in the US & Canada (business link in channel description). This playlist documents my final months before finishing school forever. I am a huge believer in the minimal viable product, and just STARTING. That is exactly what I did about a year ago when I picked up my iPhone, pressed record and uploaded to YouTube - this channel is a work in progress and is as much a personal journal for me – as an educational and inspirational tool for you. The videos mainly focus on the day to day management of a growing digital marketing agency. However, I also like to talk about other creative ways of making money (real estate sub-rentals, crypto-currency investments, and more!). Additionally, I am passionate about lifestyle design, phycology and practical philosophy. If you like my vibe and are at all interested in lifestyle design, making money online, entrepreneurship, or starting a business as a student, subscribe and let’s escape the 9-5 and build an epic lifestyle together!
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Cyrus Gambol (20 days ago)
Great video. Crowdcreate is a top-ranked Blockchain/ICO marketing agency that’s been featured on Forbes, CNBC and Huffington Post. We’ve worked with many of the top crypto projects and startups including BitClave, ANKER, and Tencent. We’re Connected to the Most Influential People in Blockchain. We are growth experts. Please check us out at www.crowdcreate.us
John Sison (27 days ago)
Great vid, I certainly agree with the three things. Have been observing some of the ICO's and blockchain business who fails because the project that has been put out has no true purpose. One more thing we can consider to make blockchain successful is that it needs a partnership with a good PR firm. I highly recommend Crowdcreate (www.crowdcreate.us). They are #1 Rated and Globally Ranked by Forbes and have Full-Service Growth Marketing Team.
Bitdeal (1 month ago)
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Mattia Minafò (3 months ago)
I've a question, maybe it's a stupid one but I'm trying to understand the relation between business and blockchain. So, my question is: If the blockchain aims to cut the middleman( for example Airbnb) how can the startup who creates this new way to do home sharing could monetize its work? I mean, Airbnb is the middleman and fees are part of the revenue. Without that, what could be the core business?
Student Entrepreneur (2 months ago)
That is a good question actually. There are fees charged on blockchain transactions as well. Also - people would pay to use the blockchain solution. For example, a large construction company would purchase the right to use the blockchain technology to handle its payments.
Rosetta Alison (3 months ago)
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Student Entrepreneur (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing!
Nathan Raymond (3 months ago)
I’m In Japan. The common problem is Japanese people can not speak English and won’t talk TIL they trust the person. They need to trust each other and me. I am the genesis block that can unite Japanese people (300 contacts) and I can also connect to me hometown Ny area with a ny person to introduce to each of my Japanese contacts whom I’ll introduce based in similar passions. We can collaborate through tourism. Please help me!
Nathan Raymond (2 months ago)
Student Entrepreneur , I want to organize my connections of people in Japan and introduce them to my hometown connections in Ny so Japanese engineers and manufacturing can collaborate with people for business and social connections for ideas that is also my Ecosystem not for the block chain use like paper Money, with value outside of the individual, but the value extends to the individual itself. So we can have more then a one way transaction but there is value in introducing people that can collaborate, so then information like who they are, what they are looking for and what they can offer and since when hS someone been a member.and who introduced them to my group and 1st generation connect to me directly and who they introduce is the 2nd and so on. vetted, screened and sold into the connection so the individuals is joining of their own free will and is passionate. We we are organizing passion for collaboration as a way to connect with Like minded focus in my internship program targeted to university and career age people using collaborative entrepreneurship in developing themselves in networking and grassroots business development through travel and networking events and subsequent collaboration. I need people willing to approach it differently for broader base of participation than anyone is offering and I need a support so cryptographers or developers can create an ecosystem to specifications that allow this or an existing technology. I’m a good networker and people should do what they do best but I need the technology skills to create the human grid connected to value in Ny and Japan as a foundation that everywhere else can collaborate with through locals in their community. I have a website for attracting people to Japan for now and in talks with a company selling SIM cards that allow personal to travel with their smartphone in many countries and my program is the incentive to travel and their smart phones are used to fill in information in creating blocks which represent either a person or a group of collaboration in the ecosystem and it creates the incentive to travel and pay using cryptocurrency. As an executive search consultant I used to interview individuals and put their information and match them with opportunities and matching needs of the clients to the skill sets and experience and motivation of the candidate and I’m thinking this information can be put in the confines of an ecosystem that people join and discover each other to partner with so you can research and develop or train and partner in real business or volunteer for an existing business for internships and volunteering to develop skills and language and communication. Or volunteer to mentor. I’m also an aspiring YouTube influencer and I want my channel displaying this technology and the results of people traveling to Japan meeting and interacting and their adventures and the fruit it bares. Hope we could help you promote to technology and I’ll recruit the people and the rest of the world will want to copy.
Student Entrepreneur (2 months ago)
Not exactly sure what you are saying here, can you clarify?
Amit Agarahari (5 months ago)
Hi..friend i m from india ,i want some startup in blockchain ,can i connect with you.I have some plannings abiut it.plzz give me ur mail id...
Student Entrepreneur (4 months ago)
Email should be on the Youtube about page of my channel!
Anthony O'Brien (6 months ago)
Nice video. Thank you.
Student Entrepreneur (6 months ago)
Thanks man! My please
Firdosh Sheikh (7 months ago)
Hey how can I connect with you, I want to create a blockchain based startup
Student Entrepreneur (6 months ago)
Hey, feel free to shoot me an email: [email protected] I have several connections in the blockchain space.
darrell beason (7 months ago)
Please email me!
Student Entrepreneur (7 months ago)
Probably easier if you shoot me an email - [email protected]
Junaid Deep (9 months ago)
Hey! Great insights on the blockchain scenario. I am from Bangladesh. And we are working on graphic design, animation and tech. If you think you can outsource work related to these to us, then I can shoot you an email. Reason why I am letting you know about this is because over here the man hour cost is very low. So we can serve you quality work at very cheap rates. All the best with everything though. Thanks!
Nathan Raymond (3 months ago)
I’m in Japan and need help
Student Entrepreneur (9 months ago)
Thanks Junaid - yep feel free to get in touch we are always looking for talented contractors / team members.
Hsing Fan (10 months ago)
nice share!!
Student Entrepreneur (9 months ago)
Thanks Hsing! Appreciate the support :)
Neo L (10 months ago)
Thanks, you are intelligent person,appreciate you ideas,it was helpful.
Student Entrepreneur (10 months ago)
Thanks for the support - really appreciate that.
jake smith (10 months ago)
can you email me I have some questions about blockchain and the construction industry
Student Entrepreneur (10 months ago)
Hey Jake - feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

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