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How I'd Invest $1000 Into Cryptocurrency And Altcoins In January 2018

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Ever wondered how to invest $1000 into Cryptocurrency and altcoins in 2018? I take a shot at explaining how I'd invest in January of 2018, with two different altcoin buying strategies. In this video we take a look at undervalued altcoins, as we try our hand at cryptocurrency trading in the fast growing altcoin market of 2018. I give you what I think are some of the best altcoins to watch in the whole crypto market. Check out Jeff and the boys at Altcoinc Buzz: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGyqEtcGQQtXyUwvcy7Gmyg Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ Top 5 Altcoins Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Top 5 Altcoins to hold in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Les42... Top 5 Altcoins under $1 in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLthj... Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Text Comments (154)
Cryptobaghodler (3 days ago)
This vid aged well 🤣
Mike D (3 months ago)
Go get Electroneum everyone, don’t be stupid!!! It’s at 0.005400 right now and will be at no less then 0.40 by the end of Q4!
Michael Knight (7 months ago)
WOW!!! DUDE.. DUDE!!! Blue took a total nose dive!!! You pretty much told people to invest when it was at its highest point and then it went to s**t! You need to delete this video, hand in your badge and try again sir!!!
kekoswave (7 months ago)
Instalator Iasi (7 months ago)
Can i have the same wallet for 10 different cryptos?
Instalator Iasi (7 months ago)
What platform to use to buy crypto? Something sure . I want to use debit or credit card .Need something to have app for android.
COMP PLUG (8 months ago)
BLUE is now $0.20 a coin. I stopped watching after I read that.
Ketty Winslet (8 months ago)
I like how they’re focusing on promoting local professionals. It shows how serious GIG9 is. Ok, they can count on me to support them.
Emanuel94 (8 months ago)
Where is blue now?? 🤥😂
kyle elwell (8 months ago)
2 months deep and things are down like 80% since you said buy
FANTOM x JAGGER (9 months ago)
Invest all in, on either Bread, Enigma, or Bloom BLT. Those are safe. Especially ENG and Bread.
Jack Watson (9 months ago)
Digibyte all the way. Best coin out there. Sadly under-marketed but all that is about to change!
Cody Boyd (9 months ago)
I stopped listening at 20 seconds in. Your voice is annoying.
Your Altcoins (9 months ago)
Peace bud
Brendan Whelan (9 months ago)
ICON is down now.  Im ready to invest $1k but don't know where to spread it.  I'll do the 30% rule with keeping Bitcoin..
bilal ahmed (10 months ago)
this is how to make your 1000$ into 100-200$ right?
Benjamin 7.5 (10 months ago)
have you made 100 millions yet
Cryptobaghodler (3 days ago)
Benjamin 7.5 anyday now!
Jake Hester (10 months ago)
You should do a small purchase one at like 20 bucks
Matt Santos (10 months ago)
Can you do a review on NOX? By Nitro... Gaming is a 100 billion dollar industry yearly, and many believe that NOX will become the number one gaming crypto.
Justin Miles (10 months ago)
“Thaaaats interesting” lol good video man!
n&b (10 months ago)
Thx a great vd !! Definitely i'll buy some of them i'll keep u updated if it works with me by the end of this year
Caleb sheppard (10 months ago)
Great video
Matt O (10 months ago)
So I found your video on 1/21/18 and all of the coins are currently worth much less... as in my $1,000 will buy more right now. Take BLUE for example... currently trading at $0.733 with a market cap of $24M (half of market cap at time of video). I'm taking the plunge and breaking my crypto virginity as I think this pullback is a perfect time to drop come cash into the game.
Your Altcoins (10 months ago)
Crazy how fast this market moves in such a short time.
DT Beauty (10 months ago)
This is great and very educational...thank you!!
Brucie Kibbutz (10 months ago)
I invested in ETH, saving it for long time.
Fue Chee (10 months ago)
Love the idea behind Cardano but that coin’s overpriced. Going to be a long hold and hope for the best for the next 3 years.
Mama Luv (11 months ago)
Kenny Karwacki (11 months ago)
So what do you do one you make a profit. How do you sell for usd because what I'm seeing is all you can do is trade it for another crypto currency and are you buying and selling all on this website
Caped Crusaders (11 months ago)
How about 100 dollars 💰$$$ that a challenge
Crypto Pudding (11 months ago)
Great ideas. Only thing missing from this video is BROTHER. Great things are happening in Russia. Don't be the one who catches on late!
Simon Calvert (11 months ago)
if cryptos don't work out for you i could imagine you on tv reading out the weather
Matt Horan (11 months ago)
abc junk (11 months ago)
What are your opinions on AppCoins and SwftCoin ? SwftCoin is really cheap and it's trading on $60 Million volume each day. Anyone on board with these 2 coins ?
Mytube13videos (11 months ago)
Put 20 grand into paccoin to the moon 🌚 lol
Mama Luv (11 months ago)
2T max supply??????? I bought it just to prove myself wrong that it's worth anything
Carlos Vega (11 months ago)
Thanks bro
Mytube13videos (11 months ago)
Carlos Vega honestly no I was being sarcastic. I do believe it's a shit coin. I believe Cardano "ADA" will be huge
Carlos Vega (11 months ago)
Mytube13videos I bought PacCoin a few days back, do you think it will go up after they change the coin?
LonelyStacker (11 months ago)
600$ on ripple, 400$ on Tron, boom. 4x gains minimum.
Kre8or333 (9 months ago)
I will never understand people blowing the Ripple stick. It's centralised, big bank funded, what we're trying to get away from. It ruins the whole idea.
LonelyStacker (10 months ago)
yo, thats my bet, thats what i got on xrp and tron. and i bought $170/191 more XRP just t0day so F u man, i got my bet whats yours?????\
vambo13257 (10 months ago)
bunch of idiots like you 4 clowns
JD Dree (11 months ago)
If only you can see how many dislikes there are in a comment. I'm pretty sure this one has over 30k ^^
C M (11 months ago)
I have 2k to invest. I'm going to try both methods.
rajat chaudhary (11 months ago)
Please tell how long this bull run will continue ??
V1RTUS (11 months ago)
if anyone needs help u can tell me im bored atm :D
V1RTUS (10 months ago)
Sup where do you need some help brother?
Sup (10 months ago)
V1RTUS I need help
orki6 (11 months ago)
buy wabi! it is the best real investment in the market todayf
Mery G (11 months ago)
follow me on ig "btcbox" to build a community to all together BUY the same coin at the same time you know what it means
Lucas Ronny (11 months ago)
great video. I started investing with $3,000 (all I had at the time). That $3,000 turned to $7,800 now. Moral of the story is there is no minimum amount needed to get started. Do your research, invest only what you're willing to lose, and if you do it right, you might be the next success story
Ceasar Benton (11 months ago)
This guy loves the sound of his own voice... Get to the fucking point bruh!
abelino Babette (11 months ago)
It's amazing how you can change little to something. Mr.Damian Alexandros is indeed God sent, since he Started handling my trade rush account I started making profits I am talking about $6000 weekly profits. He show me his strategy . very simple,easy practically straight forward just mail Mr Damian Alexandros .([email protected] gmail.com) and please say hello to him on my behalf.
abelino Babette (11 months ago)
Thank you Mr Damian
tom tom (11 months ago)
Invest $400 in NEO and HODL (NEO going to 4 digits by end of year), $200 ETH (good safe long term hold probably increase 3 to 5 times by end of year), $150 APPC (Appcoins has great growth potential and could by one of winners in the portfolio - see it increasing 20 to 30 times by end of year), $150 in SALT (great practical loan coin that will take of when starts - see 4-5 times increase by end of year), $100 TRON (if we see recent price action expect TRON could be wild card jumping anywhere between 20 and 40 times). This could turn portfolio into $15,000+ . Just follow my picks on Twitter and you will do well @cryptowealth5
Laura Minguzzi (11 months ago)
Dan Bangger (11 months ago)
Nice video !!! Great sélection !!!
Steve Brule (11 months ago)
I've been doing some research, I can make the most money if I wait for datadash to release his February picks, and put my 33% into each of his 3 picks.
tom tom (11 months ago)
Just follow my picks on Twitter and you will do well @cryptowealth5
Amir Tv (11 months ago)
Great video i sub
MrHanSoL0 (11 months ago)
Great stuff man! Thank you
rv k (11 months ago)
New Coin Bfx coin backed by bluefox motion pictures
rv k (11 months ago)
Any news on Naga Coin NGC
Reedy (11 months ago)
Crypto Crow nah think I'll just hodl thanks troll
Reedy (11 months ago)
Crypto Crow Wow, you even comment on other youtbures comment section. Doug Polke is great by the way :)
panos p (11 months ago)
TOA coin is a good choise
Gijs Pullens (11 months ago)
Can you make a video about Siacoin if you are interested in it?
Samto Boris Taliansky (11 months ago)
checkout DENT, working product and only 10 cents
Shabdan Abjaparov (11 months ago)
Justin Sun deal with gaming platform
Shabdan Abjaparov (11 months ago)
In my opinion TRX Tron is going to come back again
Kyle LaRoche (11 months ago)
and it went down because of piracy rumors
Kyle Van Leeuwen (11 months ago)
Whats your most promising coin for the year 2018 in your opinion? Great content tho bro! keep it up 15aBCcuCY5bS7wJZQ7qsTwBB1PSQBmgqtf
P. Me (11 months ago)
Hey mate, What are the top 2 exchange's you use that would cover most of these alt-coins? Also, what is a wallet that can store most of these alt-coins/tokens? I am sick of signing up to another dam wallet or another exchange constantly just to get one thing :-) Cheers
Asif Zuberi (11 months ago)
Hi, I am in new .. I want to put 1000 $ in market .. Please let me know how I buy theses different coine .. can i buy one place or every coin different site
Callum Macroni (11 months ago)
well i purchase my coins from the same platform i invest, trade and exchange with so i don't have trust issues with investing. so what platform do you plan to invest with?
moneytrain22 (11 months ago)
Steve Borowsky (11 months ago)
No LTC!? madness
Andrew Schurman (11 months ago)
buy blue and sit back
Cryptobaghodler (3 days ago)
Andrew Schurman i lost my wife and children believing people like you. Im a loser
whip010 (11 months ago)
I feel like you'd be a great comedian... :D something about your voice makes me think of a stand up comedian for some reason!
Cryptobaghodler (3 days ago)
whip010 he's got me laughing!
Istvan Homoki (11 months ago)
Can you pls talk normal?
Carrot (11 months ago)
My picks for the end of January are as follows, putting $250 in Substratum, $250 in Walton, $250 in Modum, $250 in Cindicator and $250 in Metal. Trying to pick some low market coins with a pretty low supply so they have to grow in a year or 2 so im gonna be in it for the HODL boisssss lets go!!! Ready for the biggest year in crypto eve
Carrot (11 months ago)
Crypto Crow yeh that sounds pretty complicated but an amazing system! I’m gonna try buy low as much as I can then set sell orders when I reach 10-20% increase of what I invested then keep doing that till I accumulate more and more which will make the smaller percentage returns worth more essentially.
Carrot (11 months ago)
Crypto Crow I have but I’ve only been in this space for a couple months so still tryna play fairly safe and not day trade or even week trade because it just makes me too unhappy but how would you suggest reinvesting and keep turning that profit over I would like to hear your opinion :)
Carrot (11 months ago)
Crypto Crow exactly man I ain’t selling for at least a year or 2!!
Canonmentos (11 months ago)
Do I have to put the money into bitcoin? or is Etherium okay as well
Callum Macroni (11 months ago)
bitcoin value keeps going higher and this how it's been from the unset, in my opinion the best and safest way to go about this is by investing in an establishment that will advise you on anything, mine, trade and reinvest whatever cryptocurrencies you have for you. that's how i go about mine, all i do is to fund my wallet and after that i instruct the establishment to do whatever i want, either trading or mining and it will be handled by the establishment and when production is due and ready, i wait to cash out which will be sent directly to my wallet or local bank account. these done effortlessly, you can also go about yours the same way but have it in mind that If your financial assets are in a range of $10k-$100k , you have something to lose. You are neat, consistent and purposeful. Allow yourself a little risk and roll up to 3%-20%. Your well-being is not significantly affected in a case of losses, but it can teleport you into the category above sooner than you would want to leave your current work
nancy e (11 months ago)
YOU can actually do better putting in Etherium  or LTC as they trade faster and for less fees out of Coinbase for instance.  BTC is slower, takes several days for the transfer to happen and the margin is higher.
Mitchell McGuire (11 months ago)
mulugeta asfaha (11 months ago)
Can you say one coin or two coins which you believe they will go to the moon one day in time,and cois less than one dollar ?????
Don Blake (11 months ago)
Where can I get a Numus Cash Wallet to Store coin can’t find any. HELP PLEASE
BO WU (11 months ago)
cannot register new account anymore, it has been shut down for few days....
emarskineel (11 months ago)
Lucas Ronny you are fucking scum
Damian 12344 (11 months ago)
which wallet are you using. iam using exodus but there are just a few coins...
Damian 12344 (11 months ago)
Callum Macroni i just invest in alt coins , what do you mean with Mine yourself? Do you have a link to the Blockchain wallet ?? Thanks greets from Germany :-)
Callum Macroni (11 months ago)
i'll advise you go with blockchain wallet. do you mine yourself or invest in some platform?
omri avidan (11 months ago)
great information ! very useful, thanks...
neogeojr (11 months ago)
How do I buy obscure or newly released tokens without using a new or untrustworthy currency exchange? Coinlancer is available on HitBTC and EtherDelta; I don't have any confidence in either exchange.
Callum Macroni (11 months ago)
first of all, what coin do you want to exchange or invest in?
TrueGritProductions (11 months ago)
this could be big
Fernando Lopez (11 months ago)
Hey, what do you think about the (cat) blockcat) if you wanna look into it tho. Ur opinion ofc
Victor Hugo (11 months ago)
these exchanges are shaddy,
John Michael (11 months ago)
#RimBit ... Launching
Vandana Joshi (11 months ago)
Loved this video. Great advice.
Cryptobaghodler (3 days ago)
Vandana Joshi yep, bang on
DAVID TRAN (11 months ago)
i would just stick it in ICX and not just because its been on a tear lately but because its a nice consistent growth with minimal pullbacks or corrections
David Narcissus (11 months ago)
Yes ICX is a gold coin ! .... hodl
Imran Awan (11 months ago)
This channel is going to the moon .....
MARK Grzelak (11 months ago)
Think I will steer clear of Blue after the fud they said about MEW on Twitter today.
Cryptobaghodler (3 days ago)
MARK Grzelak good call pal
Ya boy (11 months ago)
You should do a Crypto Challenge on your channel. Starting with 1000$ to 10000$ in x months. Love the content
matt e (11 months ago)
throw 50 bucks in Stronghands !! could moon soon
loren young (11 months ago)
They dont have have a legit site its just a fomo coin
beastmode439 (11 months ago)
I see so many of these comments on videos lol. Total shit coin.
travel players (11 months ago)
ADC up and coming
Martijn M (11 months ago)
I'm currently quite bullish on ICON, Litecoin, AppCoins, OmiseGo, Komodo and Ethereum. Also holding Simple Token, SONM, EthLend, Ambrosus, Cardano, Basic Attention Token, VeChain, Walton and Agrello. I won't invest into any potential wallet, as there are so many wallet tokens fighting to be the winner. I rather wait until there are two strong competitors. Then I will pour in some of my profits on others coins into that wallet.
Kais Mazen (11 months ago)
Say No (11 months ago)
in hitbtc ICX minimum 100 it's 1200$
Brecht Gemtex (11 months ago)
what cryptocurrency exchange u use becuz i cant join binance?
Callum Macroni (11 months ago)
i don't use binance, but i exchange, trade reinvest withe the same platform i'm investing in presently, so i don't have to use some local exchanger. you should try it out also and don't get involved with Binance.
Major Mills (11 months ago)
You’re a new favorite YouTuber of mine now! Keep up the great videos and information
ThatMovinTarget (11 months ago)
Did u have 5k subs last week!?!?!?
Flying Dutchman (11 months ago)
Your Altcoins , Because ive subbed 💪🏻
Your Altcoins (11 months ago)
Yesterday, actually :)
fabian fabfotos (11 months ago)
have a look at Basic Attention Token. amazing project for the huge online advertising industry. (and also great team, founder of firefox, javascript etc.)
NeilAC78 (11 months ago)
What do you think of joining a crypto pump and dump group? Sure, it's not particularity 'legit' but not currently illegal. It seems these smaller low cap coins are easy pickings.
Martin De Beer (11 months ago)
From a moral and ethical stand point I will not participate in that. I would love to subscribe to one of the P&D groups though, as it will be awesome to know which coins to avoid at that given time
Kyle LaRoche (11 months ago)
dont do it
Dave Dawson (11 months ago)
I have approximately .39 btc in brd. It has room for a lot more cap of the market I think. It looks pretty. They would get a lot more cap once they implement more coin choices for payment I would think.
TeamDM24 (11 months ago)
Please take a look at SNC (SunContract)! Great project and platform for solar energy. It is still under the radar now but will definitely rise in 2018!
Felipe Castro (11 months ago)
You are good mate! Keep the good work. You will be big
Crypto Kid (11 months ago)
If I had $1000 I would invest it into mining. I rent from a site called MiningRigRentals and it is pretty cool. I usually make 5-10% profit per rig per day. Very profitable from my experiences.
Mr Mo (11 months ago)
bread is interesting. did u know campuscoin? seems to be growing with big steps

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