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New $NEO ICO #Aphelion $APH Proving the NEO platform is alive and well!

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Hey guys! Just a quick update on NEO while I work on a longer video. I haven't looked extensively into Aphelion yet, so I'm not telling you to buy it, but this is just an encouraging bit of news that shows that the NEO platform is alive and well, and will continue to grow, with or WITHOUT China! Peace! ————— I’m a business owner, entrepreneur, crypto-trader, crypto-miner, computer technician and proponent of internet privacy and the new free economy! I have created this channel to share some of the knowledge I’ve learnt as I’ve grown and profited from the crypto economy. Download the Discord app and join my server here: https://discord.gg/eFEac4v THIS IS THE BEST PLACE FOR ME TO BE ABLE TO ACTIVELY RESPOND AND ANSWER QUESTIONS. Twitter @Kryptographyk Facebook @https://www.facebook.com/groups/519658998373075/ If you would like to contact me for any marketing opportunities or any question at all, feel free to do so @ [email protected] Any Australians find out how you can use Bitcoin to live your daily lives and ESCAPE BANKS here: https://youtu.be/7f0LLcY5jsg Find out how I day trade here: https://youtu.be/V7Z92Xe0TdM My number one Cryptocurrency to invest in is of course BITCOIN!! Best spot to buy Bitcoins? COINBASE: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5984653832cc4f01c75e2fe6 If you use this link and spend 100 USD, we will BOTH receive $10 worth of Bitcoin! Then send Bitcoin/Litecoin or Ethereum to Bittrex, the T-Rex of crypto exchanges, for any day trading or currency buying. https://bittrex.com/ For any Australians hoping for a quick and easy way to buy a whole lot of different cryptos for AUD, check out CoinSpot here: https://www.coinspot.com.au?affiliate=PY3UY Buy IOTA on Bitfinex here: (Please note this may not be a “get rich quick” currency as it’s ahead of it’s time, be prepared to hold!) https://www.bitfinex.com/?refcode=ReJfeWj8aP HODL NEO!!! GET A HARDWARE WALLET TO KEEP YOUR CRYPTO SAFE PROPERLY! https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/5823 COINS I RECOMMEND LOOKING INTO: BTC, LTC, ANS(NEO), STRAT, LISK, STEEM, GNT and XEL, XMR, ZEC, DASH, XEM, BTS, OMG, PAY, MTL, MCO, IOTA, SC, STORJ, BAT, CVC, DCR, ADEX and soon to be ICX! (Diversification is key!)(Please note I don’t necessarily hold all these coins any more, but still consider them all good long term investments, I try to update this list as frequently as I can!!) Interested in mining? JOIN THE BEST AND MOST LEGIT/TRANSPARENT cloud mining service on the market, GENESIS MINING!!! USE CODE: DMt2e0 with ANY purchase for an instant 3% discount. https://www.genesis-mining.com/ Out of the current available hash power I’d recommend Monero or Zcash, (which recently blew up as I predicted and will continue to do so!) An alternative to Genesis is Hashflare if you need BTC hash power FAST: https://hashflare.io/r/FB6A5E5 If you ever make any money off my advice, (as many already have), I’d appreciate a donation, (worth a try!). BTC: 14mndFf88J8MQHVwdv7Bibp4vYpTxZNs55 LTC: LKWP1kjBRE8uNG7nCSNXaMSKGinCRAW6WC NEO: AYo1W5fYqSxfcZwrhiNAVhXJZFm2nJHMvr LISK: 272716433905415354L ETH: 0x3f1702e1c02bb2628a871a4676aec277170b72d9 DASH: Xroqc8WYDKm6T4w8Bz3g5GjrNiwCvKWCEP IN CLOSING, CHOOSE A FEW COINS YOU LOVE, (PLEASE INCLUDE BITCOIN), SPLIT THEM UP OVER 90/95 PERCENT OF YOU PORTFOLIO AND HOLD! IF YOU’RE LIKE ME AND YOU WANT TO DAY TRADE TO KEEP YOURSELF OCCUPIED, THEN EXPERIMENT WITH 5/10 PERCENT OF YOUR PORTFOLIO AT FIRST. YOU MAY CONSIDER INCREASING THIS AMOUNT AFTER YOU HAVE A BETTER IDEA OF YOUR TEMPERAMENT AND COMPATIBILITY WITH THE CRYPTO MARKETS. Let’s GO!!!
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VTF (11 months ago)
Makes me want to buy neo <3
Voltas Cernobilis (11 months ago)
Hey, if someone is having a good day today, can you send me some BTC? Please My adress: 19Sew41pBz41FxfDjqo7ZpNiYY2tqNuQUY
Voltas Cernobilis (11 months ago)
Kryptographyk sharing is caring <3
Kryptographyk (11 months ago)
Gotta admire the tenacity....
Kryptographyk (11 months ago)
This guy..... <3
john mccarthy (11 months ago)
hi guys, im new to trading/buying crypto, (love your vids btw ) quick question, is it better/more profitable for me to buy bitcoin, etherium or litecoin from coinbase to send to bittrex to trade with ? as im using small amounts of money at a time, (200 euros etc ). any input will be appreciated.
Kryptographyk (11 months ago)
Hi guys! I would say BTC holds the most value, as the BTC markets on Bittrex are the biggest and that's what you'll use to do most of your trading there! So even though the fees are a little higher, once it reaches Bittrex you're ready to then buy whatever ALT you plan to buy with it! Whereas with ETH or LTC, you have to then sell them first for BTC anyway, (unless you wanted to use the ETH markets I suppose, but I personally never have). I hope/think this may answer your question??
john mccarthy (11 months ago)
i ment exactly what xxxdrcarlxxx replied m8, thanks for the reply :)
john mccarthy (11 months ago)
thats spot on m8 thanks /:D
xxxdrcarlxxx (11 months ago)
I think John is asking if any of the three coins sold through Coinbasae/GDAX gets more mileage when deposited into a Bittrex account. Or, does $100USD purchase of BTC (through Coinbase) have the same buying power at Bittrex as $100USD of LTC, or ETH. (I'm just learning this, too). My guess: All three have the same value if the trades are instantaneous. Once whatever coin is on account at Bittrex, that coin's value could change while waiting to invest. Is this right? Really, I am a total Noob.
Kryptographyk (11 months ago)
Hey mate, thanks for the compliment! I definitely recommend Coinbase as the number 1 place to buy BTC, and I have a link in the description if you'd like to support the channel, but in your question you ask, "is it more better/more profitable", so I just wanna ask, is it more profitable than what? What is the other option you want to compare it to? Cheers again for the support:)
Minus (11 months ago)
IMO all ICOs based on NEO are uselss. Might be possible some are just made to keep NEO up. Feel free to correct me please and give usage examples for these ICOs.
Smalle Kåes (10 months ago)
Kryptographyk (11 months ago)
Hi Minus I have gone over ad nauseam the reasons NEO is a great platform. I've been studying/watching it and DHF for a long time, I can assure you my answer is FAR from a generic one and NEO is unique and innovative in many ways all of which are easily searchable online or even in my other videos. As for the ICOs, as I said, haven't looked into them. NEO is what I am interested in.
john and heather bedford (11 months ago)
Minus I personally am keeping my NEO but I appreciate your question and response and find it very valid. I am looking to meet with some of the founders of Aphelion in the next week and will pick their brains more along the lines of your comment. Thx mate👍
Minus (11 months ago)
I appreciate the effort to supply a reply, but unfortunately, that is the generic answer you get everytime anyone says a coin/project is useless. That is the typical response and it covers any project out there, without explaining the real reason the project should be supported. Saying that the team and the founder are great and hardworking, without having a working product brings ZERO value to the project. And just making ICOs on a platform just for the sake of it, it's definitely not making the project worthwhile.
Kryptographyk (11 months ago)
Hi mate! I personally don't agree with this statement as I believe Da Hongfei and his team have produced an incredibly robust platform that will survive with or without the endorsement of Beijing. That being said, DHF and the team are definitely fighting hard and continuing to put the work in to have NEO accepted by Beijing, so I believe he wants wholeheartedly to remain centered/based in China and fully compliant with Chinese regulation. Does this mean I think he will pack up and call it a day if Beijing digs it's heels in? No. Too much work and too much money has gone into building NEO into the awesome platform it is today. Time will tell I guess! Thanks for your comment! P.S. As for THIS ICO specifically? As I said in the description, I haven't looked into it either than a cursory glance at the article shown, so I couldn't speak to that. Cheers.
sanchit (11 months ago)
Went through the whole website and paper of Aphelion, Looks dodgy mate. There is no history and suddenly mushroomed up. Will wait for some media coverage. Just a heads up.
Aphelion Token (10 months ago)
Lots of news on us now. Please take another look around.
Ian Holtz (11 months ago)
Can assure you Aphelion is very REAL....we appreciate the mention mate!
Kryptographyk (11 months ago)
That could very well be true. As I said in the description, I know nothing about this company and haven't had a chance to look into them yet, the video is more about NEO than Aphelion. Don't really invest in ICOs so not that interested TBH;)
sumitri deva (11 months ago)
The Neo HODL club, just like Chaincoin! No, Im joking!
sumitri deva (11 months ago)
Cool! I've just joined your discord.
Kryptographyk (11 months ago)
Had me trippin for a second there lol I was like “have I taught you guys nuthin???” Peace and love bro
Kryptographyk (11 months ago)
sumitri deva lol you better be dammit!!
Crypto World (11 months ago)
Hey JJ I'm Tasmanian. keep up the good work
Kryptographyk (11 months ago)
TJ Harris nice to meet you TJ! Join the Discord, introduce yourself and come hangout with us!
Steve (11 months ago)
Too much jargon? Never bro, keep up the service!
Kryptographyk (11 months ago)
Steve much love!

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