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Nasdaq Promotes Ripple, Litecoin Starts A Movement And Waves Adds 20 Startups

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Text Comments (127)
BuyCryptoPig (4 months ago)
I want hot chicks
Falguni Patel (4 months ago)
litecoin Price in future ?
Mrchao6 (5 months ago)
Great news! Watch my page for Crypto Updates as well!
Ethan Michell (5 months ago)
love that you want us to go out to stores and ask if they accept crypto! What do you think about eToro? I personally really like it although I am new. Sweet interface, fast transactions.
Jerome Tairua (5 months ago)
Fair to say XRP isn’t going to jump past $5 this year. Even that in itself is a great return. I’m backing trx to top that return
Sergio (5 months ago)
Robert Martin (5 months ago)
Ripple, the currency where 98% of all coin is owned by 100 accounts...most owned by only several people. If you buy in; you make them super rich! So of course that’s what they want, and that’s why they fund all these articles you read. Don’t be a sheep. Don’t get dumped on. Don’t....ever....buy ripple
Imran Arif (5 months ago)
Nasdaq done a great job promoting xrp, it's price has risen tremendously lol
Jefferyvarian (5 months ago)
Your my go to guy when it comes to XRP, but do you have any thoughts on Apollo currency? Is it worth a small portion of my capital? Thanks
KnG. Tubbs (5 months ago)
Litecoin is the nickel in my portfolio. It’ll never go away.
J L (5 months ago)
it should be your quarter
Stanislav Georgiev (5 months ago)
There was a meeting between SEC and CFTC but it was not about some big ETH announcement. If you read the official statements you will see that they just discussed whether or not to form a case against ETH for it's early days pre-sale. What they did was form a group of working regulators to dig and see if there is a reason for a case or a debate. There will most likely be an announcement about the results after 2+ months. I wouldn't give too much thought about this, it's not really a big deal. Worst case scenario - put a fine or some penalty on the foundation for the pre-sale without registering it and just let them go do their business. P.S. - Typical media overblown click bait articles. Good thing i didn't sell my ETH lol.
NGKF BGC (5 months ago)
Community. What is the preferred method of buying some eos. Btc or eth?
lewisrt101 (5 months ago)
So when us this long overdue bullrun coming on xrp?
Mykehawk3 (5 months ago)
Manipulating the market than a mfucka! Heads need to roll for all of this bullshit, we need some kind of overseer in this space!!
BBH101 (5 months ago)
Great info!
Adithya Das (5 months ago)
Zilliqa, comments please
Bao Le (5 months ago)
As a entrepreneur myself, I know the struggle of raising fund from VC, and ICO is our holy grail.. too bad lots of bad actors used that to contaminate its purpose! I had to postpone our plan for ICO till our product is ready and start to gain more traction!
WesBus (5 months ago)
Bitconnect donations? Bitcooooooooooonect
Kudos2Kawaii (5 months ago)
PLEASE talk about bearableguy
fernando rossini (5 months ago)
for me litecoin is going to be the currency that will appreciate more, it is in an incredible increase
slick one (5 months ago)
Ripple is not a crypto, it's not a block chain. It's a bank coin. Stellar is what you want. Ripple will be dead in 5 years.
Y User (5 months ago)
Yes. Too much Litecoin hype that leads to nothing.
Rad Bennie (5 months ago)
love these morning vids.
David James (5 months ago)
But they are not using the Ripple that we can buy. (If I understand this correctly.) all these company's are using a private chain that does not interact with the public token.
Crypto Yoda (5 months ago)
Ripple will be big...
Tommy * (5 months ago)
dude you are a freaking genius, i would never realise that BG123 meant to listen for that specific thing, cuz i dont have time to study this whole crypto space. thanks a lot!
Chris (5 months ago)
You can still watch the original on Alex cobbs channel😉
JP Hiway (5 months ago)
Great stuff as usual my good sir & I'm really enjoying these " new extended version of the normal crypto news" videos that you've been making lately! 👍✌
thanh (5 months ago)
I called the SEC chairman’s office today to find out about the meeting. Talked to his admin and she said there was no meeting scheduled on their agendas!
Ryan Kirk (5 months ago)
As a retail business owner, I would love to be able to accept crypto for payment. However, it needs to integrate with my current POS system. We used to use BitPay but it is no longer supported beginning 2018. And then there is the issue of every cryptocurrency transaction being a taxable event according to the IRS. This keeps me from accepting crypto at my stores, even though we host Bitcoin ATMs in them.
All My Crock Pots (5 months ago)
We've got a pizza place in my neighborhood that accepts BTC / BCH / NYC and a liquor store that accepts LTC - It's happening!!!
Kim Yablonski (5 months ago)
Hi! I’m a huge Ripple fan and bought some...I’ve heard a lot about “Bearable Guy”. Can I please ask....who is he or what does it mean? Thanks. I’m very new to all this.. love your videos!
Jerome Tairua (5 months ago)
Crypto Cynic facts
Kim Yablonski (5 months ago)
Crypto Cynic thanks!! Hopefully I’ll make some $$$ with XRP
Crypto Cynic (5 months ago)
An anonymous guy who is needful of attention so puts out images that have considerable detail...then sits back and watches people read entirely too much into them. It's analogous to doing a "where's Waldo", without there actually being a "Waldo" anywhere to be found. Bearable Guy=waste of time...XRP not a waste of $.
User Name (5 months ago)
Ripple to $5000.
User Name (5 months ago)
Sorry, I meant to say "Ripple to $50,000"
The Flying Ben (5 months ago)
I invested a lot in Ripple, but seriously, stfu !
DreamGamer (5 months ago)
Ash Jones (5 months ago)
The Modern Investor = The Modern Legend
fabian colin (5 months ago)
The Modern Investor, do you think being a long term holder is more beneficial rather than selling at upcoming new ATH for portfolios =<$1000 at the moment. Portfolio consists of XRP, Ether, EOS, FunFair, TRX. Thank you
Lucas Widmer (5 months ago)
what happened to the classification of ETH? wasnt that supposed to happen today?
Ryan Schob (5 months ago)
There was supposed to be a closed door meeting.. no promise of any announcements or decisions that I am aware of.
Monkey Tron (5 months ago)
If you love Ripple over Bitcoin, you are in this for yourself and not on message for the revolution it has at it’s “core”.
Deangelo Robinson (5 months ago)
thank you for not doing price prections 👍
esc luis (5 months ago)
Deangelo Robinson he only tells things as plain and bland as they are. He doesnt create any fomo or fud. Awesome
Nathan Long (5 months ago)
Actually there’s a coin going up now called ontology (ont) what’s going on with this coin?
Nathan Long (5 months ago)
Plus loopring beats ripple because it went to a dollar while ripple was 98 cents come on hold loopring people.
Mr Bender (5 months ago)
Good idea modern investor, i will start asking if they accept bitcoin where i go shopping from now on.
Mylifechoice Cdboil (5 months ago)
Hey man thanks for all your support and research. I own a small business and Will like to start accepting crypto. I own about 15-20 different coins. Any idea how to integrate? I use square at the moment for fiat transactions. Thanks
noynac527 (5 months ago)
Keep buying baby !!! The market will float your boat.
NIKHEEL (5 months ago)
Great Professional Channel!! Wish i found u earlier!!
Any idea where the rumor began?
gonzo14o14 (5 months ago)
Nikolas X (5 months ago)
Lots of talk lately about ICX
Trodex (5 months ago)
what about Pundi X?
MJ Konaté (5 months ago)
If I had 100K to put in I would put 200K... I know what’s coming & that’s there’s so much growth coming I just don’t have any more money put in🤦🏾‍♂️
Michel Bozinovski (5 months ago)
Sell all you got ;)
tunedskillsz (5 months ago)
were all gonna die!
Ben Str (5 months ago)
ok, bend over and kiss your b*** good bye.
Frederick Asante (5 months ago)
They’re using Xvia,Xcurrent and xrapid but not XRP!!!
Frederick Asante (5 months ago)
The Modern Investor you are one of the best crypto you tubers, but XRP IS NOT XRAPID.
Enrico Fernandez (5 months ago)
didnt you get the memo from brad, just kidding.
The Modern Investor (5 months ago)
xRapid is XRP.... and customers using xCurrent can switch over to xRapid with ease, its almost a push of a button... not sure what you're talking about
Crypto-Salt (5 months ago)
Thank you for your great and educative videos This is the best crypto channel indeed👍
C3|Nik (5 months ago)
That news conveniently came about when BTC was close to 10k. Nice coincidence.
Daniel (5 months ago)
Do you think 100$ XRP is possible in a couple of years?
ittud (5 months ago)
The Modern Investor how do I ask you questions about various things, I can't find a mail adress here or on Facebook.
Daniel (5 months ago)
The Modern Investor thank you! I’m currently all in on litecoin but somehow lost faith because the price almost isn’t moving at all. So I am looking for other opportunity’s to invest in with huge potential. 100x and/or 1000x in a couple of years would be amazing. I would reinvest this money immediately. Any suggestions? NCASH and verge are looking promising as well. Typerium is great project too and the ico starts in around 3 weeks.
Ben Str (5 months ago)
dk. But I suggest watching Big Footprints; ie institutions, investment banks, large investors. Finally when you see and hear 'retail public' talking about cryptos, cats out of the bag, public tend to get in, buy late. Until the public is talking about it everywhere, price has Not reached it's max.
The Modern Investor (5 months ago)
Mathematically, yes. If XRP adoption increases, its all but an eventuality. xRapid hasnt "officially" gone live yet, and when it does Western Union and Money Gram will be using it. When they do, Billions will be flowing through the network on a daily basis. There are a lot of major XRP related projects in the work for 2018, its just that none of them have been "switched on" yet, because Ripple hasnt released xRapid en masse yet. $10 would be 1/3 of XRPs all time high *before* major companies started using it. So its logical to say that thats already in the cards. If major banks continue to join Ripple and even just 2% of their partners use XRP / xRapid, $100 within the next 2-3 years is entirely believable.
Tim Jong (5 months ago)
$589 EOY ....THIS year
Crypto Keeper (5 months ago)
Your videos are awesome but they’re getting way too long
Michael Synodin (5 months ago)
bro keep them coming as long as you like, youire my number one guy youre the shit man love your content every time
Rad Bennie (5 months ago)
loving these morning videos.. keep it up!!
Crypto Keeper (5 months ago)
The Modern Investor - love the content and look to your videos everyday there is no perfect way to disseminate I’m a big fan - just sometimes prefer a little shorter
noynac527 (5 months ago)
Agreed MI. Thanks for the news, keep it coming all 18 mins of it.
The Modern Investor (5 months ago)
Theres a lot of news, and its not the best for me to rapidly shoot my way through talking anymore. It causes me to get tongue tied and I miss a lot of important information that gets skimmed over when I make shorter quick talking videos. My "quicker" videos were from the time when there was barely any news around the market because the market was down. Now that theres a new bullish sentiment theres an avalanche of news everyday from different projects. Its also just more comfortable for me as a person to talk normal, or at a slower pace to be able to give the news of the day instead of trying to talk too fast. Which Im still doing trying to please certain viewers and it just causes me to make mistakes in videos. The only option is for me to splice news into separate smaller videos, which I thought of doing, but at the moment it would cause me to have to make 8-10 videos a day to make them as short at before, which....isnt gunna happen because Id like to do something else besides making videos all day.
MC Ho (5 months ago)
That SEC Fud is so messed up... well played
Oz Tribeca (5 months ago)
Blockchain is so hard to explain to people that dont know about bitcoin... i tried it..... most of my friends were just confused... even after they watched the tutorial videos...
Ben Str (5 months ago)
keep discussion high level. Leave the techno talk out of it. I start by stating blockchain is mainly 2 things. 1) it's encrypted 2) it's about sending funds person to person (peer-to-peer).
Stephen S (5 months ago)
Bearableguy has a cult following right now - the $589 prediction carrot being dangled must help..
Lisa K1111 (5 months ago)
He's makes it fun : )
Ced Richard (5 months ago)
To the moon!!!!! XRP baby!!!!!
Chris (5 months ago)
Xrp to mars before Elon
ashish dwivedi (5 months ago)
what about Sec news, does it comes out?? for ripple??
Matt (5 months ago)
ashish dwivedi no sec meeting that was fake news lol
dashadow231 (5 months ago)
So XRP GOOD? Also, what do you think about the lawsuit stating xrp is a security?
Temple Ray (5 months ago)
i think its so dumb that someone lost money. and now they want to sue. people like that dont need to be into crypto .i have lost money on a ico investment but i am not going to sue anyone.
Ben Str (5 months ago)
dashadow231- there's lengthy discussion on xrpchat.com about this.
Seppe Tank (5 months ago)
The lawsuit is all good. Puts xrp in the headlines. Anyone who reads the reasons why they are being sued is horse shit. It's good marketing.
dashadow231 (5 months ago)
The Modern Investor Thank you for your brilliant answer. I figured as much but it is good to hear a voice of reason on the matter.
Noremac Concorditas (5 months ago)
The Ripple community should not engage with Bearableguy. Doing so makes us prone to Libel.
Oh Really (5 months ago)
Go ahead, get into the Bearableguy thing...I want to hear what you have to say about it ;)
Chris (5 months ago)
Are you the decoder modern investor?
The Modern Investor (5 months ago)
its nothing if not super interesting...to say the least
William Webster (5 months ago)
Great content as always ! Thanks brother...... See you 😊
Donill Trumm (5 months ago)
func (5 months ago)
xrp aint gonna explode for a while man.
tater omally (5 months ago)
Ripple XRP bro you are everywhere on yt hahah love it
Darius Dobre (5 months ago)
Not first..but ffs can we have a video on VEN!?
Sagara Kun (5 months ago)
strengthen my position whenever there is a profit I made in other coins... :)
mo avais (5 months ago)
Darius Dobre I second tf out of this. Vechain will destroy the game this year.
desire3 records (5 months ago)
you are only promoter of ripple only ripple riple riple
Ben Str (5 months ago)
this channel is more truthful, compared to many others. Search around and you will see the difference.
Ben Str (5 months ago)
desire3 records - this is better than promotely some no name, no profits, no staff, no quarterly report, no customers. Perhaps you like to listen to some hype coin instead.
Tim Jong (5 months ago)
Should tell you something. BUY XRP
Joe Andujar (5 months ago)
He does a lot of different coins,fk off if ya don't like it
Oh Really (5 months ago)
Well clearly he knows quality when he sees it.
Andrew Pride (5 months ago)
Waiting for this video like....
Justin Worthington (5 months ago)
mivec gpx (5 months ago)
Justin Worthington retard
DoM (5 months ago)
This is massive guys, MASSIVE!!!
christopher abbott (5 months ago)
Ryan Schob that was my thought when I saw that comment
Ryan Schob (5 months ago)
That’s what she said.
DoM (5 months ago)
Al Ma Yea, it’s kinda depressing really...
Al Ma (5 months ago)
Massive daily drop u mean?
Sambo H (5 months ago)
This is big and huge guys!!!
Sambo H (5 months ago)
mivec gpx your mom retard!!
mivec gpx (5 months ago)
Sambo H retard
NeonVisual (5 months ago)
Donill Trumm (5 months ago)
(hands over crypto crown)

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