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What is Dash?

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Dash is a form of digital cash. All transactions in Dash are recorded on a public ledger, or "blockchain." This way, everyone can ensure that the ledger is an accurate an honest account of the currency. Unlike blockchains such as Bitcoin, however, Dash offers the desirable properties of paper cash -- namely, instant transactions (InstantSend) and privacy (PrivateSend). Check out https://www.dash.org to learn how you can benefit from Dash as a consumer, a merchant, or an organization.
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adan etheredge (15 days ago)
Maybe you are interested. #DASH is currently trading on Coinoda with 0% transaction fee forever! Visit coinsoda.io and start trading immediately. This is a new exchange. It is different from other exchange sites
cafeta (1 month ago)
Hi from Venezuela!
FermiGBM1 (2 months ago)
MythicalTwins (2 months ago)
I found a way search on google translate
FREE skillshareMedia (2 months ago)
Trace zach daniels (3 months ago)
so sxhweet.....i want to learn more of this...
Kinq Calb (3 months ago)
New World Order...Mark of the beast STAY AWAY!
FermiGBM1 (2 months ago)
Kinq Calb Lol I remember that guy on the rich list with 66,600 coins xD
lve Kr (4 months ago)
No entiendo mucho el ingles... pero, hice click en el comercial porque me pareció interesante. Por favor podrían hacer una versión en ESPAÑOL? el mismo vídeo pero con subtítulos en español, por favor! Que realmente me interesa esta moneda... realmente la encuentro diferente a las demás.
ChicfashionPlanet (5 months ago)
Earn Bitcoin while using Google Chrome https://getcryptotab.com/114715 !!!Promotion !!! Invite new users and get 0.3 BTC. Untill 1st June 2018
DASH BUS TOUR (5 months ago)
Dash will go mainstream before Bitcoin due to all the projects they have rolling out all over the world.
Bitplace Exchange (5 months ago)
#DASH can be exchanged on Bitplace Exchange https://www.bitplace.to/dash.html
Rebel Mermaid (6 months ago)
DASH Community can now vote which coins will be added in DASH Market. You can vote here: https://www.cryptaldash.com/dash-market
Pensive (6 months ago)
Well, you know... It is copied from bitcoin.
Sakeretsu (6 months ago)
Man, Dash is super popular in Greenland!
Optiplex321 (6 months ago)
Michie TN (7 months ago)
"DASH" is a poor choice of name for money. Because in Nigeria, "dash" means baksheesh, bribe, graft, etc. Money you pay under the table to get what the other person has the power to grant, but they don't really deserve.
Aaron Acosta Mendez (7 months ago)
mi cartera dash colaborenme desde vzla XhFjeDPsmDANme5oJq2nsnjTcBognWC8Sc
Daniel Niefergold (7 months ago)
Hell in the world of Scam Crap. Making money on your back. The NSA has already a grip on all these transaction to trace you. Anywhere in the world they can close you down. Robocop OCP tricks. Good for money hungry people thinking they can get rich??? Joke! Snowball system
mantykaa (7 months ago)
What i can buy for Dash? Nothing?
Eric Olson (4 months ago)
Anything on Overstock.com and a number of other sites.
Mohomed Dain (4 months ago)
Dash you will hold it..and you will be rich..
Inspired Noob (7 months ago)
So .... it's another paypal ?
Eric Olson (4 months ago)
No, if you put money in Paypal you are required to give them a lot of personal information. They also have your money. You can hold your own Dash without trusting a third party. It's also a lot cheaper.
Lukas Schöll (7 months ago)
Thanks to this video i noticed that the d in "dash" is just a c turned around and a dash ( <--- funny) in between it...
AVLRECORDS (7 months ago)
Trash coin .... its all pure marketing. Also some people in the dash teamed allready had millions of supply before even starting, nice shit*SCAM* coin to say the least. Secondly it has a shit name... and a SHITwebsite.. buy washpowder!! dash aka trash. and they have bankers as friends,, please fuck off please
Stefan Madethen (6 months ago)
AVLRECORDS third... They paid the ad network to advertise this once every month I think
Felipe Arellano (7 months ago)
CfomodzGaming (8 months ago)
How are any of those things not like BTC?
Eric Olson (4 months ago)
Why don't you actually try it before disputing the claim? I have done many instant transactions on Dash, it works exactly as advertised.
ir GonG (5 months ago)
@joko anitar not sure wtf that comment was but if you want people to understand them i'd suggest trying to be more clear with your points.. I think you were trying to say Dash is a scam? i'm not even sure if that's where u were going, but Dash is far from a scam. Do some research if you're interested. There are many innovations Dash has brought to this market.
joko anitar (5 months ago)
instantenous transaction, thats it, based on their claim so no, the whole video content told you after 'so like bitcoin, but different' simply telling you things similar to bitcoin, no difference, and simply claims so yeah, this is pure scam
ir GonG (8 months ago)
BTC even at its best isn't instant, and its not actually private either.. Dash is much more than this video shows, but it seems like the video's intention is to be short and easy to understand.
Cypress Bai (8 months ago)
Everyone can issue the digital money, what is the point? and once the big company of the word issues their own digital money, eventually the word will be monopolized the word.
Solid money (8 months ago)
Nice short introduction video, it remains me of the video on bitcoin.org. But the hard part starts for those that have not they research crypto and wish to know everything. I did my years of study and will continue to do so, but for now Dash is the best version of trust-less decentralized cash available.
pen0rprick (8 months ago)
0:12 - How is Dash unlike bitcoin because it is digital cash. In this regard it is exactly the same as bitcoin. Why even mention this when its a complete lie and not needed?
Eric Olson (4 months ago)
The video actually mentions some important differences, like instant payments and built in privacy. People are just trolling.
Solid money (8 months ago)
It's has many differences, but like the video said if you wish to find out more go the dash.org website. Or try it and compare it to bitcoin, you'll be pleasantly surprised what Dash to offer.
bitorg Producciones Sl (8 months ago)
hello can yo send me dash please? mi address is : XoMbFjXGHhg8KxfRu3omwVojYhWTV8KbjH send somenthing, thanks
Darío Rivera (8 months ago)
Cómo funciona IOTA en español https://youtu.be/XfMCWYXeE54
Sammy31Dee (9 months ago)
Fools buying into universal currency will destroy national sovereignty and economic sovereignty. Fools. Short term gains for long term losses
Shivanshu, Pande (9 months ago)
Black money
Leda Blue (9 months ago)
the most uninformative video I have seen.
Vincent laganah (9 months ago)
Electroneum is better ! Monero fork and low low fees
ir GonG (7 months ago)
Also.. Coin supply is completely irrelevant.. The fact that it's finite is the only thing that matters.
ir GonG (7 months ago)
how so? just your opinion? or you actually have something to back it up?
AVLRECORDS (7 months ago)
electro and dash is both doomed to fail
ir GonG (8 months ago)
Wait what does ADA do that nothing can compete with? Just took a quick look at the roadmap, and a lot of stuff other coins have already cardano hasn't finished.
Natural Law (8 months ago)
ADA is the best coin out there... nothing can compete with its tech.
MEGA PEXAR (9 months ago)
*WOMAN DASH DOWNLOAD HERE* https://www.dash.org/wallets/#wallets !!! LEARN TUMS TO USE and you can save money on purchases can not pay taxes and multiply your CAPITAL by investing some money in DASH !!! *THE MAP OF SHOPS is also on the site and in the wallet !!!*
ariq kamil (10 months ago)
yap its same like bitcoin
bebinary boss (10 months ago)
It's not decentralized! :(
ir GonG (8 months ago)
sure is
comtechnet (10 months ago)
What technology / software is used to make presentation/pitches like this? I'd like to make one also
mickmon (9 months ago)
probably a dude
Bjoernus (11 months ago)
how can you make a animation like this? Is there a program?
mickmon (9 months ago)
no this is man made for sure
Roeks Griessel (11 months ago)
WOW! I thought this was really something different. What the video describes is just the same as almost all other Digital Coins. It is really just another MARKETING SCAM. No real difference in any way. To create a truly Smart SMART CONTRACT takes much more than a decent video and an "exciting new form of digital cash" - WHAT A JOKE.
Eric Olson (4 months ago)
What are you even talking about? It's a currency not a smart contract. Almost none of the other digital coins have built in instant payments, few have built in privacy features. Personally I think the DAO is a way bigger deal, but this is a short into video, so it didn't get into that.
BartholomewJS (1 year ago)
Watched the whole video and still don't understand why I should choose this one over any other cryptocurrency. What is special about it? The video just explained what basically *every* cryptocurrency does by default.
Eric Olson (4 months ago)
It's instant, and it has built in privacy. Both of those things are mentioned in the video. If you want to dig a bit deeper, it also has a DAO that is a substantial improvement over the Bitcoin consensus method, and is what facilitates the funding for it's development and marketing.
Esteban M (1 year ago)
Cryptocurrencies Block Times (delay in a shop, when you buy) Bitcoin ------ 10 min Litecoin ----- 2.5 min Monero ----- 2 min Ethereum --- 15 sec Ripple ------- 3.5 sec Dash --------- <1 sec That, only for the first confirmation. But for the safety of 6 confirmations: Bitcoin ----- 60 min Litecoin ---- 15 min Monero ---- 12 min Ethereum -- 1.5 min Ripple ----- 21 sec Dash ------ < 6 sec Now you choose wallet ...
Arthur Heidt (1 year ago)
all those cryptocurrency groups are fighting to replace the bankers and take their spot as money printing gods
chrisiden (1 year ago)
bitcoin, dash, smash, crash,.... i prefer CA$H, Silver/Gold... if the net goes down or gets hacked im still sleeping soundly :)
chrisiden (1 year ago)
lol, im the happy owner of Etherium (i did not mention it cause i want it all to my self... lol:)
Carl Alexandre Bouari (1 year ago)
chrisiden rarely see someone so happy of missing the train
Rikard Rasmussen (1 year ago)
This video told me nothing about how it works and how it's different from Bitcoin and other blockchain coins.
Solid money (5 months ago)
Fee's don't have to be high, to cover the cost, currently their is block-reward and over time when transactions are in the 1000's per second, the low fee's should certainly make up for it.
Optiplex321 (6 months ago)
Esteban M How about Ripple.
Solid money (8 months ago)
If you want to know more go to the Dash website Dash.org there is plenty of info to be found. This just a introduction video. If you really want to know everything about crypto and what it can do for the World, you have to spend a couple of years on it.
Vincent laganah (9 months ago)
Village Cooking electroneum is better !!
Vincent laganah (9 months ago)
Electroneum is better project
krishna yogi (1 year ago)
this video is simply awesome
taofeeq adisa (1 year ago)
the video explain a lot about DASHCOIN
ABI International (1 year ago)
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Zaman Laghari (1 year ago)
Cryptoanalisis (1 year ago)
Dash is the future¡¡
cpscpscps (1 year ago)
Polish subtitles are very good!
Steven Rogers (1 year ago)
Ponzy scheme avoid or trow your money
WillBendingSteel (1 year ago)
In the middle of war on cash.. dash is the counter smash ;) My dash adress ; XyXuLSfM5N2vh9adLNsUgchmZEaQYgJaHQ
WillBendingSteel (1 year ago)
Dash is the smash ;)
This until the government claims you're making money laundry and try to arrest you.
Eric Olson (4 months ago)
"making money laundry" Dear god.
Arthur Heidt (1 year ago)
what is the governments these days? the 51% parliament? no one knows anymore wheather the elections have been correctly counted and why should the masses enslave you and apoint a banker elite that then imprisiones you in a kapitalis prison
I don't think it works on the local economies, markets, and villiages. <it would be useless for small businesses. they want cash only. Also, there would be gimmicks included for foreign exchanges. These are just good for crooks, and money launderers.
Cristian Fernando (1 year ago)
José, cryptocurrencies do work for small business, precisely because there is no banking system involved, no fees, no confiscation. Payments are instantaneous and you, not a bank, are in control of your assets. Cryptocurrency is equivalent to cash in many aspects, particularly so Dash. The idea that cryptocurrency is only good for money laundering is wrong and simplistic. What crooks and money launderers love the most is cash, because it is absolutely untraceable. I concede that USD is more accepted nowadays, but that is just because of lack of information. That is about to change, and cryptocurrency has to potential to be its replacement in the near future. Do some more research and hopefully see that it is possible to free yourself from the confiscatory banking system. Saludos.
weitzu brambilla (2 years ago)
How do I know if it is secure?
Eric Olson (4 months ago)
The stories you see in the media about people "hacking bitcoin" or other cryptos isn't a flaw in cryptocurrencies. What has happened in those cases is that people kept their coins on an exchange and then the exchange either lost or stole them. If you give your money to someone else and they don't give it back, that's not a flaw in the money, that's a flaw in who you choose to trust with your money. One of the key features of cryptocurrency is that you don't need to trust anyone else with it. You can store it yourself securely with relatively little effort. Don't leave money on exchanges people.
Eric Olson (4 months ago)
Learn how blockchains work, learn how the Dash DAO works. There isn't anything someone can say to you in a few lines in a Youtube comment that is going to make you understand that.
joko anitar (5 months ago)
and yet people still able to hack and stole coins , many of such cases what this dash guy tells you is just a bunch of bs like 'no, we dash are way more secure than them' until shit happens, sayoranara to your money
Solid money (8 months ago)
Because the blockchain is 100% transparent the project has been around for 2013, and requested various 3th party's to find bugs into there software, the pay people to find bugs
Xait (1 year ago)
Blockchain technology.
Lance Corporal (2 years ago)
I need Dash! XutXdfbpjAaSZhpmaqdTkjsivoDSstVAuo
Jeremiah Rogers (2 years ago)
Interesting. What is/are your opinion/s on GNU Taler? https://taler.net/

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