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How to create and use Multi Sig Bitcoin Wallets

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This is useful if you want more than one person to be required to 'sign off' or 'authorize' any outgoing Bitcoin wallet transaction. This is also a great security measure for your own personal wallets, as you could store each wallet separately. In this video we are using Electrum so the process would be identical for Litecoin as well. You can subscribe to our youtube channel here, we also have a telegram channel we chat and communicate through: Hodl Hodl Exchange: https://hodlhodl.com Hodl Hodl Exchange TESTNET: https://testnet.hodlhodl.com/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hodlhodl Join our Telegram chat: https://t.me/HodlHodl Read our Blog: https://medium.com/@hodlhodl Email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (6)
Hi Will, thank you very much for posting this video, excellent explanation, very clear !!
Kristian Hoenicke (6 months ago)
Nice job - wish I'd seen your video a week or two ago...woulda saved me a bunch of time!
The_Good_Life (9 months ago)
Question- Is it good idea for just one person to use 2 multi-sig wallets, from just his own person PC, for added security? Would that help? Or would his 2 multi-sig wallets be easily hackable anyway since they'd both be on the same PC?
Leckam (1 month ago)
Easy hackable, if your PC is hacked or destroyed both the keys are destroy, so there is no point of having multi-sig if only you have one source have the keys, why not just have 1 key anyway. It's better to have one key in paper and locked, another in multising provider (third party... Coinbase, Bitgo, Armory for saying examples),theird in your phone or idk
Dwazzy Rhay (10 months ago)
Awesome. Make more of these tutorials, please ! 😀
Shawn Satrina Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Thanks Will😊

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