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Bitcoin & Alts Price Dropping --Arcane Bear Ask Me Anything

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Text Comments (57)
Hamish Bartholomaeus (1 month ago)
Hey Tijo: some inspiration!! ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDkqnlQb-40 Hope you are getting some breaks in the rain brother!
Arcane Bear (1 month ago)
Great tune, love TOol
honeybeesinjapan (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for your info on XRP. You are exactly right!
UKMHT (1 month ago)
Hey arcane the Phoenix has arrived. Liquid just been initiated watch out swift bitcoin is coming for you. Btc side chains 3 years in the works finally has arrived. Think of the possibilities. Universal credit could be introduced eradicating world poverty. Countries currencies have a method of stopping inflation. A debt free society and the world living in peace.
Lol i got bout 50 people into crypto lately and most off em are piseed! So i sure hope it changes real fast cause my popularity is dropping fast! What you thinking arc bear? Could go any direction huh?
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Oliver Bond (1 month ago)
What are we going to do about all of the malfeasancent members of the cabal that conspire in secret in contrivance of love and respect for their fellow wo/man? What if they were the 0.1% who were behind the current fiat paradigm and would do anything, however evil, to maintain their despotism.. when is this ever going to end?!
L B (1 month ago)
"Yes I grow Ayahuasca, I also grow Mimomsa Hostillis" Lolwut? XD
miguelpancho45 (1 month ago)
Game over, man
james bluhm (1 month ago)
Ppt ada dash
Brenden T (1 month ago)
Mad intelligent rant bro ❤️✌🏻
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MrUseur (1 month ago)
Yes I remember your nightly videos from one year ago. They were good and I especially enjoyed the kind of special nightly atmosphere. Launch of Arcane bear. Thanks Tijo
Splash Maks (1 month ago)
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Mickey O (1 month ago)
The reason I think the cryptos are down, is because the people need cash to cover their stock positions. Their stocks could be highly leveraged and they need quick cash, and the way to get it is by selling their cryptos.
alenka p (1 month ago)
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Joy Thorpe (1 month ago)
Hi Bear!
Charli Junior (1 month ago)
The banking parasites are feeding but don't realize that the host is dead 🙂
Nehru Rehimov (1 month ago)
Do you want to receive useful information which you will operate in future ? Do you want to become rich ? Then follow the link vipairdrop.info/freeICX now there is a free distribution of coins
Nehru Rehimov (1 month ago)
Well, what about it? Bitcoin crash? I did'n expect this spring will be so awful for cryptocurrencies. I have the last resort on www.icovilla.org/telegram-token This is a GRAM (TON)-token. It is full of praise. Hope for fine profit)
Rhino (1 month ago)
Stupid people, with stupid opinions, need love too!
Brandon Larson (1 month ago)
No that's b******* it's all manipulation look at all the coins went down certain percentage s
Manu Perez. (1 month ago)
I was very disillusioned by Bitcoin (Today I have the only hope for Telegram - token. I bought 10000 tokens. To say the truths for a couple of days of an open pre-sale they gobbled up almost all the tokens on www.icovilla.ru/telegramico
Turkod94 JA (1 month ago)
Thank you for being there when the other ones decide to stop posting once it gets really volatile. And get yourself a btc before the dollar implodes 😉
Turkod94 JA (1 month ago)
+Arcane Bear I was trying to get to your audience, I can tell you've had plenty of experience in the space. In a few years we will look back at this prices and they will look as underpriced as a 90$ btc looks now.
Arcane Bear (1 month ago)
My pleasure, yues its true, we have a bTC, thats true, we bought our first ones at 90$ back in the day 2013
adrub (1 month ago)
Thanks for coming on… I love the hand held Cell Phone approach… So retro!
Arcane Bear (1 month ago)
jjaaj right, force to work with it in the slow jungles internet at this time of year, wish it was faster but, what can ya do
AikelTechno (1 month ago)
Nice one
AikelTechno (1 month ago)
+Arcane Bear you know what? I'm going to sub you and activate the updates. I really like how you see the whole markets, and how yuo think, Thx for your contribute,.
Arcane Bear (1 month ago)
Thank you for the [email protected]
jimmy james (1 month ago)
sad to say.. but...Bitcoin is BORING! .. its controlled.. its too volatile .. and it is not promising..
Jonathan Warrenberg (1 month ago)
Bitstamp claims to cash out into gold and send it via secure bullion Courier but they are in Europe.
Mickey O (1 month ago)
jimmy james. I would have written a check for $9000 every day and gotten the money out of there slowly. Or use my credit card to buy gold and silver and use my $500k checking account to pay it off each month.
jimmy james (1 month ago)
FYI.. the new bank rep that took in my new account told me specifically that the Banks hate Bitcoin and all crypto because it would put them out of business.. she told me that in her cubicle.. and she also said.. by buying Bitcoin is a gamble _ I strongly disagreed with her and she then told me reall horror stories of a guy trying to cash in his bitcoin earnings after his bank shut his account down.. issued him a check of his bitcoin earnings and no other bank would accept this huge check that he had!.. the guy was walking around with a half a million dollar check that he could not cash!! ..terrible crap!
Arcane Bear (1 month ago)
Well, this for years has been one of the overarching problems with living in the USA freedoms have been removed for sometime, now, we must go through the uncomfortable process of disruptiing it all
jimmy james (1 month ago)
I agree 100%.. but that is what really happened to me.. and it Sucked!.. Bigtime!!
Flavio (1 month ago)
VET is killing me :(
Arcane Bear (1 month ago)
True story, its never easy to learn, but we do our best to work together from now on! D.I.A baby
Uroš Eržen (1 month ago)
+Arcane Bearany people overinvested, including me haha. Greed is a tricky thing. But we learn. Emotional attachment is a thing we need to overcome :)
Arcane Bear (1 month ago)
everyone has real use case now a days haha, open source, quickly replaces it self. Hard to combat that,. .... Iwill take a look though
Uroš Eržen (1 month ago)
I mean forget about it for a shoet term and dont worry for the price too much :)
Arcane Bear (1 month ago)
Yeah, we tried to warn people from entering positions in the alt space since may. Although a few have randomly done well, the hunt for tokens that surive the next year has not yet started.
Gary Bentley (1 month ago)
thank you for coming on... Most so called analyst run and hide during these times
Arcane Bear (1 month ago)
These are some of the great and fun times to be out there charting the waves! Its my pleasure
Donalbain C (1 month ago)
When is litecoin going to hit bottom?
it's me (1 month ago)
3 bucks
Mickey O (1 month ago)
Donalbain C. I expect if LTC falls below $50 for any length of time, LTC is headed to $35.
Arcane Bear (1 month ago)
My remarks have said between 42-45 dollars

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