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Dash cryptocurrency coin and evolution platform looks like a long term winner

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Dash cryptocurrency coin and evolution platform looks like a long term winner. Dash only has 6K transactions a day so it has a long way to go to catch bitcoin, but Dash's funding system, marketing strategy, and evolution payment platform may take them there. Where most other networks give all the rewards to miners, Dash gives 10% to the treasury which can use that for development and marketing. then they have a crowd sourcing system for coming up with marketing ideas which are funded in Dash to anyone who proposes an idea that is selected. This is much better than the ICO or other one time unpredictable funding methods. My friend Omar (aka crypt0 on youtube) influenced me to research Dash and he had some helpful videos. In this one he interviews the person who runs Dash Force News. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCAPT4jPQkk https://www.dashforcenews.com/dash-school/ And in that video they mentioned how you can buy Amazon gift cards with a 15% discount. https://www.bitcart.io/buy And check out these three videos on the recent Dash Convention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8ExmIqRqOk&index=2&list=PL4CxcnSy5_bhU2NpLydjgQYGPsDhDVC3u They go in depth on the consumer friendly features that are coming soon. Dash is not just a coin, but a payment platform that is launching soon called Evolution. and listen to the CEO Ryan Taylor. I don't love that they don't have a storage solution similar to myetherwallet.com so I have to buy a nano ledger S USB drive to hold my Dash.
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Erik Engheim (8 months ago)
Dave Levine, you ought to love PIVX then if you like Dash. They seem to have copied this whole master node concept from Dash and utilizing this for funding and governance. But they have added SO many more things. As a guy interested in the technology, I think they check a LOT of boxes: 1) Instead of using mining which wastes a lot of electricity, is slow and push up the cost of transactions, they use proof of stake. Meaning you lock some coins in your wallet. That makes you participate in mining, by voting on valid transactions corresponding to the number of coins you locked. This makes transactions very cheap, very fast and much better for the environment. 2) They implemented the ZeroCoin protocol! From everything I've looked at with respect to anonymity and privacy, this looks by far like the best tradeoff to achieve full anonymity for users. As government gets more sophisticated tools, they can not monitor how you spend your bitcoins a lot more closely. It isn't as anonymous as it used to be. Bitcoin used to be anonymous mostly through obscurity. ZeroCoin protocol gives you that by design, and it is mathematically provable. 3) Integrated encrypted chat system. For buyers and sellers discussing prices, products etc, I think it is great to integrate that with the system. For people like Wikileaks who are monitored by the government whether what they receive of funding or information I think being able to contact and fund someone anonymously is a great combo. 4) Variable block sizes. Means they can scale up and down number of transactions processed per time unit. Disclaimer, I don't currently hold any PIVX myself. But it is my intention to do so in the future. I am too caught up in Ripple at the moment. But I like to try out the PIVX wallet and various features first. Also I don't know which exchange is best to buy it at. At the moment it seems hard to become a new user on most exchanges. So I am stuck with my original exchanges which don't offer PIVX. Anyway great video! You are one of my favorite youtube guys on crypto. Always clear and engaging delivery. I love your enthusiasm and well balanced thinking. It is needed in market this volatile.
Dave Levine Dot Com (8 months ago)
Dash seems OK but is super small and not really growing. (I am talking about transactions per day, not the price). PIVX is even smaller. Its all about growth in valuable transactions not technology.
1905 movie (8 months ago)
FYI, Dash can support 6 billion concurrent users with current setup.
Dave Levine Dot Com (8 months ago)
Awesome, now all they need is 6 billion users :) They are still very small.
fizzypop (8 months ago)
Do you think Dash has any conflict with Stellar?
Dave Levine Dot Com (8 months ago)
conflict? Dash is trying to get merchants to accept their coin and consumers to spend it. They have a long way to go. Maybe when Evolution launches in June, they will make some progress. I don't see them crossing paths with Stellar much in the short run as Stellar is focused on international payments and remittance.
toxina88 (8 months ago)
i started following you just today! and your videos are amazing!! thanks for doing them trying to help us new beginners in cryptocurrency topics! keep doing them Dave you are great explaining!
Mrbigolnuts (9 months ago)
I get the impression Dave has no idea what he is talking about and is bedroom punter.
Dave Levine Dot Com (9 months ago)
+Mrbigolnuts tell us what you know that I don't. You can start by telling me what a bedroom punter is.
Danny Gibson (10 months ago)
Hey Dave I don’t know if you’ve talked about it on another video but Dash is implementing a 2mb block to help with scaling.
Luiz Antonio (10 months ago)
yes, the DASH Digital Cash is the best option. please do not forget, trust only in https...dash(dot)org/wallets to choose the best wallet for your pc or smartphone.
Tomas Av. (11 months ago)
DASH even had conference in my small country - Lithuania. So yes -hey doing their best to promote themselves :D
Tomas Av. (11 months ago)
I think DASH price already too high.
Krypton (11 months ago)
BTW - You don't need a hardware wallet to store dash. If you want easy the Exodus wallet is what I use. But Nano Ledger is great if you want ultra-safe and you have a lot. Hardware wallets are safe because the key never appears on a screen, or gets typed in, so no virus can ever get at it - if you have a virus that is - which I expect you don't.
Dave Levine Dot Com (11 months ago)
If I have exodus wallet and my computer crashes, I think i lose my coins unless I backed it up properly. Again, i don't have to do that with MyEtherWallet.com
Krypton (11 months ago)
I agree about Dash. It gets 10% of the block reward to re-invest in the coding and marketing. That's forever, so in the end they will always be in the race.
Krypton (11 months ago)
Yes, fully automatic. It gets put into Dash Central and then the masternodes vote on proposals to spend it. Any that doesn't get spent gets burnt. All done according to the blockchain rules.
Tomas Av. (11 months ago)
Who can prove that those 10% really always gonna be used for that? :) is it automatic system?
Joel Johansson (11 months ago)
I don't know that much about Dash, but it doesn't seem decentralized enough for me to take an interest.
Tomas Av. (11 months ago)
Now you say bitcoin is decentralized :DD china owns it. There will be only few mining companies and they will own blockchain. Nobody gonna store 100gb database in their pcs.
Dave Levine Dot Com (11 months ago)
I am researching that issue. Will be making another video once I get more research done.
Cryptopops (11 months ago)
There's a whitepaper for evolution that has not been made public. It is being reviewed by a math professor at some UK university. It was in a conference call they had last quarter.
Solid money (11 months ago)
It's also possible to create paper wallets for dash: Instructions and link at the bottum of this page: https://www.dash.org/wallets/ You can view your DASH public key here: https://explorer.dashninja.pl/chain/Dash
Dave Levine Dot Com (11 months ago)
paper wallet in the digital age . . . thats a funny one.
dash.red (11 months ago)
Welcome to Dash Nation! :) cool video. You should read through some of the proposals that have been funded. The Dash project is much bigger than you imagine when you realize all of the people who are getting funded, like dash.red, for promoting Dash all around the world. The scope is huge and getting bigger all the time. Recommended reviewing: https://www.dashcentral.org/
Ah Ha (11 months ago)
Intel, NXP, and Defense Contractors do not move to areas without a serious engineering expertise, like that at ASU.
halfasheep (11 months ago)
Dash Core is on the ball. Plain and simple.
K (11 months ago)
Web wallets as they currently exist are insecure, that's why Dash doesn't have one. Evolution should make this easier.
Dave Levine Dot Com (11 months ago)
+krisnitrox myetherwallet.com is totally safe. It's just a page that allows you to view you could on the block chain and allows you to send and receive.
goto1415 (11 months ago)
Welcome aboard - i've been involved with Dash for over a year and it has an amazing community and a fantastic roadmap.
Danster82 (11 months ago)
This is the reaction I hope most will have to Dash as they discover it. Can you imagine what could be done with the Treasury budget once it reached Bitcoins value.
Doge In My Pockets (10 months ago)
Send satellites into space to make dash more robust and globally usable.
Solid money (11 months ago)
Free, VR-porn for everyone ? :P just kidding. I hope it will be spend wisely, and if there is anything left perhaps also so funding of projects that support people 3th world country's, to become connected globally so that can benefit from crypto-currency as well.
Josh duijv (11 months ago)
Question, i have only been in crypto-world for a couple of months and i have noticed that most youtubers seem to avoid talking about Dash. It is a big player but even when the had there meeting there wasn't much being discussed and i can't find much video's that aren't from the Dash comm. self. Have you noticed this too and do you have an explanation why?
Bill Raffie (11 months ago)
Being a dash fan will being out the haters and insulters, so most keep it to themselves.
Dave Levine Dot Com (11 months ago)
I did notice that there is a ton of info directly from Dash itself while most other coins don't produce their own info so you only see info from the community. I am not sure there is less chatter about Dash from youtubers but that there is a ton more info from the community. Also, it may be that youtubers are busy trying to figure out what is going on with other coins while with Dash we know because they have good communication. For example, I have on going debates with people about what the tenx pay token payout is based on. The reason for this is because the company is not clear about it. If it was Dash, the company would put out a clear video to settle the topic and there wouldn't be so much chatter.
Cash Alternative TV (11 months ago)
Gave you some more exposure in the Dash community: https://twitter.com/CashAlternative/status/916520329018793984
Dave Levine Dot Com (11 months ago)
Cash Alternative TV (11 months ago)
Nice to see the reactions of an independent investor when they discover the coolness that is Dash. It is the most well-rounded digital currency platform in the industry, and the virtuous cycle created by the budget system will lead to much more growth. Welcome to Dash Nation! Join us on our Slack: http://dash-nation-invite.herokuapp.com.
Cash Alternative TV (11 months ago)
Cryptocurrency Revolution Updates Yes, unfortunately our success has made us a target for spammers. They can’t affect you unless you fall for it, though, so we just delete and move on. Hopefully we will see more of you there in the future!
Dave Levine Dot Com (11 months ago)
I joined slack and immediately got some spam emails trying to get me to download a wallet that looked like a scam. myethereumwallet dot com?
John S (11 months ago)
I like that you go through why you like them and why you don't. Myself, I like the ones better where you don't like them! Helps me to think in the right way about this shit.
Housain Darwich (11 months ago)
it did not have a ico as well what your thoughts it seem like a etherium classic with a bunch very qualified people
Dave Levine Dot Com (11 months ago)
Ethereum doesn't have that kind of funding model nor even a similar biz plan that I can see . . . how is Dash similar other than not having an ICO?
Housain Darwich (11 months ago)
whats your thought on cardano.
Tomas Av. (11 months ago)
you seriuos??? they have 5kb size webpage with 0 info and you thinking about giving your money to another (from existing bazillion) scammer..??? Never give money for those who dont have product. They dont even have roadmap. Nothing...its total shit. Buy eth and be safe. But all new ico's will always be good to buy -because their price will rise but only short..then go down to cents. if you lucky to sell at top-good for you.
Dave Levine Dot Com (11 months ago)
They haven't even launched a test yet . . . too early to even look at.
Russell Spears (11 months ago)
BITCOIN IS EVOLVING with Airdrop Forks, Bitcoin can remain as a store of value and anchor for all versions of Bitcoin: functioning together to build a much larger adaptive economy! Altcoin Should die. airdrop forks will allow holders of BTC to have a stake in all possible Innovation moving forward and make Bitcoin Antifragile X2. it will be choice and less risk at the same time. Airdrop Forks perfectly fit the issues Tone raised about forked tokens from Bitcoin meeting additional legal terms.
Jokim B. (10 months ago)
In history of technology the early leading companies never made it in the long term. Remember Yahoo, MySpace, ? Well, Microsoft is still big, so there is a chance for Bitcoin to survive.
Bill Raffie (11 months ago)
Russell Spears if you think constant forks are a feature you are nuts. Bitcoin can't keep up cause it lacks governance. Tone also has lots of money invested in Bitcoin so he has crazy bias

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