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Text Comments (164)
N (3 months ago)
well i am new to cryptos, and i think the currunt scenario will continue for long 1A5Rdd1uLe3iNib2ZyEWnsepiwxZZ4isDb
Ms. Gambler (3 months ago)
1Eo8g4ojJgFVbZ8CMSemqXQXjD3EXQLLRW All the way to support this channel Very impressive with this video and gives a lot of information.
Kevin Malcohm (3 months ago)
131Stdj97jRUuskfEYojts8L2KkTXDLNNV Thank you so much I expect more of this Always great and informative
Kristin Dy (3 months ago)
131PiLvGvMv2begVKJvqCgzP6hRHn6XBe5 Really appreciate you Thanks a lot for awesome update
Sharkoin Addict (3 months ago)
12w2XUWcG5y1sj8GNu98ocgKcK2jqMeWn2 Thanks for very interesting video Impressive work
Unplugged Diary (3 months ago)
12GmxnfeqKUjMrWNnBXqmsK5ZHDguTHiJQ I hope i win the giveaway this time atleast! Regardless. Thanks man!
Mike Dowdle (3 months ago)
Holochain... https://holo.host will absolutely revolutionise the decentralized Internet. The next bitcoin make sure you stock UP!
Technical duruji (3 months ago)
join best crypto tab 1 BTC per Month
borg386 (3 months ago)
I never watch live streams... don’t like them. Just my 2 Satoshis.
Daiman Willden (3 months ago)
Like the live steam idea, more people connected is great
DeVoN HAZE (3 months ago)
Henry Thompson (3 months ago)
Thanks for this news,
Crypto Stefan (3 months ago)
Great video ,keep it up man!  12DbaAbGZNSGFMAG5RSPzqskCLz4pd9Wcz
Desert Dan (3 months ago)
Interesting video mate!   Btc  16imexqUxcJxWjubQbMrNvPhbaW8CkpBex
Ronald Anderson (3 months ago)
Holding my bit coins - but buying more all coins like digi, doge, stellar. Hoping for hugh bull market. Coin base ([email protected]
Palanero 007 (3 months ago)
Thanks for info , what u think about Zcash?  Btc  17cX1pPtt99kGCMCUEsK1Gg2qaJ74AfeqA
IamSam Iam (3 months ago)
I think Cardano will take 1st place in the long run, such a promising project. 1AajQQPDWE835A9Fc1ZTAmA7Tt6hwLzXaW
John Pesente (3 months ago)
TRX I hold due to strong marketing and I think their is room for two , even if trx is mainstream they will not be encrypted like skycoin , and truly decentral using a proof of web trust , they also have a better privacy algo then monero with OBELISK , SKY , ICX , KMD , will be top 5s within 5 yrs ., and BITCOIN will be the standard for money , ETH will still have all basic projects launching on them and eveolving due to the decentral nature and they will increase scalability , SKYCOIN is infinitely scalable and almost instant free transactions compared to the likes of IOTA , this is a forgotten part of crypto but not all of us are hear to get rich over night.
John Pesente (3 months ago)
Do you know about any old school PROJECTS like SKYCOIN ,why not do a review about SKYCOIN ( 6 YRS old hit every part of roadmap ) , with their already launched truly decentralised new internet , its faster , encrypted , can bypass any firewall , and you and i would get paid to run it with a 600 to 800$ skyminer which can send out ISP signals , and bandwidth to anywhere in the world , they didnt need to buy this like TRX bought bittorrent , they also have original ethereum and also BITCOIN developers who worked with satoshi nakamoto , and now they created his vision , a peer to peer network effect currency , they recently feell from 50$ to 4$ due to a chinease marketing scam , followed by the lead developer getting robbed and almost had the architecture stolen . IF YOU DO VIDEOS ON ALL PROJECTS especially ones that are filling the reason that crypto started would be great for OG crypto people like me , also KM D with its truly decentralised exchange BARTERDEX and can and has complketed 45000 transactions per second , so EOS is nothing vrs KMD and I have never heard you do a review on either , . Then ICX which has more real life cases taking part today then most cryptos when they complete their projects. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR OPINION
Kevin kim Sabanal (3 months ago)
nice video dude ... btc wallet: 34xDtZ1XbFDsbuT4GbtevYLJKa1UaA94CQ
Shany Ivy (3 months ago)
Live stream on twitch is definitely a great idea and long term crypto will be TRX but that is my 5-10year prediction.
craig (3 months ago)
Really interesting video cheers dude
Marcel Maresch (3 months ago)
Btc will stay nr1 trx 2 eth 3
Michelle Lee (3 months ago)
Great video, i'm a newbie but holding on,so thanks for all your info!
Crypto Hiker (3 months ago)
So ready for some more mainstream adoption to allow me to use my crypto as currency. Would love to buy coffee with crypto. 3AEnDcHLZ7cBdZ4dAN1wbXntGMwJTHSrfy
Eyeshield Fullbuster (3 months ago)
I like how you deliver every details and very informative about bitcoin your subscriber here from the philippines. More power to your channel and god bless :)
Shane McGrady (3 months ago)
rommel capistrano (3 months ago)
Great video very informative video thanks BTC Address: 177pFz9vSqU7PZrXDvcUGE7KxDYJqPim4E
Shaik Pasha (3 months ago)
Wonderful news
Cody Schaver (3 months ago)
You know you mention that everyone was giving Bitcoin bad news but I have to give it to the Robinhood app. They have an article that they had published on on the app talking about the joint venture between Microsoft and Starbucks with Bitcoin. I'm excited to see them talk about in the future trying to replace credit cards with Bitcoin. Hats off to Robin Hood for the good news. Not everybody reports bad news!
Oliver Adrian (3 months ago)
Thank you for the video, what do you think about feniks finance? I consider the most promising project in 2018.
Richard E (3 months ago)
In our time, the main fast blockchain and this they will, I think they will break through to the top of fame!))
LUCAS Brooks (3 months ago)
XRP promises to be a payment system, how will they do it at 1.5 k tps? Feniks is ideal for this task.
Damian W (3 months ago)
Financial projects are all promising, but there are not many of them. I only know one is Ripple and it's successful.
ADAM (3 months ago)
Yes, I heard, a very cool project, a blockchain that will kill most of the crypto-currencies.
Steve Maksimovic (3 months ago)
Great video again! Thanks!
Reyno Pluhar (3 months ago)
Sad about tron to much hype.. I've invested but now at 0.2c sadly .. 1HatGHeHMs8xcotzd5QccYUnZnD5TJo83w
Children! It is necessary to take ODYSSEY! This token will easily make 50 X-es this year! Make screenshots!!!! They have a cool airdrop, yesterday I received free coins on www.airdrop2018.info/ocn-token I will buy some more coins at the exchange and will be just sitting and waiting for the growth)
Visual Arts (3 months ago)
Tron definitely have future BTC: 3H9noFYKQV5FvCikRyxhHhvAhDxgQAQvvS
Flex Pro (3 months ago)
awesome video again Patrick!!
Awrrta Awrrta (3 months ago)
With that batman hairline you better save the day.
koushik kumar (3 months ago)
Bit coin is going down week by week.. Loosing my confidence that crypto is gonna break
Devin Small (3 months ago)
Have you see what turnio is doing
Kelvin Tan (3 months ago)
Super bullish abt NEO, ONT & VET
TehGonzL (3 months ago)
A twitch livestream would be awesome! We can learn a lot from live interaction
Kelvin Tan (3 months ago)
Yeah! Live vid would be super fun! ;-D
Kelvin Tan (3 months ago)
Big things coming in.. HODL Strong!!
Josh Taylor (3 months ago)
Excited about all the possibilities with Tron!
Eagl Ai (3 months ago)
Eagl Ai (3 months ago)
Help me with bitcoin
Steven M (3 months ago)
https://cryptoallstars.teachable.com?affcode=243797_ijqmrgo9 for the crypto trade group. good information and always getting better!
TheViera (3 months ago)
DENT really has very big prospects growth! And they have a skilled development team! It is quite possible that DENT will become one of the leaders of cryptocurrency growth in 2018. Take part in their airdrop while the going is good on ethereum-airdrops.pro/coin-info/DENT
Sundar Ananda das (3 months ago)
TRON is difficult to understand but hoping it moons too! It may start coming up neck to neck in top 5-10 cryptos
Nieu Pariwat (3 months ago)
I like tron but I think it's overhyped because of it's super affordable price and popular Justin Sun
MrSteelerfan69 (3 months ago)
Awesome video Patrick! Always enjoy your news and updates. Here is some news for you. New token coming out from Altoona, Pa. That I'm involved in. "Apollo 18" I already participated in the partner sale. Please check it out! And spread the word. Would appreciate it. Also here is a referral link to use for the website: https://apollo18.co.in/?ref=e369853df766fa44e1ed0ff613f563bd here is my email if you want to contact me. [email protected]
Ted Schoenleber (3 months ago)
Dumped all my trx, too much talk. Maybe we'll make up at bytecoin price level.
the future (3 months ago)
NEO is the one! They recently completed an AMA with the NEO Foundation and it was awesome. So many developments happening and major updates coming soon. Don't miss out on NEO this time around. I feel like it's undervalued. It's litterly a golden opportunity in my opinion. Excellent video as always!! 👌
S F (3 months ago)
Tron May pass Ethereum but not anytime soon
Callum Gowar (3 months ago)
Thanks again Patrick!! I'm very bullish on NEO! Been dollar cost averaging at any chance I get!
the future (3 months ago)
Callum Gowar I am also very bullish on NEO. The recent AMA with the NEO Foundation went really well. The future is very bright for NEO imo. Good luck man! 👍
Mr Freeze (3 months ago)
Time will be here
Bill Sauer (3 months ago)
I like EOS and XLM Patrick 😎 1HyGdWXCWBYi3ygT8NpQ2qrzScSx72cD78
RigoRocks23 (3 months ago)
A friend at Goldman confirmed market manipulation in cryptocurrency.
free spirit (3 months ago)
Informative as usual!
Marc sl (3 months ago)
Need mass adoption for us all to succeed in crypto , Crypto= Future
Stevens L (3 months ago)
Neo will be ahead of Ethe, hands down.
shahid hamid (3 months ago)
I watch many people's video , Patrick you are the only one who mentions DCA . DCA is what I do every week.
shahid hamid (3 months ago)
Tron will pass Ethereum but if all goes well XRP should be the dog in a couple years time.
Chris Charles (3 months ago)
I’m in twitch
Chris Charles (3 months ago)
I have learnt dollar cost averaging from you Patrick love it,
Jon Adamson (3 months ago)
I have been holding NEO; and it keeps going down.  :-(  Seems everytime it gets to a "can't resist" price, I buy as much of it as I can.   Hope it turns around soon.  BTC:  1DKkytUaM1At3dYXzwXQthsnvNdVarsMde
Jon Adamson (3 months ago)
Thanks for the encouragement Patrick.  Keep up the great work you're doing.  I enjoy your videos pretty much every day.  :-)
the future (3 months ago)
Jon Adamson NEO is going to be massive! Alot of excellent developments coming soon as confirmed by Da Hongfei & Eric Zhang a few days ago in the AMA. I have been buying as much NEO as I can, since ANTSHARES.
Michael Allman (3 months ago)
you nailed it, manipulation drives the market no matter what any of us do. the best thing we can do is HODL I know that sounds cliche but its the one thing that we can do that they cant impact. Crypto will rule one day in the near future and even those that bought BTC at 19k will see massive gains..... but only if they HODL
Charles Michael (3 months ago)
XRP will still be number 1. Thanks, Patrick.
Chris Charles (3 months ago)
Yes I would be interested in chatting Patrick
PLATINUM DUBS (3 months ago)
I think the biggest reason for every crypto being down is market manipulation not necessarily for bad or good I can see it both ways... but in the end they will recover and when they do it'll be a storm much like 2017
ali nedian (3 months ago)
Crypto will be future ..i am still bullish despite of what happened in last 6 months
Greg B (3 months ago)
Could be Cardano or OMG, great vid mate.
Rabie Alkamouchi (3 months ago)
Zcash number 1 on coinbase soon only 4.5 million coins circulation don't mis this boot
anmol khanna (3 months ago)
thnks for the updates
David Kreuzinger (3 months ago)
Twitch Livestream would be great ... use this for my eSports Stream very heavy
David Kreuzinger (3 months ago)
Patrick Corsino No, I’m using twitch to follow all the eSports events (DOTA2, LoL, Counter Strike, Starcraft II) and I like the platform. But one thing is important. It is an AMAZON platform and not decentralized. You can use steem or other blockchain steaming/video platforms. But Patrick ... you have to decide ;-) ... I like your content ... and at this time the platform you use it‘s not important for me.
Patrick Corsino (3 months ago)
you stream on twitch?
Darth Jesus (3 months ago)
Great video! Cardano will be #1!
gotklaye (3 months ago)
I think Onecoin is gone take a big part of the crypto world soon
Suzanne Hume (3 months ago)
Apollo Currency
Pawel Jagiello (3 months ago)
Cardano will be No1 !!!!
Jack Foster (3 months ago)
We can read too as you read, you are silly pimp , you are just reading for us news we probably know it before you , so stop being cont and do something useful
B. GangsTa (3 months ago)
First I have to make a twitch account lol. Yea I would want crypto livestreams. No all the time but once or twice ever month
K Pash (3 months ago)
Btc pull back, and more Justin hype machine. Would love to see more real world application in the crypto world
B. GangsTa (3 months ago)
I feel that all the small blocks underneath ethereum should thank that coins for opening the doors to all the ethereum tokens. Without ethereum there wouldn’t be no Tron, no EOS, no Vechain and the list goes on.. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the crypto founding fathers! Also don’t forget about Litecoin, the silver to bitcoin gold. I still believe Litecoin can be used as daily use for everyday use.
B. GangsTa (3 months ago)
My thoughts on the market, I really don’t care about it being red. All I see is dollar cost averaging for the best possible gains for the long run! Are you with me?! Like and comment. 📊
Yuva Raju (3 months ago)
Good video. I believe it’s going to be Cardano
B. GangsTa (3 months ago)
I think tron has potential to be in the top 5 or even be in second... Forget about Bitcoin Cash, even though recently bitcoin cash made transaction record against bitcoin the king the origin of what bitcoin cash. This would not happen if bitcoin came to life lol. I see vechain and Ripple have potential to be first and second. These acorns are Ripple number one for a short term and Tron second in the market cap. I wish all the coins the best!
Jerry Lessy (3 months ago)
Cardano the have it al what the future wil ask ..
Michael Lavigna (3 months ago)
I agree that I think NEO is a good long term coin. Can't find a single crypto that hasn't been hit over the last 7 months.
B. GangsTa (3 months ago)
Holy moly! Tron this and tron that. Making all kinds of moves! Maybe Tron is going to the Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon :/
guerra1106 (3 months ago)
Hopefully the bulls come back.. yes you should do a live stream! 194dERbkAsngcKw4SysqbooqASssqSJsxf
A Kuntoshi (3 months ago)
BTC, ETH and TRX. Thanks Patrick
andrew schlau (3 months ago)
How do you think about Ripple or Neo being the number one spot tron taking over aetherium
Zulus Zulus (3 months ago)
I watched many reviews at ICO TELEGRAM! It is actuality the most perspective ICO of 2018 icostarter.info/gram-telegram
Rahul Bajaj (3 months ago)
I think that the new projects which exist and which are yet to. Come can definitely take over the existing and old ones, this is just how it happens, we are in the nascent stage of this industry and the best and stable is yet to come.
Umar Waqas (3 months ago)
A very informative vedio ..thanx
Junior Guzman (3 months ago)
Definitely will enjoy a live video.
Tony Moreno (3 months ago)
Hope ripple takes number one spot. And I dont see tron doing anything as yet 1E9CX7QCfpsq4pFtSi8KNEaoBpvK4gMJw
David Sabins (3 months ago)
I will be honest, i have lost alot of faith in bitcoin
David Sabins (3 months ago)
Patrick Corsino over 1 year
Patrick Corsino (3 months ago)
How long have you been in crypto?
Sasorisempai20 (3 months ago)
Thanks for the news
Patrick Corsino (3 months ago)
Glad I could help!
Junior Guzman (3 months ago)
Great video. Thanks for the information
Patrick Corsino (3 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed it!

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