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come on man can im get 10 wow token you so much gold man Mr Ninja Kuma?
White Rabbit (1 month ago)
I agree in all points except one. It's NOT pay to win. Because all you really buy with gold is some dancy mounts and shit.. But the core of the game still has nothing to do with pay to win.. more like "spend your lifetime to win" but that was always the case with wow
Ninja Kuma Reacts (1 month ago)
RPG's in general really, but then again you can always buy carries tho thats kinda a carry rather than a pay to win Good points!
Ermir Fejzullai (2 months ago)
Michael Conley (2 months ago)
Looks like you played yourself with this one
Michael Morrow (2 months ago)
And literally the price halves on expansion drop, lol
Salman Hussam H. Linjawi (2 months ago)
well....fail lol
Mike George (2 months ago)
Completely wrong. Currently token price for BfA is only 105k from 200k in Legion.
Bob Marley (2 months ago)
yea was going to say xD, token price toward end of legion on Laughingskull EU was like 350k+, since the xpac dropped it hasnt even hit 200k.
Tony Nyland (2 months ago)
Average wage in Europe lower than US? You know.. That's a load of crap. :)
When I was referring to the West I had Australia in mind where it's $+17/p - should have worded it more clearly
PumkinKiing (2 months ago)
2 months ago, on my server, it cost 220-230k per token, as of last night they are only 117k. also, i live in the US, and right now, in my state, the minimum wage is $9.20/€7.86 per hour for most types of work. but if you are a "tipped worker" (waiter, server, bartender, bellhop, or anyone that makes more than $30 in tips a month) the minimum wage is $3.36/€2.87 per hour +tips, and your tips are supposed to be reported so they can be taxed the same as any other income.
PumkinKiing (1 month ago)
ya, thats pretty good, most people will basically never make that much here. for example, one of the jobs here thats commonly considered a really good job is working for an apple support center, where people call in when something breaks, or they forget to plug their mac in, and things like that. but the pay there is only about $10-11USD, about $13-14 AUS p/h. just about the only way to get paid more is to do certain types of hard labor, like construction, or high quality/dangerous yard work, like removing trees in the middle of town. or getting most government jobs. and thats it, besides being a lawyer, nurse, doctor, or starting your own business that ends up being very successful.
Woah, Aus is $18p/h
Jorge A (2 months ago)
What do you think now that the wow token has drop by 100k?
I'm buying like crazy before the gold missions get buffed
David Havel (2 months ago)
So this was wrong.... LOL
Scribbinge (2 months ago)
I love how wrong this video is with the benefit of hindsight lol
LeagueScrub (2 months ago)
EU Token 188k now ;~~D
Buz CS (2 months ago)
nice advice bro... wow token 130k NA right now ... :C
imhard 2please (2 months ago)
Haa 9 months ago..... Buy your tokens NOW.....Pffffft.... Now they are at 120K from 201K. Massive fail prediction mate.. hahahaha
Is it true that you can buy only 10 with one account?
+Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, Memes thanks and shit
There's a limit, yes
Taven (3 months ago)
Man life sure comes at you fast.
Kyle Deranek (3 months ago)
Very flawed. Prices before BFA was around 190k and the price for the tokens now are around 141k. Hope everyone sold theres when it capped
Thanks to gold missions being temporarily locked behind the new expansion - just wait till everyone is pulling in 2k and a bonus 5k from missions
archenite (3 months ago)
you say that europe is poor? theres is a bunch of countreys that make alot lot more than an avreage american like norway,swittzerland whole scandinavia it self really
Agreed, alot of central european nations are struggling though (could have phrased it better on my part)
Tobias Kipp (3 months ago)
Wow should figure out a may to control this inflation.
Aesthetics (3 months ago)
https://wowtoken.info/ You were saying?
nick9000 (3 months ago)
Ragnar Lothbrok Jr. Ty
OspreyBravo18 (3 months ago)
They went down over 10K on my realm ROFL
XoXoRiu (3 months ago)
Buuuh lol I wish I had Guildies and friends that have the knowledge you have that they could share with me lol Youtube videos only help so much XD having in game friends to help you figure out all of this person to person is, im guessing, a much better way XD
XoXoRiu (3 months ago)
Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, Memes I have some people that know this or that but my guild being so small they only seem to know so much xD No super gold getters or ppl super into the Lore I can talk to LOL making some toons on Tich so I can have a second guild to meet more people in xD
Definitely is, I experience that when it comes to lore and I have people in chat and discord explaining it all to me xD
Weeaboos Hunter (4 months ago)
Eu tokens are fucking 330k , they should drop to at least 250k or 200k
SinSon (4 months ago)
Europeans dont earn that much, hahaha, we earn more than u kid
SinSon (4 months ago)
Obviously there are some slavic countries,. bu8t generally Europe is better
Yoko Oh no (4 months ago)
ur a fucking shill for blizzard. do NOT buy tokens, EVER. dont buy store mounts. why the fuck would you pay some1 to make you something u then gota pay it for AGAIN. pure fucking greed. warmane.com fuck you blizzard, greedy cunts. and this fuck can go die. "buy tokens now" how much did blizzard pay you to advertise theres tokens ? dont fucking pay them, ur already paying a subscription. i quit the game the same day they added the cashshop. in a fucking subscription based game!!!!! fuck you!!!! joined warmane.com privet server and never looks back. been playing the game for YEARS now. aint paid blizzard fuck all. you think you want it, and we do.
Woah chill dude
Benkt (4 months ago)
Haha love the way he says that we are poor in europe, im from sweden and i bet that the average wage here is quite a bit higher than the average in the us XD
Emil krebshurup (4 months ago)
eu price is 20 euro us price is 15 dollars thats why us gets les gold ezy 20 euros is worth 23 dollars
Frank Lynn (4 months ago)
Hey Ninja Kuma, thanks for the Video, I tried to make money to at least afford one token, sadly the minimum wage thingy is true (making like € 6.50) an hour and due to working about 10 hours a day i can't rly spend that much time playing. :/ Do you have any suggestions on how to get started with making money in WoW?
jpkaffe (4 months ago)
you want to know why the price goes up? because the amount of gold fluctuating goes up. The prices has always been at the same percentage.
ZNK Hackx (4 months ago)
This doesn't make sense no matter if they go up or not they will still be the same price in the WoW store so your not making more money buying them now, you can buy them after BFA as well and make the same amount of gold as if you bought tokens and saved them.
stelios karkalis (4 months ago)
HOW the hell is the game becoming pay to win...Trash talk.Also you should have stopped playing WoW when u reached 100k hours of played. Seriously. Its getting pay to win he says. what a fucking joke.
Ted Karlsson (4 months ago)
so if I understand this correct, he says pay to win as you can pay play time with gold? Why would that make this game into a pay to win? pay to win would be like. ---> pay money ---> get gear or other usefull stuff that makes you more as a VIP or something. buy gold, to get transmog or crafted gear on AH does not make you into pay to win, or playtime..
Dark Master (4 months ago)
are u from serbia?
Yes ^_^
Srdjan Malinovic (4 months ago)
jbga brate tamo si mogao kupiti tokene za 30k a dok je tamo 30k ovde je bilo 70-80k cak i vise
Jarlaxle Daerthe (4 months ago)
If I buy a wow token for RL cash, can I hold onto it until the gold prices go up? or do I have to sell it at the gold value it was when I bought it?
Sell whenever.
Funkmaster K (4 months ago)
J C (4 months ago)
yep, spent $200 on gold in wow this month
Why not wait? Token (Gold value) will explode in BFA
ANA (4 months ago)
Treba mi pomoc igram demon huntera i svaki put kad umrem imam manje hp-a Je li to normalno npr.Imao sam 480k kad umrem 440k
BOKI (5 months ago)
Ti si iz srbije
BOKI (5 months ago)
Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, Memes Mozes napraviti videe na srpskom bar jedan u vezi lakse zarade golda
BOKI (5 months ago)
Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, Memes Mogu li za mesec dana da skupim dovoljno za wow token ako igram demon huntera
BOKI (5 months ago)
Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, Memes Je li ovo privatni server ili pravi
Peyton Ibarra (5 months ago)
Economy 101. LOL!
NinjaPlayz (5 months ago)
brt kako
PhiL (5 months ago)
lol they "don't get paid as much" in EU as they do in NA....... EU > NA that's a fact fuck u american cunts!
Woah.... the animosity
chris bobobo (5 months ago)
fuck there pay to win WANK
WoW Hype (5 months ago)
Let's do a breakdown: The wow token price is made after Supply and Demand therefor there are 3 cases: 1) The Supply equals Demand in which case the price remains aprox. the same 2) The Supply is smaller then the Demand - (more people want to buy wowtokens with gold then people that are willing to sell.) - the gold price of the token will go up. This is what happens at the end of an expansion. 3)The Supply is bigger then the Demand - (more people want to SELL wowtokens with money then people that are willing to buy with gold) - the gold price will go DOWN. This is what happens at the start of an expansion. PS: Inflation does not affect only the wowtoken it affects all transations that are made with non NPCs.
Ino145 (5 months ago)
180k lucky you..
soulrisk1010 (5 months ago)
I mean... plenty of places in the united states @ less than $10/hr
Brokensword (5 months ago)
This dude just tried to claim wealth talking about the fucken left shark?
Selling a handful each month at x40-100 what I got it for. Profits profit
LokasatheTV (5 months ago)
i have 50k on my main :(
Start mining those order halls
Cole Ragsdale (5 months ago)
13 mil is poor? Christ I have maybe 10k... :(
Time to start grinding
TOP ROB (5 months ago)
Wtf u think europeans earn LeL für 13 Euro/hour i wont Even wake up for work
Some countries
Jeaspopz (5 months ago)
Why would you buy a wow token thinking you can sell them later for more gold? The amount of gold they are worth when you buy one, is what you get when you sell it. Its a fixed prixe.. dont tell people to waste theyre money
You missunderstood as you cannot resell it.
Aboleo80 (5 months ago)
Wouldn't bunch of tokens flooding the market lower what they are worth? They go for about 207,000 gold on my server now.
Don't forget that supply of gold in market is always increasing too
Milan Vuletic (5 months ago)
KazeTheForsaken (5 months ago)
I play on EU, i have 3 lvl 110 (currently leveling a lvl 73) and the token is currently 350k ... And you're saying, with 5 alts you can get it 2 weeks, and i only have 3... Halp ._. When i started Legion, the prices were lower, around 100k i think, so it was easier, now it's becoming a chore, and i stopped playing it for more than a year then...
Jeroen Goossens (5 months ago)
Come on, don't be an idiot. Blizzard has a monetary reason to keep the goldtrain going because they make more money off wowtokens than off a normal sub. So there is no reason for them to stop it. I would love a peek at what you are saving tho. The stockpile.
Rockstar Games (5 months ago)
Actually in Europe, it‘s mire expensive lol.
Tugger Jaegger (6 months ago)
i want to farm gold to get the auction mount in BfA.. love that one so much
Tugger Jaegger (6 months ago)
I'm afriad it'll ask me for tree-fiddy
Zuxilon (6 months ago)
Orb of Mystery (vendor item) = 20k x 4 = 80k which is what it takes to craft 4 panthers to make the Jeweled Onyx Panther. Yet you paid 30k for the Jeweled Onyx Panthers? Even in MoP with the guild perk discount I believe the Orb of Mystery was 18k each so panther = 72k. :thinking:
Thats why I bought them without a second thought.
ShinyZ (6 months ago)
I work for 8 Hours for 8 Euros, ah, sadness !
ShinyZ (6 months ago)
Tooo Srbine! :) Daj malo para hahaha
TLP Guy (6 months ago)
"Pay 2 win" WTF dude... you can have the gold cap in wow and that doesn't give you any kind of advantage against another player... epic wtf
Akenschi LP (6 months ago)
im sitting currently on 97mil gold in EUw and bought allrdy my 36 Tokens for the year and only waiting for BfA :), Ty for ur content and tipps they helped me alllllloooooootttt!!!!
Naeira K (6 months ago)
its 371k on silvermoon server
DJDDM (6 months ago)
You forget that if you just want to raid or m+ or pvp even your armory costs will be more then you get
Marina Vasileva (6 months ago)
Last time I played wow I bought over 15 tokens, which was 3 months ago, and the token was 350k gold then. So it's pretty ridiculous how tokens at the US servers are 180k lmfao. Also I buy tokens cause I'd rather spend my money for an example, league skins, rather than game time. :) Don't say that Europeans earn less thn US, jesus lmfao
Arikara Swtor (6 months ago)
pay to win gold in this game is not pay to win you cant buy anything that makes it pay to win you fuck wit
straubi (6 months ago)
u shit.
Ricky D (6 months ago)
wait so how do u buy a token and then sell the token when the gold value goes up ?
You don't, you just buy them BEFORE the price goes up
Ricky D (6 months ago)
I havent worked for many yrs due to a bad car accident. So the only reason i can play is because of gold. I dont have real money to spend. So with prices going up more and more i wont be able to contiunue playing
bubu mic (6 months ago)
No gold ...
Hugh Jaines (6 months ago)
ive played wod and legion for thir full duration. i have yet to reach 500k gold. i8 seriously have no idea, even though i watch these kind of video's, how you guys manage to get 10 mill :S
I have a Gold Guide playlist; check it out
Max (6 months ago)
super easy!! grind 10 toons, after that grind your followers and then do the argus quest to get them 900+ lvl...
Intro to argus is sooo borning to unlock world quests
Swiz (6 months ago)
Ye alts make the special thing, I have 5 and with legion app and missions got around 400k monthly + extra when I can play on weekend on my main get even more and as far I see this feature going into BfA so..yes level alts lads!
Tom W (6 months ago)
As new players come in and want to buy gold, the token price should go down not up. Furthermore, when players use their game gold to buy Call of Duty the value of gold in the game should go up. Whether that can prevail against the market perception of tokens always rising remains to be seen. Supply and demand says that as gold is sank into time/balance tokens the value of gold still in the game should increase. However, it seems that the individuals who have 43 boards to mine gold would indeed believe that gold is becoming worthless. I can only envy your gold balance as I am a poverty stricken player with only three million worth. Perhaps I should stop wasting my time on playing the game and just max out avatars to get more scouting boards?
Mike Hancock (6 months ago)
wtf is 20 dollars a month, less than a box of beer per month, people are not that poor are they?
Mike Hancock (6 months ago)
than you got all that time wasted off your life farming it
CL21 (6 months ago)
15 euro is like 30min of work in my EU country. the fk is this dud talking about..
Hizur (6 months ago)
Yeah, many people leave Poland for money but I couldn't do that because of family and friends. Thanks for saying nice words about Poland :D
CL21 (6 months ago)
That explains why so many from Poland come to work here. And yeah i have been to poland lovely clean place. ^^
Hizur (6 months ago)
Maybe he was thinking about Poland, here we have 4$ minimum wage per hour :P atleast it's safe country and im happy to live here.
Jod3n (7 months ago)
where do u get these rare quest for gold ?
MyWorldOfWarCraftLife (7 months ago)
Fixing the price makes no sense whatsoever. 100k gold at level 40 is a fortune when I can transmog for some silver. That same 100K gold at level 110 isnt much at all when ONE transmog outfit switch is going to cost 500+ gold Of course the price of tokens will increase
Chris Olynth (7 months ago)
On my server i get 380k
Richard Donato (7 months ago)
What addon do you use to see gold on alts?
CodenameVex (7 months ago)
Lol i sell my tokens for atleast 300k and if im lucky 350k EU for the win
Einar Fridfinnur (7 months ago)
so he is talking about buying tokens for IRL money and holding on to them ?
No. Buying tokens with gold while price is still low.
ICEMAN Mcpherson (7 months ago)
How do you hold your tokens with out it wanting you to use them everytime your month is up how can you use gold instead of your token? It did not give me the option just made me use my token.
ICEMAN Mcpherson (7 months ago)
Thanks much man yea i was woundering how am i suppose to make gold off them later if i always have to use them but that explains it so log out and log back in and it will give me the option.
When you run out and log back in it will show as: use token, use gold
imhard 2please (7 months ago)
Sure Order hall missions bring in the gold but you need to farm order hall resources to do the missions. You still need to log on, do stupid world quests etc. It depends on how you make gold, some farm, craft or invest. not everyone can do all these if any. What ever way you are making gold now it will also increase with inflation as prices will rise. He is right, inflation is evident.
Maria Duberg (7 months ago)
15e is more like 1 h work not 3 ;P
Steve Rego (7 months ago)
yes to this video, been watching your vid's since forever and when tokens first dropped they were only 18k gold, got 14 toons farming gold and got legion and bfa expansions with gold, plus 2 years game time. thanks again
WhiskeyCrack (7 months ago)
I loved selling my token for 340k gold, US! I enjoy capitalism.
At a certain point you just may aswell pay for subscription
Ahmet Kırcı (7 months ago)
wow, the economy is so fucked up in game
Hyperinflation and a half
TheDrasgon (7 months ago)
Geez, are the tokens cheap in US. Here in EU it's like 315k atm
Nostoroth (7 months ago)
not gonna make long video about me opening my mail and collecting gold, but i will make long ass video about me talking why wow tokens will go higher with price.
Leif Ashley (7 months ago)
Not sure anyone here understands what pay to win means. There's nothing you can buy in game to help you "win" mythic raids or pvp.
Cow482 (7 months ago)
Maybe if players couldn't sell tokens and only Blizzard sold them for a standard price gold would go away and gold value will rise and then you can bring down the standard price with time.
Cow482 (7 months ago)
Blizzard needs to find a way to raise the value of gold or WoW will become Germany after the war
fran117 (7 months ago)
Please check facts like wowtoken history before making the video. WoW token prices dropped ALOT (like almost half) when Legion was released, Im guessing because a lot of casual players coming back to the game buying gold for crafted gear i guess. So ya 50/50 about this. Theres also this pattern i noticed when wow token prices skyrocket, the price suddenly drops TREMENDOUSLY like alot lower than average for a short time, then skyrockets again, just look at the history on every major blizzard prepurchase release.
Brandon Boss (7 months ago)
it's 7.25 here in the states...
Whiskey Rebel (7 months ago)
How many wow tokens can each toon buy? I s there a limit?
ecthomason (7 months ago)
I thought once I buy a token it becomes soulbound and therefore unsellable, no? How can you buy low now and resell them later?
You dont. You buy while its cheap before it becomes expensive.
Oniix Windrunner (7 months ago)
i only have a combined total of 110k gold. honestly i dont even know how to get the millions you have and all the guides ive looked into either dont work or require paid addons. guess some of us (like myself) have shit luck when it comes to making money.
Class Order Hall missions are OP for making gold, try that
Nickiamx (7 months ago)
Ouch, I was minutes away from buying legion and the battle for azeroth bundle for 80 bucks. But then I saw this video on how sketchy wow has gotten since I lasted played (Lich King). Gonna be another pass for me it looks like, cheers.
Happy to help.

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