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Monero, Dash The Next Bitcoin???? @kryptotwins

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What is the Next Bitcoin??? 20% off use discount code "bitcoin" http://shopcryptotwins.com/ THIS STORE ONLY ACCEPTS CRYPTOCURRENCY AS PAYMENT!! Get Started With Coinbase: http://bit.ly/cryptotwins → Earn $10 of free Bitcoin when you buy $100 or more ◆ Instagram: http://bit.ly/crypto_twins ◆ Twitter: http://bit.ly/thecryptotwins ◆ DTube: http://bit.ly/dtubetwins DISCLAIMER The information discussed on the Cryptotwins YouTube and other social media channels including but not limited to Twitter, Instagram, facebook, is not financial advice. This information is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. Any information and advice on investments are thoughts and our opinions only. We are not responsible for any investments you make. Cryptocurrencies such as Ripple XRP, Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin, & Ethereum are high risk investments so please do your own research and advice from a professional licensce financial advisor before acting on any information in our videos. #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #ripple #bitcoincash #litecoin #ethereum
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Text Comments (149)
love Neblio (2 months ago)
Actually I do believe Monero or Dash will be the next bitcoin that’s why I hold both coins . Love monero more tho
฿rian (4 months ago)
Đash is > ฿itcoin
Pleroma (5 months ago)
Pleroma (5 months ago)
Why does my anus always feel sore after these intros maen. Aaaayyyyyyaaa
Thomas Owen (5 months ago)
Get you some digicone
kevin m (5 months ago)
Professional advice from unlicensed people about crypto that they shill out and don't explain what the coins do and how they work.
Ralphfish4 (5 months ago)
Gotta keep then ears pealed. Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
AKB - (5 months ago)
...........BITCOOONE...............GOING TO THA MOON!
Blackrose 78 (5 months ago)
Bitcone GOLD mang. It’s gone creep up one day and no one will expect it. It’s all bout surprising the sheeple
Dj Crypto Blessed (5 months ago)
I've notice its been quiet and cheap to stack up a nice pile
Relaxation Media (6 months ago)
Mr. Nobody (6 months ago)
There wont be another Bitcone lol... Say goodbye to all privacy coins, NIX will make any Coin private. With NIX, Bitcoin will remain supreme...
Doug Masta (6 months ago)
Monero bread
Eric Renaud (6 months ago)
every video funny as hell lol
Lord Escanor (6 months ago)
Yall should make Cooncoin
I know you are being funny but you actually have some good points...
prodical (6 months ago)
If Tron partners with Alibaba you both will regret the Tron critique. Also the network launch on May 31st.
DrKomaTrans (6 months ago)
there is only one bitcoin and u cunts better get used to it looking for new bitcoin will only free you off your money
Psaikodelik (6 months ago)
HOLLYWOOD!! These guys should act in a block buster!!
Basim Hamadi (6 months ago)
mushroom tip coin
Truce (6 months ago)
Brenton's Life (6 months ago)
never disrespect Tron Hodgetwins!!!
A G (6 months ago)
3:29 Eyes open and ears peeled.
Crypto Mania (6 months ago)
Tron actually one of the best long term coins. Don’t listen to the Tron Fudders out there. Tron signed partnerships with a bunch of multi billion dollar companies. They’re gonna shoot to the moon.
Bitcoin is LIT (6 months ago)
EOS is the one
iReadFiction (6 months ago)
Invest in FUN and Etherium. As soon as it dives, you know it's gonna shoot up in 1-2 weeks for a day or two and it plummets again.
Monero, dash and pivix 🙏
EltonJohn (6 months ago)
2:23 lol
CRYPTOFIT (6 months ago)
Ayyyy twins, Imma long time fan of you two light-skin bell-ends, but after watching your videos on this channel i thought id just give y'all some constructive criticism to help y'all because i love ya. As an influence with a fan base of millions of people, you guys have some serious firepower when it comes to peoples attitudes towards certain things. First of all, in your fitness channels, it is okay to say that your "professional but unlicensed" because that wont get you into trouble. However, saying that your advice is professional, when to be honest in the case of cryptocurrency its not, can get you guys into real trouble if something goes wrong as people can point fingers at you since you said your advice is professional. Secondly, dont just say to buy coins when you're not telling people why i.e. technological features, partnerships etc. If you just continue to tell people to buy coins you will become what is known as a "Shiller" in the cryptocurrency space and just a heads up, theyre not well respected. This will severely impact your channel growth. Now again, im trying to give y'all some "Non-Professional advice" on this one as ive been watching you guys for years now. Goodluck!
Dan Bolser (6 months ago)
Buy bitcone!
dontwatchmyvideos (6 months ago)
Monero over everything!
Sarcastic Boy (6 months ago)
Raping the camera at the beginning....that's hilarious
KeeptheFaith (6 months ago)
That is BTC/crypto picks up again. Only coin I see gaining is Monero.
Lord Giorgio (6 months ago)
Ben Hutchins (6 months ago)
You have to be fucking kidding me. These guys are now making a crypto channel?!!! These guys no FUCK ALL about crypto. I'd love to hear them explain properly what blockchain technology is, what DAPPs are and how they work. What proper coin metrics mean and how things like sharding and side chains work. Anyone looking to this channel for advice on crypto really shouldn't even give these guys the time of day.
alex ander (6 months ago)
Don't get scammed by Bitcoin cash
Ulises Bernales (6 months ago)
Invest in Electroneum my brothas
carlos sanchez (6 months ago)
Stellar lumens is a fork of ripple and better in my opinion..
Bitcoin King (6 months ago)
Ur top 5 is nice but fuck dat ripple. I cream pie dat ripple boyyyyyyyyyy
Robert Jirousek (6 months ago)
HoopLah clunk (6 months ago)
Maaaan i need to finish up college and start working full time to do some investments
RIKZY (6 months ago)
Dan (6 months ago)
dash= premine exploit by creater, got hisself too many cones gais, he gona b a trillionair if u buy his cones xmr is good though - privacy cone
Freeloving MGTOW (6 months ago)
dash is pro with a big team of payed devs. No one cares what happened years ago when dash was worth pennies...lol
Gaming Spite (6 months ago)
Stick to fitness.
TheMakersRage (6 months ago)
Stop all this conin
Lux (6 months ago)
Lux (6 months ago)
I like monero but not dash
Freeloving MGTOW (6 months ago)
Dash private send has NEVER been broken. There is a sizable reward for breaking it. Each private send is mixed. So if you break Dash privacy you only break 1 transaction. Break Monero privacy and you break every transaction. Also, Dash private send uses a pre-mixed wallet, so the transactions are still transparent. Transparency of the blockchain is what makes crypto valuable.
Lux (6 months ago)
superblobsterman Oh Yeah monero is truly untraceable unlike bitcoin. All that needs to be said.
Freeloving MGTOW (6 months ago)
monero doesn't even have mobile wallet. Dash has like 5 of them. I take Dash any day.
Multilingo Germană (6 months ago)
you guys should make your own ballzdeepkoinz. Would invest in them immediately
RazorRoses (6 months ago)
can i buy Dick pills whith bitcoin?
RazorRoses (6 months ago)
Subed =D hope you guys keep making videos even when your both old rocking on a chair drinking some limonade sunday after church still giving out all kinds of advice to the new generation =D been watching you since you guys were doing prank calls to pizza places lmao
theresidentone (6 months ago)
I have 22,000 TRON, [email protected] when I am a millionaire. Even if it goes to 45.5 dollars a coin that= 1 million, it's a steal at the current price.
theresidentone (6 months ago)
What I do is buy all the cheap coins, then if one takes off= easy money.
studi0z (6 months ago)
DASH is the next BTC with Evolution
Z (6 months ago)
BitcoinZ for some real Gainz
Dob by (6 months ago)
Invest bitcoin trusted web native Indonesia. Office there ..profit every day gan .. really legit http://1ink.cc/hwPyw
Abdullah Abbadi (6 months ago)
i'm here because of the R rated Twins, Fuck Bitcoon
Smooth Operator (6 months ago)
Wax is the best long term investment. Thank me in a year or two.
Saitama (6 months ago)
Yeahhhhhhhhhh y’all should make a video on Neo
Mikael Eriksson (6 months ago)
Hi guy´s . Here's faucets for building up hashes on Eobot for an example , with is a cloud mining site.Eobot you can look up , and the site has been there since 2013 . Good thing is to put in 10-20 dollars your self time to time to build up your GHS , and to use facuets.Use Coinpot to store your crypto from facuets , and then send it to Eobot to pump up your cloud miner .. Here´s what you need .. https://www.eobot.com/new.aspx?referid=1917892 . https://coinpot.co/ . http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=08CB2C54615B . http://moonbitcoin.cash/?ref=D6545BA3A943 . http://moonliteco.in/?ref=8ed15d8a5ed4 . http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=f17374cdf58b . http://moondash.co.in/?ref=E02A129B82AD . http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=7bff7fa9ce2d . http://freedoge.co.in/?r=1423424 . https://freebitco.in/?r=8255005 . Don´t play on the gaming site´s , you will lose all the time . But like on the Bitcoin gaming site they give you 4% extra if you just store your bitcoins there time to time , something to think on . It´s long term project to build up your GHS , and the real deal if you are low on cash .. As usual check Youtube so people can learn you how to use the site´s .. Thank you :)
Woody * (6 months ago)
Aldo Facchi (7 months ago)
Tron lmfao trashhh
John a (7 months ago)
Iain Mc Girr (7 months ago)
Well funny :)
e b (7 months ago)
"all kinds of white paper action!!" Oh god. These guys getting into crypto
vette bro (7 months ago)
Look at OMG and EOS
Ignacio Ibarra (7 months ago)
At least they know tron is trash
Prudent Student (6 months ago)
i was about to say the same thing. lol
April Flores (7 months ago)
I Love the sillyness.. I hope you both become multi millionaires! And it's Ears OPEN And Eyes PEELED! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mystline18 (7 months ago)
Read all kinds of white paper action LMAO
Mystline18 (7 months ago)
Robert (7 months ago)
Jnt is the next moon
Big daddy Brown (7 months ago)
Don’t sleep on tron
Bitcoin is LIT (6 months ago)
Big daddy Brown already sleep
Josh Patrick (7 months ago)
I caught up on the videos. But I just found out about their new channel from their McDonald's eating video. It's theHodgetwins though so I subbed. Also BitCone. lol!! The new Hodgetwins meme you'll see in the comment section from now on. Master Epps compilation in the future! Can't wait!
Joshua Hetzer (7 months ago)
Check out ECA (Electra) if you want a cheaper coin with bigger returns than the ones mentioned
Eternal Being33 (7 months ago)
btcp! 100 percent gainz yesterday
crypt oiggmo (7 months ago)
After all these years, you two still do the same act? Wow Fucking white people
Martijn M (7 months ago)
Bitcoin Cash sure as hell will crash your ass. TRON won't moon to fun, but flies straight into the Sun. Oh My God, NEO truly is the one. To master the Enigma of ICON's future trembling run. #OMG #NEO #ENG #ICX
William May (7 months ago)
Ya, Funny as hell! keep it up.
Liranzo Fit (7 months ago)
Oliver Slade (7 months ago)
You’re doing videos about stuff you don’t understand and it’s showing
RiffianOG (7 months ago)
A lot of gains, everybody want's to know what's the next bitcoin other brother: Who knows man lol ahahahahahah
Eternal Being33 (7 months ago)
bitcoin private to the moon!
D Bag Robot Gang (7 months ago)
Ontonlogy, Wanchain, and NEO
D Bag Robot Gang (6 months ago)
Kris McCauley Only coins in the green, during this correction! STRONG performers.
Kris McCauley (6 months ago)
dude ontology and wan are my two biggest bags. let's get it
D Bag Robot Gang (7 months ago)
HodgeTwins Coin to the moon
eXXposed.org (7 months ago)
This is classic Elliott and we are at a cozy 618 {ish.} XVG AND TRX were among the hardest hit Because of their Strength, if not 10,000X, many who didn't catch the top are still selling at profit. Unless BTC gets gutted, we just completed wave 1 of 3 and this is as close to the floor as you'll get. BTC is still the local currency but as exchanges release more trading pairs it won't affect the market, lately Tron don't care anyway. And this white paper SH..stuff, copy/paste is very common, why its gotta be white any damn way... Ignore the hype, trust the chart... XLM work!
Alex Cerda (7 months ago)
Y'all not experts bro. Y'all gotta be careful here with any coin
Jerk Exboyfriend (7 months ago)
How does Lord Keith not fall asleep after busting, in the beginning of these videos?
Christopher lee (7 months ago)
New York coin is a great coin 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
ICO Research Group (7 months ago)
They are back!
Shelvin Kumar (7 months ago)
I love ithahahaa
Hans Dewet (7 months ago)
Tim Brown (7 months ago)
Saitama (6 months ago)
Tim Brown Lmaoooo big facts!!!
Tim Brown (7 months ago)
NEO is the next Ethereum #CryptoGains
Jumping on the cryptobandwagon. You going to make a lot of kids FOMO into shitcoins cant wait to see that!
Saitama (6 months ago)
Ripple is caca
XRPs ledger will enable the internet of value. Apps will build on top of that system to make use of this interoperability between ledgers. Value will be fluid and instant. There will be a entire new global market around microtransactions. The way data goes back and forth, thats how value should be able to move. The question then arises that it should be decentralized. Yes initially Ripple owns most of the nodes,But! those nodes can be replaced by your own validators. So that means anyone can replace the ripple nodes by nodes they want. These nodes will verify transactions by consensus. Wich is way less expensive and faster then the Proof of work system run by bitcoin. XRP running a POW like bitcoin would defeat the purpose of his existence. It wouldnt be able to provide instant liquidity.
Takanomi Nakamoto ripple is not a shitcoin
Saitama (6 months ago)
So far they haven’t talked about any shitcoins besides maybe ripple so what are you talking about FUCKK OUT DEY WAY BITCH
IntoTheFray (7 months ago)
Janoy cresva sith lord of potato hurray
kuneefay (7 months ago)
Get your cypto speculation on. And supplement it with some of the realestate cashflow game.
Monty (7 months ago)
Bitcone? No, Hodgetwins invested in some BitCOON
Climbing Crypto (7 months ago)
You guys should talk crypto on your main channel to make some real gainz
JAMESRKOFL (7 months ago)
I thought this was a joke.
Nonbruh (7 months ago)
Tron is a solid coin and bitcoin cash is garbage smh
Sean William (7 months ago)
Jake Harris (7 months ago)
Electroneum (ETN) is a reliable coin that should take off soon. I’ve been getting free crypto from there android app on the daily. There is going to be an IOS app soon that gives you a little bit of free ETN everyday. People in impoverished countries (yes, they have mobile devices) will have access to free currency to do daily trades and what not with. It’s only at like 2 cents right now and it’s a perfect time to buy. But hey... that’s just advice🤷🏻‍♂️ Invest in whatever the FUCK you wanna invest in P.s. check out the white paper on Electroneums website
Sam Pendleton (7 months ago)
Where can I buy some HodgeCoin?
Saimir (7 months ago)
Read all kinds of whitepaper action - kevin hodge 😂😂😂😂
Allan Larsson (7 months ago)
U guys need to have a look at tron. It's probably the token with the most percentage growth potential as a long term hold
Doc Wicked (4 months ago)
ur an idiot eos will be a monster keep talking shit just like they did with eth lmfao reminds me of the exact same thing
Doc Wicked (4 months ago)
Doc Wicked (4 months ago)
Johnny V (4 months ago)
Yes EOS is much better in a week from now it's 0
Abysmal Horrors (6 months ago)
Bitcoin is LIT EOS is shit too.
OfficialMNIB (7 months ago)
Pump an' dump . . . All kinds of sexual lingo . . . All kindzzz😂🤣
Woody9985 (7 months ago)
nahh, thats a very common phrase within the crypto community
TONY DIGIBYTE Tinevra (7 months ago)

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