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8 Possible Next 100x ICOs March 2018 | Millionaire Spreadsheet

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ICO Spreadsheet: https://scrembosemotionlessicoanalysis.gr8.com/ Join my Royal Coaching Program: http://royalcoaching.gr8.com/ Collaboration: https://goo.gl/forms/9r50y5JdN08vITDo2 How do you see March regarding the ICO industry ? Currently the market moves in a healthy way building trust and confidence for new investors and traders, the ICO market will benefit from each of the upcoming growth. ► Royal Coaching Program ◄ : http://royalcoaching.gr8.com/ ► Social Media ◄ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/scrembooo Twitter : https://twitter.com/scrembo88 ► Poloniex Tutorials Playlist ◄ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOP0vxUDm196jOV6hx0_8FlCx7yAAYyhx
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Scrembo Paul (7 months ago)
Free Download link is located in the first row of the description. For the ones already subscribed ,please use your secondary email or search the link in the your browsers history. Make sure to bookmark/save the link next time.
kolah ghermezi (5 months ago)
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Beytullah Mijnen (6 months ago)
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Jack A. McLeod (6 months ago)
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Clarence R. Huard (6 months ago)
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Вася Зеленяк (4 months ago)
TokenGo a promising platform with a wide variety of features, I recommend that you buy tokens while there is an opportunity to gain them profitably.
cryptoworld (4 months ago)
You explain very clearly. Can you do a video about new ICOs too? I'm interested specifically in SciDex.
rodrigo salonga jr. (4 months ago)
nice to see another good vid mate. Very interesting ICO, hope you can also do one about Scidex.
Artjom Burohh (5 months ago)
I've just invested in TokenGo, one of this years most promising ICO's! TokenGo is a multifunctional block-platform with a huge set of functions. In one sentence, everything can not be described! In other words, TokenGo is a resource that allows one people to earn money by selling their goods and services, to other people - to buy these same goods. An excellent project! https://tokengoplatform.com
Neal Lyons (5 months ago)
I'm going with Hycon from your list. I'm Canadian but I feel Asian coins are the future. Who knows in this crazy market tho. I'm prepared to lose it all lol
Block Chain (5 months ago)
today we have a lot of unreliable ICO, unfortunatelly. So we should watch out not to get involved in a wrong thing. I say it not because someone said, but because I use it. TokenGO ICO became as a winner of research for a great ICO. It still running. So still it is possible to learn and invest time and money on a great ICO. Futhermore, it has the most understandable website and whitepaper.
kolah ghermezi (5 months ago)
Whats your opinion about INVACIO, IT has 11 working products, still alive https://www.inv-ico.io/signup/?referrer=4f31ec43bd339922712e6a29e25a8e90
Provash Ghotak (5 months ago)
Thanks man! Super helpful video! What's your opinion about SciDex? I've been following them for awhile now!
Michael Morningstar (5 months ago)
What do you thing about MarketCash ICO? https://marketcash.io
In my opinion, the Tokengo project has powerful prospects for development and, accordingly, can show rapid growth of capitalization in the near future in the cryptocurrency market. This is because the blockchain, takingo is an infrastructure designed to solve the many problems in various fields. Would recommend.
Обзоры от iCE (6 months ago)
Thanks for the video, very interesting. What do you think about Tokengo ICO? There is a lot of information about this project on Reddit and it looks like a very promising platform.
Lift-Token (6 months ago)
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Jeu Phialsa (6 months ago)
Visit : GlowEther DOT com [pre sale ICO] Blockchain Technology
Ruben C (6 months ago)
All about tokens https://medium.com/edu-coins/how-to-buy-education-tokens-ledu-2a138c53e8ae
Max (6 months ago)
I'd really appreciate your rating on trustedhealth.io
hopelyn torti (6 months ago)
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eCharge (6 months ago)
great channel, congrats from http://echarge.io
Hello, What do you think about Clearcoin Ico?
Why? The pre-sale token is over 81%, this crypto was born in USA where there is more regulations and controls, the team has very good background about the project so please, give a real justification about you considerer that is scam.
Scrembo Paul (6 months ago)
Comunidade de Compra Cooperativa de Chile possible scam
E T (6 months ago)
what is the minimum USD investment into ORS ICO
E T (6 months ago)
Talk about Pre-ICO QYK
NO ONE (6 months ago)
UNIFY World Revolution ICO check it and share it - release on 19 march 2018 on Waves
Milan Limbu (6 months ago)
HI Scrembo, i just came across your vids and i find them very helpful as a new fresh player to ico game. Hopeful to hit millions :D Thanks
Crypto Mining (6 months ago)
So many ICO's, not enough fiat! Great work, will be investing in mainframe, possibly in seele, and let's see what it does.
Randy Rhoden (6 months ago)
CryptoJon (6 months ago)
Can you do a video on LSD token? + German Team + Non-Speculative Use Case + Utility Token + Branding + Great Whitepaper its an upcoming ico, need some opinions on it
Dmitry Isp (6 months ago)
Thanks for your video! This is exellent! Can you add a review of ICO TokenGO https://tokengoplatform.com? In my opinion a very interesting project with acting Bounty and after the end of ICO by the launch of the exchange.
Renzo Ulloa (6 months ago)
If you miss CREDITS (CS) your analysis is extremely not accurate
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Beytullah Mijnen (6 months ago)
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Jack A. McLeod (6 months ago)
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James Windley (6 months ago)
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Chris Gonzalez (6 months ago)
Nice video👍🏼👍🏼🙌🏻
Crypto Asia (6 months ago)
Checkout Aithon. Quality ICO. Flash sale for 1 day. For 30% discount, use the link https://aitheon.com/users/signup#referral=ry_vX_ZUM
Gil O'Brien (6 months ago)
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Артур Иванов (6 months ago)
Thanks for the review, would recommend the project token go, I participate in the bounty of the TokenGo campaign. Tasks understandable, simple, administrators provide support in the telegram-chat. All who are interested in ICO and crypto-currencies should pay attention!
Laurent Brqn (6 months ago)
You forgot to mention www.orcaalliance.eu next explosing ICO on open banking :)
Suchat Klaysuwan (6 months ago)
www.florafic.io pre ico -7 March 2018
Francisco M. (6 months ago)
can you add Gluon ICO to your spreadsheet? I'm interested in hearing more opinions
I have a token created on the ethereum blockchain the company has just been LLC'd & I need to build a team to help me push it further it's an original idea and no one has done it yet that I know of & even if they do it I won't be as elaborate as my platform. The website is almost finished I have  700,000,000 token in my metamask wallet ready all I need is to get the team together to help with advising & dev. contact me if this sounds like something anyone is interested in tell me how many tokens you need to work with me on this. The pre-ico price will be between $0.01 and $0.05. my name is Jason. Peace.
Creator K (6 months ago)
What about thorn coin?
tikezza (6 months ago)
Why is no one talking about CHILL project. I would be so happy if someone makes video about CHILL. I think it has a great potential
Cagar Bhardwaj (6 months ago)
Excellent work! Respect!
Patrick NICOLAS (6 months ago)
Remenber this >>>>>>> Nucleus Vision (NCASH) .... New on Binance !
Ali Campbell (6 months ago)
Want to buy cryptos, get onto Binance exchange https://www.binance.com/?ref=10911062
L. Silva (6 months ago)
BEST ICO march 2018 https://crafty.work/?source=uGZCKhX7Ir?
dra gos (6 months ago)
appreciate your hard work, mate! thank you very much.
Cedric J (6 months ago)
Thanks Scrembo, plan on joining with you in this endeavor. I REALLY, REALLY liked VeriMe....Wow!! Out of all the "Very Good" category, it seems like this could skyrocket, it makes so much sense and the implications are phenomenal. I shot you over an email. The only question that I couldn't seem to find in my research is how do you find out how much the tokens will be in the ICO.
Bitcoin 4Life (6 months ago)
Wow good info
Aeon 1111 (6 months ago)
Steele is a scam
Jerry Mikel (6 months ago)
First i'm Jerry Mikel , I had like to say that anyone can have these kind of gains in Crypto Market. And no, i didn't mind any coins, and no, i wasn't an early adopter of bitcoin buying up coins when the price was under a dollar. I'm just a trader, who fairly opened up a few accounts and transferred $2000 into bitcoin then traded it up to over $50,000 a year back and i'm earning more profit compare to my past trade. There are so many great opportunities for anyone willing to pay attention to coin strategies, new coins, charts, and price action. You can find out what's the hottest new Coin and jump in early. Have you ever heard anyone say that trading is risky but profitable or might be dangerous, But I have been trading cryptos stocks successfully for over five years, and I actually love trading them. I look forward to hitting the markets every day. its really not that difficult, You have to learn to read charts the way I do... I have taught quite a few friends to trade over the years. They often will sit in my office with me during the day and watch me trade, asking questions and learning from real live minute to minute executions. However, i feel good helping people to trade and manage their account because i think by doing this I'm gaining and impacting knowledge and maybe i will be entitle with a token percent for appreciation. I am a real full time trader because I love making my money from the markets, Lol. Feel free to reach me on [email protected] for trade and advice,Goodluck.
V Dob (6 months ago)
Have a look at qykbar.io
mivec gpx (6 months ago)
New subscriber, no NEX?
ole usted que mira (6 months ago)
Paul, please add a Win/Loss column of your previous ICO investments to track efficiency of your ratings, thanks!
Crypto Quality Control (6 months ago)
Thanks for the insights into the current icos .. Cheers!
Reginaldob Sousabbb (6 months ago)
Friendz ICO1 MARCHBIG COMMUNITY IN TELEGRAMJOIN US https://steward.friendz.io/go?r=NDIzMDk
Captain Crypto (6 months ago)
So WePower are giving out free tokens for anyone who votes for them..... "From the WePower Twiiter: Guys, help WePower to succeed on Binance and get a reward of 200 #WPR if listed! Vote: https://www.binance.com/vote.html  Sign up for #bounty here: https://goo.gl/JbF3uY  & fill in “Bounty report” when voted: https://goo.gl/SWDNyw  Let's win this!"
India Coon (6 months ago)
Why is Seele rating so high if it was hacked? Am I missing something?
Ronald Whittaker (7 months ago)
cryopto is going to make people get in to the vocation trades again i see it coming folk are going to get back to work earning again AWESOME shit
Vik Babu (7 months ago)
Hi Scrembo, We appreciate the time and effort you put into this. Not an easy task. Question for you. Do you still hold Seele to the same high ranking after the whitelist debacle? Don't you think it's rating should come down?
anh vương (6 months ago)
đăng ký airdrop nhận ngay 1000 token OSCH miễn phí các bạn nhé. http://g.oschain.io/#/?parentId=qewgo6
Scrembo Paul (7 months ago)
Vik Babu it came down a little after the whitelist failure
Crypto 00 (7 months ago)
how do you download your spreadsheet. i went back to the emails you sent but still can not downloaded it. Thanks
Peter Gan (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing man! I'm going to trust you. I'm ready for my million!
Aljaž Šilc (7 months ago)
Nice work there! What do you think about Robotina ico? Chack it, maybie you will like it. Keep on good work.
GAURAV BARTHWAL (7 months ago)
Can you make a video on electroneum.
Randy Rhoden (7 months ago)
Dang, Paul this is this spreadsheet and oppurtunity is the bomb!
Randy Rhoden (7 months ago)
Randy Rhoden Randy Rhoden 1 second ago IDEA: maybe dont explain the  spread sheet on each video, instead give a link to the video which explains the spreadsheet as you did the first few videos, this way your videos are fresh. Paul, you are doing an excellent job with this analysis so plz dont take this suggestion as a complaint,  just an idea.  Also, for some of your US participants have you considered a declining percentage rate with fees, say 5% for $1,000, maybe 4% for over $1500 and so forth. It adds up if a guy wants to invest $10,000. again just a thought, Keep up the good work
Fresh Start (7 months ago)
Great job, question if I want to invest $2000 Wich Ico's you recommend to invest twords getting to $1000000.Please help
Randy Rhoden (7 months ago)
could you put the date that us Americans need to have their money to you to participate?
Stephen Kennedy (6 months ago)
Randy, did you get to participate in this ICO?
Scrembo Paul (7 months ago)
No, you are not.
Randy Rhoden (7 months ago)
Like right now I just sent in an application for Kepler tech and its only 3 days left, am I too late?
Randy Rhoden (7 months ago)
is there anyway to highlight the icos on the spreadsheet that you just covered?
Randy Rhoden (7 months ago)
oops, watched earlier videos which explained the asterisks
matthew oluwaseun (7 months ago)
Are you goin got tell us the projects you ed up investing into from the spread sheet?
Patrick Mannering (7 months ago)
What a great spreadsheet and video. Impressive on both fronts. Extremely helpful. Subscribed and recommended to freinds. It's great to get this info. Looking forward to the next vid
Andre E (7 months ago)
Great video thanks for what you do!
Bryan Worley (7 months ago)
bro your "participate in any ico" tab is slick.  Good for you man been following you for quite some time now.  thanks man!
Barnabas Szakal (7 months ago)
Scrembo, you are the greatest!
Emil (7 months ago)
Did you check out NaviAddress?
FF Entertainment (7 months ago)
You lookslike AFROJACK
Arjen Korterink (7 months ago)
Great en very informative reviews. Thanks for that! With respect to Kepler Tech I think it's better to wait with investing in this ICO when looking at their website, whitepaper and roadmap. I don't understand why they plan an ICO before they bought land and have all the legal documents in place to actualy start building their mega factory, campus etc. They still need to fix this and plan to build everything during 2018. So it seems that they use the ICO money for building real estate and use what is left hoplefully for Robotics and AI but I asume that will be 2019 at the earliest.
Damir Toth (7 months ago)
scrembo is the best :)
Old Natural Cures (7 months ago)
Amazing work dude! I understand better now.
Fabian (7 months ago)
Thank you for sharing this video with us
Manish Sachdeva (7 months ago)
Thanks for ur advice on ICOs always found worth... Can you please can about Travel Block ico n give ur score... Thanks again.
Egor Bandak (6 months ago)
and about tokengo? Quality project. I learned about it recently and have already heard a lot about it. The platform is universal for most programming languages)
]M (7 months ago)
Thanks for Sharing this Info , I've been into crypto investing and your videos are really helpful for my crypto investment
Zpta Robert (7 months ago)
good video, very informative
Alfred Gyimah (7 months ago)
Great video and informative information Scrembo. I did have a problem downloading the updated spreadsheet it keeps telling me that I have already subscribed to the email, and won't let me download the new file for some reason.
Scrembo Paul (7 months ago)
Please use your secondary email or search the link in the your browsers history. Make sure to bookmarked/save the link next time.
Dave Nickson (7 months ago)
Helpful crypto info, Thanks for sharing.
Ale Natraj (7 months ago)
Extraordinary content and can easily understand about the crypto stuff
dal kitou (7 months ago)
Love your videos is very intersting and usful thanks for sharing it
Jitendra Gupta (7 months ago)
Hope i am going to be one of your millionaire. Great Job,keep it up.
Shahbaz Khan (7 months ago)
great work
anima ki (7 months ago)
Excellent video!! thanks for sharing.
Awesome video about crypto stuff. Thanks a lot!
russell piland (7 months ago)
great info. thanks Scrembo
Alejandro Ramirez (7 months ago)
Just perfect !
Jeff Boski (7 months ago)
Thoughts on Peblik?
Jamal Borsk (6 months ago)
Peblik seems interesting. Personally also think LEV is promising, Leverage Platform sale will start soon on LerverageICO.com
Tech Help In Hindi (6 months ago)
Top 5 ICO in March 2018 | Next Big ICO In 2018 https://youtu.be/UWUM-uu9YhQ
Sunil Kumar (7 months ago)
I salute your hard work 🙋
Tech Help In Hindi (6 months ago)
Top 5 ICO in March 2018 | Next Big ICO In 2018 https://youtu.be/UWUM-uu9YhQ
anh vương (6 months ago)
đăng ký airdrop nhận ngay 1000 token OSCH miễn phí các bạn nhé. http://g.oschain.io/#/?parentId=qewgo6
Kaddour Ali (7 months ago)
it's so verry nice to sse that
Devika K (7 months ago)
the best of cryptocurrencies makes us to invest and earn more. good site to know more.
dana daniela (7 months ago)
Great video.I like it.
Jerry Jacob (7 months ago)
great video . its really helpful
Bibou SiSi (7 months ago)
it'e very useful informations

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