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THE BEST CryptoCurrency to buy in 2018 is NULS

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Today I explain in my own opinion the facts about the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2018, I Explain why NULS is the best coin to hold long term, it is not a twitter shill it is a genuinely good coin, if you are looking to buy crypto if you use the links below and start with more than £100 then you get discounts off everything. With regards to NULS cryptocurrency I strongly believe in the project and I am not sponsored at all for making this video. Yes I have a big bag of NULS (NULS is my biggest bag by far) but I’m holding long term, ask anyone I have been holding these babies for a long long time. If you are into cryptocurrency and want to join in the conversation please use the telegram link below to join my group chat, I am in there every day posing my thoughts and new crypto news. I appreciate the continued support and one day we will all have a lambo account like tai lopez. I also explain about the bitcoin pizza incident from May the 22nd 2010. I also show the new NULS wallet and compare NULS with the likes of bitcoin and ethereum. i also eat a bitcoin pizza LINKS FOR LE SHIZZLES IS BELOW FAM Telegram Chat https://t.me/joinchat/HPbDVhB9oDodUJvRcwHrYQ Binance: https://goo.gl/GGHkLJ 50% fee discount Coinbase: https://goo.gl/m9Awi8 £7 free when you buy more than £100 of bitcoin GDAX: https://goo.gl/6j4JLk send bitcoin via GDAX for no/low fees transfer Twitter:TheMartiniGuyWY https://twitter.com/MartiniGuyYT Instagram:TheMartiniGuy https://www.instagram.com/themartiniguy Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. THE BEST CryptoCurrency to buy in 2018 is NULS THE BEST CryptoCurrency to buy in 2018 is NULS THE BEST CryptoCurrency to buy in 2018 is NULS best crypto best cryptocurrency best coin 2018 $NULS $ETH $NEO $BTC NULS VS ethereum NULS vs Bitcoin NULS Review Bitcoin pizza bitcoin pizza bitcoin pizza
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Text Comments (239)
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Wealth and getting in early into bitcoin is not a measure of how bad a review is, decentalisedtv may be a smart guy but he didn't research a coin before cr*pping on it... NULS is an incredible blockchain project, just read the information that is available Also follow my twitter... https://twitter.com/MartiniGuyYT
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
They actually stayed warm a lot longer than i thought they would, very impressive
The Norco75 (5 months ago)
Letting two pizzas go cold...... , im lost for words. Right bout NULS tho.keep up the good work buddy.
JuicyVeganDwarf (3 days ago)
Do you like Neblio?
JuicyVeganDwarf (1 day ago)
That Martini Guy good stuff.
That Martini Guy (1 day ago)
Milo Hajek (10 days ago)
That Martini Guy (9 days ago)
Shameless Facts (17 days ago)
Matrix AI and Elf are way way better than this shit
That Martini Guy (16 days ago)
we are all entitled to our opinions, i like Aelf but they do not have to same backing with regards to NULS bitmain partnership and i am not much a fan of matrix, but we all back out own horses
Valdemar Dragonborn (1 month ago)
what do you think about Neblio ?
That Martini Guy (1 month ago)
its pretty good
icyboy771z (1 month ago)
That pizza guy probably bought more bitcoins when its still cheap, his probably worth several millions today if I were to guess...
Matt T (2 months ago)
As far as the pizza story is concerned... Do you believe he invested all of his capital into one pizza trade? Probably not, he probably owned hundreds of thousands of bitcoins.
That Martini Guy (1 month ago)
very true, i imagine he is a very wealthy man
Storm Trooper (2 months ago)
Is it a good buy at 1.80?
That Martini Guy (2 months ago)
short term probably not, long term undoubtedly
bob bob (2 months ago)
look at the Github now ... inactive
That Martini Guy (2 months ago)
lol, its not inactive, it was just more active in the buildup to mainnet, they are currently working on chain factory
MrPlipit (3 months ago)
hi guys need some help im a beginner. trying to download nuls wallet from their site so i can swap my tokens from my ether wallet. i cant seem to downlaod the nuls wallet from their site. pls help.
MrPlipit (3 months ago)
thank you for replying. i tried the github and mega link and it said "windows cannot open the folder" i dont know what else to do.
That Martini Guy (3 months ago)
Which link are you using? You should ask this question on nulsforum.org the whole community will help you out there
1wibble2 (3 months ago)
Sort your volume levels FFS!
DHibbertPhotography (4 months ago)
i just watched a video on your shitting on JR Garage and cryptocurrency
Ryan McDonald (4 months ago)
Hello martini guy subscibed i have a spare thousand to put into this just have not got a clue hoe it works or what to do
That Martini Guy (4 months ago)
Get in touch on any platform and i will walk you through the basics 👍
William Leather (4 months ago)
Tron . . Tron . . . and more Tron . . . .
Toto Geenen (4 months ago)
hasn't really been going up lately :thinkin:
That Martini Guy (4 months ago)
this is not a space race, we are in a bear market, now is when you fill your bags
Jeffries (4 months ago)
oh Poiter peter is one guy who irritates many of us .He just wants to show off those cars ,i think he shoots from his dads house
Jeffries (4 months ago)
lol @ 0.47
Alexander Escobell (4 months ago)
good video dude. i like the confidence and the method of delivery, very efficient.
Sam Za (4 months ago)
Can anyone help me. I'm trying to buy Miles. Where can I get some. Is there a app?
That Martini Guy (4 months ago)
you should always use a computer for crypto, mobiles are easily compromised
Windows 10 (5 months ago)
So many of such kind.
C G (5 months ago)
hexx coin
greatmen li (5 months ago)
nuls is nothing, nuls is everything, as well as elastos
OATMANscorpius (5 months ago)
mad tight video, Get er done is like nuls and larry the cable guy
woopit 01 (5 months ago)
If you think nulls is good check out NEBULAS. That's going to be the next blockchain 3.0
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
nebulas is good, i have a bag
Vikram Mandal (5 months ago)
good work man . great content .. Just remembered how Doug polk scripted his videos... keep it up
BradK (5 months ago)
When moon NULS? Don't hate on Peter Saddington! And go watch TAI Lopez knowledge and you'll know what Peter is doing.
BradK (5 months ago)
That Martini Guy I figured you had the "KNAWLEDGE!"
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
im only memeing on him, i have watched a few of his vids now, i quite like the guy, nuls moon soon, and as for tai lopez meme i made a whole vid about that guy lol, but it didnt fit the narrative of the video 😜
Litecoin Lucky (5 months ago)
Literally just purchased some NULS on this dip!! Btw I agree with you analysis!
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
RIP bro, all our bags bled hard today, time to add more FIAT, only 2000 NULS needed for a node, and a NODE will pay nice dividends, 20000 for a masternode if you can stomach the outlay
Mike xcity (5 months ago)
I wish I understood the words I just heard.
Yaman Ahlawat (5 months ago)
lol fu i know NULS is good but i subscribed to get some "Doug" like stuff. you are stupid shill like everyone else. I miss Doug man :/
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
doug shilled lux, at least im not getting paid for this, just stick around till tonight, more crryptonews, its a good one
Renars (5 months ago)
How do you store Nuls offline?
Er Han (5 months ago)
my favorire rdd sub and etn
Phill Betts (5 months ago)
Do you have any recommendations on what hardware you can use to store NULS offline? Or other ways to store NULS offline?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
a ledger nano S is always a good place to start, just dont lose it! exchange toe MEW, MEW to Ledger
Half Man Half Cat (5 months ago)
also before you diss peter, he spreads joy, he can actually smile, naturally. Perhaps you could learn a thing or two,,,, and then go back to making whatever shit videos you were making before you jumped on the crypto wagon.
Half Man Half Cat (5 months ago)
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
i'm a nice person, and a positive influence on the space, positivitly doest have to be fake personalitys being happy 24/7, positivity is being honest, but if you don't address fud during a review then it would be very one sided, considering his vid has about 70k views i needed to say something, for me its all light hearted banter of course the guy is more 'knawledgeable' than me, im just having a little fun with it
Half Man Half Cat (5 months ago)
david hay got thank yous for his giveaways because he's a nice person and didn't ask for people to jump through multiple hoops. You would have got more than £800 in payback if you were a nice person about it. & I'm not taking the piss out of your background in cars, I know nothing of cars (i wish i did it would save me £££). I came here for the comedy originally, left because it wasn't funny anymore and just felt spiteful (i guess when the proper jokers got rekt and left). & my 'negativity' is just standing up for someone who has done more 'positivity' in the space than you, so go figure.
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
i get way more views dissing a car youtuber, i just do this for fun, calm down sir, I'm just calling him our a little for doing 0 research before pooing on my baby. to make fun of someones background is just plain snobbish, don't be that guy, i gave away in total $800 of BTC before i stopped that because i didn't get a single thankyou, i would like to see you pay $800 and get nothing back, would have a positive impact instead of spreading your negativity.
Half Man Half Cat (5 months ago)
i remember when you were doing those i'm giving away free bitcoin vids, and it was like jump through 10 hoops to get £10. GTFO.
Half Man Half Cat (5 months ago)
please stay in whatever shit town you come from up north and never leave, or talk to anyone ever... You are a cancer to the world of crypto
Harry van der Veen (5 months ago)
Lol, you so clueless about the guy you tried to diss, but you dissed yourself by seeming uneducated. By the way, that you pronounced knowledge wrong, it is nowledge.
Jonas Andrade (5 months ago)
Mind change video... hell thanks man
AM S (5 months ago)
Review Apollo currency
AM S (5 months ago)
That Martini Guy lol, I live your content and I would like your take on it, I am dubious
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
no lol
Rank In Social (5 months ago)
How many nuls should you start with buying?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
well i bought thousands months ago, make sure you store them offline
Duncan Keable (5 months ago)
Roger Bailey (5 months ago)
well I was just about to watch the alphacat video but I'm guessing Dr Bin Li or someone has taken offence, had to happen sooner or later eh !
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
no no no haha, youtube just messed it up, im reuploading in about 1.5 hours, its an interview with dr bin li, he is a nice guy, ex wall street
Aaron Monroe (5 months ago)
Nuls exploded in popularity and price for 2 reasons. #1 reason is it will make blockchain accessible to the masses. Even billionaires who don't like Crypto itself understand that blockchain is the future. The average momand pop store or small business won't understand blockchain and what Nuls is doing is making it easy for them to have their own blockchain. You don't have to be a million dollar company to get in to the blockchain sector, first time business owners will be able to do it. #2 is the circulating supply. Nuls went from #680 on coin market cap in early December to within the top 100 today. The circulating supply is low meaning it's one of the coins that has the ability to cross the $1,000 per coin mark. So far only 6 coins have done that. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Maker and Mixin. More will do it before Nuls but Nuls will be among the elite coins to cross that mark within 4 years. Imagine having 1,000 Nuls and selling it for $1,000 later. That's $1,000,000 instant millionaire.
Aaron Monroe (5 months ago)
I agree Nuls is the best long term hold. It's use cases as well as circulating supply make it at least a $500 coin by 2020's bull run in my opinion. In my opinion it will reach $1,000 during that bull run but I'm giving a modest estimate.
Smooth Operator (5 months ago)
No one has the time to wait 2 years, people are impatient. They gonna drop that shit at 20 $ and jump to the next opportunity.
Lewis Hall (5 months ago)
Love content man funny as fuck, just wondering, what wallet do you use?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
MEW for ERC20's , thanks for watching bro, got some interesting stuff coming out this wekeend
Joshua D (5 months ago)
I remember buying eth for $8 in 2016 now im thinking nuls has the same sort of potential
icyboy771z (1 month ago)
Frederick Jones (5 months ago)
Your channel is very underrated
Harry van der Veen (5 months ago)
That is not how you write overrated
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Thanks, I appreciate it, it doesnt help I only upload once every 2 weeks lol, must improve, expect a glut of videos this weekend, i have about 4 that are ready to go 👍
John Smith (5 months ago)
Right I have just dropped 30k in to this . If I loose it all be prepared to get a dislike mate
Christopher Smith (4 months ago)
How you guys feeling about this sub $2 action we've got going right now?
Renars (5 months ago)
LOL I dropped $20k into Nuls also. If I lose it some youtubers will get a bunch of dislikes
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
BootsOfLeather (5 months ago)
Nulls is nothing, Nuls is nothing.
Thinking Monkey (5 months ago)
nuls roadmap is legit though Ice - Water - Vapour .......
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Big Feet Bob (5 months ago)
Ye in pretty sure Peta knows way more than u dude. No offense
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Not if ya boi doesnt do his research
Philiegumbo (5 months ago)
An urban explorer (5 months ago)
I went to buy a GT86 from the Toyota dealer. After a nice test drive I said I'd like to buy the car. When the Toyota sales guy asked me how I'd like to pay I said "Bitcoin' please. He laughed me off the premises.
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Give it 5 years and see who is laughing then, i plan on making a video where i buy my next car in bitcoin, i doubt it will be easy to find a dealership willing sadly but whoever does will not regret accepting BTC as payment
Stephane Nestel (5 months ago)
Nuls vs Neblio?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Both good and have pros and cons, NULS is better in my opinion but some will disagree
The Daily Shave (5 months ago)
Gaskings Channel has finally been Terminated for good.Whoop! Whoop! It's party time boys!
paul k (5 months ago)
Same as Sparkster?
paul k (5 months ago)
That Martini Guy The newest avenger. New hyped ICO that sounds similar but I’m not sure if it is.
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Who is sparkster?
Corrado Toto Brocchi (5 months ago)
hi could you make a video for the installation of the wallet nuls and how to do the staking seems complicated
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Yes once mainnet launches
Scottish bull80 (5 months ago)
Elastos makes nulus look amateurish
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
i disagree, they are strategic partners and operate very closely, but each to their own, i dont like to infight, it seems pointless, i am not roger ver
Scottish bull80 (5 months ago)
Tai Lopez is a proven liar and fraud
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
i am well aware, i have made a full video on it
Jake Condemn (5 months ago)
Great video. One question. HPB vs NULS?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
a lot of hype about HPB, i dont own any, i prefer NULS but i know a few guys that hold both but they think HPB is more of a PnD and are riding it to dump on people, long term nuls is better
Drew B (5 months ago)
As you’re confident w NULS for end Jan 2019 (& you may be right), what not have an “Annual NULS Update Session” aka “ANUS” on Jan 31st every year? 😉
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
yes i absolutely will do this lol
BigpoppaKC (5 months ago)
Is this Sid on toy story? " lets go home and play"......lol jk bro
CORE Gaming (5 months ago)
That blurry line between shilling and marketing. Lol. Thanks for making me aware of the project. :)
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
i understand what you are saying and the area is very grey, my intentions are good, i want everyone to make a lot of money, and those that follow what i do probably will, i don't know if you are in my telegram group but you would find it interesting, we are not out to pump and dump, we all participate in finding the best projects, NULS is my favourite, you will see in a future video i have planned i will shill some of my other bags but again i dont give a toss about the short term, im not really a trader, i dont like trading, i like to buy and hold, i research intensively and have spoken with NULs on many occasions, they are a force to be reckoned with. still the bottom could drop out and we all loose money, but meh, thats the name of the game, i like to think all im doing is bringing awareness to those that listen and entertaining those than dont listen. world is scary and its all going to end soon so meh have a nice day, i appreciate you watching my vids
CORE Gaming (5 months ago)
I think it's a fascinating thing to ponder. I believe in what you're doing because I find your opinion valid and your perspective entertaining. But, I also believe in spreading awareness about the implications of this kind of tech... Knowing you have bags of it makes me question the intent of the video. What's the difference between accepting money from a company to promote a product, and investing in a companies "product" and promoting it in the hopes the tech will succeed, so it will conveniently moon for you in the future? ^_^ What a crazy world we live in. Lol. The irony is, I believe in everything you're doing, and the content you're creating for the sake of awareness. It's not about differentiating between advice or a disclaimed opinion, to me, it's about influence at the end of the day. That's just my opinion, this is not advice... Just food for thought, like those pizzas in the background. ^_^ Keep it up man. We're entering a brave new world. Lol.
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
i must point out its completely unpaid, i have a bag but im not selling, i have rode it since i bought in a long time ago
James Bruce (5 months ago)
No thanks. Already at a high price. How many have Nuls given you to shill the arse off it?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
trade smart
James Bruce (5 months ago)
That Martini Guy fair enough. Reading that back i was a bit harsh. Ha
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
0 nuls, completely unpaid, my videos have no impact on market, they dont get enough views, did this off my own back, its a solid project, i agree price is too high, 43k sats is my next buy zone, still never sold one, just waiting till we can masternode our nuls, the staking rewards are insane for masternodes, you need 20000
Noah Harber (5 months ago)
Manage your audio levels better bro
Noah Harber (5 months ago)
That Martini Guy good video! Don't get me wrong. There was just a clip with the bird that blew my speakers! Keep it up!
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
i agree
Abdul Kareem (5 months ago)
What about neblio? Vs nuls
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
neblio is good, nuls is better, the end lol
Rice Cooker (5 months ago)
Have you made big money from crypto?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
i dont feel comfortable chatting about that, makes you more of a walking target i guess, i will stick to my toy lambos for now, keep the real one off camera
Barry Vegas (5 months ago)
Do you want us to hit the bell icon next to the SUBSCRIBED button?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
nahhhhhhhhhhh, did i mention that you should? lol
Barry Vegas (5 months ago)
I want to decentralize Tai Lopez's face, jk jk jk
Barry Vegas (5 months ago)
jesse cloete (5 months ago)
smashed the absolute balls out of the bell
Half Man Half Cat (5 months ago)
and right off his chin
Smooth Operator (5 months ago)
Yeah because it's another blokchain platform providing the same stuff than the rest of 20+. Elastos is the best, Neblio is the best, Achain is the best, every fucking platform is the best buy in 2018. This fenomenon reminds me of lending programs back in November. They were all supposed to be the biggest gainers and in the end every single one of them failed.
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
but the staking rewards pay a literal salary, you should look into it, at least get a node, thats 2000 obviously it doesnt pay as much but still the best rewards i have seen for a cheap node
Smooth Operator (5 months ago)
I'm not a millionaire to invest so much in one coin.
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
150000 is a good amount, you only need 20000 for a masternode, i would highly recommend this, have you seen the staking payouts for a masternode?
Smooth Operator (5 months ago)
Not only that. The major concern right now is who the hell is manipulating the price. I heard some asshole bought 150.000 Nuls and is now dumping it on Binance. You can clearly see some huge volume sticks with straight lines up and down. That alone is a good reason for me to stay away from it. But if the price goes lower I may grab some.
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
you are fine to criticise, we are allowed different opinions, this is crypto, we are free to think what we want, NULS has one major issue like every platform coin and that is that it needs customers, no customers building then no working product and its worthless, just like every platform coin, however i do know they have a few companies that are starting work on NULS blockchains so i will do an update in December, see how we are getting on, have a nice day wherever you may be
Patrick S (5 months ago)
I just bought 250 nuls don’t fuck me guy I sold some mod and Tron
Paul Stuttard (5 months ago)
Great videos recently. Which wallet do you use to store NULS?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
My Ether Wallet
Jorge Campos (5 months ago)
Why does robinhood not have this I tried looking it up and nothing popped up
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Robin hood only has large cap coins, smaller caps arnt listed on there
83Goodyear (5 months ago)
Which platform do you use to purchase Nuls?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
I use binance pal, link in the description but you will also need to buy bitcoin first (also link in description)
DevilMayCrypto (5 months ago)
I just did a top 10 and NULs was my "dark horse". Another good video broski
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Thankyou sir, NULS is holding very nicely in this big dipper
Master Cantu (5 months ago)
So in order to buy nuls, first I buy bitcoin on coinbase, then transfer to binance, then trade for nuls? Sorry if this is a dumb question, total noob to crypto.
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Yes absolutely you do that sir, links are in description for everything, the coinbase link gives you £7 if you buy more than £100 of bitcoin so that covers the coinbase fees and then some, then send it via GDAX to binance, look at the last video i made that I reference in this video for more info on all the good stuff
F MK (5 months ago)
i hate notifications in general so i'm not hitting the bell.. but awesome video as always, highquality well-researched content
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Fair enough, thanks for the compliment!
Daniel Georgiev (5 months ago)
Why you didn't mention EOS ?
Daniel Georgiev (5 months ago)
Well good for you then! Love a crypto and trading for gaining wealth is two very distinctive activities.
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Daniel Georgiev meh airdrops come and go, im not fussed about them, i just scout out the finest projects and go in heavy before they get big, in all fairness i got recommended nuls back in November by a friend, it was love at first sight
Daniel Georgiev (5 months ago)
I mention EOS because they have a lot of similarities with NULS. I am huge EOS fan, but kind of agree with you. There is really no too much upside potential left in EOS itself. But do not forget the many airdrops, there are like 25 so far and many more to come...
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
not a fan, its way overvalued to say its still ERC20, excellent concept, its not worth the cap and there are much better gains available, its cap is too high for me as a good entry, risk-reward isn't there
Far_Queue (5 months ago)
Nobody mentions to guy that earned the 84 million for 2 pizzas... what happened to him?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
It happened just find the transaction on blockchain, it will come up if you google it
Far_Queue (5 months ago)
That Martini Guy well known doesn't mean based on any fact though dude
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
yes, its all on the bitcoin pizza wiki, its a well known story
Far_Queue (5 months ago)
Can you find the name of the pizza shop? Give them a call? Otherwise - it could just be a bs news article
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
no idea cant find anything
M ngyn (5 months ago)
Just bumped my Nuls bag to 2K Nuls during the last dip last night. I'm staking that 2K for a VERY VERY long time =]
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
You cant stake yet, wait till mainnet, 2k node 20k masternode
Michael Synodin (5 months ago)
how do you stake?
oaccessasia1 (5 months ago)
So you are assuming the Chinese government will not shut them down as they continue to crack down on cryptos.
paul k (5 months ago)
oaccessasia1 they’ll just move to Malta too
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
chongquing state back them, Chinese govt are different, they could well do that, but china is trying to control and make themselves into a world leader in the fiel so i cant see that happening, especially considering the Chinese talent in coding
Gearhead Daily (5 months ago)
Tai, i haven't missed out... my money is firmly with me, not to be separated to you.
Teo Taneski (5 months ago)
Good Stuff. Can you make a video about SciDex?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
just had a look, it looks ok, but still shill me why
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
never heard of it, shill me
Jawad Hussein (5 months ago)
I've bagged 10,000 NULS when it was at 96 cents. When it hits $100 per coin I will finally be a millionaire
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
I'm happy for you bro
Ryan Corbett (5 months ago)
Hi, I have a good supplier for printing if you need it? Where can I send details?
Ryan Corbett (5 months ago)
That Martini Guy -no worries.
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
mucho thankyou, im looking at it now
Ryan Corbett (5 months ago)
UK, independent, professional
Ryan Corbett (5 months ago)
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
twitter insta or here bro
Brodie Bennett (5 months ago)
Ok, _Nuls_ seems interesting. There is only one problem; I know nothing about investing in cryptocurrency/investing in general. I have tried to get a handle on the basics, but to no avail... I tell you what, if you can condense all the basics into a video to get myself as well as other noobs started, I'll give it a shot. (Also if I get any kind of return on my investment I will buy you a pizza)
Gian (5 months ago)
I can teach you... 👊👊
Adam Blanch (5 months ago)
Sounds great has a high coin supply though
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
nah, its all for POS like eth, they arent going to dump the supply, it will last many many years
iMafiaBoyz (5 months ago)
time to buy a shit load of nuls now
impatient potato (5 months ago)
prefer eos
Lee Murphy (5 months ago)
Your videos are brilliant keep it up 👍 btw I hit the bell lol
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
thanks broski
Shipsekie (5 months ago)
Maaan when r u doin your jr garage and alledgedly autistic bro are selling all their cars vid?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
probably wont cover that one, its up to them, they are moving away and need money, thats pretty fair
Peter Canarelli (5 months ago)
Good stuff from New York
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Raphael (5 months ago)
Hell Yea fooking quality shill*
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Johnny Psycho (5 months ago)
Why should we believe you ? You know what your talking about and you have a Mini in your garage .. another great Vid
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
im very poor and lie all the time, i just make it all up no truth to anything that i say, even jesus at the end is lieing
Peter invested in bitcoin @ 2$... Calling him a "noob" is as far as you can get from reality
02Gorillaz94 (5 months ago)
Nais mate.
TechnicalWealth (5 months ago)
Great video cuz. Wen Moon?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
every day
TJ_Gaming (5 months ago)
When do you think they will advertise and boom?
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
they have many things in the pipeline, i expect within 6 months but june should be a nice run up
Nik Lovell (5 months ago)
2 Sony adverts staring your main man Archie Hamilton in a Porsche appeared for me during this video😄
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
-_- f that guy
Evil Beaver (5 months ago)
I hate Peter, or as he calls himself, "Petah." He's the second most annoying crypto Youtuber. Suppoman is the most annoying. I like Nuls and it was near the top of my list of coins to purchase about a month ago. It sounds similar in some ways to Ark. Ark's staking rewards are fantastic, but the price isn't doing much right now.
Evil Beaver (5 months ago)
I really believe people are waiting for the G20 crypto regulation recommendations to be finished in July, in addition to the SEC deciding what is and isn't a security. Nothing makes sense right now, especially with Tron above Neo. I'm hoping it crashes out of the top 10 after mainnet launch. So many shitcoins in the top 10 that need to go.
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
Yes a minimum of 2000 is required, its not so many, a bit of smart trading would pay for that, boom june and crash july till october is my best guess
Evil Beaver (5 months ago)
Don't you have to have a minimum of 2000, though? Maybe I'll pick some up during the next market crash. The way Tether keeps printing money out of thin air, that shouldn't be too long.
That Martini Guy (5 months ago)
NULS staking rewards are going to be insane

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