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How Low Will Bitcoin Go??? $BTC Price Prediction

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Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/F6iCBQ31c2gprfduJSM3sg Swag: https://www.crypto-love.com/shop Learn: https://www.crypto-love.com/academy Trade: https://www.crypto-love.com/signalprofits Support: https://www.crypto-love.com/patreon Bitcoin Price is Crashing Down Today. How Low Will Bitcoin Go? In this video, I will talk about the cause of the cryptocurrency price drop and why the market is falling. Also I will give some predictions of myself and other crypto technical analysis experts in where bitcoin price is going. Join us... Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase: https://www.crypto-love.com/coinbase Buy Cryptos on Kucoin: https://www.crypto-love.com/kucoin Buy Cryptos on Binance: https://www.crypto-love.com/binance Meet Crypto Love at Coinvention in Philadelphia: https://coinvention.io/blockchain/cryptolove Meet Crypto Love at World Crypto Con in Las Vegas: https://worldcryptocon.com/registration/tickets/purchase-tickets/?promo=LOVE250 ($250 Off Code: LOVE250) To appease money-hungry lawyers and irresponsible people, it should be known that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. I am merely educating and entertaining. What you do with your own money is your own responsibility. Seek the counsel of an intelligent financial advisor (good luck finding one) before investing yours or anyone else’s money. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial, legal, or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. In limited circumstances the speaker has been compensated by a third party. Purchasing cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. Past performance does not indicate future results. This is not an offer to sell securities. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. You should consult with your professional advisors before purchasing any cryptocurrencies.
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Text Comments (146)
dont worry ....going down....just buy only.....
BackToConstitution (2 months ago)
Stupid opening! Thumbs down!
Lifeder (2 months ago)
I know lot of people who were speculating with this and most of them have lose money. Bitcoin is totally overvalued, nowadays it has no real value. It´s like a car that you can only use in very specials roads. It will going to $200 or less
Hope for all (3 months ago)
I'm getting out..selling everything. No not really. Just jokes 😂
Zoran Jovic (3 months ago)
Bottom??? Lol i am laughing so hard when btc lands under 1000 i will come and laugh some more on this guy but he moght be in jail by then cause of shilling
Justin-Gerome Öztürk (3 months ago)
Price predictions are ridiculous
Tatty Lurver (3 months ago)
couldn't care less about the ETF, like you say BTC was always designed as P2P cash for a reason! core qualities are what's important and will win out in the end
Marijana Jovanovic (3 months ago)
You just cant compare apple and amazon with btc
michalsavatar7 (3 months ago)
"just believe in the technology and tell people how awesome it is" sounds like a religion/ponzi scheme.
michalsavatar7 (3 months ago)
When it's absolutely clear Bitcoin will never be used as money, it will then have zero purpose and there will be no reason to keep Bitcoin. At that point it will go to zero and this something for nothing ponzi scheme will end......causing 90% of investors to loose 100% of their gamble money.
Pinky Alexis (3 months ago)
Blockchain is an accounting system, how much did you on spend on an accounting number ( bitcoin = tracking number )? Not worth a dollar.
Alan Figueiredo (3 months ago)
Ricky D (3 months ago)
I'm going to buy me some Bitty.
Mickey Smid (3 months ago)
The macd on what time frame? 1 hour, 1 day?
Tone Vays says 3500
furble (3 months ago)
Francis Lavars (3 months ago)
The tradiing view chart with macD looks great here....Looks rubbish on my computer..Seems difficult to set up
ebyvids (3 months ago)
Could be a hemorrhoid
Shape-Shifter (3 months ago)
Elastos 8 usd🤐
Eric Kociemba (3 months ago)
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
Ian Green (3 months ago)
Soon even more people will be negative than in the middle of April, which interestingly is the thing people are waiting for before buying back in.
J O (3 months ago)
Whatever byyyyye weakhands lol
Amsterdam Holland (3 months ago)
Bitcoin Limbo LOL you're always funny
Ocumus Prime (3 months ago)
More time to accumulate is a good thing in my books!
2phil4u (3 months ago)
Propavly not below 0. When price is slightly negative, Bulls will take over. So Just kidding But i feel There are still enouph dumbs buying at 5800-6000.just because risc, reward is still good at 6000, it was good until now. No Problem for bitcoin to crash from 8500-6100 But below this There are to many people feeling bitcoin is to cheap while honestly price should be 1-2 k as long as There is no Massive Rise in Payments. Bitcoin is treated Like Gold and not Like Money. That made people Hamster coins and bubble the price
Greg B (3 months ago)
Weak hand pansies are scarred as hell, let them sell, more for us.
NoliesMusicChannel (3 months ago)
You dance?????????? Omg
music matters (3 months ago)
$500-$600for 1 bitcoin
Graham Laureys (3 months ago)
The lower it will go...the more you can buy! Just DCA your way to early retirement. Also investing in Genesis Vision GVT.
djpaulywood (3 months ago)
F*BOMBS dropping more than the Fucking Candles :P
Leon Havoc (3 months ago)
should have named this channel Crypto FUD
J bj (3 months ago)
Nicee man
Checkpoint Choons (3 months ago)
Spot on
vkturbo (3 months ago)
I personally dont believe you can say the cost of bitcoin is based off mining.
TerrariaCA (3 months ago)
Sources from China, new mining machines are coming out and it is reducing cost by a half. Should expect to fall to the new minimum of 4k per btc.
a bashir (3 months ago)
buy more now
mountain dew (3 months ago)
i knew i would win
selena alexander (3 months ago)
yeah I won
alexa crystal (3 months ago)
stupid bear market
Isabel harrington (3 months ago)
can we go lower
R James (3 months ago)
'Hoffman Line' is $6000 approximates to $100 billion dollar market cap for large institutions (after analyst Andy Hoffman) Well see!
misty bansal (3 months ago)
how low can we low
R James (3 months ago)
'Hoffman Line' is $6000 approximates to $100 billion dollar market cap for large institutions (after analyst Andy Hoffman) Well see!
Umberto T (3 months ago)
Thanks again.
James Ramone (3 months ago)
Still waiting
Patty Man (3 months ago)
Tshirt me dude!
Abd Rh. (3 months ago)
Good day Crypto Love. U were good day. Thanks God.
Crypto 4Life (3 months ago)
Dont fear the drop!!!
nadeem younas (3 months ago)
Hold on peoples
nadeem younas (3 months ago)
Buying more now Orr Friday
Signed In Tracked (3 months ago)
Keep pumping...the whales will keep dumping. HODLER the bag suckers.
Signed In Tracked (3 months ago)
Is there bad news about bitcoin? How about that nobody is using it to buy anything?
Robert Kennedy (3 months ago)
I agree. If they could do it, they would have done it. 10+ years and nothing.
David Otero (3 months ago)
the sec should do their research on youtube for god sake
Aaron Dubbss (3 months ago)
It's going to have a low of about tree fiddy
goaley45 (3 months ago)
Why the cursing, Randall? You're a pretty educated dude. Not a good look....
Ashly33rdDegree (3 months ago)
Finally, all this crypto bullshit is finally ending. Pack it up and go home, plebs.
Manuel Cevallos (3 months ago)
I still believe for long term
Justin (3 months ago)
When you refer to the stable coin, what does that mean exactly?
jonnovo1 (3 months ago)
Lower it goes the more I buy!
StarFreeze1 (3 months ago)
Ppl are coo coo ;)
Jaques Blackie (3 months ago)
Great video
Jack Shrader (3 months ago)
Going to around 5000
R James (3 months ago)
'Hoffman Line' is $6000 approximates to $100 billion dollar market cap for large institutions (after analyst Andy Hoffman) Well see!
Pauline Burnett (3 months ago)
Are you a trader?
Jeffrey Jacquin (3 months ago)
Oh yeah baby!!
Aaron Venema (3 months ago)
Personally, I don’t like the mining argument for BTC prices. What happens when we go into a construction bubble? Many new players and over leveraged companies get burnt and fail out of the market during market slumps. I think the same remains true for BTC, we had a frenzy of people learning how to mine crypto for profit in 2017, at this point, I think the less competitive miners will likely get weeded out of the market. Markets are very good at naturally following price discovery mechanisms. Only when governments intervene with helicopter cash bombs does this not apply.
Aaron Venema (3 months ago)
If people have a negative return, they will simply turn their miners off.
Aaron Venema (3 months ago)
I hope this goes another year. Let me accumulate some cheap alts!
tomio melvin (3 months ago)
I hope very low and back up again
Jamison Churchill (3 months ago)
Michael Parnell (3 months ago)
Good s***!! Chill and buy the dip.
Crazy prayingmantis (3 months ago)
Look how long Amazon and Apple traded sideways for after the bubble before it started to move
Crazy prayingmantis (3 months ago)
Look how long Amazon and Apple traded sideways for after the bubble before it started to move
Willim Smart (3 months ago)
Pretty damn low
dirk voltron (3 months ago)
peep to peer buying is no good when you lose 20% of your money you just received in 20 minutes. Better buy back into fiat immediately when you receive it!
Michał Karolczak (3 months ago)
Haha love the video :)
Generic Dank Meme (3 months ago)
Could anyone be so kind and provide a link to his trading view chart?
James Douglas Whitehouse (3 months ago)
Excellent,but I think it is the right time to trade.I make $8,000 from just $1,000 weekly using Mr Jeffrey trading strategy.
Laurent Diette (3 months ago)
Thanks for all...
The Coin King (3 months ago)
The Coin King said buy buy buy buy!!!!!
RippedHippyX (3 months ago)
Fuck yea!
Crypto Time (3 months ago)
Mebe5 (3 months ago)
Ha, so cheesy, but you got me... I LOLed hard at "this is just my 2 satoshis" 🤣
Gus Lob (3 months ago)
Still riding the bear wave hoping I don't wipe out.
Zach H (3 months ago)
Gus lob....you only wipe out if you sell bro....stay on your board....hop off in maybe 10 years. Itll be the longest, biggesr and best wave of your life broski. Tubular!!!
roadstar499 (3 months ago)
Whats stable token???
aron nasic (3 months ago)
roadstar499 usdt
DNA Confirmed (3 months ago)
Are guys with beards 🧔 closer to bear bear 🐻 markets? Or is that just bull? Dyslexia rules ko!
crypto darthmarc (3 months ago)
Thanks for trying to rise up our morale we need generals like you in these tough battles
dajosova (3 months ago)
I don't think it's a bear market but a big ping-pong correction.
Kenneth Haynes (3 months ago)
Market Shart
Michael Gambino (3 months ago)
I hate bitcoin limbo 😳
spietzcker (3 months ago)
Drunk guy killing it. Keep the F words one of you most entertaining videos yet. Although needs more sarcasm.
Oscar Olivares (3 months ago)
If you look at the history of btc it’s going to moon soon trust me !!!!!
Simon T (3 months ago)
Haha beard
Paulius Bartaska (3 months ago)
1 BTC is always 1 BTC!
Alan Figueiredo (3 months ago)
djpaulywood (3 months ago)
unless it goes to zero (which it wont)
Alex Ayrton Dockerty (3 months ago)
T shirt life
Jeff Th91 (3 months ago)
The only people freaking out right now are people who are in the crypto for a quick buck. When you believe in crypto this is only a positive thing... more time to move new earned fiat to crypto! Stacking up!!!!
Matjaž S (3 months ago)
No one belives in tech, only money
haysam bakich (3 months ago)
Jeff Th91 hahahhahahahhahhahahha
Manuel Guerra (3 months ago)
Dude your funny as Hell!! This serious”SHIT” needs to be lighted up!!
Edison Mera (3 months ago)
From limbo to lambo. Good job, keep going.
Doctor Lecter (3 months ago)
We going straight to hell and then BOOOOM
Michael Alpine (3 months ago)
TA is useless
Frederick Dorsey (3 months ago)
Michael Alpine Exactly, this market is heavily manipulated.
Crypto Blockhead (3 months ago)
Patience is a Virtue
Gosia Prowik (3 months ago)
ebyvids (3 months ago)
+Oakley Beasley shes joking to get you to sell her btc cheap
Oakley Beasley (3 months ago)
Can you please share your source?
Łukasz Budzicz (3 months ago)
This market is perfectly rational. The bubble has bursted, there are no more fools to invest and people are selling currencies backed by nothing.
Aleksandar Cic (3 months ago)
Just wanted to check why is Bitcoin dropping so much
Craig Simpson (3 months ago)
Anyone know of an automated way to trade in and out of BTC based on MACD? I do use 3comma's and think it can be done there - if anyone has example. Thanks!

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