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Top 5 ICO Projects Upcoming - Review of the top rated ICOs based on ICO Google Sheet

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I briefly review the top 5 ICOs listed on my current google spreadsheet and discuss crypto related topics. Public Discord - https://discord.gg/xJ6JpBc Spreadsheet - https://tinyurl.com/y9ht83j2 Twitter - https://twitter.com/ItsMeOhHeyMatty Disclaimer - The information presented in this video is based on publicly available information. Presented information may not be the most up to date. Do your own your own research before making any investment. This video is intended to be only used as a reference only and not as investment or legal advice. I am not a financial adviser nor a legal adviser. The information in this video is not a representation of likelihood of success of any companies/projects. Furthermore, I do not receive any compensation from any companies to display information here nor am I associated with any particular project.
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Glennbert Ferrer (1 month ago)
Thanks man! Super helpful video! What's your opinion about Distributed Credit Chain? I've been following them for awhile now. More power mate!
Cryptocurrency News (3 months ago)
Cryptocurrency News (3 months ago)
Cryptocurrency News (3 months ago)
Vadim Colesnic (3 months ago)
I think that this company will reach good results. TokenGo is a amazing project with a best team. Thank you for the great project
Teo Taneski (4 months ago)
Helpful Video Matty. What's your opinion about SciDex? Im following them for awhile
Serg Kash (4 months ago)
I am just joining into this bounty program of TokenGo, seems it is very special as I do not yet participate in the bounty program presented by TokenGo. Hope the platform test version to be successful, I need to learn a lot from this current bounty then to see the TokenGo Bounty-platform.
Rich Token (5 months ago)
You have a turtle head
Роман Роман (5 months ago)
Very interesting video! Also I want recomend you project TokenGo. The project looks promising, and it will be a very powerful platform for users. It provides an opportunity to earn bonuses and various privileges in various ways.
Roma Bobur (5 months ago)
Very interesting video! Also I can recomend a project TokenGo. This is an innovative project that definitely deserves your attention. Administrators in the chat quickly and everything is very accessible. Join us and see for yourself.
Now very popular is the ICO from TokenGo where everyone can make a big profit. I would bring this project to the top of some of the most promising ICOs that are on the way.
Артур Иванов (6 months ago)
I advise the draft token Go This is one of the best ICO this year, without exaggeration! Very worthy payments for the "bounty of the company," very worthy of the price of tokens on the press. I've been involved in bounty for a long time) I've stuffed a decent number of tokens, and soon the ICO and bounty end!
The Cure (7 months ago)
Well, now I don’t feel so bad.I don’t feel bad ,but i feel cold.I couldn’t afford to pay the gas bill.Got wiped out ( bitconnect) Dont put all the eggs in one basket.Good video.I will subscribe.anyone wanna help with the gas bill ?( lol) 1ACzC9dXqmvToLyycPr1To5Qp5bNLzipuL ( Btc
Sancho Talk (7 months ago)
I found the interesting project under the name TokenGo. Here developers support the most relevant and daring ideas on advance of business on a blockchain. The platform is interesting to investors from a point of sight of purchase of tokens on an outgrowth, they think will give many X)
yoshi545825 (7 months ago)
Just found you. Brilliant.
this guy right here (7 months ago)
Check out Current (CRNC) ico. Get paid to watch videos! Sign up here then refer people yourself for a bonus. https://referral.current.us/?mwr=6402-82a56503&mws=email
Ercument Sahin (7 months ago)
Get free CRNC tokesnhttps://referral.current.us/?mwr=6402-fef00be1
Ken Lam (8 months ago)
I'm on your Telegram, but cannot see your ICO Google sheet, am I looking in the wrong place?
Chidi Okeke (8 months ago)
Join this telegram group to get updated ICO that give free coinshttp://t.me/airdrop_linda
John Grego (8 months ago)
What do you think about Odyssey ico? I just found it and I think it's worth investing in.
The bеst ICО Jаnuary-Fеbruary 2018 cryрtо marкetplаce https://goo.gl/1xoYjS
Guilherme Lima (7 months ago)
Scam? Why?
M B (7 months ago)
Fuck off stupid! Russian scam and shity Ico storqia! Storqia a SCAM!
Patrick Newman (8 months ago)
Thank you for sharing. Neuromation http://bit.ly/2m2Tnhj seems like a very interesting ICO. Because of miners will have something very important to do with their rigs.
Aaron Day (8 months ago)
I'm getting in on this ICO, 1 penny a token! https://vrlps.co/a?pt=24egHeF-mYgN9sCzFHAbpvZzKrw&referralCode=BJm18zRXG
Michael O (8 months ago)
What do you guys think of EtherBTC? They are giving out some soon - register here https://etherbtc.io today!
N P (8 months ago)
Wallet suggestion for Bounty0X ?
N P (8 months ago)
Oh Hey Matty (8 months ago)
Bounty0x is an ERC20 token. For ERC20 i personally use(Not advice) is My Ether Wallet, Metamask, and Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet.
TurboTurell (8 months ago)
i love your content Matty, really good stuff, you come off as trustworthy and professional! =)
lending alex (9 months ago)
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forsalenyc (9 months ago)
INS should be in your spreadsheet
forsalenyc (9 months ago)
Michael Matthews (9 months ago)
Have you looked into Polymath?
Algolxxxxxx (9 months ago)
Yoe mate, stick some heating on.
khaled alghamdi (9 months ago)
that idea of having a team, i really like it ,if u can find those like-minded people somewhere that would be great i just don't know if that will get you prophet.
Trofimov Vladimir (9 months ago)
ReviewWizard (9 months ago)
INS is going to explode http://bit.ly/2Aff0Vy check it out
ReviewWizard (9 months ago)
+Son Naruto D Dragneel look it up bro its a big player
Son Naruto D Dragneel (9 months ago)
Clash of Clans Replays | GameWizard ins is that promising huh?
Andrew Gray (9 months ago)
best ICO review video i've seen so far. Thank you for putting the time and energy into what you do m8
Cryptospace Group (9 months ago)
can i please have spreadsheet thats awesome bro
Oh Hey Matty (9 months ago)
jaye cooper its in the pinned telegram announcements.
Gary Bentley (9 months ago)
great video
Maya GameFreak (9 months ago)
Twitter channel shows user not found. How to get that spread sheet
Oh Hey Matty (9 months ago)
Its pinned in the telegram group.
Thuy Nguyen (9 months ago)
Your twitter link doesn’t work. And your name does not come up on twitter either
Sam Piazza (9 months ago)
"Just a quick video"
M Stewart (9 months ago)
Check out SNC. https://hitbtc.com/exchange/SNC-to-BTC They are just starting to heat up, will start mass marketing soon. They are revolutionizing the power trading industry like POWR in Australia! Only, SNC is from Europe! They are new and their market cap is low compared to POWR. POWR market cap, https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/power-ledger/ SNC market cap, https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/suncontract/ SNC's total coin supply is MUCH lower than POWR, so this coin can really move FAST!!! Buy SNC here, https://hitbtc.com/exchange/SNC-to-BTC
TheToolmay (9 months ago)
Man i think you have one in a thousand down to earth legit channel in cryptospace.. Keep up the awesome work...
Oh Hey Matty (9 months ago)
TheToolmay appreciate it :)
NoelSphinx (9 months ago)
Just bought into my first ICO ever: Simple Token. Fingers crossed
Ethereum Bull (9 months ago)
Great video brother!
Rex allmonitors (10 months ago)
Just joined your telegram, link is not found for the google sheet
Oh Hey Matty (10 months ago)
Rex allmonitors its in the pinned message if not showing for you ask and someone will forward it.
Tom Bo (10 months ago)
Wabi is a huge project (ironie off). Since 1 year all people in china can use Wabi app and 100 chinese people downloaded the app till today. Great project...no chinese is interested in this shit and ask yourself: Would you use the Wabi app? Of course not but 91% ICO ranking. What a joke.
Oh Hey Matty (10 months ago)
You should probably unsub to Ian Balina then he gave it an 87%. The Gob One gave it a launch score of 91 as well. Seems the best minds in the spreadsheet game are in agreement that the project has a lot of short term potential. Usability is such a low factor in terms of making money in the short term. There are tons of projects i target for long term gains. Is Wabi one of them? Maybe but it would take a while for end users to accumulate because as of right now they are mainly an online merchant trying to solve a problem for their customer base. Your comment also makes me think you are having problems understanding the spreadsheet. It clearly says that the impact on the space is "Average" its mainly scoring very high because its beta ready, low market cap, decent team, and community size. You can't just look at the idea only especially in Crypto.
chris stewart (10 months ago)
Crypto Coin (10 months ago)
Could you make your the colours on your spreadsheet more user friendly? Its painful to look at
Oh Hey Matty (10 months ago)
Sure but this will be a long term change.
ВИКТОР ПАУЛ (10 months ago)
The best coin in 2017 pre sale https://www.nagaico.com/?refcode=qwwmyf
chris stewart (10 months ago)
anyone know when quantstamp coins will be released or when they will go on ether delta?
CryptoKeen (10 months ago)
binance and its going up
B Chow (10 months ago)
you need to update the sheet for bounty 0x,they moved the main sale to Dec after having a poll
Oh Hey Matty (10 months ago)
B Chow ty
Donna Crow (10 months ago)
Very helpful to see you choosing the same ico's I have put at the top of my list, which is on notebook paper. Smile. Encourages me that I'm seeing and judging pretty well. Thanks
Parag (10 months ago)
Just now read in WaBi ICO USA can’t participate. How are you planning?
paul neville (10 months ago)
Nice work. Thanks Matty !
G GK (10 months ago)
OhHeyMatty! Two thumbs up on another informative vid.  Thanks! mtygabriel
Indo Cryptomaniac (10 months ago)
Thank you for the video! I think you don't need to repeat the financial advisor and only use for reference like 10x every video, its a waste of time... We know it already! Other than that its all good!
G GK (10 months ago)
lol, but wait there's more...
Oh Hey Matty (10 months ago)
Indo Cryptomaniac ill pass that info on to my lawyer lol
Pascal Thellmann (10 months ago)
Great video and thanks for the mention of Bounty0x!
Gaudenz Gaudenz (10 months ago)
thank you very much! greetsz from 🇨🇭
Rav D (10 months ago)
great video Matty, some very solid points made, keep up the great work ;)
Michael (10 months ago)
Yo man, as always thanks for the video... I know you're busy AF and mostly focused on the ICO space, but any chance you can spend more time talking about the crypto market in general in ur vids? Like u did with NEO/China in this video? I don't give a F what you talk about, whether its specific coins, or just your general sentiments about cryptocurrency. Not suggesting u shift your focus - just suggesting u make more content haha..
Oh Hey Matty (10 months ago)
Michael North yea def man i am attempting to broaden my content as we speak ty for the feedback.
Chris Jameson (10 months ago)
is it cold in your house?
JACEK (8 months ago)
Dude looks like an Ewok :)
Oh Hey Matty (10 months ago)
Chris J yea bro save on that heating bill for more crypto xD

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