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Tutorial - Building Bitcoin Websites - Create a BTC/USD Converter 1 of 2

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Third video in the series. This one shows you how to create a simple converter using PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS. Code: https://github.com/coinables/Bitcoin-USD-Price-Conversion-Tool My Book: Building Bitcoin Websites: https://www.amazon.com/Building-Bitcoin-Websites-Beginners-Development/dp/153494544X Donations accepted: 1J9ikqFuwrzPbczsDkquA9uVYeq6dEehsj
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Matthew Oduneye (6 days ago)
watch the video and done all steps but still not working form me, please what could be the problem, i really love the result as show in the video, and i wish you can help me out to get the same result working live, please can i have the copy of the code. thank you in advance, good job
Neo Said (9 months ago)
Hi grate work can you post the code somewhere, thank you
ALSANEBI AA (11 months ago)
Hello! This document will help you recover funds that are sent past the 20 address gap limit for the Receive Payments v2 API. After following these steps, you should not use the same account for the Receive Payments v2 API, but it is safe to use this account for normal web-wallet related use. The first step is to login to the wallet (preferably in Chrome) that has the account that has not ‘received’ the funds, used with the Receive Payments v2 API. Go to View → Developer → JavaScript Console You will see a window pop up with the message “This browser feature is intended for developers. If someone told you to copy-paste something here, it is a scam and will give them access to your money!”. We will not be taking information outside of your wallet, so there is no chance of you losing access to your funds. To the right of the greater-than sign >, type in (case sensitive) or copy/paste: Blockchain.MyWallet.wallet._getPrivateKey(account#,"M/0/index#"); ex: Blockchain.MyWallet.wallet._getPrivateKey(0,"M/0/48"); >>or, if you have a second password on your wallet (optional), it would be: Blockchain.MyWallet.wallet._getPrivateKey(account#,"M/0/index#", "secondpassword"); NOTE: --ACCOUNT# should be replaced with your account number that you used with the receive payments API (so 0 for first account, 1 for second account, etc.) --INDEX# should be the index number of the stuck address - told to you either by a Zendesk representative, and/or on the JSON response when using the API Then hit ‘enter’ once the command is ready >>>If you experience an issue when entering this command, try typing it in manually (as opposed to copy/pasting) - some of the copied formatting may interfere with the command<<< 3. Double-click on the string in between the quotes and copy it. Then, in the web wallet window, go to Settings → Addresses → Manage Addresses (to the far right of the greyed out ‘Imported Addresses (0 BTC)’) 4. On the Manage Addresses page, click the blue Import Address button. On the pop-up Import Existing Bitcoin Address box, paste in the string from the console and click Import. Then, on the next message, you should see the stuck address and the funds in it. Click Transfer to move it into your wallet. Select whatever account you want to move the funds into (it does not matter which one). Repeat this process for however many addresses have the stuck funds. Message through zendesk for assistance on any confusing parts. ================== ================== I want to solve this problem, my friend, according to your experience @m1xolyd1an
Mark Jerard Cuteson (1 year ago)
great video sir, would you help me and create a video tutorial that can convert different currency with dropdown and using this code. please help me with my school project
Oni Charles (1 year ago)
good job ! thank you..please can you help me with a little tutorial on how to build an exchange.i mean exchange bitcoin for fiat on your website..i know it goes with some legal issue to run it..but what about the coding aspect? please..
ffnav com (1 year ago)
done all step but BTC to USD Not Converting in localhost test how can i check errors i seen this video 10+ times everything ok why not converting in localhost ?
mahadev dhyani (1 year ago)
can you provide javascript code for static website to convert the value
ffnav com (1 year ago)
xampp running very good already tested 1st tutorial video How to get Price and also put at my website & its running good but in this video follow every step also tried above URL problem still not resolved using windows 10 pro xampp 3.2.2 if you allow i will send you detail script & all still not converting at localhost as well as website
m1xolyd1an (1 year ago)
Maybe you are having issues with PHP? Are you running XAMPP? You can try the javascript approach instead. http://coinables.github.io/
pedram birack (1 year ago)
?hi pls Can you give me code file
pedram birack (1 year ago)
m1xolyd1an (1 year ago)
Heiker (2 years ago)
Can you give me code file ? [email protected]
Ndubuisi Anyaogu (1 year ago)
Arbin Godar can you customize other cryptocurrency as Dropbox in a website
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