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Banyan Network | Best Low Cap Crypto | HPB/Union Pay/LRC Partnership

245 ratings | 8735 views
➜ Coin Crunch Mastermind Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/coinc... ➜ Our telegram channel: https://t.me/coincrunch ➜ Coin Crunch Announcements Channel - https://t.me/coincrunchannoucements Banyan Network is a fusion of big data network based on blockchain technology called Data Fusion Value Chain Network (DVN). It is also the world’s first distributed ecosystem of data economies raised and built by team experts in the field of data analytics. Banyan Network covers data collection, cleansing, integration, and applications of complete business chains, developed theories such as “three laws of data value” and mechanisms such as “tripartite model”. Our goal is to focus on blockchain enabled trusted data connection, third-party data integration and governance, data applications and open market development, building a positive interactive value-linked network of data benefits by establishing standards, providing channels, and issuing tokens.
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Text Comments (90)
Creative One (1 month ago)
William Sanderson (4 months ago)
Check Telcoin and Bitminutes out man!
Ray Finkle101 (4 months ago)
Great job, awesome content. Cheers
cool stuff (5 months ago)
Zillaqa x10
Coin Crunch (5 months ago)
Jacek Bastin (5 months ago)
https://bitshouts.com/banyan-network-bbn-analysis/ I've done an extensive analysis of Banyan. Hopefully, you might find it useful. Let me know what you think about it :).
Coin Crunch (5 months ago)
Will check it out, awesome stuff. If you're looking to write for us hit me up in TG.
M Dawhipwhipwhip (5 months ago)
Can you do a video on Matrix Ai Network (MAN)?
Buyin Downlow (5 months ago)
This is the best review I've seen. My good friend is a founder of this project. Wish he was still in Canada! He thinks highly of you by the way! Have you ever considered employment as a marketing specialist?
Digital Notice (6 months ago)
Nice guys!! Good going.
DeuceB (6 months ago)
Banyan Network 2nd airdrop series is on again guys! registrations are only open for 12 hours this time round. Such a great project, don't miss it. http://a.banyanbbt.org/e/6T9bmR the telegram community is also fast growing with now 55,000+ https://t.me/BBNGlobalFans
Steve Valdes (6 months ago)
Unrelated question but important to me...I seem to have lost access to your telegram channel. I invested in the FIC ico on March 12th and I can't see how the raise finished up and how to access the tokens. As I recall the auto distribution was off. Please let me know how to proceed.
Armira Gneis (6 months ago)
Hey, Sia! An excellent review!!! I guess I am not smart enough - how do you compare Banyan to Sharder Protocol - https://sharder.org/ . I think it should get listed on IDEX tomorrow.
Ansul Singh (6 months ago)
Just bought 5000 BBN.
Dimitri Georgoulas (6 months ago)
BBN is a great coin with a fantastic team! Great potential coin for big gains...HODL and wait and see!!!
Seifer057 (6 months ago)
Coucou les kheys, issou !
Adel Arigue (6 months ago)
I am bullish on Loopring and believe the partnership are great. But there is a but...this kind of project without all info and quite a poorly written WP is risky like INT that was the Chinese IOTA ...dumped like hell. I find it quite close to Ocean Protocol...i will wait and see in this ICO winter period where you can find some coins under ICO price or even under pre sale price no need to rush if info incomplete. Thanks for the vids and the lead
Yggdrasil (6 months ago)
brother, hedera hashgraph can sink everything. I'm going in big
Aaron W (6 months ago)
Crypto Zombie said they burned all tokens but 125 mil i haven't been able to find info one that. Have you seen anything on that?
CFM 1 (6 months ago)
What is the ticker for this on bibox
Finn O'Brien (6 months ago)
fezzg87 (6 months ago)
I need help I got into the ocean protocol ico and I want to take it offline to store it Long term can I do that without even getting the tokens in the first place till 2019 anyways, can I store my eth wallet on my nano s?
Jamaal Gill (6 months ago)
This is definitely a solid team and interesting token use case. But with all signs pointing to Crypto lasting deep into the future, I think you should really check out Digipulse (DGPT). Low coin supply, low market cap, and a great idea for digital inheritance and a digital vault. It also protects against the threat of losing your crypto fortune after misplacing your private keys. I have no doubt this coin will reach over $100 in 2018 but would love to see you do a video on it!
Roney Rongphar (6 months ago)
which is better
kevn00 (6 months ago)
this also sounds like an interesting project. im gonna have to check out both banyan & digipulse. thanks
julesverne06 (6 months ago)
Awesome. Picked up some of this from bibox a couple of days ago. Definitely a hidden gem and you're one of the first to bring it up.
Suwejen (6 months ago)
Great project, I am glad that I bought at $0.04:)
Shameless Facts (5 months ago)
Seba H show off
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
Seba H I’m happy for you too 😃
BlockSmarty (6 months ago)
I like HPB a bit more at this point. This is more of a wild card IMO.
Han Sagan (5 months ago)
BlockSmarty HPB is going to shock jocks. 20m circ, when they announce masternodes it may drop to a crazy low #, and then FOMO will push this price to impossible heights quickly. Like $400-500.
Turn Buckle (5 months ago)
I heard they are located in the same complex.
F Aitken (6 months ago)
yes risky, but there's good potential. Low market cap, good project.
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
BlockSmarty fair point
Voice Guy (6 months ago)
Awesome review! However this is now trading at about 3x the ICO price on Bibox ...with Crypto Bears not wanting to leave us I think it may better to wait on this project. Even their Angel Investors HPB has their Testnet launch in March but it did not help their price too much. Loopring price also not looking too great at the moment. We got the same low market cap reasoning for Achain, INT etc. but the value of those coins have dropped rather very badly...I may be bit paranoid here but that are just my 2 cents thoughts on it. I will rather prefer to wait for another month to let the initial post ICO market pump fade away...
Voice Guy (6 months ago)
@Crypto Nova Esp for the long run...the point of entry into crypto matters a lot...i.e. if I could buy twice (or perhaps more) as much for the same amount then it is wise to wait. Recently more than 90% of post ICO cryptos are trading very near or even below ICO price...
Hodl Much (6 months ago)
Can you suggest a good review for a chain?
Relio (6 months ago)
Fuck INT and fuck IOTA
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
Perhaps you’re right
Crypto Nova (6 months ago)
Voice Guy you have to look at this for the long run...not today or tomorrow..that's where half you investors go wrong
Roman Klamecki (6 months ago)
You might wanna check Achain and Asch imo they have a huge potential and they might go up a lot
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
Thanks Roman
Angel (6 months ago)
Nice.. going to buy some
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
Thanks man!
Nikolaj Fredsgaard (6 months ago)
Where can I buy this!?
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
In the video bro, Bibox
BlockSmarty (6 months ago)
Bakmie R (6 months ago)
Close to 3x ico price isn’t “near” ico price. Mcap 250 x $0.11 = $27m isn’t far from where similar chinese projects are currently trading. This might have risen close to near term peak, unless the crypto market explodes
benyaminewanganyahu (6 months ago)
Well, the circulating supply will be 1 Billion by the time this platform reaches its potential utility value. So you should actually think about whether the future market cap will be above $111 million not $27 million. Other similar chinese projects might have a much smaller reserve supply which would make this project actually overvalued not undervalued.
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
I mentioned that in video I still need more info
Anders (6 months ago)
Ok I see.
Bakmie R (6 months ago)
Took the mid range between 150 - 450 mil that will be out within 6 months. This doesnt take into account possible big dump on releases. No public smart contract audit so no one knows exactly. There has been chinese coins that published low ball circ supply
Anders (6 months ago)
Bakmie R Circulaing supply Is 120Mill not 250
Tandogan Alper (6 months ago)
I wonder why Cpchain had possible redglags according to you guys but one of the founders of Cpchain Mr Shi Qingwei is also involved in projects like Hpb and Banyan network
QuattroFour4 (6 months ago)
This was my experience as well
S M (6 months ago)
By the time they posted the cpchain red flag video, there was more than enough info to legitimize the project. A couple of weeks prior, I agree, lack of info but not sure why they went ahead and posted a vid later when the info was clearly there.
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
When I looked at CPChain there was literally zero information out there. The only confidence North Americans had was it was a Chinese project... that's it.
Sean Noga (6 months ago)
Fantastic review, Sia. Love your objectivity. Agree 1000%. BBN is extremely legit mate! Marketcap on this leaves one breathless. Quality beyond words.
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
Not even on CMC yet. :)
Jakub Sn (6 months ago)
thank. you - great project - i am in
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
Mayank Roy (6 months ago)
I like the way you guys break down projects. Most of the people shied away from Ocean Protocol coz of token economics but am glad that you stood with it as I am. With time blockchain moved to Blockchain 3.0 but there is one integral part of this crypto space which has not received much technological advancement and that is exchanges. Binance came up with 50% reduction in fee but nothing technological advancement. Then DEX like IDEX (ED is dead), KNC, Switcheo, NEX. But there is still one problem. If I want to sell an alt and buy another alt then I have to do my trade 2 times. STEP 1: Convert my alt "A" to few base coins then, STEP 2: convert that base coins into alt "B". I came across something which solves that redundant STEP 2. At this exchange you can trade any coin with any other listed coin. i.e. You can directly exchange alt "A" with alt "B" ( if both of them are listed on that exchange. I know links are risky but am pretty sure you won't be able to find it. That's why am attaching link to demo video and link to the website. Link to you tube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SUUCfXq-ew Link to website: https://stex.exchange/up/9qeg6yf9rktc Would be nice if you cover this exchange to let more people know about it.
Mayank Roy (6 months ago)
That's the thing. People judge a technology based on their social presence and that makes complete sense when you are investing you should do your DD and their social presence is one of the factors to consider. But not present on a social media is not good enough to tag it scam. There is telegram where you can talk to their team, github ( which is my best source ) and other sources. I would recommend few things: First watch their you tube video, I have provided link above, second their telegram group (https://t.me/stex_official). Third and most important is AMA with their team. BTW their twitter handle is not suspended (@stexexchange), its just they don't have news about their project to share. ANd most importantly alphs will be launched on 03/27/2018, I am with these guys from last 8 months and they are on tiime with their roadmap.
QuattroFour4 (6 months ago)
I think they're Twitter has been suspended? Seems like a pretty big red flag
mayank roy (6 months ago)
What do you think abt this leap in exchange tech? The guy who is ceo does not speak english thats why people dont know much abt this project.
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
Thanks for sharing man :)
Benjamin Packwood (6 months ago)
Awesome project with a great team! Get on board. The trains leaving the station
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
Koozi Bear (6 months ago)
koozi bear approves this message!
Koozi Bear (6 months ago)
this may interest you! https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@koozi.bear/the-great-blockchain-of-china
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
woopit 01 (6 months ago)
This is like a hidden gem just like NEBULAS.
Relio (6 months ago)
Cuz in the december hype the price was just 2x from the current price
woopit 01 (6 months ago)
Coin Crunch Cia, forgive me if I spelled your name wrong. Will you guys do a review vid about nebulas? Always like your reviews. Alot of reviews out there are our focusing only on the search engine, not the main features (fist infinite scalability/upgradable smart contracts, and more). Would be sweet if you guys can, anyways vid or not keep up the good work!
Kim JY (6 months ago)
NAS hodler here :)
woopit 01 (6 months ago)
They wanna have a working product first. That's they are starting to do the marketing since the mainnet is launching
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
I found NEB way back when, same thing :)
Steven Frischling (6 months ago)
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
No problem!
Jenny Gee (6 months ago)
That shi guy from share finance is an advisor or investor to cpchain.
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
Yep, they are stacked with support.
Tedward P (6 months ago)
Wait! I'm still trying to add to my stack! Don't let the cat out the bag yet.
Tedward P (6 months ago)
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
On the exchange for now
Crypto Nova (6 months ago)
Holistic APRN (6 months ago)
Where you storing this one?
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
Move quickly. :)
MekMoney79 (6 months ago)
Nice review, thanks
Coin Crunch (6 months ago)
Thanks for watching

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