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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dash Cryptocurrency w Amanda B Johnson

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Anarchast Ep.341 Jeff interviews Amanda B Johnson of DASH: Detailed, topics include: Dash is like Bitcoin 2.0, instant confirmation and the master node system, no possibility of double spend, private send functionality, fast moving and responsive development, untraceable built in coin mixing, a completely transparent blockchain, the DASH treasury and how contractors are paid by DASH, payments made direct from the blockchain, many problems with Bitcoin solved with DASH, Bitcoin transaction fees rising, crypto will not be widespread until it can pass the 'Mum' test, DASH Evolution, Amanda to speak at Cryptopulco at Anarchapulco 2017 DASH Detailed show: https://www.youtube.com/dashorg DASH: Detailed website: http://dashdetailed.com/ Anarchapulco 2017: http://anarchapulco.com Anarchast on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Anarchast/?fref=ts The Dollar Vigilante on Steemit: https://steemit.com/@dollarvigilante Anarchast: http://anarchast.com/ Enjoy our content and would like to see us get more amazing guests and spread the word of freedom? A donation to this BTC address will give us more resources to do so: 16AJs5DFEcfCuXkwmx1o54Ld4yXzPP1gVR
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Nic Wenzel (1 month ago)
Dash had a lot of DASH mined early on by the developer. Dash is a poorly released privacy coin, it is private but not the best of the privacy coins. There are much more fair and private coins. such as zcash, monero and deeponion. they all had a fair release, unlike dash, which the owner premined a lot of... like millions of dash...
Michelle Courtney (1 month ago)
how can i Invest in Dash?
Michelle Courtney (1 month ago)
as long as i can spend my Money without Remembering complicated Code. Dash gets my vote daddy!!
Flashlight (3 months ago)
If you are looking for DASH, I would suggest SlithEx (https://slithex.com/) for Dash wallet & exchange (MYR/SGD/IDR). And if you want to exchange Dash to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, BitcoinCash, Ethereum & USDT, you can use rTrader.exchange (https://rtrader.exchange/) where you can get the best transaction price and low fees.
Matthew Aislabie (4 months ago)
Evolution is a Silly name. All in the name and Evolution name is a poor choice
OmegaRage (6 months ago)
I’m with @officialjohnmcafee the future of Cryptocurrency is in the Privacycoins. Monero, Dash, Pivx, Zcash and my favourite Verge
James Delnort (7 months ago)
Stop with the air quotes. 🙄
Connor Gibson (9 months ago)
A masternode today (18/12/2017) is worth over $1,000,000
Raza Daza (9 months ago)
I love this woman and her old videos
Lucky Dube in RC (9 months ago)
my dash faucet, 100% payout instant, follow , here's my re-feral for some extra bonus to kick you off; http://moondash.co.in/?ref=C788173ECF9A
ash smitty (9 months ago)
Dash is doing well. Congratulations!
Prodigal Sun (9 months ago)
Shibu B (9 months ago)
Frank Zen (9 months ago)
She is a master shit-talker and I mean that in a good way! LOL!
Jawad H (9 months ago)
tullip mania 2.0
daniel schmiedt (9 months ago)
chonnerone (9 months ago)
Big respect to Miss B. Johnson... is she a miss... tell me she's a miss.
www.truthbeyondlies.com (9 months ago)
45% of the block reward!???? I'm a miner... I CREATE/MINE Ethereum.. for 45% you can kiss 100% of my ass
www.truthbeyondlies.com (9 months ago)
Did I just hear her say there is a second tier infrastructure that is centralized regardless of the built in "tumbler"/money laundering feature? Just wanna make sure I'm understanding this right.
Jaime Lannister (10 months ago)
please dont record in the windy area next time. messes up my headset.
mein (10 months ago)
Dash just went up to £800 and back to £300 within 2 hours.
Thulasizwe Mathenjwa (10 months ago)
mein what about today?
mein (10 months ago)
Dash just went up to £800 and back to £300 within 2 hours.
KillMe Please (10 months ago)
wish I knew about this before the price grew. I thought it was just another lame shitcoin. Dumped my BTC for BCASH at 990$ sold near 3000$ then bought back BTC, waited for little gain then cashed out. The only reason i still need BTC is because it's the only way to buy cryptos and to cash out in my country.
Justin Chris (10 months ago)
Dash Sucks its a Scam
Ian Ray (10 months ago)
TL;DW= Dash is a coin marketed to a world that doesn't have anti-money laundering laws/know-your-customer regulations.  Imagine buying any Dash and thinking it means your money is more private when in fact the act of buying dash puts you on a government watch list.  Instant payment is a nice option.  Dash will be pointless when Lightning network spins up because that's what all this "pot" stuff she is talking about is, except it's not intentional obfuscation of transaction chains (unless it wants to be)
gao jason (10 months ago)
our a5 first batch shipped
Crypt Orra (11 months ago)
b b (11 months ago)
she has reptile eyes
Rey de Coliman (11 months ago)
Half Star Films (11 months ago)
DASH is great but it's shitty that 60% of the miners earnings goes to other people and they don't even get a vote on the money in the treasury. Where does the money from the DASH's transaction fees go?
Robert Hill (11 months ago)
the trouble with cryptos is you have NO privacy ALL TRANSACTIONS GO INTO A LEDGER AND ARE FULLY TRACABLE. When some say you do they are obviously wrong.
Tomas Av. (11 months ago)
As today dash have only ~6000 transactins, average transaction fee is 20cents! Compared to Ethereum it have more then 320 000 transactions average fee is 31cent. I really want to know what fee will be when transactions increase 30 times?
jeremy liu (1 year ago)
Hi, I bought 6 Antminer D3 and is thinking of keeping 2 and is selling the rest for $3500 USD per piece delivery for September 30 (maybe earlier if it gets to me on time). please message me at: 416-459-7753 [email protected] I am based in Ontario and can meet in person.
Andrew Enterprise (1 year ago)
Chaincoin is the next Dash
kawenter K (1 year ago)
Was nun????
luffebassen (1 year ago)
Never seen so many "Air quotes" before in a interview!
Kits Amores (1 year ago)
In Dash we Trust!
Michael Mationschek (1 year ago)
a blockchain treasury sounds like tax and having a government
Ville Vendeta (1 year ago)
bitcoin is not backed by business...ethereum is...real products and real people...bitcoin is going to be irrelevant in 5-7 years...
Ville Vendeta (1 year ago)
shitcoins? i dont think so sweetie...just sayin
Steven Hernandez (1 year ago)
Great presentation! I love the structure of Dash. From the name, the business structure, the masternode idea and the instant send and "mixing" privacy idea, its beautiful.
Doug Evans (1 year ago)
Amanda has been bought and paid for by DASH and from what I gather this is DASH's biggest attribute. They have a great ability to create marketing and hype by paying people to promote DASH. Overall, the currencies only benefits are speed (yet, it's not the fastest) and privacy (yet, it's not the most private). It's getting really boring to listen to people talk about DASH because it keeps feeling more and more like a timeshare scam. Thanks anyway Amanda. P.S. I also find it really bizarre that those in the cult of DASH attack Bitcoin so fervently. Before you say it I own DASH, just not in the cult.
Alf (1 year ago)
Lovely Amanda she is awesome. I understood everything she said
Denny M556 (1 year ago)
Dash = Illuminati bank coin. Plus it's pre-mined, manipulation anyone?
Dylan Berndt (1 year ago)
Oh my soul, he's nervous as hell! Fair enough, I would be too if I were interviewing such a beautiful and intelligent woman.
John doe (1 year ago)
stock market falling, so digital currency rises lol....wouldn't ever invest in stocks but dash and eth. I am studying too
ojas Mathur (1 year ago)
She herself is admitting it is an unofficial company which of course can be shut down any day. Indeed a big scam just like other crypto's, seems like everybody is creating their own money and giving stupid reasons of transactions being anonymous and faster confirmations, firstly if u are are doing any legal transaction why would u not want the government to track and keep an account of ur transaction, government wont just freeze your account if u are doing legitimate transactions and I believe we can trust our gov more than these crypto companies who just came 3-4 yrs ago. Crypto's is good for those who want to do transfers hidden from the banking system just like how we have the popular HAWALA system.
Jim Brown (8 months ago)
Maybe you will get lucky, and your government-school, and government-owned-TV, brainwashing will start to wear off. Right now, you are a completely delusional slave. ALL governments are illegitimate, criminal, PARASITES, PERIOD. The only tool that governments have for "enforcing" their arbitrary "Laws" against "victimless crimes" is the threat of, or actual, violence. AGAINST YOU. (or anyone else they consider to be their property). "Money Laundering" basically does not exist. It is a "scare tactic", and an excuse for, and/or, cover-up for, actual government crime. (such as stealing some one's money, or property, or freedom). The governments of the world perpetrate exactly 97.5% of ALL actual CRIMES. And, the other 1.5% would probably not happen if these governments did not treat people as their slaves. ( A crime being defined as involving a "victim" and an "aggressor"). You do not even realize that you are repeatedly, even daily, an unwitting victim of government crime. It would be in your best interest to find out for yourself, in your own way, exactly how and why, what I have stated is true. I suggest starting with Larken Rose on YouTube. Start with his- "The Tiny Dot"- cartoon. Larken Rose..... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFeK8ZdHbCqAq3gekWs8aEQ The Tiny Dot...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6b70TUbdfs And Stefan Molyneux....... The Story of your enslavement...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A A more intellectual discussion, if that's your style.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu0sdtoacg8 And Mike Maloney....... http://goldsilver.com
pangman77 (1 year ago)
ojas Mathur don't be bitter just because you missed the boat! Lol!
Jeff Foster (1 year ago)
LucKie (1 year ago)
I'm distracted by her beauty and intelligence.
Zeev R (1 year ago)
what is wrong with her shoulders..?
Rick van Rath (1 year ago)
Totaal Crypto Marketcap goes up by 1 billion a day now! Invest in Bitcoin Etherium Ripple Golom Factom ?Dash?
Moonwaterz (1 year ago)
NO! Dash is Bitcoin Unlimited 2.0. Seriously, wake up!
2Funny4U (1 year ago)
I don't believe that Dash will be "the next cryptocurrency". There are just way too many cryptocurrencies out there. You know, the demand and supply principle does apply here. The market is totally oversaturated and fractioned. It's pretty bad. The only crpyto I'm using are Bitcoins because they are the real deal aka the original cryptocurrency.
D kinx-of shitcoins (1 year ago)
Use my genesis code for upgrade and I will use yours in return (0ZyEIa)
temnik1958 (1 year ago)
Register now and start to mine Bitcoin, Dash and Ethereum! https://coinomia.com/prelaunch/world-on-bitcoin.html?id=Smart03&campaignid=0
Analista Do Sistema (1 year ago)
The world is splitting once again. In such a subtle way I must say.... Minarchists looking for controlled enviroment, Segwit, etc... and we Anarchists looking for FORKS! Thanks Satoshi! Way to go Dash!
krishna yogi (1 year ago)
crypto is never dull place to be
Simply Connected (1 year ago)
Fantastic video as always - however please note you can click on "Price (USD)" option at the bottom of the coinmarketcap.com chart to see the Dash price in USD.
Dipak Acharya (1 year ago)
go to hell...........who all are speaking against bitcoin. Original is original. Dash is fucking coin. If Dash is so smart then why it was not came before bitcoin. These silly people are trying to mislead people. This people just bought by silly team Dash.
sidfor911truth (1 year ago)
Great explanation about Dash, I am invested mainly in eth right now, still will be for some time (I think Ethereum really can be the future of the internet because of its programability) but Dash makes a lot of sense. As a side note, I am trying to pull out some btc from coinbase and.. 20+ minutes into the transaction, still no confirmations :( Btc will always be my hero, such a great response to the shit fiat system with its security racket, but it is getting to be an older system that simply isn't fast enough for modern transactions.
Iron Burst (1 year ago)
Great video, I really enjoy it, I hope to make some videos about Crypto soon. In the meantime I am exploring something called BurstCoin, have you heard of it?
gramarmy (1 year ago)
I would so pee in her butt........
Jesse James (1 year ago)
What up peeps?  Im starting to build up my X11 contracts on Genesis mining, just bought, .5 BTC worth if y'all wanna use my code: EcFLew , thx!
Bruce Thomson (1 year ago)
Excellent explanation of the Dash cryptocurrency, thanks. Bruce Thomson in New Zealand.
The DASH Girl! lol Name is Trump, hand over those master nodes over here!! And DASH becomes TRASH - it is as simple as that, the price you will pay to trust a centralized cryptocurrency.
www.truthbeyondlies.com (9 months ago)
Thank You!!!
How T (1 year ago)
wow an attractive girl that's understands crypto currencies... that in itself is breaking new ground ;)
The Vlad Imbert Show (1 year ago)
how do i create a dash wallet or even create Nodes?
Maximum Axiom (1 year ago)
Dash is trash.......oh that is funny!!!
FatJake222 (1 year ago)
I shapeshifted mine a bit too early to Bitcoin, but I am glad to see that it is still going up. I bought some when it was still Dark Coin and I was frustrated for awhile because I thought I "overpaid" when dark coin kept having issues after all the speculation that it was the next coin to take off. I paid like five for some of the coins but then 20+ for others when that actual price was still hovering around 3 or 4 dollars for quite awhile. What has happened with DASH is a really beautiful thing, and I hope it does truly take off and rival Bitcoin. I am sure I could have made more $ with it, but I was too worried it was going to do what Litecoin did and go right back down after going up so quickly. I am glad to see that this is not the case. I shifted approximately 87% of my remaining Dash to BTC a couple nights ago, and though it was probably the wrong move my heart is still with you Dark Coin, I mean DASH.
neeraj gaur (1 year ago)
plz tell me how can I buy Dash from India and where I should store Dash
WOWCRITS (1 year ago)
So 2nd tier infrastructure are own by the government? And then they choose their best friends to be the masternode?
EARNINGS 7STAR (1 year ago)
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Joshua Raphael (1 year ago)
What about the 1.9 million coins "accidentally" mined in the first 48 hours of the Dash's ICO?
Rustralasian (1 year ago)
Mine Dash With Me! Cheap Bitcoin, Dash & Ethereum Mining contracts @ https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/715971 Use my referral link for a 3% discount. The mining machines are already set up for you so you don't have to deal with the mess. Get paid everyday! Get in nice & early before these crypto's take off for the moon!
Johnny (1 year ago)
What happens when the block size gets too big? You can't increase the block size indefinitely. Bitcoin has a solution for it: SegWit and Lightning Network.
sbohunko (1 year ago)
People - You are being lied to on this video. It is a scam-coin promotional video. thousands of altcoins have been created since Bitcoin first appeared in 2009. All but MAYBE 1-2 have merits which Bitcoin is currently unable to produce. I wont name them because Im not here to pump, Im here to educate. Dash tells you it is 1.) faster and 2.) more anonymous than Bitcoin - Dashes speed comes at a huge trade off of security. Traditional Crypto is secured by block confirmations. Instant transactions bypass this with dubious claims of revolutionary technology. No one in Bitcoin wants this, because actual users dont care about instant anything - 10 minutes isnt a long wait when you need a confirmation. Dashes anonymity is purely fictional. Masternodes are centralized honeypots. There is nothing stopping a single entity from running a majority of all masternodes on the network - meaning that a government could easily spin up a million masternodes and quietly monitor the dash network. There are other anonymity methods that are much more secure. Dash was pre-mined - meaning the creator is holding a majority of the early coins and paid nothing to acquire them, he will "Exit scam" you all by dumping his coins on the market when you collectively decide to invest. You will be bag-holders of an insignificant technology. All dash has is speculators, many of which are only waiting for a greater fool to cash them out. They dont care about you. If you can understand this warning then you wont buy Dash - if you cant understand this warning then I advise you to stay far away from cryptocurrency INCLUDING BITCOIN -the space is infested with scammers
John D'oh (10 months ago)
No one wants instant transaction? Are you kidding me? By the way actual bitcoin transaction takes more than hours.(not 10minutes) Dash is far better in any catagory. Just price is lower because its still pretty new. Bitcoin is expensive because its famous, wait till people know DASH.
johnlocke445 (1 year ago)
Dash is simply bitcoin with a tumbler or mixer built in to mix coins together. That is not a reason to invest in Dash. I have mixed my bitcoins without any problems. The real problem with Dash comes with a paid or compensated Masternode. Because they are paid by the Dash network they will need to report the income to the IRS. This will give the Federal Government the ability to create a master list of Masternodes. If the government ever decides to shut down Dash they could send cease and desist notices to the Masternodes and accuse them of money laundering by hiding or masking the Dash coin use in the mixing process. People are having trouble understanding this.
www.truthbeyondlies.com (9 months ago)
The way she explained it I would'nt doubt that this IS the federal Government sneaking their way in.
Zt Cedric (1 year ago)
Amanda is so smart and beautiful .. amazing performance, I'm sold. :)
R Thorne (1 year ago)
Dude stop following the script and pretending you care about what shes talking about. Your not even paying attention! LMAO
Tommee Bath (1 year ago)
I'm sorry, but I gotta say it....Amanda is smoking hot!! Smart and Beautiful.
John Lyons (1 year ago)
Dash summary; 1) Instant verification time because it has a 2nd tier of infrastructure beyond miners called master nodes, & prevents double spending. 2) option to be 100% private unsurveyed transactions 3) Can pay all the people involved directly from the blockchain who are involved in building Dash by way of voting 4) New product called Evolution will do what coinbase does and will allow users to be their own bank!! Wow. Set to release end of 2017
John Lyons (1 year ago)
What a super cutie! wow, poster girl for the crypto coin world lol
albacoinz.com (1 year ago)
i am sold
Earej (1 year ago)
Did you stop smoking, Jeff? Good for you.
Lin Xu (1 year ago)
Is there a way to get Dash wallet without downloading the entire ledger to use Dash privacy features? Kind of inconvenient if it is.
KingsLifeTV (1 year ago)
DASH has always wanted to find a way for mainstream use. However I dont see any reason to buy and speculate on DASH. That is what BTC is for. It is for buying and holding long term. A speculative "digital gold". STEEM is already the second most used blockchain in the world next to BTC by transaction rate. More people around the world use STEEM than any other crypto now next to BTC. Every day new STEEM is working its way into the hands of new people around the globe. Many of them finding crypto for the first time. IMO there is more of a use case for something like STEEM. It is also much more fair distributed proof of stake system. It does not require you to have 1000 coins to stake. You can stake any amount of coin no matter what amount of money you have. There is no reason for the average joe to buy DASH and use it for payments. I love DASH and its marketing. Great great marketing that the crypto space should learn from. There are several reasons why DASH wont become mainstream. Great to see new people gettting involved in crypto.
Barnettstrongman Jnes (1 year ago)
You people don't realize all his shit is cashless. The government will put a stop to not knowing who, what and where you are buying and selling. This shit will end inside six months.
Mats.youtube (1 year ago)
Your comment is 6 months old, and Dash is going stronger than ever.
czanel (1 year ago)
people aware. every woman who makes so often quotation marks is phoney. " I LOVE YOU" "I LOVE YOU" all quoted N O T M I N E
Joseph Samuel (1 year ago)
how can i get DASH?
Paul Just (1 year ago)
No. Dash is not Bitcoin 2.0 - Monero is Bitcoin 2.0 Bitcoin and Monero were both anonymously created and gifted to the world. Dash has a company as part of it's structure, complete with a big marketing function. That's probably how you first heard of it. Companies are attack vectors that truly distributed currencies don't have.
OASIS LIFE STYLE (1 year ago)
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Slopestyle 2022 (1 year ago)
LOL @21:48
Slopestyle 2022 (1 year ago)
Zcoin doesn't mix transactions it just "mints" a new coin each time and burns the old one with no history.. Like a vanishing digital gold coin :D
johnlocke445 (1 year ago)
What happens if the government orders the Dash network to notify all Dash Masternodes to cease and desist from operating?
Bitcoin Vegan (1 year ago)
What recommended Dash wallets are there?
Cryptonomics (1 year ago)
Good post- and question: How is it not conflict of interest for Amanada to be paid by the Dash blockchain by vote- and also an employee of that blockchain? I do like the fact Dash has high volume of trading and volatility, but that comment concerns me as to the stability of the blockchain platform and those who speak for it. As well as the working budget and return of the BLOCKCHAIN. Are the reps who speak in favor of DASH- paid on the frequency of these positive feedback vs negative feedback? And what happens to the Blockchain/ currency when the employees & developers quit?? (just a few questions). Ill also post on her videos.
John Rowe (1 year ago)
Don't be fooled, I know a Professional Speaker when heard. As an IT pro and Programmer, it is poo... be forewarned !
Bitedge (1 year ago)
ha, she is so cute when she says "shitcoins"
WirelessKFC (1 year ago)
dash is instamined digital trash
PlanetLazy (1 year ago)
amanda is straight up the Dash superhero

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