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Documentary - Venezuela and the Cryptocurrency Revolution - Power by Dash Digital Cash

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This Documentary was put together after my experience in Venezuela where I've spent 7 days paying everything with Dash Digital Cash, from my Airplane Ticket to hotel, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. The Cryptocurrency revolution already started. Join us. This is a playlist of interviews in English related to Dash Digital Cash Brazil YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzsFTXZmImc&list=PLEoZf8rYH1vugpYU7_FlsA9n6bYuR3CVF See below important links from the Dash Community that helped me with this project. Dash Venezuela YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwUPazTopvP6WOqF6nBP7Ug Twitter: https://twitter.com/dashcaracas https://twitter.com/dashmerchant https://twitter.com/dashhelpme https://twitter.com/DashYouthve https://twitter.com/DashMaracay Social Programs in Venezuela ( Please Donate ) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a7P8gshNHTrUwvRc3qA5IH7gzkyzuktyMquNRPjy9yM/edit Bitcoin Cash Social Program https://twitter.com/eatBCH https://twitter.com/eatBCH_VE https://twitter.com/eatBCH_SS ================================================== DISCORD - Dash Dinheiro Digital https://discordapp.com/invite/6zrPrwx Grupo - Telegram - https://t.me/DashDinheiroDigital Grupo 4 - WhatsApp - https://chat.whatsapp.com/6KHt2BdwwIz5TNaU4dvfiR Podcast - Google Play Music https://play.google.com/music/m/Ibjmkjs4vzbgc4eddti7hsapjhe?t=Dash_Dinheiro_Digital_Podcast Podcast Sound Cloud https://soundcloud.com/dash-dinheiro-digital Itunes Podcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dash-dinheiro-digital-podcast/id1289400459 ==================================================== Tips are welcome. Cheers DASH XqXfBqFdYJPpRymh8JzDZHrNnr24oR4KtY BITCOIN CASH 14u14mU9HbfRUpWwp4WEmhSSk9ana6ySv8 ETH 0x15fb8183fKd608Kcd042635f0185Ke4d446126fc BTC 1HeVgVBn2WKhWM8tQSqyf7bMeEE2hZh5dW ==================================================== Dash Oficial Website. https://www.dash.org Dash Price http://www.dash.dog/ Important information realted to Dash. https://dashvotetracker.com/ https://www.dashcentral.org/ https://www.dash.org/forum/ http://dashmasternode.org/ https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/1146945/Mining https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dash/ https://www.coinwarz.com/difficulty-charts/dash-difficulty-chart https://www.dash.org/dark-gravity-wave/ https://discoverdash.com/ https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/1146945/Mining ====================================================
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Text Comments (81)
Benjie (1 minute ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it illegal or at least not allowed for foreign journalists to be visiting and documenting the political state of the country? I ask this from what I've read and also curious to know, if that's true, how are you able to get through customs with all the equipment to enter without raising any eyebrows from the local officials?
RawStarMon (1 day ago)
In 5 yrs Venezuela 🇻🇪 could be the envy of the world
Meneer 1 (11 days ago)
Isn't a stablecurrency like Dai a better option for a national curency?
Nostalgic Gaming (13 days ago)
Defeat the poverty of the people
justice4germans (1 month ago)
Locks Keys and More (1 month ago)
Fell in LOVE with DASH after watching this documentary!!! THANK YOU!
Petrean Tudor (1 month ago)
awesome video
hiro yamagishi (1 month ago)
very entertaining to watch and informative
RigoRocks23 (1 month ago)
So awesome to see crypto helping the world already! It's only the beginning.... goodbye us dollar.we r coming for you
Ahmad Ramdono (2 months ago)
Fid LaF (2 months ago)
Please we need the Spanish version
Fid LaF (2 months ago)
cavespoint010nx (2 months ago)
dash will facilitate the lives of many venezuelans and argentinians in the near future
J O (2 months ago)
Hi guys you are welcome at our site with daily news about the crypto space, you can also buy DASH, Bitcoin and other coins and sell them easily. Bamboocrypto.com
Juan Jose (2 months ago)
Anybody out there them can even imagine how much difficult it is in Venezuela please send ANYTHING have. Dash: 7eb3ahv7SsQDhtMEJKCSDU77oQ4iHb51eU
realdemocracy11 (2 months ago)
Falcon's idea to use the US green back would have caused Venezuela to lose much of it's sovereignty. Dash's bottom up nature could help to combat the global growth of Fascism/ Trumpism.
studi0z (2 months ago)
join DASH NATION : https://discord.gg/9z8zX5j
Exciting World Cryptos (2 months ago)
hello from Canada well.done. are you directly work for Dash? anyway this is amazing how. crypto is being used as. a peer to peer. its time to gets this going on other parts of the world. could really save many economies. thanks sincerely jr of exciting world cryptos
slovokia (2 months ago)
The question is what if the Venezuelan government declares that using Dash is against the law? Could businesses still use Dash openly in that scenario? Could the Venezuelan government block access to the Dash network? What percent of Venezuelans have smartphones that enable transactions in Dash?
Fid LaF (2 months ago)
No the government is ok with the people using cryptos including BTC
studi0z (2 months ago)
its a decentralized P2P network , cannot be blocked !
slovokia (2 months ago)
When it takes 2 pounds of currency to buy 1 pound of toilet paper you know something has gone very wrong. At least toilet paper is clean enough to use to wipe your ass. The same cannot be said for all the banknotes that are needed to buy it.
Dashionalist (2 months ago)
I love the humility with which Rodrigo brings his DASH message to the people (some others could use him as great example of being humble). He understood that it is not a matter of making the race for the top position on coinmarketcap but rather being the only crypto being able to function as money (anonymously & instantaneously) is what matters.
Nic Wenzel (3 months ago)
Stop saying digital cash, i get it. Call it dash and leave it at that.
Crypto Conversations (3 months ago)
Nice video
Max Freedom (3 months ago)
Impressive. Inspiring.
Stan Warford (3 months ago)
Excellent! Contribution is on its way. Thanks for the great service to the Dash community!
Edward Brady (3 months ago)
Gret Stuff, DASH all the way
Miraida Ruiz (3 months ago)
Is it possible to get a subtitled version in Spanish?
studi0z (2 months ago)
apparently its been done in Spanish and will be released soon ! stay tuned
TRBC TheRealBitcoinClub (3 months ago)
Do these shops accept BCH?
TRBC TheRealBitcoinClub (3 months ago)
Dash Dinheiro Digital why dont you introduce BCH to them? Isnt it useful for the people to not depend on one business model? I wish the community would just work together against the obvious infiltration of BTC which manipulated BTC to become a digital gold instead of p2p money. WE ARE AT WARFARE AND WE SHOULD WORK TOGETHER TO SAVE HUMANITY FROM THE BANKING SCAMS
Richard Raizes (3 months ago)
Excellent video, Rodrigo! So great to see significant Dash adoption happening in Venezuela. I sent some Dash your way to support your content creation efforts. Keep up the great work!
Lubo Kanev (3 months ago)
Just sent some to eatBCH!
ChannelScottify (3 months ago)
Great work, Thank You! I hope Dash can improve things for the Venezuelan people. With Dash the government will be more accountable for it's actions. If the government can't use inflation and just take money from people bank accounts, the people take back some power.
The Daily Decrypt (3 months ago)
Chillz. Can't stop 'em while watching this.
Edward Brady (3 months ago)
We sure do
WillBendingSteel (3 months ago)
Amanda Hope all is good with you, we miss you gal!
The Daily Decrypt (3 months ago)
And thank you, too.
studi0z (3 months ago)
Congrats Rodrigo ! amazing documentary ! i'm proud to have you in our community !
Stealth 923 (3 months ago)
absolutely amazing work from the Dash Venezuela team - it seems as though adoption is really happening here. This is how crypto needs to be used. Dash all the way!
togoshigekata (3 months ago)
Why not request funding from the Masternode Monthly Budget? That is what it is for! :)
crypto kronos (3 months ago)
Awesome job Leaving you a tip in Dash now. Keep up the good work.
crypto kronos (3 months ago)
I definitely will.
Pablo Sano (3 months ago)
Awesome work, i send you some Dash ;-)
Mel Schultz Videira (3 months ago)
great doc Rodrigo, thanks !!
Adriano Mathias (3 months ago)
Ficou show esse documentário Rodrigo maravilha meus parabéns cara ficou do caralho ou seja do Caracas. Mano arrasou.
Ili C (3 months ago)
Wow amazing documentary! Very exciting to see how far adoption has come in Venezuela and thank you for spending the time to create this. Very well done.
Emoji Token (3 months ago)
Super Doku! Gibt viel zum nachdenken. Leider wird nicht die Kehrseite der Mediale gezeigt. Deswegen möchte ich ein paar Punkte hier einbringen: 1.) Das ökonomische Problem. "Schwaches" wirtschaftliches Land hat eine starke Währung (Export/Import). Beispiel Griechenland nutzt den Euro. 2.) Dash Abfluss. über eine lange Zeitdauer wird durch die Transaktionsgebühren die Dashs wieder bei den Masternode Betreiber zurückfliessen. Für einen eigenen Masternode in Venezuela zu betreiben braucht man mehere Jahreslöhne, desswegen geht die Dashs wieder zurück nach Amerika und Europa. 3.) Wer tauscht Dash? Um eine ganze Wirtschaft auf Dash umzustellen muss viel lokale Währung getauscht werden. Wäre ich eine Exchange würde ich nicht eine Währung annehmen die morgen nur noch einen Bruchteil Wert ist, Das Währungsrisiko wäre einfach zu gross. 4.) Totalverlust Spiel mit dem Feuer da ein totalverlust drohen kann. Das sind meine Gedanken hoffe es ist verständlich geschrieben. Great documentry! There is a lot to think about. Unfortunately there is no mention about the negativ effects. That's why I want to bring a three points here: 1.) An economic problem. It's not good to have a strong currency for every country (export / import). Example Greece uses the euro. 2.) Dash drain. Over a long period of time, the transaction fees will return the Dashs back to the Masternode operator. Running your own masters in Venezuela requires several annual wages, so the Dashs goes back to America and Europe. 3.) Who exchanges Dash? To convert a whole economy to Dash a lot of local currency needs to be traded. If I were an Exchange, I would not accept a currency that is only a fraction of the value tomorrow, the currency risk would be just too big. 4.) No Guarantees Nobody will give a guarantee for a big crashes. These are my thoughts hope it is written understandable.
RAFAEL BRANDÃO (3 months ago)
Rodrigo reportagem fantástica, muitos parabéns. Tudo fica mais fácil e seguro e os negócios fluem muito melhor. Pena que os governos tenham medo em dar o primeiro passo. Boa continuação.
Isaac Barret (3 months ago)
We need more videos like this!
rortiz77 (3 months ago)
Damn, really great documentary! Definitely going to look into adding Dash to my "bag".
Locks Keys and More (1 month ago)
Same here. Did not pay much attention to it until this documentary.
Fid LaF (2 months ago)
rortiz77 +! https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/08/30/research-firm-satis-group-predicts-bitcoin-at-144000-in-10-years-bitcoin-cash-at-180/
Joe Moraca (3 months ago)
Well done.
Robert Wiecko (3 months ago)
Rodrigo - THIS IS OUTSTANDING. Thank you for your constant support and enthusiasm. When I was watching this video, I was speechless. It is happening - we are helping people to improve their lives and get back their freedom. Kudos to the entire Dash Venezuela team as well! You are the greatest!
DASH AeroSports (3 months ago)
"You gotta love airports".... I like airports ;) Great job on the Documentary buddy!
Joël Valenzuela (3 months ago)
Excellent work. I will send you a donation and I encourage everyone here to do the same.
Juan Jose (2 months ago)
Joël Valenzuela if you able I would appreciate you could help in ANY way my family in Venezuela with a donation dash: 7eb3ahv7SsQDhtMEJKCSDU77oQ4iHb51eU
Scott Striker (3 months ago)
well done, you represent DASH in a very positive way! the needs of Venezuela are clear. I hope the day comes that DASH survives there without re-injections from the network in order to survive.
Fid LaF (2 months ago)
Scott Striker + https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/08/30/research-firm-satis-group-predicts-bitcoin-at-144000-in-10-years-bitcoin-cash-at-180/
Alex Ru (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for your work!
Alex Ru (3 months ago)
It would be great - let me know in advance and I'll be your personal guide in Moscow! :)
Harlan Dietrich (3 months ago)
Great job! I'm beginning to believe the Venezuela moment is perhaps the best chance for Dash to break the obvious media black out and childish crypto haters. Big push needed despite Core's expanding budget. We must support these efforts.
Todd Warner (3 months ago)
Just tremendous, inspiring, and hopeful. Rodrigo, you are a treasure.
Gustaf HauRuck (3 months ago)
Looks like paradise!
Solid money (3 months ago)
This was a real treat to watch thank you very much, one way you will receive the funds for this documentary, it's been well wort it and I am already looking forward to part 2
Solid money (3 months ago)
Haha, I am not even sure what I meant with a part 2, Just likely liked you video allot, and I want to watch more, this most definitively can be targeted at no Dash-ers. One small tip, just in case you if you haven't heard it yet sometimes it pay's to share links to video's like this without naming Dash in the link or video description, especially /r/cryptocurrency.
Dash Force News (3 months ago)
Bravo! Outstanding job Rodrigo! You're a great asset to the Dash community. Thank you for providing insight in to Venezuela, the problems they face, how it started and more importantly the solution helping them.... Dash Digital Cash! You had my full attention the whole time throughout video and it's was very well put together. Since recording Venezuela now has 637 businesses listed on DiscoverDash .com the number is going up by the day! Thank you. - Mark
Excelente trabalho Rodrigo! A adoção da Dash na Venezuela estará em posição de destaque nos livros de história como o primeiro exemplo de adoção em massa de uma criptomoeda.
Kiwi Codger (3 months ago)
An excellent video of the work on the ground happening in Venezuela. Eugenia and the team are doing a fantastic job, 0.25 dash sent. Keep up the good work!
DASH BUS TOUR (3 months ago)
Very good footage. Well done! This is great for ANYONE to watch to see why crypto matters. Your the man.
Roderick van Rijn (3 months ago)
Great video men!! Let us change the world forever
French Curse (3 months ago)
Here in Canada Venezuela sounds to rock too much by DASH.org .Keep going and Good Job to support DASH community by all DASH individuals
ETH580 (3 months ago)
I’ll be selling all my bitcoin for dash 👍
uil ivake Robson (3 months ago)
Rodrigo vai ter versão em português? Show parabéns pelo documentário.“Venezuelano dinheiro não vale nada “.
Bryan Keller (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXg1Lxj2i1c There it is. He still sounds a little dead and monotonous, but their Portuguese is considerably better than their English. But I can't really say anything. He speaks Spanish as well and I barely speak Portuguese and English.
uil ivake Robson Terá sim, deve ser lançado em cerca de uma semana pelo que ouvi.
Neruson Kameda (3 months ago)
Excelente documentário, obrigado Rodrigo pela contribuição com a comunidade !
Leonardo Crespo (3 months ago)
Subscribed. Excellent video! Very well produced and edited, congratulations to everyone involved, you're all doing a fantastic job in Venezuela.
Gyu SBS (3 months ago)
President é a minha rola, DICTATOR caraio

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