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how to convert BTC bitcoin to gbp real money

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This quick tutorial shows you how to convert your bitcoin into GBP in the coinbase back office and then to withdraw that money to your bank account. If you don't yet have a coinbase account, you can sign up via my affililate link which will give you $10 free if you deposit $100. http://www.2-go.co.uk/bitcoin If you want more investment opportunities or to learn how to make money online (something I've been doing successfully full-time since 2001) then check out my site at: http://www.paulhardingham.com Thanks for watching. Feel free to share and comment.
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Text Comments (124)
Erik Ekurzems (1 month ago)
I cant make sepa payment from my bank account do you know some any website , where i can withdraw
DonNeverGivesUp (2 months ago)
Thank you sir and finnaly I found a video which was easy to follow
Paul Hardingham (2 months ago)
You're welcome. Thanks for commenting
Sherry J Mendez (3 months ago)
I have used furcoins.com to trade bitcoins and it it was very successfull
Naib Shafi (5 months ago)
Hi, can i withdraw strait to a Loyds Bank in UK , right now i have to covert EURO on coinbase, send to Revolut Bank then convert Euro back to GBP, then send the money to a Barclays Account..... is using a Loyds Bank faster?
Paul Hardingham (5 months ago)
I just transfer direct to Lloyds Bank in Euros and it gets converted by the bank into GBP.
TheOriGiNaLNooB (6 months ago)
Sorry im a little new to the whole banking thing because im fairly young, but you said it can only withdraw in euros but does that get converted back into GBP when it reaches your bank account?
TheOriGiNaLNooB (6 months ago)
thank you for the quick reply :)
Paul Hardingham (6 months ago)
Yes, most UK banks will automatically convert Euros into GBP.
Erik Coler (6 months ago)
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Diego Douglas (6 months ago)
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jim swin (7 months ago)
From a little bit of searhing this seems out of date? Please can you make an updated video on how to withdraw funds to uk bank account thanks
George James (8 months ago)
trying to withdraw from coinbase to a lloyds account but its nowhere near as easy as that, can anyone help?
Paul Hardingham (8 months ago)
You need to have money in your Euro wallet and have your bank account verified by Coinbase. The withdrawal is fairly straight forward if you have those 2 things done.
Brett Holt (8 months ago)
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Wezism Designs (8 months ago)
How do i transfer GBP to BTC within my account? in a nutshell i have money in my coinbase account and want to transfer the total to bitcoin, is this possible?
FilmedByGeo (8 months ago)
i need help with the withdraw method
Joan Ramos (8 months ago)
Hi Paul, how can i widraw my coinbase GBP wallet trhough my HSBC account..
Safsum (9 months ago)
Did you get the exact amount that was in your coinbase account or did you have to pay exchange rates to get it back into £?
noodlesdoctor (9 months ago)
And then.....here comes the tax man!
Voyager777 (1 month ago)
.......Paul H. ''no schools,no police''.....well there is better way of NOT to pay so ridiculous HIGH taxes like no wars,no religions ,no terrorists,more RESPECT for mases who feeding those goverments parasites.and NO CHEMITRAILS!
Paul Hardingham (9 months ago)
I don't think it's clear yet quite what the tax man will make of it. I was simply making a point that if it is taxable, you should pay it and not run the risk of prison ;-) Also, this is possibly more likely to come as a Capital Gains Tax rather than income tax.
noodlesdoctor (9 months ago)
I don't agree, I've paid my taxes at source on my wages, they want me to pay twice? Just because my high risk (in their eyes) investments paid off now government want a slice of the pie! If I'd been up on forex DFB for example, that would be tax free because it's classed as gambling !
Paul Hardingham (9 months ago)
Don't worry about the tax man. If you have to pay taxes then that's good as you've clearly done very well. Without tax our societies will crumble. No health care, no roads, no police, no schools.
J Murray (9 months ago)
What about going to a ATM to get my money, its in GBP at the mo but can I still get it out at a bitcoin ATM?
Victor Martinez (9 months ago)
Hello Paul, I have been trading cryptos for a little while and put some profits into bitconnect which allows me to earn a passive income, any advice about how can I pay tax on them in UK? Kind regards
Paul Hardingham (8 months ago)
I am pretty sure we will have to pay tax on gains made trading crypto currencies. However, I don't think there is any government details on this yet. Just make sure you keep enough profits aside so that if you do need to pay tax on your gains, you can afford it. My guess is that it will be a capital gains tax.
John b Mc Curry (8 months ago)
Paul Hardingham hope he listened Paul, great video, seems so easy should have some profit to take out in a month or 2, will I have to pay tax on this in the U.K. Do u know
Paul Hardingham (9 months ago)
regarding tax, you need to contact an advisor. I'm not a financial advisor. However, I would say get your money out of Bitconnect as quick as you can as it's probably a ponzi scheme and could collapse any time.
Misba uddin (9 months ago)
Hi Paul what is tax regulations. In uk. I have investment in bitconnect i like to withdraw £300 a week which is my profit I make from interest.but I m scared about the taxation in UK.can you help me please.
Paul Hardingham (9 months ago)
You need to contact a tax/finance advisor. If you need to pay tax, then you should not try to avoid it as that is a crime.
Marvel K (9 months ago)
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Kevin Smith (9 months ago)
wont work for nationwide
Nelly Nelson (9 months ago)
3 fekin days? hoily shitballs. This is supposed to be the future not 1820's
David Cairns (9 months ago)
Can you sell your btc and hold it in the GBP wallet for a period. Then later buy btc using what was stored in the GBP wallet. Just thinking if the markets go screwy and I wanted to sell but not actually fully withdraw out to my bank.
David Cairns (9 months ago)
Thanks Paul
Paul Hardingham (9 months ago)
Yes that's possible.
James Wabash (9 months ago)
i have huge investment on bitcoins now because of this guy James Lisborn, who is a bitcoin hacker, he hacked 0.8btc into my wallet, now i generate btc everyday because of the mining hack program he sold to me. [email protected] com is his email, i suggest y'all contact him.thanks alot mr Lisborn
VijayGunners 8bp (9 months ago)
Is this still the case as of now? Also how do you verify bank?
David J. Tillyer (9 months ago)
Hi Paul, Great video very helpful. Thank you. Can you please tell me what screen capture and video SW you are using for your video and how do you highlight an area etc.
Anas Sohail (9 months ago)
Hiya I'd like to know more about what @Alex Morgan mentioned regarding UK banks shutting down account who receive money from coinbase. I'm with Barclays and have no clue on their policy on coinbase. Secondly, i'm confused with the message that got shown on telling that the money received will be in Euros rather than GBP, so will the money be shown in GBP or EUR? Lastly, can i get the transferred to PayPal as that is instant and get the money transferred to my debit card directly but it will take 5-7 days though. Thanks
Paul Hardingham (9 months ago)
I assume Alex Morgan was quizzing what might happen in the situation if a UK bank decided to not accept payments from Coinbase. I can't see that likely scenario myself, but if it was then as I replied, just spend your bitcoin somewhere else. At the moment though, I don't know of any UK bank that won't accept payments from coinbase. Regarding currency - Coinbase will only send money to a UK bank in Euros, however, unless your UK bank specifically allows you to accumulate currency in Euros, it would automatically get converted to GBP by your bank when they receive it. I do not believe you can transfer from Coinbase to paypal.
Jason Parker (9 months ago)
It was sad watching that BitCoin sell for such a small price... could have sold for much more now
Jason Parker (9 months ago)
Paul Hardingham good point! :)
Paul Hardingham (9 months ago)
and that could be sad price too in a few more years ;-) When you make a decision to buy or sell, the price is always going to rise or fall after you make that decision. You make a choice and you should never have any regrets otherwise it can lead to bad mistakes later on
Tleo Z (9 months ago)
I set this up with a barclays debit account , took a day to get the confirmation- once verified - it works just as PH shows above - set up a revolut app this will help too ( all done in the UK)
John b Mc Curry (8 months ago)
Tleo Z did u have to pay tax on your money?
GULTEKIN TATAR (9 months ago)
i did send 1 pound for verify my account i cant do it still not confirm after even 2 weeks and i can see transaction 1 pound but they not verify this is game and they telling people all lie do not buy bitcoin
Ivan Tsankov (8 months ago)
I have send 7 eu and carged me 15 pounds for the transactions and the bank account it's steel not been confirmed from 3 weeks ago
Katarzyna Vandermesh (9 months ago)
I still haven't had my account verified
Paul Jones (10 months ago)
Hi Paul could you do a video of how to link a UK bank to your BITCOIN.cheers
Davew World (10 months ago)
Hmmmm....double fiat money rip-off!
Paul Hardingham (10 months ago)
"expensive" but well worth it until another major player comes to offer a better alternative
Alex Morgan (10 months ago)
What about British banks shutting down accounts of anyone receiving money from coinbase?
Paul Hardingham (10 months ago)
Then just leave your money in bitcoin and spend it elsewhere. There are other places you can convert your bitcoin to fiat currencies e.g. localbitcoins etc.
Hound doggy dogg (10 months ago)
If you sold your bitcoin into your euro wallet you would not of had the fee from pounds to euro before the withdraw.
D Disciple (10 months ago)
Hi, firstly how did you verify your uk bank account? Secondly are there any other options to withdraw apart from this annoying SEPA payment verification?
Pareto8020 (10 months ago)
3 days? That is very slow....
Ivo Kulesza (10 months ago)
Hello Paul, Coinbase has updated their website, could you make a new video on the updated site as a lot of people seem to have trouble withdrawing their money? Thank you :)
Francesco D (10 months ago)
All people I know are not able to Verify Bank Account... looks like no one is able withdraw money from Coinbase.
Roger Thompson (10 months ago)
Paul, do you think its too late to invest at £7500 uk pounds, should i wait until it drops, or buy now?
Paul Hardingham (10 months ago)
That's what people have been saying for the last 5+ years ;-). Never risk what you can't afford to lose, but if you don't have any bitcoin, just buy some and sit on it and look back in few years and you will either be spectacularly happy or sad. That's the nature of investing in something that has such massive potential.
Kieran Thomas (10 months ago)
Looks simple but why can't I get it to do it with barclays
Kieran Thomas (10 months ago)
How I can't do it?
Nathaniel Connon (10 months ago)
I just don’t get how
Valiant Heart (10 months ago)
In another word how do I verify my account to Coinbase as I've tried many times but simply it doesn't work .Any reason why?
Valiant Heart (10 months ago)
How do I link my Bank account to withdraw money from the Coinbase?
Dark Bitcoin (10 months ago)
Valiant Heart you can link bank to coinbase This is an amazinvg site to convert btc to bank money ,PayPal, payza and many others it works in all countries 👇 https://goo.gl/dA33ZR
Martin Gordon (10 months ago)
Paul Thank You for doing this tutorial. Very simply explained considering it seems a bit scary at first. Spot on!!
Paul Hardingham (10 months ago)
Thanks Martin. Appreciate the feedback.
Because I Can (11 months ago)
hi how I can change from euro to gbp wallet please advise
Tree Tops (9 months ago)
Buy bitcoin with your eur wallet then sell it into your gbp wallet
wariat wario (10 months ago)
you change already how?
brt 123 (11 months ago)
Hi any advice on purchasing bitcoins using a uk bank account (Halifax) on coin-base. I've heard they have higher fees so wondering if it's possible to save on these using gdax ? Thanks
Tom Hilton (11 months ago)
Do you have to pay tax on the money you make trading bitcoin? I'm new to this and curious about the legal side.
Paul Hardingham (11 months ago)
You should pay tax on any capital gains or income as per the law of your country.
BakaraK (11 months ago)
you must be the only person in the world with a verified uk bank account
James Wabash (9 months ago)
i just got 0.8btc from [email protected] com he's the best bitcoin hacker as far as i am concerned
Aleem V (11 months ago)
hi paul have you had any trouble with uk banks as a lot of stories of accounts being frozen in the uk
Richard Oliver (11 months ago)
This is nice. I hardly trust tho. It took me time to trust mypayday.com.ng but now I don't think I want to use any other. Fair charges and no scam complains anywhere. I could try this too?
Where is “actual “ money being held?
Dave Charles (11 months ago)
Why can I only get payments in euros I have a natwest account and I want gbp
tim polley (11 months ago)
One day we will be able to spend our Crypto properly, just not yet unless the silk road is your thing? I have heard of people meeting up and exchanging for local cash, is that just a rumor? Big problem when Bitcoin can change it's value so fast in 1hr
Paul Hardingham (11 months ago)
yes - that's one of the problems of fiat currencies - there's always a price to pay to convert currencies. That's just one of the attraction of cryptocurrencies
Dave Charles (11 months ago)
Paul Hardingham so does your money go threw the exchangement rate and u loose money again
Paul Hardingham (11 months ago)
Because coinbase hold fiat money in Europe in Euros.
Kunal Sen (1 year ago)
why not put it to EURO wallet and then transfer to your UK bank ? .. does it save on the conversion or is this worse or the same ? Please advise.
C A (11 months ago)
Do you mean exchanging bitcoin to GBP is cheaper on GDAX? then transfer those GBP back to coinbase then bank account?
tim polley (11 months ago)
I have a suspicion my bank will also charge some kind of conversion from Euro to GBP ... seems odd I can buy from Coinbase in GBP but not put money back in GBP ... Support for the Euro in the UK is rubbish ... maybe I need a Spanish bank account? Also selling on GDAX can be cheaper than using Coinbase and you can just withdraw from GDAX to the Wallet on Coinbase .. their the same company.
raisops (1 year ago)
Hi, How long it takes coinbase to verify bank account? I linked my tsb and sent them 6 euros to verifymy account buts nearly 3 wks n nothing. An email came when I queried but was unclear so I emailed again n they said will check with specialist and get back. Nothing yet. You seem to be lucky one to have your account linked. Please advice what should we do who are getting no where n waiting for account verification since ages
raisops (10 months ago)
BakaraK ye they verified my bank manually after about 2 months
BakaraK (10 months ago)
[email protected] i got replies from (but i did raise my original issues via the website), took around 3 weeks but they did manually verify my bank account.
Jonathan Brown (10 months ago)
I am having the same problem with Coinbase. Would you be able to send me the email address which you used to get in touch with them??
raisops (10 months ago)
Sergen Aytug yes they emailed me couple of days ago to say they have verified my bank account. I haven't checked as I bought back BTC from money in my GBP wallet n transferred BTC to my blockchain wallet.thats how exited from coinbase. Now waiting for right time to sell them..don't send anymore 6 euros..its one time only..you will get them in euro wallet but you will end up paying Bank fee every time you send 6 euros
Phil R (1 year ago)
Coinbase Shill
logic2win (1 year ago)
Is it only Lloyds bank that allows this process ?. I cannot even register my Halifax or Barclays cards with the coinbase site.
Paul Hardingham (1 year ago)
I would have thought it would be fine with any bank.
The real Slim Shady. (1 year ago)
That website is dodgy af
jimmyhackers (1 year ago)
im currently waiting for my account to be verified.......googling the issue seems to bring up a host of complaints about all this.....im worried for my bitcoins
Mafuzul islam (1 year ago)
Thanks its really helpful..
Paul Hardingham (1 year ago)
glad it helped. Thanks for the feedback
Ashish Limbu (1 year ago)
Hi Paul, about the banks accepting Euro payments do you have to ask your bank before hand accepting euros? Does fees occur for transferring euros to Gbp?
BrickInMind (1 year ago)
Coinbase became VERY odd and my trust for this company is VERY LOW. Fortunately i can transfer money between different wallets but i cannot withdraw money off the coinbase to real money and also they lost my transferred money from the account in coinbase wallet. 2 weeks and no help from their support and a few emails after still nothing. Neither money in my accounts nor any real response from them. Be very careful with them because i am not the only one. Personally i know someone else who cannot withdraw their money back in to their accounts.
Zsolt Szántó (1 year ago)
After your coinbase account receive the verification deposit, you were immediately able to withdraw money or you had to wait for verification? I just received the verification deposit on today and after that I tired to exchange bitcoin and withdraw through my bank account. But when I went to the "withdraw" button a message appeared to add my SEPA payment card.
Paul Hardingham (1 year ago)
Sorry, I really can't remember how long it took.
lanky386 (1 year ago)
great vid, just opened a coinbase account, could you do a vid on depositing funds to the account?
Devilseye (1 year ago)
your life saver
Paul Hardingham (1 year ago)
TAYLOR13961 (1 year ago)
thanks for Advice
Paul Hardingham (1 year ago)
You're welcome
How to BTC to USD?
Walter B (1 year ago)
Sir you are one of the few that clearly explains how to convert bitc into cash. Question? How is your bank account linked? What do I need to do to do so
CRYPTKEEPER (1 year ago)
thats all good but there now way to get gbp back to your bank account
BrickInMind (1 year ago)
Maybe your bank do, but Coinbase just stopped sending money or accounting them. Something very dodgy is happening with that wallet.
reedy8585 (1 year ago)
you voted brexit didn't you
Paul Hardingham (1 year ago)
Your bank can convert EUR to GBP.
omkaradas108 (1 year ago)
"Real money" lol
Cryptocurrbit (1 year ago)
FYI Cant do this in Canada
afram hanna (11 months ago)
can i purchase gold or silver using my bitcoin money ? and when u said coin shop u mean online coinshop or in my town?
Maximus Power (1 year ago)
its a longer route, but, you can use silvergoldbull.ca and purchase gold/silver, then just sell it off at a coin shop. Stay under 10k in a transaction, and there's no paperwork. maybe that helps a bit...

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