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Here's Why The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin Is Right NOW!

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In this video I'll explain why you should be buying bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, RIGHT NOW; No matter what the price! If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like, and subscribe! Sign up for Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=23699176 Sign up for Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a3d9757e4337103d6f09626 Sign up for Hashflare: https://hashflare.io/r/4C3A6AAF Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/59jGjJy Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoJebb?lang=en *I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. All investments/trades/buys should be made at your own risk with your own capital.* Spare Change? BTC 158kL4Tt7rTb9Z3D869PQLwqKFwSRjXnUa ETH 0x7F08D46Fcc3fFe420B7356D4a891E59653c18512 LTC LSPimHEkRZuSp9YWLVZsd97ZbrA9omjXT3 Please do not feel obligated to donate, though donations are appreciated!
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Crypto Jebb (8 months ago)
Join The Discord! https://discord.gg/59jGjJy This channel is supported with your kind donations! BTC 158kL4Tt7rTb9Z3D869PQLwqKFwSRjXnUa ETH 0x7F08D46Fcc3fFe420B7356D4a891E59653c18512 LTC LSPimHEkRZuSp9YWLVZsd97ZbrA9omjXT3
Mr Hole (8 months ago)
one video is saying BUY BUY BUY...another vid is saying we are going back to 7.5k..............what am I to make of all this?
mrdave2112 (7 months ago)
You have no idea of the exponential implications of a data structure such as Blockchain thinking bitcoin could hit a million. Your presentation is to a level of science fiction. And I don't think you are purposely being deceptive.
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
Sure I do, watch my video "can bitcoin hit 1 million, just scratched the surface. We would need later two solutions to help rectify block size issues as only on issue faxing us, but it can hit 1 million. (Not to say it WILL)
Biguls (7 months ago)
Well not quite right. Yes it's true if I buy one BTC for $5K or $6K or $7k it makes no difference, which is your message I believe. But let's say I have $50K to invest; that's 10 BTC at $5K = $10,000,000 on your projection. At $6K it's $8,300,000 and at $7K it's slightly more than $7,000,000. So that's a $3,000,000 difference against buying lower or higher now. Clearly buying low in volume for the long haul is far more advantageous.
Suzan Moore (7 months ago)
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Dan Mac (7 months ago)
It wasn't.
nothing to see here (7 months ago)
Telling words. He called himself an idiot within this video and he's right. He told his subscribers to buy when bitcoin was at $9300. Now it's at $6480 and tanking more. Even worse is ethereum which was at $700 the day this video was made and now it's at $365. I check idiot channels like this to see what they say. There are much better channels out there.
CJFilms1001 (7 months ago)
You are so right because to be profitable in outright mining right now requires that the coin(s) you could mine just keep on dam appreciating in value just to keep up with the difficultly increases. you may as well just buy and avoid all the hassle.
Peter Meissnitzer (7 months ago)
Now that's interesting, and NOT surprising. Switzerland, one of the most developed, richest nations on Earth, with the HIGHEST STANDARD of living, embraces crypto's. While more backward countries denounce them. It seems crypto's ARE the future after all. They've just been recognized by the World masters of banking. I would recommend for EVERYONE to get on board , even micro bits will serve you well . It's time for the MIGHTY BITCOIN to reign supreme .
Pau Sian Lal (7 months ago)
which cryto altcoin should i buy ?? Is it ok to buy nyc newyork coin? Smiley coin? Strong hands coin SHND
It is necessary to wait for the positive dynamics and change of a trend
Pau Sian Lal (7 months ago)
btw,what platform exchange you are using in this video? the grap looks nice
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
Trading View
Pau Sian Lal (7 months ago)
Is the cryto not crashing? Is there anyway to head up back how about altcoins... ?
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
Yeah, the market's fine, no reason to panic yet. They'll all set new ATH's in due time.
Man Aap (7 months ago)
do not you a clown
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
This clown thinks it's "you're" ;)
Mauro Souza (7 months ago)
You have you a point. we are not there yet for usability, and thats why its only 10k. Once its user friendly, it will be 100k at least. Then others will replace bitcoin
ARandomChannel (7 months ago)
1,000,000? hahaha XD
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
(circa 2012) 20,000? hahaha XD
Paul Coffman (7 months ago)
Bit coin to the moon. Hehehe
Paul Coffman (7 months ago)
How much does nothing cost?
Metalmogul46 (7 months ago)
The future is now, buy the the future right now. Most people can't look more than next week into the future.
Roman (7 months ago)
Metalmogul46 The future can bring despair a lot easier than it can bring fortune because of the way people are, to most it’s not worth the risk because they have a lot to lose. The pyramid scheme that had many is still in their nightmares.
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
People are short-sighted by nature... Just look at the dumb parts of this comments section.
Peter Meissnitzer (7 months ago)
BITCOIN is a new way to do business , it's a new financial system that is just starting to roll , it's I think the future , it is DIGITAL GOLD , let me remind you the Swiss are embracing it , financial geniuses they are enough said .
Noob Trader (7 months ago)
Why buy bitcoin when there are faster crypto's which are better " Buy Bitcoin Is Right NOW!" no thanks
Melchor Bahingawan (7 months ago)
yah right, keep buying the dips 'til you end up with shit load of crap!
Olawale Odejide (7 months ago)
40 bankers disliked this video 😂😂
William Sanderson (7 months ago)
I love this lol when you zoom out you really put things into perspective. This market is very young and has great potential indeed
GenicsTheCrypto (7 months ago)
Congrats on 3k subs man! Your growing fast :)
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
Thanks man!
Anthony Leach (7 months ago)
Wow, crypto in the red, fuck yes beby, buy buy buy and buy more.
Isaac Kendall (7 months ago)
Anthony Leach. Don't be offended. I want to sell off my bitcoins, just wanna take them off my chest. If you are interested, I'll give you at cheaper rates.
Ken Semotiuk (7 months ago)
Go ahead snowflakes, buy bitcoin shitcoin Bitcoin was at $19783 on December 17, 2017 If you sold it today at $8150, would woul of lost 58% of you're 💰? Don't listen to this Jebb, crypto pumper and don't lose anymore of your 💰!
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
lol. Did you even watch the video? You don't lose money until you sell, so your example is irrelevant. Only a fool would sell now. (The market has many fools)
Steve McDowall (7 months ago)
Jebb, you are so right. I tell young people the same thing. Keep up the great work.
William Leather (7 months ago)
buy more Tron . . .buy more Sys-Coin . . Buy more Digi-Byte . . .put it on the charge card... be bold..
JuicyVeganDwarf (7 months ago)
Literally just discovered your channel by chance. Wisest words I have heard today, good to hear someone being realistic and positive. Subbed and hit the bell, keep up the good work mate.
Mashoto Shaku (7 months ago)
Notonebuttwo Othman (7 months ago)
Wait ,,,it will hit 5000
Craig Simpson (7 months ago)
I HODL and do short trades also for immediate $. My Hodl's I only up my position in.
Mike Dee (7 months ago)
Bitcoin is going to 4500, before possible going up or maybe never. Crypto is dead right now
lancerzx (7 months ago)
There is a big monster with wide spread open mouth waiting in September, that's the only thing that scares me.... We are all waiting that bull's time but I'm starting to doubt, bc went from mostly unknown to known in November / December but that moment is gone
erik sauzal (7 months ago)
thanks just invested my life savings :D
Reee (4 months ago)
Well thats fantastic! A real smart decision young man. We can put that investment into the growth of Bitcoin and re-invest the earnings into alt coins with compounding interest aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnndddd its gone....
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
I put a double negative in there with "Aren't", fixed it. Thanks!
slimRR (7 months ago)
Crypto Jebb I think you mean "don't invest more than what you can afford to lose"
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
Don't invest what you are afraid to lose... LOL
Dude-Got REKT (7 months ago)
Great video brother...Im in my 40's and have been investing for a long time...this is the best advice I've seen youtubers give these last few weeks...everyone wants to get rich quick, but if they are patient, the returns will be staggering...you're families will be well taken care of and they will say your name generations later
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
Thank you man, Scroll through the comments and you'll see a bunch of idiots who think that bitcoin is about to fall through the floor. They clearly didn't even understand the premise of the video... At least you watched the video before commenting! lol
hell vice (7 months ago)
ya buy now little sheep and get f....... reck......its going to 5k at best.........and no is not financial advisor is retarded or a crook
hell vice (7 months ago)
well i'll be damned...one freakin smart rational comment on youtube...gj man and and take care
Andrew North (7 months ago)
Thanks for your confidence I need a little good news.
Kenneth Jones (7 months ago)
I don’t believe in bitcoin anymore. Though I am holding my investment even if it goes to zero as I’m witnessing now . Just taking it as a total loss . I’m not buying anymore as it will be more money lost. It’s pretty hard to believe that bitcoin will be worth much again in the future. My belief is that it’s going to go to $300 permanent.Maybe some other crypto or technology will replace it .
Crypto Bobby (7 months ago)
Kenneth Jones it would even be wisest to buy btc now during the DIP. Just in case you lose hope, What is rated the number 1 country in overall standard of living SWITZERLAND , who are the financial geniuses of the world SWITZERLAND , who is in full support of BITCOIN , SWITZERLAND , enough said. Think about it mate
Michael Cole (7 months ago)
you're not going to lose your money. you should do more research. just stay away from your computer and go do some nice things. you can thank me later
AltCrypt Lover (7 months ago)
A new coin with great potential www.BitcoinPro.money worth taking a look at.
A. T. Maverick (7 months ago)
what the fuck is this guy talking about?? you must sell BTC because it is going to crash!!
Iseki Solari (7 months ago)
I think exactly like you: only the long run matter. I learned that with ripple last year: invested in June and 6 months later in December I made 14 000% return (on my money), which is crazy. Now the only good crypto with a VERY long term potential high run is TRON. I suggest to check it out (they launch their main net very soon) and they have a project over 10 years: it will be very big.
Storm Trooper (7 months ago)
Buying more now
ocean shred (7 months ago)
Are you a fanicial advisor?
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
I normally say it in videos, and I should have said it in this one. Thanks for the support man. :)
ocean shred (7 months ago)
Ah the small print got ya. Bought some BTC anyway your argument was solid. Thanks!
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
Check the description.
Miguel Santoyo (7 months ago)
With all this fud going on right now everywhere, this video makes me feel kind of relief. Great perspective, Thanks!
DJ1 (7 months ago)
To put it simply, the cryptocurrency comes down to a miner who one day went fetch a big bunch of rock to sell to people and told them that every ten minutes he would come back and sell them 50 more. Even if he wouldn't sell them, just the fact that he can only produce 50 rocks per ten minutes to trade for goods and services makes all the other rocks fake. Central Banks must laught like crazy at the moment.
KC & SIOBHAN (7 months ago)
Hey it’s kc subscribe!!!
Keith Kresin (7 months ago)
Stay away from the coffee
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
Too late ;)
Barry Mcbrush (7 months ago)
Going down much further.
:Nicodemus - :Dean (7 months ago)
Ehhh I just dumped Bitcoin . If it falls below 7500 support... It might fall to 6k... Then its in serious trouble. I hear its worth about 1000 a coin. I'm investing in Gold Silver and other metals ... Also cash when the economy crashes. Blockchain is not exclusive to Bitcoin. I'm not so bullish anymore. Naa.
Stream of Thought (7 months ago)
If he doesnt explain why i should undoubtedly buy btc right this second, downvoting lmao
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
You must buy now!... No... now!... NOW. no, now!
Tja Crypto (7 months ago)
Good vid dude. I think 1-3 years from today things will be looking very different in the crypto markets, probably somewhere between 10x-1000x on many of the top 100 cryptos but who knows exactly? Nobody does. Will be interesting to see though.
Russell Dean (7 months ago)
Really like the positivity, thats how I always look at that anything under 20g for a btw will be the deal of a lifetime!!
Finally someone that gets it!
Comic Vision (7 months ago)
I would have travelled back in time & would have snatched the idea from satoshi
Adriana Gibson (7 months ago)
Why very best time to buy BTC when NO ONE knows if it goes up or down. Actually, since people are not buying, I think I'll guess, just like you do, and say bitcoin will go to 5000/4000 or even lower. ,,, so why buying now? Will it ever go up again? NO ONE KNOWS....
Crypto Bobby (7 months ago)
Adriana Gibson yes it will go up, this is actually the best time to buy during the DIP, this is a bull trap, ready to position for May the big run. If i should you should buy now and hold or better still day trade and profit weekly if you can
chun wei Hsu (7 months ago)
1 mullion dollar bitcoin lol, people watching this channel are living in dream
chun wei Hsu (7 months ago)
Crypto Nick is that you?
Dani Muresan (7 months ago)
Not even 24 hours later and already we know the time to buy bitcoin was NOT then. Try again?
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
I said in the video that what I'm talking about in the video does not relate to price action.
Annmarier1 (7 months ago)
Say No Más TV (7 months ago)
"QSP" live demo day in 5 days.. buy buy buy 💸💸💸💸👽
Darryl Strawberry (7 months ago)
No don’t buy btc now!! The first target is now $7600. By end of the month it will be $4k. Next month will be a bloodbath. Don’t buy any cryptos till at least June. Complete collapse of cryptos coming!!!!
CryptoHaso (1 month ago)
nice call m8
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
lol, okay guy.
Darryl Strawberry (7 months ago)
AJ JOHNSON you gotta be nuts if you buying any cryptos at this point. People are mass exiting at this point on the total collapse of the market.
TwinTurbo CRYPTO (7 months ago)
Boondock Saints are you sure, because I was just about to buy lol
Vinicius (7 months ago)
Love it! Keep it up
I am redeemed (7 months ago)
Truth. Great video brother !
Dwayne Cunningham (7 months ago)
Good advice. See the forest through the trees.
Armas Onni (7 months ago)
Just went down 400$
RUwatching (8 months ago)
Whats going on with NEM ? pump and dump ?
Zakaria Marokkaan (8 months ago)
Buy vertcoin lisk ark groeslcoin now to the moon soon mor profit den bitcoin
Roam The Traveller (8 months ago)
Youre the man Jeb. Love the vid
Dennis (8 months ago)
I wonder what year it would be a million dollar bitcoin
jian12345 jun (4 months ago)
Sevarchy (7 months ago)
You see, the experts who are predicting BTC to be a million don't explain their thoughts in full. IF BTC does hit a million, you probably wouldn't even want to trade your BTC for USD at that point since USD will have lost so much purchasing power. These clowns are not telling you the whole story. If BTC hits 1 million, then USD will buy you one tenth of what it's buying today. Do you also want a crypto with a 16M supply that's held by not too many people to be worth a lot? It gets even worse with crypto like dash and bcash. They say power to the people, yet only a few hold a substantial amount of the supply. Whales just sit around pumping things up and throwing wild targets, yet they are the people sitting around waiting to hit the SELL button and dump bags onto you. Because as it stands right now and even for the long term, USD is king.
Ken Semotiuk (7 months ago)
Dennis 1 million bitcoin, shitcoin, when hell freezes over, snowflake?
saba rathinam (7 months ago)
Dennis 2025
Peter Lee (7 months ago)
Gerald Ambrosia (8 months ago)
I refer to you comment on 6:30min that if you old till age 70, it will be worth a million. Well sir, in 15 years, Blockchain might even be redundant! Tech gets superseded, like the internet over TV.
Crypto Jebb (7 months ago)
Very possible.
Johnny Martinez (8 months ago)
Awesome video
mke gage (8 months ago)
Its all a matter of perspective.... thanks for showing where 1 million is in relation to 20K! Lol... im investing right now!!
Ash Cloud (8 months ago)
Love to hear your thoughts on MEDIBLOC...similar senario, and glowing reviews stating huge impact on medical industry. Absolute steal currently. ...oh also POPULOUS.
Sophie (8 months ago)
Well said. Thank you.
Saran Educom (8 months ago)
Hi. Goldman Sachs predicting below 6000.
Bryce Thomas (7 months ago)
Saran Educom .....
Binary Sunset Chaser (7 months ago)
Of course they are - biggest P & D wankers there are
RUwatching (8 months ago)
LOL Goldman biggest financial manipulators
thanh (8 months ago)
Didn’t Goldman Sachs also say this was a bubble ....then secretly back a deal to buy a crypto exchange? Don’t listen to what the banks say....watch what they do!
S Mc (8 months ago)
mea culpa .... past not pass
S Mc (8 months ago)
Another good video, you get straight to the point, have learned alot the pass few months. Very informative. ... Thank you!
Crypto Jebb (8 months ago)
Thank you! ;)
Wayne Daniels (8 months ago)
Great perspective keep up the great work Jebb
mattjordan730 (8 months ago)
Your videos are always informative, keep up to good work! In order for LTC to gain wider adoption more people need to use it as intended if everyone who has LTC is holding it and treating it more like a speculative commodity which everyone here is including myself then how is LTC to overcome this conundrum? How do people get more comfortable using it if the price isn’t stable? Don’t get me wrong I’m a big believer in the LTC technology and the Blockchain as a whole but I’m just looking for more clarity on how this market is expected to mature. I would love to get your take on this.
Roy Dopson (8 months ago)
BEST crypto video I've seen thus far. I absolutely feel the same way. Of course I'm 48 years old and meditate so I understand and experience time differently than most of the folk in crypto. 'course most people trading are engaged in it exactly for the ups and downs, even if they don't recognize it. I'm posting this video on every trading Youtube channel that I'm subscribed to.
tiabiamama (8 months ago)
Love your energy! We all need encouragement as this opportunity is so new to most of us that we simply do not know how to behave with investments. Living the debt paradigm has left us woefully unprepared. It is a steep learning curve for most of us.
Mark Aguilar (8 months ago)
Awesome video
Paul Theroux (8 months ago)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results. As the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin had a good run, but it has some of the worst technology. I wouldn't be surprised if it never sees a new ATH. Fees are too high. Transactions are too slow. It can only handle around 300k transactions/day. It doesn't scale. The much-hyped Lightning Network is not a workable scaling solution. And, it has no privacy. There are much better coins out there such as Nano: instant transactions, zero fees, infinitely scalable, and 1/100th the market cap of BTC.
mattjordan730 (8 months ago)
John Oliver recently did a piece On the John Oliver show totally ripping EOS and warning people that crypto is a highly speculative. We all know that the Blockchain will revolutionize many industries but how do we know that EOS will be able to deliver on what is says it can do, will there be anyone lining up to use their services when made available? I’m a big fan of LTC, and ETH but maybe John Oliver had a point about EOS.
mattjordan730 (7 months ago)
To be clear I don’t take crypto advice from any one source I tend to gather information from every source available and pay attention to opinions that differ from mine, I only brought up the John Oliver piece because it illustrated a good point not because I think John Oliver has the best advice about crypto. I Like LTC because they are making it easier for merchants and consumers to get involved and everyone agrees it’s a faster cheaper BTC. I like Ethereum because I think there smart contracts will be attractive to corporations, but I guess I’m not sure exactly how EOS wallet and coin will be different and better than others that are coming out? I am admittedly a crypto noob here and I just trying to gather information and be a part of the conversation, and for what it’s worth I am also a stand up comedian and I think John Oliver is great! Lol
mattjordan730 (8 months ago)
Crypto Jebb thanks for reply
Crypto Jebb (8 months ago)
We don't know EOS can deliver, we don't know any of these unproven projects can deliver. I should have mentioned in the video that you should be investing long in projects that you have good reason to believe will be successful in the long term. Who knows if EOS can deliver, time will tell! :)
JebzGaming (8 months ago)
Hi crypto jeb hope your having a fantasic day i have like 1000 dollars a month to spend should i buy bitcoin with it everymonth or wait for the dips any idea what i should do with the 1k month
Crypto Bobby (7 months ago)
JebzGaming a $1000 ever month isn't a bad idea. If you can day trade o your investment it would be wise. Any future investment plans?
Paul Fraser (7 months ago)
The heat man . . . . the heat from the mining equipment . . .
Lukas Moser (8 months ago)
JebzGaming i am sorry i dont know what you mean by that.
JebzGaming (8 months ago)
Lukas Moser thanks 4 the advice luke but i dont want my house to feel like the suns backyard 24/7
Ducote (8 months ago)
Bro Please Preach!!! EOS!!!!
Mrs. Vital Survival (8 months ago)
Enjoyed the video. Looking back into the chart it’s clear we’re going to continue upward in price. But i disagree with the premise that this translates to long term price . Prices will only continue moving up exponentially if there are enough buyers who believe it is worth that much during that 30 year period of time. More people putting more money in over time is harder to do when speculation wears off. Thanks for the video.
tiabiamama (8 months ago)
Hey, when Trump goes out of office (hopefully not for another 7 years) and the dollar and stock market implode, you will be wishing you had bought bitcoin now. You do not understand how people all over the world hold dollars for safety, and they will want somewhere to put that money, if they still have access to it. All the laws have been written to deprive you of your money all over the world, so believe me, as countries legalize cryptos and use it and prove it's worth, everyone will jump in. The great gift we have is to have this information at our fingertips while it is still relatively unknown. There is the entire population of China, Brazil, Europe, Russia, Australia, you name it, that still haven't heard of it, or trust in it, but they will. Speculators who are smart will create generational wealth, and that is what this video is all about. If you can't grasp that...
Maximum Axiom (8 months ago)
I was trying to buy BTC in 2009, I could not verify my driving license via webcam after trying for about 10 times within 2 weeks.............well, sucks to be me. At least I bought it for $450.
Psicin co (7 months ago)
If you mined back then you would be a multimillionaire today.
diego river (7 months ago)
the crypto market isn't for everyone, gotta have a strong gut to handle 1000 buck swings daily , like the winklevoss twins said, if it fell lower it dont matter cuz the winner is the long term holder. Which is what i say about xrp.
Maximum Axiom (8 months ago)
Just like in your video, it was on a peak as well, price went down to $200+ in a week and stayed there for a while.
Crypto Jebb (8 months ago)
That's still a good buy.
island boy (8 months ago)
you forgot too use 20k ath as buy and now at 9 k. just a small detail ommited. lol
Robert Mcgee (8 months ago)
Best video I’ve seen in weeks! Got my mind back on track regarding my cryptos. True, long term it what’s important.
Alexander Kadarauch (8 months ago)
Nice video, great perspective! 🍻

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