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Bitcoin Basics (Part 1) - "Explained For Beginners"

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Get Rocky's free Bitcoin course here - https://chrisdunn.com/free-bitcoin-course This Bitcoin basics video series will explain Bitcoin for beginners. You'll learn how Bitcoin works, and how to make money with Bitcoin. Many people are looking to mine bitcoin or trading bitcoin for profits. As a professional trader, my goal is to help you learn how to understand the opportunities and risks with the crypto-currency markets. Click here to subscribe to my channel - http://www.youtube.com/chrisdunntv Check out my website for tips on how to build wealth, travel the world, and live an incredible life - http://www.chrisdunn.com/
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Text Comments (711)
usha kommuru (2 days ago)
You are so good at this dude! thanks !
Ovidio Salinas (3 days ago)
21 million coins bud. You said 21.
Andrews Johnson White (9 days ago)
I wish I could ge your email address and get in touch with you . I’m having a believe that things will work out much better for me when I get in touch with you
Hans Usko (11 days ago)
i have some questions, if someone steals cash money and converts it into bitcoins, is there any legal way or procedure to recover the money? or is it gone forever? who is responsible for the release of future bitcoins? who takes the decision?
Hans Usko (11 days ago)
very clear and easy to follow. good job
luke millard (16 days ago)
are you a beginner ?? looking to start earning on bitcoin in no time, Mr BTCKYLE has the fastest miner as for now
Jimmy Waddy (21 days ago)
6.5 billion ppl now can go online with good wifi access LOL but have no bank,
Donna M. O'Connor (28 days ago)
I used kloviaclinks. com bitcoins option and in less than 48 hours, I got amazing bitcoins return in my wallet
M. Ali Montazer (1 month ago)
Very clear and informative. Highly recommend watching it.
Anthony Miles (1 month ago)
Dude, you have an excellent introduction to bitcoin and I'm very interested in bitcoin and I'm try to learn everything I can before purchasing some bitcoin's so I will follow everything you post and if I have questions can I please reach out to you?
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Miles, well i can assist you to trade and earn some really good profits daily. I trade with an amazing strategy that ensures i make good profits. I can send you my strategy if you're interested kindly email me: [email protected]
Vilma Vilmiene (1 month ago)
Bitcoint is swindel of the banks. If you transfer your money from one bank to another then your money will be transferred with a car from one bank to another. If you buy bitcoint your money remains in the bank. :)
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Vilma, do you trade?
Aragon Evy (1 month ago)
Chris your the first person that explained Bit coins to where I understand the concept. Thanks your presentation was done very well.
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Aragon, do yo trade?
Marcel Gordijn (1 month ago)
am i to late?
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
No you're not, are you interested in trading?
Kimberly Quintanilla (1 month ago)
These are the BEST and most understandable videos I have ever found! The analytical way you have compartmentalized each subject is great for beginners. I have gotten very frustrated listening to a lot of videos that really don't explain anything. Absolutely the the most informative videos as far as I'm concerned!!
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Kimberly, are you a trader?
Rodrigo Bittencourt (1 month ago)
I doubt you put Satoshi in my wallet. My dream is to have 1 Bitcoin. That's my wallet. I need an angel.\ 1MqJvwRMx5nWsy9fHWVAVL8hdEqGqyEt1w
Air hd tv (1 month ago)
In 3 years from now, the entire world will be saying, “remember all that crypto-currency scam, bubble nonsense? How was I so gullible?” People complain about criminal banksters running the baseless fiat monetary system. But at least the criminals have the laws and regulations, and a tax system, and a banking system on their side, and if all else fails, the fiat system is enforced by weapons. Whereas, crypto currency is backed by the slippery foundation of the GULLIBLE FOOL THEORY. What a fraud.
V J (1 month ago)
Bitcoin is worthless
Beason Curd (1 month ago)
Cryptocurrencies are going to become much more valuable, especially if you have the patience to see how well they perform.
Dick Chingas (2 months ago)
Btc is easy! You buy some then you watch the fuckers head south all the way to zero! Simple!
Doctor Mike (2 months ago)
Bitcoin trade
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Mike, do you trade?
BITCOIN Trading AZ (2 months ago)
Thank you for your course, Chris Dunn. Very details and easy understand. Subscribed!
Pal Abbz (2 months ago)
Pal Abbz (2 months ago)
Elton Cena (2 months ago)
thanks bro
Pal Abbz (2 months ago)
What si bit con
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Pal Abbz, do you trade?
Soma Kholhrg (2 months ago)
Is this like another big bank.
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
well you be interested in trading and making some really amazing profits off your coins weekly?
Soma Kholhrg (1 month ago)
+Pauline Burnett never did before
Soma Kholhrg (1 month ago)
+Pauline Burnett never did before
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Soma, do you trade?
In Rabwah (2 months ago)
What's your opinion about onecoin?
Greg Connley (2 months ago)
great job Chris .thank you
Rocelyn Esparago (2 months ago)
This video is much help. My friend and I actually plan to buy bitcoin,but ofcourse we don't know both how does it work. 😉 Looking forward for more tutorial.
Rocelyn Esparago (2 months ago)
Andy Peterson Philippines
Andy Peterson (2 months ago)
Rocelyn Esparago Ok great you and your friend can both start earning big as there is a promo currently going on Which country are in currently?
Anita Atokoh (2 months ago)
Craig kelvin my Facebook
Unifii Crypto World (2 months ago)
nice short but informative video. I am trading Bitcoin with signals and result is awesome.
Empress Love (3 months ago)
0.00002642 so how much is this
Empress Love (1 month ago)
+Pauline Burnett I never did it b4 I now started mining
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Empress, do you trade?
Solowsh Army (3 months ago)
My concerns are the possibilities of hackers that can steal your bitcoins from your bitcoin wallet? I hear that might be a risk. Thank you.
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Solowsh, do you trade?
Chris Bell (2 months ago)
Hi Solowsh, there are a few ways to set up a wallet, some are safe and some are not as safe. Creating a wallet on a website is the least safe option because you're accessing everything online and someone could intercept your connection when you sign into the website. Also, someone could hack the centralized website and steal everyone's coins. Next, you have wallet applications which you can download in your Apple or Google store. They don't (shouldn't) ask for personal information, all they ask for is a password and they give you 12 words to remember. Then you can see your coins on your phone app, and if something happens to your phone you can get a new phone, download the app and use your 12 word password to access your coins again. Thirdly, there's a cold storage wallet that you can buy called a Ledger Nano or a KeepKey. You create a wallet in the same way without giving any personal info, then you can the little device in a safe place in your home. It connects to any computer with a cord and completely disconnects when you're done. This is the safest way to store your coins since no one can access your wallet while you're not plugged into the computer and while your certainly not on the internet. Hope that helps! Chris Bell
imran khan (3 months ago)
I will like to start bitcoin how are my to start thank you
Eric Faulkenberry (3 months ago)
Awesome video!
Eric Faulkenberry (1 month ago)
Hello Pauline, I am new at trading. I just started trading some on my own a few months back but I've had someone trading for me since around March. How about you? Nice to meet you btw.
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Eric, do you trade?
Sam Dameron (3 months ago)
Okay does that mean that the IRS can't tax you on bitcoin when you get a check from them?
Chris Bell (2 months ago)
Hi Sam, If you have $1,000 USD and use it to buy BTC, then your BTC grows in value, then you sell it for a total of $1,500 USD, it shows that you've profited. Your $500 USD profit is subject to tax from the IRS. However, if you buy BTC with $1,000 and it grows 10X to $10,000 but you never sell it back to USD, then you never have to pay tax on it. It's like watching the value of your home increase in which you won't pay tax on the profit until you sell. So, never sell and never pay taxes!
Beryl Kimpton (3 months ago)
PS - Please get to grips, which takes hard work, with your chosen regulated Exchange's 'Education Systems', using 'demos' with your chosen Exchange mentor, before driving onto the live trading platform highway without the right driving tools and knowledge. That's like driving a car with no controls, right?
Siva N (3 months ago)
Bitcoin value is reduce for coming days.
Andrew Paint (3 months ago)
There's a more profitable way to profit from bitcoin: build mining machines and sell them.
Beryl Kimpton (3 months ago)
Hi - I have just done a thorough search, like I am sure a great deal of people have, of all of the 'suggested' Exchanges 'Chris Dunn' mentions on Wiki that you can track with the websites he provides. Lol, they have all been hacked and still owe customers money, are hiding it (more than likely) , have "lost customer funds" (ha, ha) and or, are not coming forth when approached and the etcs, if not diving, or have already dived, into liquidation. Seriously, admit that unless a regulated system is in place - NOW - the only ones benefiting are who? You decide...LOL x. LostCoin might be a better title for this alleged area for potential gain.
Yadira Diaz (3 months ago)
If someone ask me for be a part on his miner and ask me for my password wallet but she say needs to be empty it’s this is right or is a spam fraud ?
Paul Kilconye (3 months ago)
i mine with Mr Logan shippy and i earn very profitably. He is the best teacher in cryptocurrency right now
Patimah Evil (26 days ago)
Sara Loren hi how to contact Mr logan? IAM new to this
Patimah Evil (26 days ago)
Phil Towns can tell me how do I contact Mr logan
Marnie Rodriguez (1 month ago)
+ice Queen from my blockchain btc wallet and directly to my bank.
belle soriano (3 months ago)
I'd go for EDUCATION TOKEN iI'm sure this will rise among other upcoming coins
Mc Taker (4 months ago)
I've come across a lot of negative press which misled a lot. to be sincere I invest purely on fundamentals and having a proper risk management system in place, as the entry point is key. my investment has grown consistently using a strategy that was developed by Headwayanalysis putting together experience and knowledge obtained from years of trading. I'm currently Using H.W.A PHOENIX CLOUD which has risk reduction.
Sikarepo Leko (4 months ago)
Thanks much,,so how to join if you don't have a computer and where will you buy the pools if you live at the rural area?
Peter Kamara (4 months ago)
I don't get this..'6.5 billion ppledon't have access to banking services!' yet I understand we are about 6 billion pple in the world! someone make me understand here!
Tia Ville (4 months ago)
Do you know if purchasing btc through a third party app is still anonymous? I would like to know..
churchill mutabes (4 months ago)
Dunn hi, you explain this bitcoin business very well,am in Africa ,kenya in particular ,if i was to join ;will i join in your company?if yes,how? ,then how much will i start with(money), kindly advice
AvatAds (4 months ago)
I am in bitcoin since 2012. And this is the most complete and comprehensive video explaining bitcoin. A+++
Bitcoin Bob Says (4 months ago)
Thank you, Chris. As always relevant and practical information. Is your course only for beginners? Thank you, Bob
Genevieve Araniador (4 months ago)
I have a question. I am a beginner now I didn't know much about bitcoin as a result now my account in bitcoin become negative in balance. Will I be able to recover from the negative balance? Can someone give me advice......
Sikarepo Leko (4 months ago)
This is really good to hear this, more interesting I need some more information about bitcoin?
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Leo, what will you like to know, I can send you all the information you need. Kindly email me: [email protected]
Andy Peterson (4 months ago)
Sikarepo Leko what more do you want to know?
Tj Roberts (4 months ago)
Not seeing this video in 2014 has kept me a poor man.
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
lol its not too late Tj Roberts, do you trade?
Shahzad Mansoor (4 months ago)
I watched this video over 10 times.
Josip Burjan (4 months ago)
churchill mutabes (4 months ago)
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
I can help you, kindly email me: [email protected] for more info
Darna Bedwell (4 months ago)
Although the video is dated its still good info. Thank you for making things more understandable. Glad I found your channel.
Goldn Messi (4 months ago)
SCAM = vague, unknown, more questions than answers, mystery, no guarrentee insurance or protection. Life is too short to gamble on a total unknown. As an American you guys should be glad that the $$DOLLAR$$ is the all mighty reserve currency and thank the USA gov for it. Don't be ungreatful dogs and talk down dollar. If you are so worried of currencies, just invest in real tangiable assets (house, business, properties) that creates income. No matter the unites of currencies, gold, bitcoin #@#, your assets' values will be in demand that will create INCOME, be it whatever units of currencies (income is the real undenialbe value of the time). And DON'T over think, too much thinking of problems, dooms day is a desease. Think positive, think good, and good happens. Class is dismissed, lol : )
sebastian harvey (4 months ago)
The video seems to be informative with nice idea ,but i have tried so many mining systerm ,even with the video i doesn't make any amount of Bitcoin rather i keep on loosing ,but you can give a try to Mr johns systerm to see how profitable it working for me now .you can contact him ([email protected])
John M Christopher (4 months ago)
I can show you how Bitcoin can work for you and can earn up to 10000$ per day.
Sean Napper (5 months ago)
Hi, Chris Just started watching some of your videos on youtube that you published in December 2013 which were great and easy to follow what you were talking about. What I would like to know have you're published any recent videos about Bitcoin as the market trade of Bitcoin has changed a lot since 2013 with the introduction of Auto Trading Software. I am trying to find out a bit more about Bitcoin trade so I don't make the same mistake I previously made with trading Stocks with fly by night stockbrokers that have vanished. Any help would be appreciated, Cheers Sean
Ivey Rey (5 months ago)
You did an amazing job explaining this 👍🏼👍🏼So I’m still i but confused And I still want to invest and make money ? Is it still ok too?
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Yes its totally okay, what has got you confused? kindly email me: [email protected] I can help you with any trading related issues.
Andy Peterson (4 months ago)
Ivey Rey Yes of course you can invest as you want... I would advice you buy Bitcoin
Valentina Boshnyak (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for your video, it’s just great and clear explanation... keep post your videos !
Mark Green (5 months ago)
For investment this exchange is quite acceptable, HitBTC offers very favorable trading conditions. There is also an affiliate program for those who have no experience in trading.
Really appreciating the more advanced information you've all been providing recently.The only ICO I am keeping an eye on is SciDex. They are creating a new marketspace for scientific data. As an engineer I totally support and want them to succeed!
cassidra cheek (5 months ago)
Is it too late to get involved?
Pauline Burnett (1 month ago)
Hello Cassidra Cheek, not at all this is one of the best times to invest big and make some life changing profits daily. For more info on how to invest and make some amazing profits daily email me: [email protected]
Andy Peterson (4 months ago)
cassidra cheek No not at all The Door is always working open To new investors
CryptoLearnAU (5 months ago)
What is Bitcoin? It's a movement that will revolutionise our monetary system and solves the problems of paper and fiat currency.
Maria Mthethwa (6 months ago)
Thank you very good explanation
Tai Le (6 months ago)
No such thing as easy money all this shit is a scam
Joe Gambino (6 months ago)
Good series but seriously OUTDATED!
AVLRECORDS (6 months ago)
its not too late, 1 MILLION satoshi bitcoins is only about 60 euros atm *MEANS BITCOIN MILLIONAIR FOR CHEAP* its a matter of time before dollar collapse and bitcoin will rocket 1000x higher
Richard Lomakin (6 months ago)
Hi Chris, I`m new to Cryptocurrencies. Recently I came across RAINBOW Currency. They have this SAFEZONE and BLOCKCHAIN. Is this another Cryptocurrency following in the footsteps of Bitcoin? Looking forward to your comments.I appreciate your videos and your professionalism.
mrdave2112 (6 months ago)
Essentially, here is a scam and no one knows who started it. That is brilliant. How does he know that there is no central location governed by any country? Every person controls bitcoin? That right there tells you it is bull. If everyone controls bitcoin, any one person could instantly shut it down if they control it, right? I am done; this has scam written all over it. Scams do make people at the top tons of money; good luck.
Lacey (6 months ago)
GideonSeedboy (6 months ago)
Though very encompassing, your lectures are so detailed. Oh My God, I have a lot more to gain From you PLEASE REMAIN MY MENTOR. I am heading a team of potential BITCOIN traders and with you we all ca be much more fruitful. Thanks
Maureen Eugene (6 months ago)
Good job you are really doing but have you heard of Education token (LEDU coin) and how they are paying their project creators in cash and in coin.
emnor koeng (6 months ago)
You should'nt show your face in the video the whole presentation, otherwise it will be an awesome video...
emnor koeng (6 months ago)
Really really awesome.. tq bro
Micheal Onesmo (7 months ago)
Can I also join bitcoin in Africa and how do I join?
Andy Peterson (4 months ago)
Micheal Onesmo Yes of course you can Where in Africa are you?
Eternal Blissed (7 months ago)
Excellent video! so clear and easy to understand.thank you
R Smith (7 months ago)
Chris Dunn, you are the MAN!!!!!!
Gerard Nitunga (7 months ago)
Bitcoin rocks the financial world
Gerard Nitunga (7 months ago)
Bitcoin rocks the financial worl
Aidan M-ova (7 months ago)
https://goo.gl/oHjFVp Profitable investments, guaranteed income in the short term, daily payments.
Refreshing Water (8 months ago)
Lmao only like 500 it’s like 8000 now
Andrea Marshall (8 months ago)
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Dev19Feb (8 months ago)
Justin Skariah (8 months ago)
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Rebecca Jones (8 months ago)
youre Awesome. So helpful! thank you
poojasethi1 (8 months ago)
you make it so simple to understand... no other video on bitcoin did this for me.. thank you for sharing
Jey orcel (8 months ago)
Pasi Kuikkanen (8 months ago)
Who sent sathoshi btc 1QBuJ2A2wVb1yEYWAteaM4zeCqfZJsNRLq
jose alves (8 months ago)
najmar gmcks (8 months ago)
OK byee
najmar gmcks (8 months ago)
So give me your number
najmar gmcks (8 months ago)
I also learn the bitcoin so please guide me
Isaac Kendall (7 months ago)
najmar gmcks how are you? Have you started learning about bitcoins?
titi sosa (8 months ago)
minar bitcoin gratis,,, oportunidad- https://computta.com/?ref=237025
zolianu007 (8 months ago)
Can those bitcoins be redeemable for real dollar?
JonathanAnon (8 months ago)
Is that Michael Bublé?
Curtis Walton (8 months ago)
To be a true independent currency, doesn't Bitcoin need to be untethered from the Dollar? Right now people are using Bitcoin to earn more dollars. To be a currency, shouldn't I be using Bitcoin to earn more Bitcoin only?
precious treasure (8 months ago)
Thank u, explanation understood.

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