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How to buy Bitcoin in Australia

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How to buy Bitcoin in Australia using btc markets. btcmarkets.net I am not affiliated with btcmarkets at all just made this video to help :) To buy Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet use the link below. Referral Link: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/417f Find out more about hardware wallets see my video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxmqWjTGcgQ&t=40s
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Text Comments (174)
edstar83 (8 days ago)
Nice video mate. Subbed.
koundamanee (22 days ago)
Thanks mate, it's helpful
Vergen Benyamin (1 month ago)
No need to trial and error if you want 1000 to spend , just divide it by the rate that's 5630.25 and you'll get the amount of bitcoins
Shelley Keenan (1 month ago)
Hello Everyone, trading is just a very easy systematic procedure if only you are at the right trader, site and company. Most of us get to lose their Hard Earned money to Scam Artist just to earn huge profits maybe on a daily basis, weekly or probably after 48hrs. why dont you take the risk to invest with a good Crypto Company and start earning as little with your investment funds ? Get to invest with a good Crypto Company and start earning cool. Inbox me on whatsapp if interested....+12186318390 Type Info in the comment box
Abdul Abdul (2 months ago)
Dm @discrete.hackzzz on instagram to purchase/invest bitcoin or other cryptocurriencies at cheaper rates...he is legit...I got btc off him recently and I’ve made money through his trading
علي الحبسي (2 months ago)
fuck bitcoin
Josh Lehman (3 months ago)
Hi Mark, I am not sure how to message you direct. Would you be interested in reviewing a new Australian Bitcoin exchange? They have real time verification, instant deposits via POLi and a referral program where if you send anyone to the site you can collect 50% of the trading fees.
Terrance Cox (4 months ago)
Lost a lot to penny stock but never gave up, i started learning from Mr Jeff Rose. he is the best in bitcoin mining now
KAT (4 months ago)
started with only 2BTC now I have up 7BTC in my wallet, his miner is dam fast!👌🏼
GOLD eagle (4 months ago)
my wallet is ready, i am starting my mining program tomorrow ,excited to work with him
Terrance Cox (4 months ago)
Marnie Rodriguez (4 months ago)
please share his contact , i really need asistance
John Gonad (4 months ago)
What's the most used platform in Australia?
John Gonad (4 months ago)
Is it still profitable now that the value has dropped badly? I guess it is good for people who want to start but, how bout the people who has been in this cryptocurrency world for quite some time already?
Eric Tran (5 months ago)
You should make video on tax in Australia. Also how you would go about trading on btcmarket tKing profits etc
Josh Gomez (7 months ago)
It seems Poli Pay is not available anymore, whats the fastest option now?
Mark Melbourne TV (4 months ago)
It appears they have changed this, however with osko payments i believe the bank deposits should be much quicker compared to before
Liam David (7 months ago)
You need to upload your drivers license to buy anonymous crypto currency ? lol
ewmism (7 months ago)
You are a robot !!
comentator 2020 (7 months ago)
I'm on the BTC market and that Poly payment is not even an option? have bitcoin, AUD - BPAY, litecoin, Eth-Classic, Ethereum,Ripple,and BCH only, need some help please
mixsetup (8 months ago)
Hi there can you please tell me what Bitcoin wallet you can use for Australia? I mined using Nicehash then put my money/bitcoin in Coinbase only to find out when I went to Withdraw they don't support Australia.
Andy Peterson (4 months ago)
mixsetup If you are in Australia Its better to do your alticoin trade on Aionmarket They are also an efficient crypto trading platform with no fees attached like coinbase Let me know if interested so I provide you with the link to the platform.
Le Khac Son (8 months ago)
Very helpful. Thanks
Mark Melbourne TV (4 months ago)
no worries
mad trigger (8 months ago)
Can this be done with a lower amount 5g a lot to put in I was thinking like a couple hundred bux
Abdul Abdul (2 months ago)
Dm @discrete.hackzzz on instagram to purchase/invest bitcoin or other cryptocurriencies at cheaper rates...he is legit...I got btc off him recently and I’ve made money through his trading
red 19 (8 months ago)
U just explained EVERYTHING I NEEDED to know the way i pt goes up and down. Ive been a little late to the game. But i am going to one day invest in it and mine all day lol i remember it was 6 dollars. I nealy bought 300. So stupid i didnt, id be rich now if i did,
red 19 (4 months ago)
MarkMelbourneTV sorry for late reply. How can i get in touch with u, i still have questions re bitcoin. Do u need to prove who u are to use bitcoin? I thought it was anon?
Mark Melbourne TV (8 months ago)
red 19 pm and I'll see if I can help :)
Dr Abid Khan (8 months ago)
in nano, there are 4 wallets where to store other coins?
Danny (8 months ago)
Anyway you can buy without the I.D ?
Andy Peterson (4 months ago)
Danny Yes, but first which country are you in Currently?
Laurie Borbs (8 months ago)
Hi I am looking forward to join and invest, I don't know how to start and where to start? Please guide me. I want to start in a small amount only. Do you think you can guide me if I do have question? I am from Sydney too. Do you have an email add I can ask question? Looking forward to hear from you very soon.
schmarty pantz (8 months ago)
seems like you can only deposit money using bpay now which this takes 1-3 business days. do you still use btc markets?
D avid (9 months ago)
hey mark, just signing up for an exchange..was going to go through btc markets like u recommend but whilst waiting for my verification letter had to make an unexpected trip overseas, so have to wait till i get back with them. anyway, my question is..have you heard of mycrptowallet? they are a newish exchange based in Melbourne. currently in the process of trying to get validated from them and it appears all legit. have u any thoughts on them? being new they dont seem to have too many reviews.
anivid luap (9 months ago)
https://www.coinspot.com.au?affiliate=LFGX0 Best trading platform in Australia hands down!
Sarah Taylor (9 months ago)
Why did you go to btc market and not go to the bitcoin website and deposit the cash in an atm???
Derko (9 months ago)
Hi guys please visit paywithcrypto.com.au to sell and buy stuff in Australia using cryptocurrencies
Issar Cerrato (9 months ago)
Awesome!! Saw your Motovlog... more of those haha :)
Ben Dover (9 months ago)
How do u buy things off websites with bitcoin
Kevin Trinh (10 months ago)
Hey mark do I need to make a digital wallet first to store purchased bitcoins or does btcmarket provide one for you?
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
Kevin Doodle hey Kevin Btcmarkets provides you a wallet, but I would recommend you take coins off exchange and put them in a hardware wallet or digital wallet. See my video on hardware wallets (nano s)
Vilish Patel (10 months ago)
Hi How to buy other coin on btc market like neo, str etc...
One-Eye (10 months ago)
I'm thinking about purchasing bitcoin to then exchange it for Monero. I have people I trust tell me that it's the one to keep an eye on . Can all this be done in BTC Markets?
cherrieripe Bar (10 months ago)
funds have gone through but when buying in the volume section do I chose spend all and if so what do I click market or limit?
cherrieripe Bar (10 months ago)
MarkMelbourneTV Oh Thankyou sooo much xxx your a life saver, this will be my first purchase on this site as stupid polipay on other sites stopped indefinitely stupid greedy banks :-) :-) Thankyou again
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
cherrieripe Bar limit is when you set the maximum your willing to place a bid. Market is buying at the lowest price (advertised) someone is willing to sell. Spend all will allocate all your money in the one order. You can choose a fraction of a bitcoin also
Rebecca valu (10 months ago)
Hi could you please recommend a website to buy for a beginner please
cherrieripe Bar (10 months ago)
Bec Morgan try coinspot, however most places are having issues with banks preventing deposits via polipay so you can try deposits through newsagents or bpay
Pas K (10 months ago)
POLi Payments currently not working atm!
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
Dec 22" POLi will be unavailable from 1 PM today until at least next week. BPAY will be available as usual.
Luis (10 months ago)
Hi, is a wallet required when purchasing these? Or is this method of storage secure? I am looking to invest in XRP and LTC
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
Pretty much every popular coin. It is popular because it requires a physical verification using numerical pin the ledger. It also has integration with wallets like electrum, myetherwallet, ltc, neo, steller, digibyte, qtum, stratis etc etc
Luis (10 months ago)
MarkMelbourneTV can this be used for all cryptocurrencies?
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
I think it's worth investing in a hardware wallet. The Ledger nano is the best in my opinion (best $120 aud i spent). It can be used to hold and secure xrp/ltc, you can purchase it from here https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/417f
Pranay Singh (10 months ago)
hi , I have an international passport and do not possess an Australian license .. anyway I can get around that ???
Denny Wells (10 months ago)
Hello Pranay, pardon my manners how many bitcoin do you wish buy?
Turon Gold (10 months ago)
Wow...hope you're still holding from that level... well done
paulisthelegend (10 months ago)
my funds haven't come through and it's been 2 days, anyone else?
paulisthelegend (10 months ago)
Denny Wells hi mate, it came through today! No worries
Denny Wells (10 months ago)
Hello paul , are you buying or selling, or why the delay of funds
mitchell barker (10 months ago)
thanks so much! how do you transfer money into a wallet?
mitchell barker (10 months ago)
thanks mate! wish it had a few more coins on BTC haha
Mark Melbourne TV (10 months ago)
No worries mitchell, thats correct. Just double, tripple check the address make you have copied the address exactly the way it is before you confirm. Glad i could help :)
mitchell barker (10 months ago)
thanks so much! so if i'm doing litecoin I just go to that section? i'm using exodus so that will give me a address? and just type it in that part? this has been so helpful can't thank you enough!
somevelvetmornin (10 months ago)
hi mark.. that was really helpful! how do i now transfer BTC from BTC Markets to Electrum?
Denny Wells (10 months ago)
do you have an email address?
Denny Wells (10 months ago)
Morris, kindly contact me so we can talk better via email, my email id is [email protected]
Denny Wells (10 months ago)
alright morris, can you open a blockchain wallet or coinbase?
brookee brookee (10 months ago)
No I have btc in btc markets but keen to put in a wallet
brookee brookee (10 months ago)
you don'tknowme (11 months ago)
Mad! Thanks so much man !
Viktor Kuzmanov (11 months ago)
Can I use this site to buy bitcoin in Macedonia also ?
Denny Wells (10 months ago)
since you have a bitcoin wallet , you should sign up @ localbitcoins.com and look for an exchanger close to your city.
Denny Wells (10 months ago)
where in Macedonia are you located?
Viktor Kuzmanov (10 months ago)
Denny Wells (10 months ago)
do you have a blockchain wallet?
Viktor Kuzmanov (10 months ago)
Yes I would like to buy some
Kira Lee (11 months ago)
I'm trying to setup my profile but it keeps saying 'please enter a valid email address' .. i do have a valid hotmail address and it has verified? Whats the deal there
Denny Wells (10 months ago)
hello lee, can i have your hotmail address to contact you?
Wally Campbell (11 months ago)
You explained it simple and clear and precise , im subscribed to you ,Thanks Mate
catbag piles (11 months ago)
Best spot https://jacksonzachariah.usitech-int.com/
Duke Nukem (11 months ago)
@MarkMelbourneTv - I have 2 questions about this.... Q1. Is there a cap on how much Bitcoin you can Sell per day? For example, Coinspot only allows you to sell $5k worth per day!!! Q2. After your sell order is complete, where do the AUDs go? A. To your BTC markets AUDs wallet? Or B. Straight into your bank account? Thanks Mark
Mark Melbourne TV (9 months ago)
Hi Benj, there are no sell restrictions to my knowledge. To answer your other question, Sell orders stay on exchange until withdrawn. If you wish to withdraw to your bank account, on highest level 50k is the daily limit or 150k withdrawal to another wallet. (there are 3 levels of transaction verification)
Rami Mahmoud (11 months ago)
How long until you get verification authorized?
Rami Mahmoud (10 months ago)
Yes it took about a week but now its all good thanks
Denny Wells (10 months ago)
it does not take long, have you been verified?
Phil Osophical (11 months ago)
Im buying bitcoin and etherium for cash in hand. Anyone selling? Contact me
Phil Osophical (10 months ago)
Denny Wells do you live in australia. Im talking cash in hand. Not doing any long distance transfers
Denny Wells (10 months ago)
Hello I will like to contact you, kindly email me so we can talk better my email id is [email protected]
Hui-Ling Chang (11 months ago)
Hey Mark, do you use an external wallet for btcmarkets.net?
Mark Melbourne TV (11 months ago)
Hui-Ling Chang I use hardware wallet - ledger nano s. See in description otherwise if u want free wallet look at block chain wallet
IIAlbertII (11 months ago)
I use coinbase or coinspot
Tim Gvk (11 months ago)
Buy or sells $100 of digital currency or more, and earn $10 of free bitcoin! https://www.coinbase.com/join/57d142da499c8d025ce2182e
TheTraveler (11 months ago)
Why are you recommending BTC Markets? they have a terrible record! They ID verification process is like vetting a criminal http://bittrust.org/btc-markets
Crick Craze (11 months ago)
What is the 0.8% fee involved in each time u buy or sell , why is it so, is there any bank involved in it?
Pamela Bradbury (11 months ago)
can you recommend the best wallet system, please?
Tarek Ayoub (11 months ago)
Hey man, just have a quick question - - I have TenX coins stored in myetherwallet. I want to sell some in exchange for AUD. WHat is the easiest way to actually do this? Its easy to buy through Coinspot, but definitely hard to sell?!
Mark Melbourne TV (11 months ago)
No worries :) The easiest way is to tl:dr; It appears Coinspot only allows deposit address for LTC, BTC and DOGE. Simplest work around 1) Send TenX from Myetherwallet to Bittrex 2) Sell TenX(PAY) for LTC 3) Send LTC to Coinspot 4) Sell for AUD on Coinspot. More in depth: 1) create a bittrex account 2) Bittrex: Login, choose 'wallets', find Tenx and click the "+" button (this is for deposit address). 3)MyEtherWallet: Login, choose 'send ether and tokens' use the address from step 2. 4) Sell TenX for litecoin on bittrex 5) Log into coinspot choose "wallets" and choose Litecoin Wallet then "generate wallet" (please note only litecoin doge and bitcoin allow you to deposit) 6) Deposit Litecoin from Bittrex to Coinspot. I hope this helps :)
Tarek Ayoub (11 months ago)
Hey Mark, I appreciate your reply. I thought about swapping them through Bittrex and then sending them back to coinspot for an AUD exchange. However, I'm not very sure about how to send the litecoin or etherium back to Coinspot. Do you know how I could do this? Much appreciated man :)
Mark Melbourne TV (11 months ago)
Hi Tarek, I also have a small holding in TenX :) . I had a look through https://www.coinspot.com.au/tradecoins. - Is it difficult to sell due to volume? or you can't sell at all? I would personally send them to bittrex- sell for litecoin/ethereum/ripple (instead of bitcoin due to slow confirmations), and then invest in other alts or back to coinspot/localbitcoins/btcmarket/coinjar and sell it to AUD that way. I hope this helps.
EricFu 2016 (11 months ago)
Love your video, very educational, thanks very much.
XRP BLV (11 months ago)
Hi Mark, great video thank you for sharing. Did you have any issues with the initial configuration of the Ledger Nano S? Added the extensions to chrome but nothing happens from there
Mark Melbourne TV (11 months ago)
XRP BLV glad I could help!
XRP BLV (11 months ago)
love your work
Mark Melbourne TV (11 months ago)
XRP BLV thanks mate! The chrome extension requires you to turn 'browser support off'. If your using myetherwallet or other online exchange you need to turn it on (which is default), see this link it should help https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/coinsutra.com/use-ledger-nano-s-myetherwallet/amp/
RustyRainz (11 months ago)
I'm 16 thinking about investing in Bitcoin, do I have to be 18 and over, or can I start investing right now without parents consent?
Mark Melbourne TV (11 months ago)
Good question, It may pose a challenge but I'm sure you can find a work around, try localbitcoins.com - its the most anonymous way to buy and you may be able to buy with bank deposits
Raman Kaher (11 months ago)
Hey I’m still stuck at the ID verification process. Any idea how long does it take? I have uploaded a nsw photo card as I have an international passport.
Advait Singh (1 year ago)
Since this video was made your investments must've really paid off haha. I'm really late to the game but I guess you have to start somewhere!
Hoivan Mavin (1 year ago)
thanks for the video was really helpful. iam completely new to bitcoin. am considering dabling in it. is it best to buy bit by bit leading up to a bit coin? cause I am not wealthy. also how secure is ur information on btc?
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Hoivan I would suggest only what you can afford to lose - and only you know this amount. 10% of income is what most people can afford to invest, to begin with, and might be a good start. Maybe buying at regular intervals might be a good strategy, set and forget and you will no get fixated on price fluctuations and it will be stress free :)
Vivien Huang (1 year ago)
hi, can you please make a video how to transfer bitcoin to the wallet?
Jesse Ewart (7 months ago)
was there a video for this ? Can't find it
Adam St John (9 months ago)
Yep much needed, would be very helpful as I'm a little confused on this process too. Keep up the good videos :)
Elliot Warren (10 months ago)
Do you need money and want to do it legitimatily? then check the link below, it will blow your mind. Links:https://goo.gl/4Ych5C
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Hi Vivien, sure will do :)
Anand (1 year ago)
Would you know how to deposit bitcoin back into your bank account. Somehow finding this much harder than it should !?
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Anand Rama once bitcoin has been sold for Australia dollar. To withdraw funds go to accounts - > (under overview tab) choose withdraw funds Australian dollar and choose withdraw using bank deposit, and check your details are correct enter password and submit
Ray Liu (1 year ago)
seems to be many negative reviews on this company over internet. I would be careful using this website even if they are offering a low fee
John Doe (3 months ago)
they are not perfect but they are good enough.
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Ray Liu thanks for the comment. Ray I would try the service for yourself. I have had a very good experience. And a the myriad comments are only a small sample size of people showing their dissatisfaction most likely due to lack of understanding on how to buy bitcoin,deposits, withdrawal verification process etc or have never used it
Mary T (1 year ago)
Yes , we were all noobies at one point in time 👍
Ben Cod (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot mate really helpful
Fida Hasan (1 year ago)
Great video Mate. However, how btcmarkets.net is reliable, can you shade some light on it please? How it is different from market.com.au and others like those, please?
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Hi sorry Fida, I can't comment on market.com.au as i haven't used it but would personally stick to btcmarket, coinjar or localbitcoins. Maybe also look into coinspot
Matt Scully (1 year ago)
incredibly helpful, thanks mate!
Dylan Jones (1 year ago)
Makes sense thanks also just a quistion do you invest in share markets other then bitcoin
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
I initially used blockchain wallet (can be used for bitcoin and ethereum) and now use hardware wallet (ledger nano s). It is inexpensive and worthwhile investment. I will upload a video shortly :)
Duke Nukem (1 year ago)
Does BTC Markets allow you to deposit 2k per day OR 2k per week? Coinbase is weekly.
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Benj Milson that is deposit fee using polipay if you are referring to trading fees check this out it depends on your trading volume but is less than 1% https://www.btcmarkets.net/fees
James DownUnder (1 year ago)
Great video mate, are you able to change wallets? example coinbase to btcmarkets
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
James DownUnder coinbase and biomarkers are exchanged (You can tfx bitcoin between these using deposit addresses) while online/mobile wallets I.e. blockchain wallet and myetherwallet are solely used for storing bitcoin and altcoins
jay tyack (1 year ago)
thanks mate, do you use bittrex at all?
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
jay tyack I use bittrex often. It has a fairly good reputation and is my preference for regular trades. Main drawbacks are average UI charting and sometimes volume can be quite low, compared to a larger exchange I.e. poloniex. I am skeptical about poloniex and it is great for volume and liquidity but frequent delays and lag during high volume trades has lost me money a few occasions noe
Duke Nukem (1 year ago)
Does anyone know what the story is in regards to paying tax in Crypto in Australia? Do we need to pay taxes on it or are we in a loop hole in Australia at the moment and can get away with profitting without paying taxes? Lets say you had a bitconnect account.. And you were earning 125$ per day.... Do we need to pay tax on it yet in Australia or is the government not up to date enough here ye
Lydon (1 year ago)
Pull out under 10K a day, they currently don' t care if its below that
Giml (1 year ago)
Great video, all makes sense and I’m mostly following along but I have a question. If my intent was to invest a bit (a total bitcoin) and sit on it long term not really use it for trading, would you still recommend this website for that method? To just buy a bitcoin and sit on it? Also is this bitcoin accessible everywhere else or just on btcmarkets? Can I keep track of it in other wallets? Thanks
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Bitcoin can only deposited by another user or bought from an exchange ie btcmarkets. Also check out coinjar and localbitcoins as suggested by others. They have their pros and cons. My advice is if you will invest more than 1k you should consider buying a ledger s ( cost about $70-80) less 2% of your investment to mitigate risk of being hacked or losing money on exchange ie if it goes under. You should ask yourself these questions ? How much time do i have to follow this investment? What is my tolerance to risk? If you want greater risk in return for greater rewards you may consider ethereum, ripple, litecoin, neo and other interesting alt coins. Do your research subreddit Twitter whitepapers website forums Facebook groups youtube videos etc and buy when there is a dip or when there hasn't been a lot of media and hype I will making a video on investment tips soon
Crypto Keys (1 year ago)
I think coinjar is the way to go for Aussies! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXI6KozTbvc
Kayneu Adams (1 year ago)
Do you use a cryptocurrency wallet ?
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Kayneu Adams I recommend looking at ledger s nano (what I use personally) for long term storage and amounts >$1000usd. Otherwise for smaller amounts breadwallet for iOS and Mycelium are good wallets you can use on your mobile. I Would only keep money on exchange if you are trading, or waiting for a trading opportunity.
Adam Rybak (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video, very informative. Is Bitcoin something I should consider longterm or can I make good short term profits? How does one stay ahead of the curb when trading BTC?
hu ade (11 months ago)
Hi fam, i just got myself a new bitcoin investment website and it's amazing how worthy they're really making me rich by day, follow this link and see for yourself; https://goo.gl/Uo287B .... thanks or sharing the good news too
Mary T (1 year ago)
Adam Rybak 😊 look at usi- tech for transforming your wealth
Tanya Wilson (1 year ago)
Thanks Mark - your video is really helpful. The part where you describe how to calculate the fractional amount of bitcoin to purchase (5.25 -7.25sec) guided me through buying my first fraction of bitcoin! :)
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
Tanya Wilson thanks glad I could help :)
undefined freedom (1 year ago)
The verification process takes forever. Then you have to wait for a long time to receive the confirmation letter. No response from support when you email questions.
Crypto Keys (1 year ago)
Coinjar! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXI6KozTbvc
Terry s (1 year ago)
Yer it is fucked i gave up went to coin spot
Mark Melbourne TV (1 year ago)
undefined freedom how did you go? The verification process seems to take longer now, they are probably more thorough. Be patient it should be done in within 2 days if you submitted everything
Jay Kinnell (1 year ago)
do you have an issue selling? i opened a wallet with coinbase and i can't sell.
John Doe (3 months ago)
don't use coinbase
Victor David (5 months ago)
Add up @jeffcryptohenderson on Instagram he buys, sells and help mine he is trusted and reliable

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